Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spotlight Review: MAGIC STRIKES by Ilona Andrews

MAGIC STRIKES – Ilona Andrews
Kate Daniels, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-441-01702-7
April 2009

Atlanta, Georgia – Present Day

In a post apocalypse Atlanta, torn apart by a war between science and magic, there exists a good strong woman, Kate Daniels. The city is literally falling apart as magic takes a stronger hold each time it sweeps through like a windstorm. Buildings and machinery are deteriorating, and people are mutating. The Knights of Merciful Aid, as well as The Guild of Mercenaries are trying to maintain some kind of order, and Kate, a member of the Guild, is conscripted to work as an operative of the Knights, a kind of police officer when things get out of hand. She is also a friend of The Pack, the werewolves that control Atlanta. Kate is a woman who doesn’t take her obligations or her friendships lightly.

Kate finds her friend, Derek, severely beaten and sure to die unless she can find what was done to him. She doesn’t hesitate, even if it means going into the very illegal Midnight Games, which takes advantage of the magic shifts to display brutal fights to the death between creatures and humans. Kate is not new to the fights; she has fought in some of the toughest arenas, but she has never had to fight as part of a team, a team filled with people she cares about...deeply. Can she save Derek, even if he is young and stupid? Can she defy Curran, the Beast Lord and ruler of the Pack, who wants her for his mate?

Mercifully free of the excessive sex scenes that frequently characterize fantasy these days, Ms. Andrews has instead inserted a tight, clean plot, with clearly drawn personalities. Kate’s character is not drawn as a kind of superwoman, though she is fearless in a fight. Kate is often vulnerable and has a great sense of humor about all the strange and dangerous things in this new world. I have not read the earlier titles in the series, MAGIC BITES, and MAGIC BURNS, but I will definitely seek them out. MAGIC STRIKES is full of action with a fascinating chemistry between Kate and her supporting cast. A must read.

Lisa Baca

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