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A Perfect 10: UNBRIDLED by Tori Carrington

UNBRIDLED – Tori Carrington
A Perfect 10
Harlequin Blaze #483
ISBN: 978-0-373-79487-4
August 2009
Contemporary Series Romance

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

Exiled Marine Carter Southard had met attorney Laney Cartwright when she got him out of a legal jam. One look at the sexy Laney with the Marilyn Monroe body had Carter’s libido skyrocketing. But why would a well-to-do lady have anything to do with a down-on-his-luck man?

When Carter shows up in Laney’s office two months later asking for her help in getting him reinstated into the Marines, something inside her sizzles with desire for the man. She’s never forgotten him, despite the fact they are total opposites. He’s a loner who may or may not have a job, while she’s a hotshot attorney working in a top law firm. Yet, she takes on his case, though one has to wonder if it isn’t the man she’s taking on. Laney seems bent on changing Carter, even as he resists her attempts. If she wants him, then she’ll have to take him, warts and all.

Carter knows Laney’s world is far removed from his, but the attraction—and sex—is fantastic. When someone begins to make threats against Laney related to a case she’s currently working on, the protector in Carter switches into high gear. No one will hurt her, and if they try, they’ll have to go through him. But once she’s safe, can they both walk away from the scorching attraction that’s still sizzles between them?

Readers who read BRANDED (June 2009) will recognize Carter as the man who was accused of rape until proven innocent. Carter was depicted in that tale as nothing more than a loser and an alcoholic. To make Carter a hero in UNBRIDLED is a big step for Tori Carrington, and it’s done skillfully. Carter has several issues he hasn’t dealt with, one of which is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a result of fighting in the war. Laney is sympathetic to his ailments and wants to help, but even as he reaches out for her assistance in getting back into the Marines, he also pushes her away. The sexual energy between Laney and Carter is something neither can deny, but can they go beyond a brief affair? The bad boy in Carter attracts Laney, but the good girl in her wants to heal him…and have him around for a long time. They have this passionate, emotional connection that radiates throughout UNBRIDLED and sucks you right in. Trust me, once you pick up UNBRIDLED, you won’t want to put it down.

Laney has the perfect, privileged life, but deep down, she feels as if she’s at a standstill. Her current case is representing the son of a wealthy man who is accused of murder during a robbery, even though the evidence is incriminating. Yes, she wants to help those in need, even though the accused has the benefits of wealth doesn’t make him better than others. With her life endangered, she has to accept the help of those around her, including Carter. Will the villain be exposed and stopped before hurting Laney? Can Carter get past his demons and create a life for himself…and one that includes Laney?

UNBRIDLED is the triumphant meshing of good and bad, which transcends into a story so unforgettable, it deserves a Perfect 10 from Romance Reviews Today. Tori Carrington’s imagination knows no boundaries and she proves it once again with UNBRIDLED.

Patti Fischer

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