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Spotlight Review: THE BRIDEGROOM by Linda Lael Miller

THE BRIDEGROOM – Linda Lael Miller
A Stone Creek Novel – Book 5
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-77388-6
August 2009
Historical Romance

Phoenix and Stone Creek, Arizona - 1915

Gideon Yarbro loves his job. It takes him all over the country to places he’s never been, and he thrives on the travel and excitement. Gideon was fresh out of college when he went to work for the Pinkerton Agency, which was quickly followed by his current stint at Wells Fargo where, as an agent, his job necessitates endless travel and a fair share of danger. As such, he never, ever, intends to get married; this kind of life is not conducive to the happily-ever-after expected from a marriage. So, when Gideon arrives in Phoenix on his way to his current assignment in his hometown of Stone Creek, he’s surprised to find a letter he wrote ten years ago waiting in his mailbox.

Lydia was only eight years old when her father died, and back then she was facing an unknown life away from Stone Creek with her aunt, Nell Baker. Gideon, who was also leaving Stone Creek, did his best to calm little Lydia’s fears. Hoping to appease her, he wrote a simple note, sealed it in an envelope, and addressed it back to himself in Stone Creek. He gave it to Lydia and told her to mail it if she were ever in trouble. Gideon promised her that the minute he received the missive he’d run to her rescue and bring her back home to Stone Creek. Now, as Gideon holds that same letter in his hands, its simple message speaks to his heart. He sets off for the Fairmont mansion across town.

Lydia Fairmont is to be married to Jacob Fitch today at two o’clock. She doesn’t love the older man, nor can she bear the thought of being his wife, but with an overdue mortgage and a mountain of bills piling up, she has to marry Jacob or be cast out on the street. Lydia takes care of her elderly great aunts, Mittie and Millie, and she doesn't want them to lose their treasured possessions, so she has sacrificed her own future by agreeing to marry Jacob Fitch. For years Lydia has kept Gideon’s letter close, a memento of a happier time. And finally, desperate and looking for any other solution rather than marry Jacob, she mailed the letter to Gideon several months ago, but he never answered. What made her think he would still remember his promise after all these years?

Gideon never forgot that promise, it just took time for the letter to catch up to him. Lydia’s white knight is determined to save his lady love from a fate worse than death, and he storms into her home, throws her over his shoulder (in her wedding finery), carries her out the door, and dumps her into a wagon. Gideon’s prearranged plan has the passenger train waiting, and it is underway and moving before he and Lydia are seated. And no, he did not leave the great aunts behind, nor the housekeeper, Helga. It won’t be long, however, before an angry Jacob Fitch, along with numerous lawmen, follows them all the way to Stone Creek, where he might find himself locked up in his brother Rowdy's jail for kidnapping Lydia.

The only way for Gideon to stay out of said jail is to marry Lydia immediately, and the next day he becomes THE BRIDEGROOM, albeit a reluctant one who’s planning to walk out on her one day very soon. Meanwhile, the newlyweds set up housekeeping while Gideon morphs into his new job as a miner (when in reality he’s an undercover operative trying to intercept an impending strike at the Copper Crown Mine). Lydia marries Gideon, she loves him after all, but she is not prepared for his indifference, nor his insistence that they maintain separate bedrooms.

THE BRIDEGROOM is book five in The Stone Creek Series (see author's web site for a complete list and description of books, This emotional and passionate novel stands alone, but you will find greater enrichment by reading the other novels. I highly recommend each and every one of these books; they are filled with wonderful adventures, powerful emotions, and lots of laughter and love.

For those of us who are familiar with the town of Stone Creek, Arizona, we welcome back the plethora of characters from the previous books. The year is now 1915. Long gone is outlaw Paddy Yarbro, but his wife Ruby still owns a saloon in nearby Flagstaff. Back in Stone Creek, Paddy’s sons, Rowdy and Wyatt, have given up the outlaw life and now protect the town. Rowdy married schoolteacher, Lark, and they have a passel of children. Brother Wyatt, his wife, Sarah, and stepson, Owen, have a ranch a ways out of town, along with former Ranger Sam O’Ballivan and his wife Maddie. Old Doc Venable and his wife Kitty are there too, but we’ve lost Rowdy’s big yellow dog, Pardner, who passed on, but left several of his offspring still protecting the Yarbros.

THE BRIDEGROOM is a must-buy book for August. The story is fast paced and exciting as Gideon and Lydia fight to discover that they are made for each other, if they live long enough to enjoy their marriage. Don’t miss this exceptional story!

Diana Risso

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Book Giveaway: DANGEROUS PASSION by Lisa Marie Rice

Out now!


Feelings kill faster than bullets.

That is Drake's creed. A legend, a renegade, a ruthless, powerful enigma understood by no one and feared by all, Viktor "Drake" Drakovich heads up a billion-dollar empire—and shows no mercy to the many enemies who would stop at nothing to destroy him. He is a man with no love and no weakness, until...

Grace Larsen takes Drake's breath away the first time he sees her—and quickly becomes his obsession. Never before has he burned for someone the way he desires this hauntingly beautiful artist who is plagued by troubling dreams. He aches to possess her, to protect her, to carry her to new heights of sensuous arousal and rapturous release.

But entering Drake's world means becoming a target—for relentless, bloodthirsty foes have been eagerly waiting for him to expose his weak spot. And the price of their passion may be their lives.

Want this? I'll make it easy for you...tell me what books you are looking forward to in September and October.

Post away, and I'll draw a winner this coming Wednesday night!

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Win a Sony or Asus netbook from Ellora's Cave!

To celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2010, we're running a unique contest for the rest of this year, with winners to be announced January, 2010.

We're asking readers (and writers) to tell us how Ellora's Cave Romantica erotic romance has improved their sex life. Anyone can enter the contest in writing, on video or even by Tweeting.

Our first round is already complete, and you can see the intrepid entrants on You Tube at The winner, EC reader Susan Clarke won a $250 Apple gift certificate. We think you'll be able to pick her out right away, but in case you're not sure, she's the one in the fushia-and-white tie-dyed shirt who gives a personal demonstration. Please feel free to post the video on your blog if you like it. We think it's pretty cute. We shot it at the 2009 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Orlando.

Details of the contest are here: and below.

Win a Sony or Asus netbook

Just answer this question to enter our contest to win a netbook computer:

How has Ellora’s Cave erotic romance improved your sex life?

Prying minds want to know: Have EC books taught you new positions or bedroom games? Given you a new lease on your love life—with yourself or your lover? Taught him or her how to please you better? Given you permission to go for more O’s? Tell us all about it. We’re dying for details…

Three ways to enter:

Via You Tube (for video entries):

Post your video answer to your YouTube ( page with this title: How Ellora’s Cave Improved My Sex Life: Your Name

Email a link to your video to

2 Grand Prizes (1 for readers’ choice and 1 for judges’ choice): Sony netbook

Semi-finalist Prizes: Free download from Ellora’s Cave

Via Email (for written entries):

Email your written answer to

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2 Grand Prizes (1 for readers’ choice and 1 for judges’ choice): Asus netbook.

Semi-finalist Prizes: Free download from Ellora’s Cave

Via Twitter:

Tweet your written answer on Twitter: Use this hashtag: #ECsex

Grand Prize: $100 Ellora’s Cave gift certificate

The rules:

1. Deadline: Midnight, December 31, 2009

2. All Twitter entries must use this hashtag: #ECsex

3. All emailed written entries must have this in subject line: EC Contest

4. All YouTube entries must have this title on the video: How Ellora’s Cave Improved My Sex Life: Your Name.

5. Ellora’s Cave staff may not enter the contest

6. Ellora’s Cave author entries will be judged separately and winners will receive free ads. Author entries must identify author by pen name in the email.

7. Entries will be posted on in batches for voting. Winner of each batch will become a semi-finalist. All semi-finalists will go into final Grand Prize voting round.

The video was shot at the 2009 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Orlando. The winner of this first round was Susan Clarke, who won an Apple gift certificate. Others appearing in this video are, in order of appearance

Ashlyn Chase

Mari Freeman and her bf Mike

Renee Myer

Susan Clarke

Tea Trelawny

Susan Edwards
Vice President of Media Relations
Jasmine-Jade Enterprises LLC

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Friday night chat

Kick back and sit down at the computer by joining me and the rest of the crew for a chat Friday night starting at 9:30 Pm Eastern Time in the Romance Reviews Today chat room. Go to and click on RRT Chat. We'll be in the RRT room.

Spotlight review: GOING TOO FAR by Laura Hamilton

GOING TOO FAR – Laura Hamilton
Black Lace - Virgin Books Limited
August 2009
Erotic Contemporary Romance

London, South America - Present day

Bliss Van Bon is thrilled about her upcoming three month trip to South America, but then disaster strikes when her best friend and traveling companion breaks her leg on a ski trip ten days before their departure. Unable to find someone to take her friend's place at this late date, Bliss grudgingly plans to go off on her own. When her on again-off again boyfriend mentions that he has a friend named Carlos in Peru that likes for women to play dress up, life begins to look much better.

After an exciting party celebrating her departure, Bliss sets off on her adventure. Right away she meets Peter Verhoeven on the plane and decides to flirt. He's on a mission to get up close and personal with the stewardess and convinces Bliss to watch the action. Bold and beautiful Bliss reaches her destination and meets not only Carlos who helps her recognize her submissive tendencies, but also Robbie and Red as she delves into the world of ménage. She also meets a host of other secondary participants willing to play. Things are heating up fast!

Bliss gets to explore some of her naughtiest fantasies, but it isn't until she meets Robbie and Red that she begins to feel something a little more than lust. Knowing that she has to go back home to Stratford, she devises a clever way to stay in touch with these two men that's a little different to say the least. Perhaps this steamy relationship doesn't have to end.

Told from the point of view of Bliss, who uses English dialect with witty flair and humor, this story establishes character and a sense of place right away. While Bliss, as the lead, is engaging and the people she meets throughout South America are interesting enough to turn her life upside down, I didn't get a real sense of passion or conflict regarding the overall plot.

Ms. Hamilton does a good job of proving that women can be just as sexually independent as men, and not spend time worrying about repercussions or unfair labels. Light on actual romance, and heavy with erotic exploits, GOING TOO FAR is focused on the escapades of a single woman on her own and all the things she gets into. Her story is quick and interesting, going out on a limb to introduce some quirky, yet endearing characters. The depiction of various locations throughout South America provides an added bonus. Those looking for a deep love story may find this tale a little disappointing, but readers into the pure joy of steamy sex will enjoy this wicked romp on the wild side.

Allegra Alston

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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A Perfect 10: UNBRIDLED by Tori Carrington

UNBRIDLED – Tori Carrington
A Perfect 10
Harlequin Blaze #483
ISBN: 978-0-373-79487-4
August 2009
Contemporary Series Romance

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

Exiled Marine Carter Southard had met attorney Laney Cartwright when she got him out of a legal jam. One look at the sexy Laney with the Marilyn Monroe body had Carter’s libido skyrocketing. But why would a well-to-do lady have anything to do with a down-on-his-luck man?

When Carter shows up in Laney’s office two months later asking for her help in getting him reinstated into the Marines, something inside her sizzles with desire for the man. She’s never forgotten him, despite the fact they are total opposites. He’s a loner who may or may not have a job, while she’s a hotshot attorney working in a top law firm. Yet, she takes on his case, though one has to wonder if it isn’t the man she’s taking on. Laney seems bent on changing Carter, even as he resists her attempts. If she wants him, then she’ll have to take him, warts and all.

Carter knows Laney’s world is far removed from his, but the attraction—and sex—is fantastic. When someone begins to make threats against Laney related to a case she’s currently working on, the protector in Carter switches into high gear. No one will hurt her, and if they try, they’ll have to go through him. But once she’s safe, can they both walk away from the scorching attraction that’s still sizzles between them?

Readers who read BRANDED (June 2009) will recognize Carter as the man who was accused of rape until proven innocent. Carter was depicted in that tale as nothing more than a loser and an alcoholic. To make Carter a hero in UNBRIDLED is a big step for Tori Carrington, and it’s done skillfully. Carter has several issues he hasn’t dealt with, one of which is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a result of fighting in the war. Laney is sympathetic to his ailments and wants to help, but even as he reaches out for her assistance in getting back into the Marines, he also pushes her away. The sexual energy between Laney and Carter is something neither can deny, but can they go beyond a brief affair? The bad boy in Carter attracts Laney, but the good girl in her wants to heal him…and have him around for a long time. They have this passionate, emotional connection that radiates throughout UNBRIDLED and sucks you right in. Trust me, once you pick up UNBRIDLED, you won’t want to put it down.

Laney has the perfect, privileged life, but deep down, she feels as if she’s at a standstill. Her current case is representing the son of a wealthy man who is accused of murder during a robbery, even though the evidence is incriminating. Yes, she wants to help those in need, even though the accused has the benefits of wealth doesn’t make him better than others. With her life endangered, she has to accept the help of those around her, including Carter. Will the villain be exposed and stopped before hurting Laney? Can Carter get past his demons and create a life for himself…and one that includes Laney?

UNBRIDLED is the triumphant meshing of good and bad, which transcends into a story so unforgettable, it deserves a Perfect 10 from Romance Reviews Today. Tori Carrington’s imagination knows no boundaries and she proves it once again with UNBRIDLED.

Patti Fischer

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Book Giveaway: MY WICKED MARQUESS by Gaelen Foley!

My Wicked Marquess by Gaelen Foley
Available in most bookstores now!


The Marquess of Rotherstone has decided it’s time to restore the family’s good name. But as a member of the Inferno Club, he knows there is only one way to redeem himself in Society’s eyes: marry a lady of impeccable beauty and breeding, whose reputation is, above all, spotless.

Someone quite unlike Daphne Starling. True, she’s temptingly lovely, but a jilted suitor has nearly ruined her reputation. Still, Max cannot resist her allure—or the challenge of proving London’s gossips wrong. He would do anything to win her hand . . . and show that even a wicked marquess can make a perfect husband.

You can read more, including an excerpt by clicking here.

This is the first book in a new series. Question for readers: Have you ever picked up a book and read it, then realized it was part of a series?

Winner to be announced Wednesday night!

Good Luck!

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Are you interested in reviewing?

In case you missed this:

Romance Reviews Today is seeking enthusiastic readers to review. Must be willing to read / review from electronic ARC’s. Contact Terrie Figueroa

Terrie is looking for enthusiastic readers to review for Romance Reviews Today and RRTErotic. If you like to read and can vocalize how you feel about a story you've read, then you might be interested in reviewing!

If you're worried about how your review will sound, keep in mind that all reviews go through a critique group to make sure they are of the highest quality. We reviewers are part of the Romance Reviews/RRTErotic family and help each other out.

Not sure if you have the "right stuff." Email Terrie with a sample and she'll let you know. Her email address is:

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A Perfect 10: HOW TO TAME A MODERN ROGUE by Diana Holquist

A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-446-19705-2
August 2009
Contemporary Romance

New York City, New York – Present Day

Sam Carson is walking out of Central Park, almost to his building, when he sees his ex, Veronica, talking to the doorman. She knew right from the start he was not into anything permanent, but trying to persuade her that he isn’t interested any more is so exhausting and time consuming. Then something saves him from a confrontation he wants to avoid; a horse and carriage come down the street, and the old lady inside talks to him asking why a marquis is walking. Sam says no way, he is a duke, Duke Whatthehell, and she asks him to join her in the carriage and go meet her granddaughter. Anything in a pinch, and Sam is thrown back into the old lady's dream of being back in 1812 London, England.

Ally Giordano is so excited to be moving from New York to San Francisco and start teaching in a totally new environment. But then Granny Donny comes over in a horse and carriage and thinks she is bringing a duke to wed her. Ally is confused, until her roommate says this sounds suspiciously like one of the historical romances she and Granny Donny like to read, especially “The Dulcet Duke,” a particular favorite of theirs. And who is Granny’s duke, and where did she pick up this man who has “trouble” written all over his buff body? Granny Donny is Ally’s only relative; what could have happened to her, and what can she do to save the new life she is about to start in San Francisco if Granny needs help?

The doctor says Granny Donny appears to have had a stroke, and he's not sure whether she will ever get her real self back. But when Granny wants to go to her summer house in the country, Ally thinks maybe a trip to the ocean will bring Granny back to herself before the end of the summer. But Granny loves the duke and wants him to go with them on their journey; real ladies don’t go on trips without a gentleman to protect them. Perhaps after they get the horse and driver, Paula and Mateo, to drive them through Brooklyn and over the bridge to the summer house, Granny Donny just might return to the right century. Ally is attracted to Sam, but knows he is a rogue, a charming man who easily replaces women in his life and would cause her to take a risk in life she has always protected herself from. When Ally was fourteen, her parents left her, her mother to follow her husband and his gambling, and Granny Donny has been there for her ever since. In her heart of hearts, Ally still believes some day her mother and father will come back and tell her they love her.

Sam came to America from England, and after what happened, he has lived for himself; women come and go, there is nothing permanent in his life, and he likes it that way. But good grief, Ally starts him questioning his life and why everything seems better with her around. While Ally doesn’t mind being with him by pretending he is the Duke and she is the English maiden he is trying to seduce, she cannot relate to him as a real man. But soon Sam wants Ally to trust his feelings for her and not treat him as he used to be, selfish and looking after only himself. Sam loves soccer, and this will play an important part when he suspects Mateo, the carriage driver, is someone other than he pretends to be.

Diana Holquist has written a story that is absolutely enthralling and fresh and combines two things I love, hot romance and historical romance. Ms. Holquist has hit everything perfectly: plot, characters, situations, and the chemistry between Sam and Ally and why each is so scared to commit to anyone. Written from Ally's and Sam’s points of view, the juxtaposition of history and present day is perfectly integrated, and I can’t imagine a more perfectly written story.

Secondary characters gather more importance as the tale goes on. Granny Donny is, of course, the most important, stuck in old London, and taking everyone along with her in her perfect fantasy life. Paula and Mateo, the horse and driver, grow before our eyes and bring something special to the story. June is Ally’s roommate, a professional dancer with a fiancé. June gives advice to Ally and encourages her to take a chance on life and a man she thinks is not trustworthy.

HOW TO TAME A MODERN ROGUE is a unique and exceptional story that I loved. You will empathize with Ally and Sam as they carefully connect with each other, and come to love Granny Donny as she is entering the sunset of her years. This is such an irresistible story I must give it a Perfect 10 and urge you to rush out now and find HOW TO TAME A MODERN ROGUE before they're all gone.

Carolyn Crisher

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Winner is.....

Of BEYOND THE RAIN by Jess Granger winner is.... LIL
(poster #3)

Congratulations and email me at no later than Sept 2nd with your mailing address.

Note: Jess Granger will be chatting at Romance Reviews Today in the chat room on September 2nd!

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Chat Wednesday night with Tori Carrington!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harlequin Blaze author Tori Carrington aka Tony and Lori joins Mo to discuss their newest release, UNBRIDLED. Door prize: One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of UNBRIDLED! Moderated by CrazyMo.

When? This Wednesday night at 9:00PM Eastern Time

Where? or go to and click on RRT Chat. Type in your name and choose Mo's Book Buzz from the chat room menu ;)

Join us for a chat that is guaranteed to be HOT, Hilarious, and Wicked ;)

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Video Spotlight: One Reckless Summer by Toni Blake

Spotlight Review and Book Giveaway: BEYOND THE RAIN by Jess Granger!

BEYOND THE RAIN - Jess Granger
Berkley Sensation (Trade Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-22926-2
August 2009
Science Fiction Romance

Hanno, Makko, Azra and Byra - The Future

Captain Cyani of Azra, a soon-to-be member of the Elite (a group of virgin warrior women who control the planet) is in the process of completing her last mission, rescuing a group of Union soldiers, when her scout, Vicca (a cat-like fox) finds one last prisoner. He’s a complication Cyani doesn’t need, as rescuing him could put her whole team in jeopardy. However, she’s not one to leave an innocent behind, so Cyani sends her team to safety and heads for Vicca and the man who will, though she doesn’t know it yet, change her life forever.

Soren of Eln is a member of a race most of the Union knows little about, the Byralen. Their hormones are a potent aphrodisiac on the black market, and Soren, captured years before during a raid on his planet, has spent the time since being systematically tortured and bled to produce it. When rescue comes in the form of a fiery warrior woman, Soren is grateful, but he also knows that his life expectancy isn’t high. You see, without the technology his captors used on him, Soren’s system will shut down, and the only way to stop it is to form a mate bond. He doesn’t know if Cyani’s race is even compatible with his, and even if it is, the chance that she would agree to form a life-long bond with a man she’s just met is unlikely.

Can a woman whose culture says touch is evil save a man whose very survival depends on it? Avoiding the Garulen who’ve been keeping Soren prisoner and getting off Hanno just may be the easy part of this tale.

Cyani and Soren have both led difficult lives, and if they can survive the storm, they may just find that BEYOND THE RAIN lies a universe where harmony, peace, and most of all, love, reign supreme. That would be a blessing indeed and what they both truly deserve. You see, Cyani and Soren have much in common, though it doesn’t appear so at first glance. Soren’s slavery has made him into a man who values every small pleasure, touch from someone other than his captors being a particular prize. Unfortunately, though, with his hormones off balance, this strong, brave man with a beautiful soul is prone to being possessive, violent, and perhaps even deadly. What Cyani doesn’t realize (though Soren soon understands it) is that she too is a victim of slavery. Elevated from the dredges of Azralen society, her obedience to the Grand sister (leader of the Elite) is all that stands between her and a death sentence for an act she committed as a child. So, this honorable and fierce fighter, who came from a family who loved her, denies her attraction to Soren and clings to her training, as harsh as it’s been. Can Soren convince Cyani to let go of the past and look towards a future with him, or will he go down in flames without ever telling her that she’s the only one for him?

Hatch (an Earthlen) and Lt. Tola (Cyani’s second in command) aren’t seen much in this book; however, their presence in Cyani’s life has helped make her the woman she is. Stubborn, intelligent, and beautiful are good words to describe Vicca, Cyani’s fox scout. She may be an animal, but she’s undeniably vital to both Cyani and Soren. King Lirkam and Queen Lai of Makko, along with their son, Kaln (members of a psychic race who live a somewhat primitive lifestyle), become friends to Soren and Cyani. Cyrus Smith, a Union cultural liaison and linguist is a bit of a mystery. He’ll play an important role in Cyani and Soren’s lives. Asara is a brave Azralen woman who wasn’t lucky enough to be born into the upper echelon of society. The Grand sister is positively ruthless. One could overlook such a trait as sometimes leadership demands it, but she takes it far past the boundaries of acceptability and, in the process, becomes an evil old woman.

I love a really great science fiction romance, one filled with worlds where anything can happen and people who are as unlike us as possible (and yet in so many ways are similar). Both of those things combine to form a magical, positively irresistible place that I want to visit time and again. Jess Granger has definitely made such a place in this book, and she’s populated it with well-developed characters full of rich emotion who could easily sustain a series. Luckily for me (and you!), the sequel to this story, BEYOND THE SHADOWS, is due out sometime in early to mid 2010. If you’re looking for a rich, satisfying read that will leave you begging for more, get a copy of BEYOND THE RAIN.

Lori Ann


Win a copy of BEYOND THE RAIN by posting in this thread! Winner to be announced Wednesday night!

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New Reviews Posted at RRT!

Romance Reviews Today,

Issue 72, Volume 1, August, 2009


Romance Reviews Today is seeking enthusiastic readers to review. Must be willing to read / review from electronic ARC’s. Contact Terrie Figueroa


In this issue, we have 42 new reviews for your reading enjoyment as well as a new feature called At A Glance…

A little more than a nibble review for short stories, At A Glance will be a very condensed review of a book one of our reviewers has read, but did not have time to write a full review on, either because the book was received to late or they simply did not have room on their schedule for another full review. Sometimes these will be books given to the reviewers by Romance Reviews Today and sometimes they may just be books the reviewer has picked up for fun but felt compelled to share. We hope in this way to be able to give you recommendations on even more of the great books published each month. Usually these At A Glance reviews will be for new books, however, sometimes they may be of classics, old favorites or older books which are new to the reviewer. We hope you enjoy this new feature.


SLIDING INTO HOME – Joanne Rock – Blaze Encounters – Patti –Series Romance

Contemporary Fiction

A PIGGLY WIGGLY WEDDING - Robert Dalby - Marilyn

ALL ROADS LEAD ME BACK TO YOU – Kennedy Foster – Deborah

SECRETS OF A SHOE ADDICT – Beth Harbison – Amy

THE PRETEND WIFE – Bridget Asher – Deborah

WHEN A MAN LOVES A WEAPON - Toni McGee Causey -Deborah

Contemporary Romance

HOW TO TAME A MODERN ROGUE – Diana Holquist – A Perfect 10 – Carolyn

START ME UP – Victoria Dahl – Tumble Creek Series, Book 2 – Amy

TASTE OF PASSION – Brenda Jackson – A Madaris Family Novel - Anthonette

Historical Fiction

JOURNEYING - Barbara Fleming - Robin

OUR LADY OF THE NIGHT – Mayra Santos-Febres – Jani

THE COUNTERFEIT GUEST – Rose Melikan – The Mary Finch Series, Book 2 – Diana

Historical Romance

DEVIL IN MY BED – Celeste Bradley – The Runaway Bride series, Book 1 – Jane

GODDESS OF THE HUNT – Tessa Dare – Jani

MASTERED BY LOVE – Stephanie Laurens – Bastion Club, Book 8 – Erin

SAPPHIRE BLUE – DeAnn Smallwood – Anthonette

THE BRIDEGROOOM – Linda Lael Miller – A Stone Creek Novel, Book 5 – Diana

WICKEDLY EVER AFTER – Michelle Marcos – Pleasure Emporium, Book 3 – Lori


DEADLY INTENT – Lynda La Plante – Marilyn – Mystery

HOT DOGS – Janice Bennett – Events Unlimited, Book 4 – Robin

Paranormal Romance

BEGUILED – Maureen Child – Marilyn


SEDUCING THE MOON – Sherrill Quinn – Jennifer

SKYKEEPERS – Jessica Anderson – The Final Prophecy, Book 3 – Marilyn

STORM OF VISIONS - Christina Dodd – The Chosen Ones, Book 1 – Jane

Romantic Comedy

LOVES ME, LOVES ME NOT – Heidi Betts – Chicks with Sticks, Book 2 – Patti

Romantic Suspense

BREAKING LOOSE – Tara Janzen – Special Defense Force (SDF), Book 10 – A Perfect 10 – Jennifer

EVERYWHERE SHE TURNS – Debra Webb – Courtney

HOT PURSUIT - Suzanne Brockman - Troubleshooter series, Book 5 - Carolyn

ICE -Stephanie Rowe - Amy

ONE SCREAM AWAY – Kate Brady – Mel

PITCH BLACK – Leslie Parrish – A Black CATs Novel, Book 2 – Jane

STOLEN HEAT – Elisabeth Naughton – Marilyn

TASTING FEAR – Shannon McKenna – Carolyn

Series Romance

BILLION-DOLLAR BABY BARGAIN - Tessa Radley - Billionaire's and Babies - Jennifer - SD #1961

ONE NIGHT WITH TH WEALTHY RANCHER - Brenda Jackson - Texas Cattleman's Club, Book 2 - Patti - SD #1958

SHEIKH'S BETRAYAL - Alexandra Sellers - Sons of the Desert series - Patti - SD #1959

THE TEXAS BODYGUARD’S PROPOSAL – Karen Rose Smith – Miniseries: The Foleys and the McCords, Book 2 – Jane – SSE #1987

THE TYCOON'S SECRET AFFAIR - Maya Banks - The Anetakis Tycoons, Book 3 - Patti - SD #1960

UNBRIDLED – Tori Carrington – A Perfect 10 – Patti – HB# 483

Science Fiction Romance

BEYOND THE RAIN - Jess Granger - Lori


COLD MOON RISING – C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp – The Sazi, Book 7 – Kathy – Paranormal

At A Glance …

LOVE IS A FOUR-LEGGED WORD – Kandy Shepherd – Jane – Romantic Comedy

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Spotlight Review and Video: Break Point by JoAnn Ross

A High Risk Novel - Book 4
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-22776-8
July 2009
Romantic Suspense

Mokapu Peninsula, Hawaii - Present Day

Former Air Force Combat Controller Dallas O’Halloran and JAG Officer Julianne Decatur are called upon to investigate Navy fighter pilot Dana Murphy’s suicide on board the USS O’Halloran carrier. Dallas can’t believe the coincidence with both the name of the ship and becoming partners with Julianne. The former JAG Lieutenant Decatur tried to court-martial Dallas and his fellow black-ops Phoenix Team members that were stationed in Afghanistan. She didn’t succeed but still left an impression on Dallas. Now Dallas works for THOR (team High-risk Operational Resources), and he thought his days working undercover were over. That is not the case, and when he and Julianne are called upon by the higher-ups at THOR to get involved, neither has a choice.

Julianne may have a reputation for being an ice maiden, but whenever she and Dallas are together, their attraction for one another could melt the polar ice caps. Julianne wants to keep things professional and at a distance with Dallas. But Dallas is up for a challenge, and that means trying to get Julianne into his bed. From the moment he first laid eyes on her at his court martial hearings, he has had it bad for the ice princess with the incredible curves.

It may look as if Dana Murphy hung herself, but things simply don’t add up. Many are keeping secrets from Dallas and Julianne, and as they get to closer to the truth, there are those who will kill to keep things hushed, even kidnap Julianne’s pregnant sister Merry in order to keep Julianne away from the truth. Dallas and Julianne will have to keep their feelings for one another at bay as they track a killer intent on doing even greater harm.

BREAKPOINT is another great addition to this series by JoAnn Ross about the men and women whose involvement in the military consumes them even though they may find themselves in danger. Dallas and Julianne are a great team as they search for a killer among countless suspects. Not even the high-ranking officers are off the hook.

Even though the story is full of mystery and crime solving, there is a nice romance between Dallas and Julianne. At first these two may seem to be total opposites, but the respect they have for each other’s work makes them come to the conclusion that they need one another in more intimate ways. It may not be the best time to engage in a love affair, but for this reader, it was a nice way to balance the murder and killings. Dallas is a true Southern gentleman who knows how to handle a woman like Julianne.

Ms. Ross has a great way of keeping her reader on their toes with the list of suspects. You will have no clue who the killer is till the very end. One highlight of BREAKPOINT is the interaction Julianne has with her sister Merry. These two have a great sibling relationship, and Merry is quite the surprise, especially when she tries to escape her kidnappers. Some of Dallas’s friends from the past High Risk novels also make appearances.

Dallas O’Halloran finally gets his own story and meets the woman who is his other half. Watching Dallas romance the woman of his dreams was well worth the wait. BREAKPOINT is one suspenseful read that JoAnn Ross fans will not want to miss out on.

Kate Garrabrant

Enjoyed the review? Now here's the video:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Winner is........

The winner of NIGHT OF THE HAWK by Vonna Harper is Wanda. poster #7 !!!

Congratulations Wanda and email me at by 8/26/09 to claim your book prize/

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spotlight Review: SERENGETI HEAT - Vivi Andrews

A Sexy Shifter story
Samhain Publishing -
ISBN-13: 978-1-60504-613-6
June 2009
Erotic Paranormal Romance -- Short story
Rating: Red Hot!

Texas - Present day

Ava Minor has always been a good girl, with four overprotective brothers, it’s understandable. However, it’s really got more to do with her standing in the Three Rocks Pride. As the smallest and weakest female lioness, Ava is never picked to join the others on hunts, and tradition states that she will never take a mate (she’s “unsuitable” breeding material). But, since the arrival of sexy alpha Landon King, and his subsequent take-over of her pride, Ava sees a brief opportunity to grab a chance at some fun and the most notorious pick-up bar around seems like just the place to find it.

Landon King knows he’s got to pick a mate as the pride needs stable leadership. However, he hasn’t been able to find a female among them who stands out. Well, he wasn’t able to until tonight, when little Ava, sister to his best enforcers, shows up at the local watering hole smelling positively irresistible and provoking his lion side with thoughts of all the ways they could enjoy each other’s company.

Ava knows she’ll never be good enough to be Landon’s consort, but she’s willing to grab his attention for as long as she can have it. Landon knows no other female will do, now he just has to convince her. But Ava is a stubborn little thing and this alpha may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Hoo boy, you can really feel the SERENGETI HEAT as you read this spicy hot story. Ava knows she isn’t strong or fast, in that she’s right, but she is brave, intelligent and loyal to those she loves. Some may think she’s a cowardly lioness, but she may just surprise them all. Landon is unusual among lion shifter males. Instead of believing that might is always right, he wants his pride to be more progressive. He’s undeniably idealistic, but this passionate and honorable man may be the only one who could make a group set in its ways understand that there could be a better life for them all. Oh yeah, and he’s smoking’ hot! Ava is a very lucky girl! ;-)

At fifty-three pages, there’s not a lot of room for secondary characters to develop, but, even so, Vivi Andrews manages to breathe life into them. Landon’s sister Zoe is the only lioness Ava is really comfortable around. Zoe is a strong lioness who’s wise enough to know you’ve got to go for what you want, even if it seems unachievable. Ava’s brothers; Tyler, Caleb, Kane and Michael, are intimidating enough that even an alpha like Landon has to stand up and take notice when they voice their displeasure. Shana is an aggressive, manipulative lioness who’d like to be Landon’s consort. Leonus (the lion Landon deposed) and Kato (his sidekick) don’t seem willing to accept that they’ve lost control of the pride. Some lions just don’t learn their lesson the first time around.

Fast paced and full of life, this steamy tale is one you won’t want to miss. Stop by Samhain and get a copy today, I promise you’ll feel the SERENGETI HEAT.

Lori Ann

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Chat Wednesday night with....Kirsten Imani Kasai!

Be sure to join us for a chat with Kirsten Imani Kasai!

Date: Wednesday August 12, 2009

Time: 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm EST


Notes: Kirsten Imani Kasai joins us to discuss her book, ICE SONG. Door prize: One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of ICE SONG! Moderated by KatBos.

Learn more about Kirsten by checking out the recent interview she did on the RRT blog:

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Book Giveaway: NIGHT OF THE HAWK by Vonna Harper

Warning: this is a really hot book :)

From Kensington Aphrodisia and is out now. Here's a blurb:

Night of the Hawk

Reporter Smokey Powers has come to a small Oregon town to investigate a developer’s disappearance. But from the moment she wanders into a local art gallery, she’s captivated by a stunning photograph of a hawk in flight–and by her urgent need to meet the photographer, to touch him–to know him.

When Smokey comes face-to-face with Mato Hawk, a member of a local tribe, his masculinity overwhelms her. For once, this ambitious career woman is learning what it means to submit in every way. Again and again Mato takes her to the brink of release, becoming more dominant and demanding, awakening every inch of her body to pure sensation until she’s never felt more alive–or less in control.

Seduction was a way for Mato to stop Smokey from jeopardizing his people’s land with her investigation. Now their desire has become an unstoppable force that’s wild, risky, and deliciously unpredictable.

Read an excerpt by clicking here.
To enter, just answer a question by posting here:
While reading, do you do other things, such as watch television, listening to music or anything else besides just reading the book?
The winner will be announced Thursday night!

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Shirley Raye Redmond's Book Winner is....

Congratulations to....... Tetewa

PhotobucketWinner, email me at and I'll pass your mailing info onto Shirley Raye Redmond!!!

New RRTErotic Reviews Posted

RRTErotic - Issue 33, Volume 1, August 2009

In this issue, we have 18 new reviews for your enjoyment. (Quick List of new reviews)

CONTESTJust click on the CONTEST page for information on entering the random drawings!

Naughty Nibbles (less than 50 pages)

Ellora’s CaveSWEET BUNS – Marilu Mann – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance

Single Titles (101 plus pages) - Short Stories (50 to 100 pages)

Anthology ReviewsGAMES GIRLS PLAY – Deanna Lee – CeCe – Anthology ContemporaryON THE PROWL – Crystal Jordan – Mel – Anthology Paranormal Romance
REAL MEN LAST ALL NIGHT – Lori Foster, Lora Leigh, Cheyenne McCray, Heidi Betts – Courtney – Anthology Contemporary Romance
SECRETS VOLUME 27 – L. Gentry Skye, H. Murray, N. North, L. Court – Mel – Anthology – Mixed Genre
Contemporary Reviews
BREAKING FREE – Cherise Sinclair – Masters of Shadowlands, Book 3 – Jennifer - Contemporary
GOING TOO FAR – Laura Hamilton – Allegra – Contemporaryone + one = three – Sasha James – Carolyn – Contemporary Romance
RIDING OUT THE STORM – Desiree Holt – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance – Short
TOUCH ME - Sahara Kelly – Sexplorations, Book 5 – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance – Short
WORKING UP A SWEAT – Ciana Stone – Sexplorations, Book 6 – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance - Short

Futuristic ReviewsENEMY OVERNIGHT – Robin L. Rotham – Lori – Futuristic RomanceMYSTIC’S CALL – Lacey Thorn – Island Guardian, Book 5 – Lori – Futuristic Romance – Short

Historical ReviewsGORGEOUS AS SIN – Susan Johnson – La Grande Mort – Mel – Historical Romance

Paranormal ReviewsHEAL – Treva Harte – Alpha series, Book 5 – Lori – Paranormal Romance- Short
KISS AND KIN – Kinsey W. Holley – A Sexy Shifter Story – Lori – Paranormal Romance - Short
MAKE THAT MAN MINE – Shelley Munro – Jennifer – Paranormal RomanceSERENGETI HEAT – Vivi Andrews – A Sexy Shifter Story – Lori – Paranormal Romance - Short
TURNING PAIGE – Melissa Schroder – Jennifer – Paranormal Romance – Short

Note: Patti will post a book giveaway on Monday night on the blog.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Q&A with Shirley Raye Redmond and a book giveaway of ROSEMARY'S GLOVE!

Give a big, warm welcome to Shirley Raye Redmond!

She's going to tell us a little about her latest release and give away a copy of her book to one lucky poster. All you need to do is post away and I'll put your name in the hat. Ask her a question. Comment about her interview.

Note: Contest is open to United States and Canadian residents only.

1. Tell us about your newest release.

ROSEMARY'S GLOVE is my third romance, but my first regency. It was released in hardcover on June 23, 2009 by Avalon Books.
Miss Rosemary Addison, an Incomparable Beauty and Considerable Heiress, sets her heart on becoming the wife of the dashing Thomas Alden, Lord Beverley, a man with a dubious reputation and a reluctance to come up scratch-to propose marriage. So Rosemary contrives a bacon-brained scheme, convincing her childhood friend, Broderick Loren--a handsome amateur botanist and collector of rare orchids--to agree to a temporary engagement. When the announcement appears in the Gazette, no one is more stunned than the conceited Lord Beverley. Rosemary soon finds herself consumed by conflicting emotions. Will she cry off her engagement to Broderick like a ninnyhammer? Or will she realize she loves Rick with all her heart?
One reviewer compared the book to a “Georgette Heyer romp” and I've been floating on a cloud every since. : I love Georgette Heyer's novels!

2. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

After reading LITTLE WOMEN when I was 12, I knew I wanted to be a writer-just like Jo March. I later joined the journalism club at Kubasaki High School (on Okinawa, Japan, where I grew up) and went on to college to earn an M.A. in Literature.

3. Where do you get your information or ideas for your stories?

From everywhere! I actually have 2 file drawers full of ideas. When a folder starts to fill up, I go through it and see if there's enough “straw to spin into gold,” rather like the princess in Rumpelstiltskin! The idea for ROSEMARY'S GLOVE actually started with an article on orchids that appeared some years ago in the Smithsonian magazine. The article related the adventures of famous “plant hunters” who had great adventures like something in an Indiana Jones movie. That's why I decided to make my hero Broderick a rugged outdoors man, an amateur botanist and collector of rare orchids-with very little interest in London ton parties.

4. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I still write my first drafts on yellow pads! So old-fashioned, I know. But I think better with a pen in my hand.

5. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

I've learned it's very important to provide the editor with a marketing plan or something to convince the business department that my book will sell. Even big publishers like Random House want to know if the topic ties in with the school curriculum or if there's major competition in the stores already, etc. I think many beginning writers believe all they need is writing talent. Sadly, that's not true any more.

6. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

Certainly, my English teachers and my first journalism teacher in high school, Mr. Hobbs. I've always been fortunate to have a number of friends who are also writers, and I've been a member of the Los Alamos Writers Group for nearly 20 years-a talented bunch of productive writers.

7. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

My husband-very supportive-- bought me my first electric typewriter, and when I sold my first romantic suspense novel, STONE OF THE SUN, he helped me pick out my first computer. I was already writing magazine articles and books when my kids were born, so they've never known me when I wasn't scribbling something. In fact, my first children's novel, GRAMPA AND THE GHOST, was a postpartum depression project that I started following the birth of my second child. : The book sold to Avon's Camelot books and went on to become a Weekly Reader book. Now I have a grandson who gets thrilled every time I have a new children's book out. He gives copies to friends for their birthdays. I named the main character in WYATT AND THE DUCK after him.

8. Can you tell us about what's coming up next for you writing wise?

My nonfiction picture book, BLIND TOM, THE HORSE WHO HELPED BUILD THE GREAT RAILROAD, will be officially released in August. In 2010, I have a middle grade nonfiction book on HIROSHIMA coming out, and in 2011, Random House will release my children's book, THE FAIRY HOAX. In the meantime, I'm working on another romance novel. Interested readers can visit my website at to keep up with what's new.


Thank you, Shirley Raye! Come on, readers, post away and I'll pick a winner Sunday night!!!

Chat with Annette Blair!

Don't forget we are chatting with Annette Blair Friday night at 9:30 PM Eastern Time in the Romance Reviews Today chat room. Two books will be given away.

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Spotlight Review: WHAT HAPPENS IN LONDON by Julia Quinn

ISBN: 978-0-06-149188-7
July 2009
Historical Romance

London, England - 1821

They say that my new neighbor, Sir Harry Valentine, killed his fiancée, yet I do not believe it. However, since I have an unobstructed view into his study, I cannot help but watch, and the man is odd. He spends most of his days writing; there have been two occasions where he has flung papers into the fire, and I even spotted him wearing a ridiculous hat one day! I have watched him for two weeks without him noticing. Then, as luck would have it, just days after he catches me, I have the misfortune of encountering the man at a musical. While he may be handsome, he is also very vexing.
–Lady Olivia Bevelstoke

I have determined that the woman watching me from her rooms is nothing more than a bored, yet pretty, young miss. It has been entertaining acting strangely for her benefit, and when I finally got to meet Lady Olivia in person, I found that she is even more beautiful than I had assumed. Then, my superiors at the War Office told me that a certain Russian prince, whose family was sympathetic to Napoleon, has been courting Lady Olivia, and they would like me to find out what I can about the man. Unfortunately, what I am finding out is that I like Lady Olivia a bit more than is wise.
–Sir Harry Valentine

It starts out as a bit of spying between neighbors, but WHAT HAPPENS IN LONDON is romance. Olivia enjoys gossip and is a little bored since her best friend and sister-in-law, Miranda, is in the country awaiting the birth of her second child. It would only have been a quick glimpse of her neighbor had he not intrigued her, but once she meets him, her embarrassment over being caught, and his obvious enjoyment over that embarrassment, causes her to not like him very much. She soon learns he’s not such a bad guy, and friendship comes before romance. It’s the same for Harry; his initial impression that Olivia is a bit foolish undergoes a change as he gets to know her. Their encounters are humorous and friendly and gradually move into romantic.

Other characters include Olivia’s twin brother, Winston, and her parents, the Earl and Countess Rudland, all of whom first appeared in THE SECRET DIARIES OF MISS MIRANDA CHEEVER. Also introduced are Harry’s brother, Edward, and his cousin, Sebastian Grey, whose story should be released next year.

A charming story, WHAT HAPPENS IN LONDON is a book I highly recommend.

Jennifer Bishop

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KISSING MIDNIGHT winner is.......


Congratulations to the winner of Kissing Midnight by Emma Holly:

***********Pam P***********

Please email me at with your mailing info!

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Video Spotlight: Haunting Beauty by Erin Quinn

Don't forget Erin chats at Romance Reviews Today Wednesday night!!!

Chats this week at Romance Reviews Today!

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Wednesday night at 9:00 PM eastern time, chat with Erin Quinn. Click here to learn more about Erin.

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Chats are moderated and prizes will be given away. Be sure to join us for some fun chatting!

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Spotlight Review: KISS & HELL by Dakota Cassidy!

KISS & HELL - Dakota Cassidy
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-425-22785-5
June 2009
Paranormal Romance

United States - Present Day

Delaney Markham can hear and see ghosts. This very annoying ability of hers has kept her from living a normal life. She does her best to help departing souls choose the right path rather than go to hell, but sometimes this really ticks off Satan and all his minions. She is holding a séance to make ends meet and pay for dog chow when one extra annoying ghost just will not go away. But is he a ghost or a demon?

All signs point to Clyde Atwell being much more than an ordinary confused soul; in fact, he’s a brand new demon recruit. Delaney’s demon best friend, Marcella, is proof that not all demons march to Satan’s drumbeat, but what exactly does the very sexy Clyde want with Delaney, and are they on the same team? Hell gets a lot hotter as Delaney and Clyde, with a little help from Marcella, try to figure out how Clyde went from human to demon without any warning. Meanwhile, Delaney’s mysterious past is catching up with her, and Satan is coming to make good on his threats.

Dakota Cassidy writes a page-turning plot that readers won’t want to put down once they begin this new take on life after death. Clyde is one of the sexiest heroes I’ve read in a while, but Delaney, despite Clyde’s super brain, is the crackerjack who solves the puzzle and saves the day. Marcella adds great comedic relief in the form of fashion and sarcasm. Readers will appreciate the twists and turns in the plot as Ms. Cassidy thrills us with a surprise ending.

Anyone who loves a good story of the after-life and a passionate romance will be more than overjoyed with KISS AND HELL. Ms. Cassidy’s blend of dialogue and narrative writing clearly demonstrates that she has a promising career. I can’t wait to read more of her work. For a scorching read, I highly recommend KISS AND HELL.

Mel Mason

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Winner of the historical is..............

Winner of FOUR DUKES AND A DEVIL is ... CherylC who was poster #8!

Please email me no later than August 10th to claim your prize.


Book Giveaway: KISSING MIDNIGHT by Emma Holly

New contest!

Kissing Midnight by Emma Holly

Edmund Fitz Clare has been keeping secrets he can’t afford to expose. Not to the orphans he’s adopted. Not to the woman he’s been yearning after for years. This seeming professor of history is a shapeshifting vampire, determined to redeem past misdeeds.

Estelle Berenger knows better than to fall for her best friend’s father, but he holds the key to a mystery: that ever since she was struck by lightning, she’s had abilities no normal woman should be able to call upon.

The question is, can these star-crossed lovers survive a vampire war?

All you need to do to enter is post once and I'll pick a winner on Wednesday night!