Thursday, May 28, 2009

Authors who have outdated websites....

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I was cruising the web tonight checking out some author websites when I came across a couple that hadn't been updated in a long time. It's not the first time I've run into that, but I swear, it has been an epidemic. I suspect a lot of it is time and the other reason is money. In case readers weren't aware, it costs to not only maintain a website, but to update it if you have someone do it for you.

Readers, what author websites would you like to see updated?

Writers, want to weigh in your comments.

And finally, is there a solution for this?

Thanks everyone!



limecello said...

I think this is something a lot of authors/readers have thought about... or at least I have. :P I talked about it here:
But I'm really adding that link (wonder if it'll go through moderation) because of a lot of the great comments that were put there. I pretty good cross section and consistency as to what readers want, I think.

aromagik said...

My only suggestion is for authors (or anyone with a web site) to make sure their web designer designs it so they can easily do simple updates themselves. Basic updates don't have to be complicated, and learning how to do it yourself can save a lot of money, and won't make you dependent on someone else for timely web updates.

Patti said...

You have to keep in mind that there are authors out there who are technic challenged and couldn't update a webpage if they wanted to.

I think what is needed is simpler pages. Some sites are so overloaded with information that I get lost.

To be honest, I'd rather see a blog that has updated information if they can't keep their website updated. The one that struck me and prompted the post hadn't updated her site since 2007 and she has books out in 2009!

aromagik said...

You're right -- and even if the updates would be simple, it can be very intimidating. Plus they're spending their time and creativity writing. Keeping an updated blog is a very good idea.

Booktender said...

I have found one of my favorit authors to have a very poor website: Suzanne Brockmann.

I've also run into a few websites of authors who write in series but have no listing of the series order on their websites.

There are many people who can help an author update the website and even make it easy to update for the author.

Romance authors do a great job of in-person book promotion. The next challenge for the author is to go to where the people are! The WWW - including social networking sites like facebook.