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A Perfect 10: INSTANT GRATIFICATION by Jill Shalvis

A Perfect 10
Kensington Brava
ISBN: 978-0-7582-3125-3
July 2009
Contemporary Romance

Sierra Mountains, near Lake Tahoe, California – Present Day

Dr. Emma Sinclair was born in Wishful and spent the first years of her life there until her parents separated and she was whisked off to New York City by her mother. Now Emma’s father is recovering from a heart attack and needs her to run his practice until he is better. Not only are things different in Wishful from New York City, but the people haven’t accepted her, especially Stone Wilder, one of the brothers operating Wilder Adventures nearby. Stone thinks Emma is a prissy, cold woman, while she thinks he’s an arrogant, good for nothing louse. Yet, the sexual sparks fly hot between them as they can’t keep their hands off each other. But Emma is not into relationships and plans to leave once her father can return to work. Any thought of dating between Stone and her has to be crazy when the couple is absolutely wrong for each other, right?

Stone is not apologetic about his past experiences with women. Emma is attractive and she’s hot, but her inability to let anyone get close to her is a sure sign of trouble for someone who wants to get to know her better. He tries, but instead, Emma battles Stone, pushing him away and not even trying to get along with the people of Wishful—or him. As their unconventional “relationship” grows, the more he wants her. And the more he wants her, the more Emma wants to put distance between them. Yet, opposites do attract…

There should be a warning label across the front of INSTANT GRATIFICATION that says “Warning: Be careful when reading a Jill Shalvis book in public as you will be observed laughing out loud.” I ended up following that edict as several times I caught myself giggling out loud. The characters are likeable, and they meld together nicely, with snappy dialogue that will keep you glued to the book.

Though a successful doctor, Emma is full of insecurities that date back to her parents’ divorce and being jerked away from the father she loved. She could’ve chosen to not return, but she took the chance to help her father. Despite the lack of respect from the people of Wishful and the isolation it brings, not to mention the lack of the Thai food she misses, well, Emma can’t wait to leave. Even as she locks horns with Stone, their sizzling chemistry scorches the pages. Will she take the plunge and finally give her heart to him?

Stone, on the other hand, has the motto that life is just one big adventure. A fling with the pretty Emma is just what the doctor needs to unwind, and he’s more than willing to provide. Of course, deep down lies a man with a good heart who’s there for others, but is too modest to admit these traits. She just can’t see it. (Note to Emma: If you don’t want Stone, I’ll take him off your hands…) Like the changing seasons of the Sierra Mountains, their relationship blows hot and cold. In the end, will they come full circle for a future together?

Readers will get a chance to catch up with on Annie, Nick, T.J., Chuck and other characters from INSTANT ATTRACTION (Feb. 2009), but INSTANT GRATIFICATION can be read as a standalone. However, since I loved reading both books, I recommend both. Next up is T.J.’s story, and I can’t wait.

INSTANT GRATIFICATION is smart, funny, sassy and one of the best reads of 2009 and richly deserves a Perfect 10 designation from Romance Reviews Today. Put this one at the very top of your to-be-read pile today.

Patti Fischer

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