Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spotlight Review: SATISFY ME TONIGHT by Fiona Zedde, Sydney Molare, Kimberly Kaye Terry

SATISFY ME TONIGHT - Fiona Zedde, Sydney Molare, Kimberly Kaye Terry
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 0-7582-2904-6
ISBN 13: 978-0-7582-2904-5
April 2009
Erotic African-American Anthology

Sexual Attraction - Fiona Zedde
Antwerp, Belgium - Winter

Benoît hopes that his last night as the DJ at Orgy will be memorable, and when he locks eyes with the sexy woman on the dance floor, he knows that it will be. After sharing a dance with the American woman, he can’t wait for his shift to end, and as soon as it does, the two of them quickly find a room and share an intense experience. Benoît’s night with Kenna exceeds his expectations, and he doesn’t want to let her go. Yet, he’s about to leave Belgium, and he knows that vacation flings should stay just that.

A tempting story, SEXUAL ATTRACTION brings Benoît and Kenna together, but they both feel as if it’s something stronger that keeps them with one another. Is it possible for a brief affair to turn into something more?

Driving My Man Wild - Sydney Molare
Present Day

After six years of marriage and one child, Berze Stillman feels that things are getting a little stale. Jare is the only she has ever, and will ever, love, but since the birth of their son, Mr. Straight-laced has taken this aspect to extremes. Their sex life has always had rules, and lines that they don’t cross and now, not only is he more fixated on that line, but Berze feels that they’ve become every bad cliche about married sex. What happened to foreplay, and cuddling afterwards? Then Berze finds sexy letters written between a husband and wife in the 1860's, and she’s inspired to spice up her and Jare’s marriage. Now if she can only get him to cooperate....

The drudgery of everyday life has turned a routine into a rut, and Berze has every intention of shaking things up in DRIVING MY MAN WILD. She has curbed her “wilder” side for her husband for years, but with sex between them being both sporadic and mediocre, Berze knows that it’s time to change things, in this erotic tale.

Captive - Kimberly Kaye Terry
Washington D.C. - Present Day

As she gives a speech at a demonstration, Tessa Price-Waters can feel danger around her, and wonders if the threats she’s received warning her to back off from the chemical company she is trying to expose are about to become reality. Suddenly, a shape hurtles towards her, taking her down and causing the bullet aimed at her heart to just graze her shoulder. While still in the hospital, Tessa finds out that her father has hired a bodyguard for her. Having someone shadow her every move would be bad enough, but the fact that her bodyguard is to be Gideon Myrie is just too much. Seven years ago, they had been lovers, but her father’s interference tore them apart.

CAPTIVE is an engaging reunion story. Thanks to her father, an influential senator, Tessa and Gideon lost their chance at a life together seven years ago, Now, because the danger Tessa is in requires the couple to spend so much time together, they have a second chance.

SATISFY ME TONIGHT contains three captivating erotic tales, that are sure to please.

Jennifer Bishop

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