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Book Giveaway -- SINS OF A WICKED DUKE by Sophie Jordan!

by Sophie Jordan
ISBN-13: 978-0061579172
Publisher: Avon
Release date: March 31, 2009

Read an excerpt (and more) by clicking here.

Available at:
Barnes and Noble

Winner announced Sunday night...

Sophie Jordan is now branching out to another genre and is publishing paranormals under the name of Sharie Kohler.

What favorite authors do you have that write in more than one genre?

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Lori Wilde winner is....

The winner of ALL OF ME by Lori Wilde is..... ESTELLA!!!!! Congrats and email me at by May 12th!

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Mo's Book Buzz Chat Wednesday night!

Tomorrow night, author Alice Duncan joins us to discuss her book, "Sierra Ransom". Door prize: One lucky winner will receive an autographed copy of "Sierra Ransom"! Moderated by CrazyMo.

When: 9:00 PM Eastern Time


Hope to see you all there for a great chat!


Spotlight Review: SATISFY ME TONIGHT by Fiona Zedde, Sydney Molare, Kimberly Kaye Terry

SATISFY ME TONIGHT - Fiona Zedde, Sydney Molare, Kimberly Kaye Terry
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 0-7582-2904-6
ISBN 13: 978-0-7582-2904-5
April 2009
Erotic African-American Anthology

Sexual Attraction - Fiona Zedde
Antwerp, Belgium - Winter

Benoît hopes that his last night as the DJ at Orgy will be memorable, and when he locks eyes with the sexy woman on the dance floor, he knows that it will be. After sharing a dance with the American woman, he can’t wait for his shift to end, and as soon as it does, the two of them quickly find a room and share an intense experience. Benoît’s night with Kenna exceeds his expectations, and he doesn’t want to let her go. Yet, he’s about to leave Belgium, and he knows that vacation flings should stay just that.

A tempting story, SEXUAL ATTRACTION brings Benoît and Kenna together, but they both feel as if it’s something stronger that keeps them with one another. Is it possible for a brief affair to turn into something more?

Driving My Man Wild - Sydney Molare
Present Day

After six years of marriage and one child, Berze Stillman feels that things are getting a little stale. Jare is the only she has ever, and will ever, love, but since the birth of their son, Mr. Straight-laced has taken this aspect to extremes. Their sex life has always had rules, and lines that they don’t cross and now, not only is he more fixated on that line, but Berze feels that they’ve become every bad cliche about married sex. What happened to foreplay, and cuddling afterwards? Then Berze finds sexy letters written between a husband and wife in the 1860's, and she’s inspired to spice up her and Jare’s marriage. Now if she can only get him to cooperate....

The drudgery of everyday life has turned a routine into a rut, and Berze has every intention of shaking things up in DRIVING MY MAN WILD. She has curbed her “wilder” side for her husband for years, but with sex between them being both sporadic and mediocre, Berze knows that it’s time to change things, in this erotic tale.

Captive - Kimberly Kaye Terry
Washington D.C. - Present Day

As she gives a speech at a demonstration, Tessa Price-Waters can feel danger around her, and wonders if the threats she’s received warning her to back off from the chemical company she is trying to expose are about to become reality. Suddenly, a shape hurtles towards her, taking her down and causing the bullet aimed at her heart to just graze her shoulder. While still in the hospital, Tessa finds out that her father has hired a bodyguard for her. Having someone shadow her every move would be bad enough, but the fact that her bodyguard is to be Gideon Myrie is just too much. Seven years ago, they had been lovers, but her father’s interference tore them apart.

CAPTIVE is an engaging reunion story. Thanks to her father, an influential senator, Tessa and Gideon lost their chance at a life together seven years ago, Now, because the danger Tessa is in requires the couple to spend so much time together, they have a second chance.

SATISFY ME TONIGHT contains three captivating erotic tales, that are sure to please.

Jennifer Bishop

Monday, April 27, 2009

Spotlight Review: TEXAS HOLD HIM by Lisa Cooke

ISBN: 978-0-8439-6254-3
May 2009
Historical Romance, American

New Orleans, Louisiana, and up the Mississippi; 1870

The Mason family lost nearly everything in the War Between the States. Harold Mason, the head of the family, hasn't been well since he was accused of murder, though no evidence was offered. His daughter Charlotte, affectionately called Lottie, and his sister Dorothy, now care for him as best they can in a small house far less grand their former manor on the plantation. But now Lottie has one more worry to contend with...a really, really big one. A man whose face she's never seen wants $15,000 or he will testify that he saw her father commit the murder. Where will she come up with that amount of money? Now, Lottie is not stupid, but she led a sheltered life before the war, so perhaps it's understandable that once she hears from a neighbor about the fortunes changing hands aboard the riverboat, presently docked in New Orleans, she comes to believe she has a chance to win the blackmail money by gambling. She tells her family she's taking a trip to visit friends, gets a job serving food and drinks aboard the Magnolia Belle, and looks for the right man to teach her how to play cards so she can win the $25,000 prize in the tournament to be held in St. Louis in four weeks.

Obadiah "Dyer" Straights reluctantly leaves the arms of his lush companion to answer the door only to find some crazy lady wanting him to teach her something. He tells her he's busy; she'll have to wait her turn. Little does he know that Lottie Mace (as she renamed herself) is not one to be put off by rudeness, not when it means her father's life. Eventually she wears away at Dyer until he strikes a bargain with her, a bargain he hopes will scare her off.

The relationship between Lottie and Dyer sparkles with personality. Lottie is innocent and naive, but also pert, plucky, and determined. While she annoys and amuses Dyer, she manages to get under his skin. But TEXAS HOLD HIM isn't just fluff. Lottie discovers much about the world and about men and women. As for Dyer, perhaps one reason he is so good at gambling -- besides his native intelligence -- is that he doesn't really care if he wins or not. For Dyer lost something in the war also, and he wants revenge on the person who took it from him.

As the Magnolia Belle travels upriver with stops along the way, Dyer keeps searching. Does he find trouble, or does it find him? And what about Lottie and the blackmailer? The novel is a well-crafted balance between amusing banter, suspenseful plot, and sexual and romantic tension. Minor characters, friendly and not, add interest to the whole. With this debut as a sample of her talent, Lisa Cooke is on the way to success, so take a cruise up the Mighty Mississippi with Lottie, Dyer, and the rest. You'll have a fine time.

Jane Bowers

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Check out chats!

Be sure to check out the upcoming chats list on the left sidebar. See any favorite authors? Be sure to join Mo and the gang in the Romance Reviews Today chat room every Wednesday at 9:00PM eastern time.

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Book Giveaway: ALL OF ME by Lori Wilde

All Of Me - Lori Wilde
Warner Forever
ISBN: 0446502057
April 2009

Read more about ALL OF ME by going to Lori's website here.

Enter to put into the pot to win a copy of ALL OF ME. How do you enter? Easy.

Have you ever met an author and if so, who? Can be more than one.

I'll announce the winner on Wednesday night! Good luck!

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Winnter of PASSION UNLEASHED is...

...Poster #8 ---- Cathy M.

Congrats!!! Email me at with your mailing info by May 10th.


Spotlight Review: DEFENDER by Catherine Mann

DEFENDER – Catherine Mann
A Dark Ops Novel, Book 1
Berkley Sensation
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-22802-0
April 2009
Romantic Suspense

Incirlik Air Base, Turkey - Present Day

Chloe Nelson recently found out what she can do to justify the rest of her life on this earth. After receiving a kidney transplant from a serviceman, when she found out an Italian singer was going on a USO show overseas, Chloe volunteered to go along as a singer and dancer. Chloe is an orchestra conductor and has a fairly good voice, but this seems like a good way to give something back to that unknown soldier. Except that there's an explosion on the ship as the troupe is on the way to an aircraft carrier off the coast of Turkey, and suddenly Chloe's in the sea, trying to keep her head above water as everyone else gets rescued. A test pilot helping during the rescue jumps in the water when he sees Chloe, and she is saved, thanks to his selfless action. After such a traumatic event, Chloe must get to a doctor to check on her anti-rejection medicine.

Captain Jimmy Gage is now a test pilot in the Mediterranean. Three years ago, he was a prisoner of war after his partner was killed in front of him. Months of torture and what happened to his partner has done more to hurt him than almost anything. Well, except for the death of his sister years ago and his determination to live life to the fullest because of her untimely death from leukemia. It's a long story, but Jimmy is a psychiatric mess, hanging on to his determination and duty with both hands. Now this cute little lady wants to know how to get to the ship's doctor after he saved her from the ocean because of her “allergies.” Jeez, some people just don't take life seriously.

Mike Nunez works undercover for the military, becoming someone else and infiltrating into countries and becoming invisible in order to collect vital information. Right now, Mike is Miguel Carvalho, a rich man hanging around a bar and looking for information on a serviceman who has been kidnapped. Chuck must be rescued before his body is broken or he gives away military secrets. Jimmy Gage is also trying his best to find out where Chuck is; he has a secret GPS locater inserted under the skin on his shoulder, but it doesn't show his location enough so that he can be rescued. Obviously, the locater needs some more work to make it reliable!

After careful investigation, Mike determines either an Anya Surac or a Marta Surac seems to have fingers in all sorts of pies in the area. Can the uppity waitress called Anya Surac at the bar where he is hanging out be hiding his buddy after hours? If not, is she willing to give information about who Marta is? Only by using their mutual attraction can Nunez use Anya, in much the same way as Anya's aunt has used her.

While Nunez is undercover, Jimmy is trying to keep Chloe out of trouble, deal with her kidney transplant without seeming to be scared of it and deal with the missing soldier who reminds him of the time he also spent being tortured, torture that changed his body permanently like diabetes changed Chloe's. Marta is trying her best to break down Chuck and keep her evil enterprise going --- the purpose: more money for her. After she discovers the GPS unit under Chuck's skin, she tries to sell it to the highest bidder, but soon realizes messing with the military might be more than she can handle.

Catherine Mann had pulled out all the stops in a hard-hitting story of American soldiers and the things they do each day to protect their country and their fellow soldiers. With several different stories going on, there is no confusion in the main players, and each man is better and more intense than the other, and each woman is strong in herself, and yet has a void in her life that only a man who loves her can fill. Strong men and independent women make DEFENDER a story of love and danger.

Everyone's story is delicately sewn together with every character shown off to their best. Mike Nunez is so often undercover there's never time for himself, until he meets Anya Surac, whose aunt Marta and their family have lived by death and destruction. Anya has left Marta and moved, but the memories of the things Marta made her do still linger, and she prefers to live alone. Marta is head of a many-tentacled operation, and since her first kill when she was thirteen, she has had no fear of giving orders and learning the deepest, darkest secrets of men's minds, and prides herself on controlling every man who works for her. Livia Cicero is the Italian pop star who invited Chloe to join the USO show, and Livia's impact on Lieutenant Colonel Scanlon is unknown. His wife died only recently, but the vibrations between these two people is something unknown to either of them; where it will take them remains to be seen.

DEFENDER is the beginning of the Dark Ops Series, with two more books to come: HOTSHOT and RENEGADE. If you love a military novel as I do, DEFENDER is a great start to a fast paced series that will help you appreciate the sacrifices to life, limb, and psyche that every soldier goes through. You'll love DEFENDER and appreciate how Chloe and Jimmy are perfect for each other in ways that are out of the ordinary.

Carolyn Crisher

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Mo's Book Buzz chat Wednesday night!

Come chat with Mo and the gang at Romance Reviews Today on Wed April 22nd as Sue Swift, writing as Suz de Mello is the guest!
Chat begins at 9:00 PM eastern time in the Mo's Book Buzz chat room, which can be accessed by clicking here.
Hope to see you!!!

New Reviews Posted at RRT

Romance Reviews Today,
Issue 68, April 2009, Volume 3


Click on the Contest Page for information on entering the contest.
April Contest Winners:

Congratulations to:

Jane Cheung our April 19th contest winner in the weekly drawing for BLOOD MAGIC by Jennifer Lyons.

See the contest page for the NEW Book a Week Contest - contest winners will be announced on the RRTAnnounce and RRT Chatters lists.

In this issue, we have 8 new reviews for your reading enjoyment!

Historical Fiction
THE LADY & THE LIBERTINE – Bonnie Vanak – Jani- Historical Fiction

Historical RomanceHER NOTORIOUS VISCOUNT – Jenna Petersen – Anthonette – Historical Romance
TEXAS HOLD HIM – Lisa Cooke – Jane – Historical Romance

Romantic ComedySECOND THOUGHTS – Bobbie O’Keefe – Patti – Romantic Comedy

Romantic SuspenseDEFENDER – Catherine Mann – A Dark Ops Novel, Book 1 – Carolyn – Romantic Suspense
PACKING HEAT – Penny McCall – Diana – Romantic Suspense

Series Romance
COMING ON STRONG – Tawny Weber – Patti – HB #462 – Series Romance

Suspense /ThrillerUNSEEN – Nancy Bush – Deborah – Suspense Thriller

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Spotlight Review: DAKOTA DADDY by Sara Orwig

Stetsons & CEO’s, Book 1
Silhouette Desire #1936
ISBN-10: 0-373-76936-9
ISBN 13: 978-0-373-76936-0
April 2009
Series Romance

South Dakota - Present Day

In order to win a bet with his cousins, Jared Dalton plans to buy the ranch that neighbors his property in South Dakota. The ability to buy out Edlund Sorenson and have a little revenge against Edlund and his daughter Megan is just icing on the cake. Seven years ago, Jared and Megan were in love, but Edlund’s threats forced Jared to leave Megan behind. His plans for revenge go awry, though, when he finds out that Edlund is dead and Megan decides against selling the ranch when she learns that Jared is the prospective buyer. After seeing her again, Jared realizes it will take all of his charm to get her to even consider his offer.

Megan Sorenson has never forgiven Jared for walking out on her, or for the fact that he wasn’t around when she realized she was pregnant. Because of the long-standing feud between her father and Jared’s, she knows that Jared is the last person on earth her father would want owning the ranch, and she has no intention of letting him. Once she sees him again, though, she finds herself falling for his charmingly seductive ways, and begins to wonder if she shouldn’t have sold the ranch to him immediately. How will she be able to resist him, and what will he do when he finds out about his son?

A secret child and a long-overdue reunion are the themes of DAKOTA DADDY. Jared Dalton has become a successful restaurateur, and he and his cousins, Matt and Chase, have a fifteen million dollar bet to see who can most increase their net worth over the course of a year. He has every intention of winning the bet, and the chance to get to know Megan again is something he can’t pass up. She, however, is bitter over his leaving and goes back and forth between wanting him and being determined not to get too close. Jared’s discovery of his son brings about more complications, but will it also bring about a reconciliation? Pick up DAKOTA DADDY to find out.

Jennifer Bishop

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PASSION UNLEASHED book giveaway!

Passion Unleashed - Larissa Ione
Demonica Book 3
Grand Central Publishing
April 2009
ISBN-13: 978-0446401050
ISBN-10: 0446401056

Read more by clicking here.

Post to enter a chance to win a copy.
Question for you:

What are your favorite Paranormal authors?

I'll pick a winner later in the week!

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New Reviews Posted!

RRTErotic - Issue 30, Volume 1 – April 2009

In this issue, we have 21 new reviews for your enjoyment. (Quick List of new reviews)

The Contest at RRTErotic has changed and gotten more fun. In addition to giving away one Samhain eBook per month, courtesy of Samhain Publishing we will be giving away a book a week with each update. Just click on the CONTEST page for information on entering the random drawings!

Naughty Nibbles (less than 50 pages)

Ellora’s Cave CANDY-COATED PASSION – Kat Alexis – Sweet series – Jennifer – Contemporary
LOLLIPOP KINGS – Brigit Zahara – Sweet Series – Jennifer – Contemporary
Freya’s BowerBASTINADO – Sarah Masters – Dominatrix, Book 1- Holly - Contemporary

Single Titles (101 plus pages)

Anthology ReviewsSATISFY ME TONIGHT F. Zedde, S. Molare, K.Kaye Terry – Jennifer Anthology - Contemporary
Contemporary ReviewsBAD BOY – Maya Reynolds – Mel – Contemporary Romance
FANTASY MAN – Tuesday Morrigan – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance
RIDING TEMPTATION – Jaci Burton – Wild Riders, Book 2 – Sinclair – Contemporary Romance

Fantasy ReviewsCARESS OF THE DARK GOD – Toni L. Meilleur – Scions of Ankh, Book 2 – Lori – Fantasy Romance
Gay/Lesbian ReviewsLOVING LUCAS – Lisa Marie Davis – Kate – Gay Romantic Suspense
Historical Reviews
CRY FOR PASSION –Robin Schone – Ariel – Historical Romance

Paranormal Reviews
DEADLY DESIRE – Keri Arthur –A Riley Jensen Novel, Book 6 – Courtney - Paranormal
LETICIA’S LOVERS – Shelly Munro – Middlemarch Mates, Book 7 – Jennifer - Paranormal
LUCAS – Eliza Gayle – Black Cougar, Book 1 – Lori – Paranormal
MAN AFTER MIDNIGHT – Devyn Quinn – Ariel – Paranormal Romance
THE EROTIC GHOST – Audrey Godwin – Ariel – Paranormal Romance

Romantic Suspense ReviewsFULL EXPOSURE – Tracy Wolff – Jennifer – Romantic SuspenseRIDING ON INSTINCT – Jaci Burton – Wild Riders, Book 3 - Lori – Romantic Suspense

Short Stories (50 to 100 pages)

Contemporary ReviewsABBEY’S SEXUAL ADVENTURE – Jennifer Cole – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance Short
DARK ANGEL – Natasha Moore – Ariel – Contemporary – Short
SINS OF SUSAN – Iona Blair – Allegra – Contemporary Romance – Short
WANTING SAM – Shawn Lane – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance – Short
Historical ReviewsCATHERINE’S AWAKENING – Joanna Wylde – Kate – Historical Romance – Short

Thursday, April 16, 2009 books....Chat!

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    Friday night (April 17th) in the Romance Reviews Today chat room, we'll have a book giveaway. Here are the list of books to be given away:

    EXPRESS MALE by Elizabeth Bevarly
    THE DESERT LORD’S BRIDE by Olivia Gates
    THE FACE OF DEATH by Cody McFadyen
    CAFÉ AU LAIT by Liane Spicer
    CAITLIN’S GUARDIAN ANGEL by Marie Ferrarella
    NIGHTKEEPERS by Jessica Anderson
    ABOUT MONDAY by Sydney Laine Allan
    THE LOVE OF HER DEATH by Luna Carrol
    LION EYES by Claire Berlinski
    DANGER IN A RED DRESS by Christina Dodd
    BRAND NAME DATES by Melanie Blazer
    THE BISHOP’S DAUGHTER’S by Tiffany l. Warren
    SLAVE by Cheryl Brooks
    HIS VERY SPECIAL NURSE by Margaret McDonagh
    FACETS by Barbara Delinsky
    WHISPERS IN THE DARK by Denise P. Jefferies
    ROGUE STALLION by Diana Palmer
    YULE BE MINE by Jennifer LaBrecque
    TALK ME DOWN by Victoria Dahl

    Chat begins at 9:30 PM Eastern Time

    Enter the chat room by going in here and clicking on RRT Chat

    Hope to see you there!!!

A Perfect 10: ALMOST HOME by Pam Jenoff

ALMOST HOME - Pam Jenoff
A Perfect 10
ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-9069-9
ISBN-10: 1-4165-9069-2
April 2009

England – The Present

For ten years, Jordan Weiss, an intelligence officer with the U.S. State Department, has avoided returning to England. After the drowning death of her boyfriend, Jared, a fellow student at Cambridge, Jordan has been unable to deal with the crushing blow of his loss. Her work has taken her all over the world where she's faced danger and death, but the thought of returning to England brings her to her knees. Then she receives a letter from her good friend, Sarah, who asks her to come to London as Sarah is desperately ill. Jordan knows that Sarah would never make such a request unless she really needed her, so she begs her boss for a transfer, and it is reluctantly granted.

Jordan's arrival in England sends her life into a spin. Just the sights and smells bring poignant memories crashing onto her. Sarah is terminally ill but determined to live independently, so Jordan reports to her new assignment at the embassy where she's paired up with the handsome Sebastian Hodges for a potentially dangerous mission within the country. Before Jordan can even settle into her new flat, she's contacted by a former fellow student of hers and Jared's, Chris Bannister. Chris has found information about Jared's research and has questions about his death. When they discover that Jared was dead before he hit the water, Jordan is reluctantly forced to pursue the truth.

Jared's graduate research on World War II has turned up some secrets that forces today want kept quiet. Is this what Jared died for? Jordan and Chris pursue various leads, while Jordon must also work with Sebastian on their mutual assignment -– and both investigations prove to be dangerous for all of them. What is really going on? How many people know about Jared's work? All of the painful memories must be scrutinized by Jordan in order to find the answers.

ALMOST HOME is a thrilling, page-turning mystery that will have readers scratching their heads as more and more clues are unearthed. Jordan must squash her personal feelings as her professional side emerges and people around her are put in danger.

From the Waterstones in Trafalgar Square, to the description of the uniqueness of England, Ms. Jenoff shows her knowledge of the country, and why Jordan was so captivated with it when she was at Cambridge. The author's background as a State Department officer, as well as her own time as a student at Cambridge are evident in this terrific, fast-moving novel. The characters are believable, and the plot is filled with twists and turns that make this a great who-done-it. I highly recommend ALMOST HOME.

Jani Brooks

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IWOFA chat Thursday night!

Chat with Infinite Worlds of Fantasy Authors Thursday night beginning at 9:00PM Eastern Time.

Guest authors are...Trinity Blacia and Belinda McBride.

Enter chat room here:

Hope to see you then!!!

Spotlight Review: SOME LIKE IT WILD by Teresa Medeiros

SOME LIKE IT WILD – Teresa Medeiros
ISBN: 978-0-06-123536-8
April 2009
Historical Romance

Scottish Highlands – 1814

Half-sisters Pamela and Sophie need a man, a Scotsman who is none too bright, to pose as the duke’s heir who records say died over thirty years ago. Pamela and Sophie were born back stage, their mother an actress, but now the theatre is gone and they have nowhere to go and little money. The theatre burned to the ground and their mother with it. Sophie, the beauty of the family, has been offered carte blanche from a viscount, but Pamela is determined to keep her sister from that fate. If they could only collect the reward for finding the lost duke! Pamela’s fondest dream is to protect her sister and find her mother’s killer.

Luck is on their side when Pamela and Sophie’s coach is stopped by a highwayman. Connor Kincaid is enthralled by the spirited Pamela and she with him, the perfect candidate to be a duke. Pamela pulls out her tiny pistol and ties Connor’s hands, telling him to take them to some place where they can talk. He takes her to a moldering castle in the mist inhabited by several pistol-toting Scotsmen. Connor has already escaped the hangman’s noose once. Will he want to take a chance and risk his life to become a duke?

This book has it all: sensual tension, a sexy romance, and adventure, with some funny situations and sparkling dialogue. The hero and heroine are both likeable; Pamela is feisty and smart, but not too smart for the handsome hero, Connor. Of course, events could never happen as depicted, but it all makes for a fun and romantic tale. The story has good pacing, and Connor’s friend, Brodie, will have readers laughing at his antics.

SOME LIKE IT WILD is a story that readers won’t want to miss.

Marilyn Heyman

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chat Wednesday Night with Suzanne Embree and Marly Mathews!


Suzanne Embree and Marly Mathews chat


Wednesday April 15, 2009
Time: 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm



Authors Suzanne Embree and Marly Mathews join us to discuss their stories in the "Doorway to the Stars" anthology. Door prize: Marly will give one lucky winner an autographed copy of the "Doorway to the Stars" anthology. Moderated by CrazyMo.

Note: Patti will also be hosting a chat Thursday night, but no details available as am awaiting for a confirmation email.

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New reviews on Romance Reviews Today

Romance Reviews Today,

Issue 68, April 2009, Volume 2


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April Contest Winners:

Congratulations to:

Sabrina Nguyen our April 11th contest winner in the weekly drawing for MERCY by Mariah Stewart.

See the contest page for the NEW Book a Week Contest - the first prize winner will be drawn on April 5th and contest winners will be announced on the RRTAnnounce and RRT Chatters lists.


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Join Patti every Friday night in the RRT chat room at 9 PM ET to chat about this, that and the other.

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Beginning in April 2009 we will be updating Romance Reviews Today once a week, generally sometime between Friday and Monday.

Watch for the announcement of Romance Reviews Today’s Best Books of 2008 list coming soon!


In this issue, we have 26 new reviews for your reading enjoyment!

Contemporary Fiction
THE EX- MRS. HEDGEFUND – Jill Kargman – Marilyn

THE LOST HOURS – Karen White – Marilyn

THE SACRED WELL – Antoinette May – Jani

THE SUGAR QUEEN – Sarah Addison Allen –Jennell w/paranormal elements

THE WIND COMES SWEEPING - Marcia Preston – Diana

THE OCEAN INSIDE – Janna McMahan – Robin

Contemporary Romance
REDNECK CINDERLLA – LuAnn McLane – Deborah

THE INN AT EAGLE POINT – Sherryl Woods – A Chesapeake Shores Novel, Book 1 – Diana

CURSE THE DAWN – Karen Chance – Cassandra Palmer series, Book 4 – Kathy – Urban Fantasy


Fantasy Romance
DRAGONBOUND – Jade Lee – Dragonborn series, Book 2 – Jennifer

Historical Romance
SINS OF A WICKED DUKE – Sophie Jordan – Marilyn
SOME LIKE IT WILD - Teresa Medeiros – Marilyn

THE SECRET WEDDING – Jo Beverly – Lisa

ALMOST HOME – Pam Jenoff – A Perfect 10 – Jani

Paranormal Romance
ETERNAL MOON – Rebecca York – Jennifer

FIRE RAISER – Melanie Rawn – Spellbinder series, Book 2 – Robin – Romantic Suspense

WHITE STAR – Elizabeth Vaughn – The Star series, Book 2

YOU’RE SO VEIN – Christine Warren – A Novel of the Others, Book 7 – Lori

Series Romance

BARGAINED INTO HER BOSSES BED – Emilie Rose – The Hudsons of Beverly Hills, Book 4 – Patti – SD #1934

DAKOTA DADDY – Sara Orwig – Stetons & CEO’s, Book 1 – Jennifer – SD #1936

PRETEND MISTRESS, BONA FIDE BOSS – Yvonne Lindsay – Rogue Diamonds, Book 3 – Carolyn – SD #1937

THE HEIR’S SCANDALOUS AFFAIR – Jennifer Lewis – The Hardcastle Progeny, Book 3 – Patti – SD #1938

THE MORETTI SEDUCTION – Katherine Garbera – Moretti’s Legacy, Book 2 – Patti

Suspense /Thriller

DEADLOCK – Iris Johansen – Lori
LOOK AGAIN – Lisa Scottoline – Jane

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amazon starts censorship

If you haven't heard or otherwise been hibernating today, it was discovered that Amazon has decided to censor erotic romance novels by removing rankings. When you would do a search of a favorite author, for example, Kate Pearce, the search would not find her Kensington Aphrodisia books.

You can read more about the Amazon censorship by going to the SmartBitches site or by going to the Dear Author site.

This is a terrible thing for the freedom of speech and what we choose to buy here in America. How dare Amazon do this??

To give a little shove them in their face, I'm running a contest and all you have to do is comment here to be entered.

The prize: A $10 barnes and noble egiftcard.

Winner announced later this week!

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New Reviews Posted at RRT!

Romance Reviews Today,
Issue 68, April 2009, Volume 1


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April Contest Winners:

Congratulations to:
Karen Barnett our April 5th contest winner in the weekly April drawing for Teresa Medeiros – SOME LIKE IT WILD
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In this issue, we have 28 new reviews for your reading enjoyment!

NibblesFROM A DISTANCE – Jo Barrett – Marilyn – Contemporary Romance – The Wild Rose Press
HOME TO STAY – Ann B. Morris – Marilyn – Contemporary Romance – The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary FictionOF WORDS AND MUSIC – Lynda Fitzgerald – Patti
SERENDIPITY – Louise Shaffer – Jani

Contemporary RomanceALL OF ME – Lori Wilde – RobinEVIE EVER AFTER – Beth Ciotta – Lisa
LOVE IN BLOOM – Sheila Roberts – Jani
REWRITING MONDAY – Jodi Thomas – Jani

Fantasy RomanceTHE BETRAYAL – Pati Nagle - The Ælven, Book 1 – Robin
THE TREASURE KEEPER - Shana Abé – A Perfect 10 – Robin
Historical RomanceA KNIGHT’S TEMPTATION – Catherine Kean – Jane AN INDECENT PROPOSITION – Emma Wildes – CarolynHIGHLAND OUTLAW – Monica McCarty – The Campbell Trilogy, Book 2 – Kate
TEMPTATION AND SURRENDER – Stephanie Laurens – A Cynster Novel, Book 15 – Carolyn
TEMPTED AT MIDNIGHT – Jacquie D’Alesandro – Mayhem in Mayfair, Book 4 – Jane
THE SEDUCTION OF A DUKE – Donna MacMeans – Marilyn
THEN COMES SEDUCTION – Mary Balogh – The Huxtables, Book 2 – Jane
WHEN A STRANGER LOVES ME – Julianne MacLean – Pembroke Palace, Book 2 – Anthonette

Paranormal RomanceEVERY DEMON HAS HIS DAY – Cara Lockwood – Kathy
NICE GIRLS DON’T HAVE FANGS – Molly Harper – Jennifer
NIGHTWALKER – Heather Graham – Jennell – Romantic Suspense
REAL VAMPIRES DON’T DIET – Gerry Bartlett – Glory St. Claire series, Book 4 – Amy
STAKES & STILETTOS – Michelle Rowen – Immortality Bites, Book 4 – Lori
THE AFTER WIFE – Lexie Davis – Anthonette

Romantic SuspenseMERCY STREET – Mariah Stewart – A Mercy Street Foundation Novel, Book 1 – Marilyn
SUDDEN DEATH – Allison Brennan – The Sacramento FBI series, Book 1- A Perfect 10 - Allegra
TAKE ME TIMES TWO – Karen Kendell – ARTemis Inc . Book 2 – Jennifer

Series Romance
TALL, DARK …WESTMORELAND – Brenda Jackson – Westmoreland Saga, Book 15 – Sinclair – SD #1928

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Chat Wednesday night at Mo's Book Buzz with Jack Woodville London!

Jack Woodville London joins us to discuss his book, "French Letters, Book One-Virginia's War:Tierra Texas 1944". Door prize: One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of French Letters! Moderated by KatBos.

Tomorrow nite at 9:00PM EDT

Hope to see you there!

Book Giveaway!

Note: this is a PRINT book, not an ebook.

Title: The Argentine Lover by Samantha Winston
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Date Published: 2003 ebook, 2005 print

Find the blurb by going to Ellora's Cave here and checking it out.

Post away, one entry per household, and I'll announce the winner later in the week!

Good luck.

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A Perfect 10: BLOOD MAGIC by Jennifer Lyon

BLOOD MAGIC – Jennifer Lyon
Wing Slayer Hunters, Book 1
A Perfect 10
Ballantine Books
ISBN-10: 0345506340
ISBN-13: 978-0345506344
February 2009
Paranormal Romance

Glassbreakers, California – the Present

Isn’t it funny how life can drastically change within a few moments? Darcy MacAlister is comfortable with her life as a funeral director. Within the twinkle of an eye, her ordinary life becomes extraordinary after she is attacked by criminals fascinated by her blood! Darcy is rescued by Axel, a larger than life hunk. But, before Darcy can express her gratitude, Axel kidnaps her, claims she is a witch, and demands that Darcy help his sister.

Axel is a Wing Slayer Hunter on a mission. When a deadly spell is placed on his little sister, Hannah, Axel searches for a witch strong enough to remove the curse. To his surprise, Darcy has no idea that she is a witch and has never knowingly used her magic. To further complicate matters, villains are intent on killing Darcy, and Axel is her only hope for survival. As a Witch Hunter, Axel’s job is to protect witches and fight his yearning for witch blood. He knows Darcy is off-limits because, with only one taste of her blood, he could easily become ravenous for more. Darcy and Axel are soon fighting their attraction to one another and trying their best to tap into Darcy’s dormant powers because Hannah has only a few days to live before the curse claims her life.

Readers, get ready for the Wing Slayer Hunters! Axel is the leader of a group of immortals sworn to protect witches and the world from the villains intent on harming them. Axel is an “all-or-nothing” alpha accustomed to getting his way. He doesn’t understand his uncontrollable and all consuming attraction to Darcy. He only knows that he must have her despite all odds.

Darcy eventually falls hopelessly and completely in love with Axel, despite his overbearing ways. BLOOD MAGIC does an excellent job introducing and exploring the possibilities of witch magic as Darcy learns her powers. The other Wing Slayer Hunters are introduced and all seem worthy of their own tales. However, readers are only given a tease and won’t learn too much about them in BLOOD MAGIC. I guarantee that lovers of paranormal romance with sexy heroes who own their pages will be hooked by BLOOD MAGIC. By the end of the first chapter, you will recognize that you are truly in for a treat. Ms. Lyon has done a phenomenal job creating believable characters and intertwining them in such action-packed, save the world scenes that readers will be left frantically awaiting the next book in the series.

BLOOD MAGIC has Perfect 10 written all over it and is sure to be a hit all around. I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to placing its successors on my keeper shelf.

Anthonette Dotson

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New Reviews Posted at RRT!

Romance Reviews Today,
Issue 67, March 2009, Volume 2(yes I know it’s April )


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Susan DavcoTEMPTED BY HIS KISS – Tracy Anne Warren PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – Julie James – An RRT Perfect 10

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SEDUCED BY YOUR SPELL – Lois Greiman NUTCASE – Charlotte Hughes

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In this issue, we have 18 new reviews for your reading enjoyment!

Contemporary Fiction
ALMOST SINGLE – Advaita Kala – DeborahContemporary Romance
LOVERS & LIARS – Teri Denine – Carolyn
ONE DAY AT A TIME – Danielle Steel – Deborah
TO BELIEVE – Carolyn Brown – Broken Roads Romance series, Book 3 – Jennell

Historical Romance KISSES LIKE A DEVIL – Diane Whiteside – The Devil series – Anthonette
NEWPORT SUMMER – Nikki Poppen – Diana
REVEALED – Kate Noble – KateTHE ROSE & THE SHIELD – Elaine Barbieri – MarilynTHE SEDUCTION OF A DUKE – Donna MacMeans – Marilyn
OOLONG DEAD – Laura Childs – A Tea Shop Mystery, Book 10 – Diana
Paranormal Romance
A TASTE OF MAGIC – Tracy Madison – Gypsy Magic, Book 1 – Lori
BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HEART PLACE – Natale Stenzel –Magic series, Book 3 – Jennell
BLOOD MAGIC – Jennifer Lyon – Wing Slayer Hunters, Book 1 – A Perfect 10 – Anthonette
THE RUNAWAY MCBRIDE – Elizabeth Thornton – The Seers of Grampian, Book 1 – Diana – Historical
Romantic ComedyNUTCASE – Charoltte Hughes – Courtney

Romantic Mystery/SuspenseMORTAL SINS – Eileen Wilks – A Lupi Novel – Courtney – Paranormal

Series RomanceSECRET BABY, PUBLIC AFFAIR – Yvonne Lindsey – Rogue Diamonds Trilogy, Book 2 – Deborah
Suspense/Mystery/ThrillersSILENT ON THE MOOR – Deanna Raybourn – Lisa – Historical

Thursday, April 02, 2009


1. Tell us about your newest release.

Blood Bytes was a bit of a departure for me in that it is set in the future. However it still comprises those elements that I most enjoy writing and reading about in a story - mystery and suspense, a strong sense of romantic attraction and sexual tension, and a handful of well-developed secondary characters and satisfying, inter-related subplots. And of course, a mesmerizing paranormal hero! ;)

2. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I think the notion was pretty much cemented after I finished my first novel THE CURE (Book One of The Blood Tapestry). Up until that point, I had just been toying with ideas and jotting down scenes. But once I actually finished an entire manuscript, I realized I could and should be doing this for a living.

3. Where do you get your information or ideas for your stories?

I wish I knew. They just come to me.

4. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

While I'm working on a particular project, I try to choose and listen to music that I think is a musical embodiment of the story line. For example, with THE CURE - I listened fairly exclusively to the soundtrack from the film Kate and Leopard. I'm not sure why but I found a lot of the instrumentals emotionally stirring and THE CURE is nothing, if not emotionally stirring! :) Too, Sting is one of my most favorite musical muses so his song "Until" on the soundtrack quickly became Chancella and Valian's unofficial theme. I even had a singer sing it at the THE CURE's release party. However, for the novel's more sombre segments, I listened to the moving soundtrack from The Last Samurai.

Then for CRIMSON HOURS, I actually changed what I listened to three times as there are three separate stories. For the story Dusk, about a dancer, I listened to a lot of flamenco and tango music. For Dawn, I put on Andrea Bocelli as the pinnacle of the story takes place at an opera. And then for Midnight, about a lonely, bloodsucking cowboy, I listened to the gentle, wistful songs from Brokeback Mountain.

And as for what I chose for BLOOD BYTES - that took a bit of searching. What type of music embodies New York City, way, way in the future, and the hottest vampire escort agency in town? For this, I had to actually create a blended CD of different artists including the dreamy, mystical sounds of New Age instrumentalist David Arkenstone and the pulsing sensuality of Sade as well as the soundtrack from the sizzling Mickey Rourke film Wild Orchid. It took some doing but I finally got the mix just right :)

5. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

That they're never really finished. I remember once reading a quote from a famous writer who said something to the effect of "You never really finish a book. You just get to the point where you stop working on it." Boy is that the truth! As a writer, I was surprised to learn that you feel you can always go back and tweak and rewrite. Always. There just comes a time when you choose instead to walk away.

6. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

Well, obviously Anne Rice. I dedicated THE CURE to her because she singlehandedly created a new perspective in which to view the vampire and without that, I don't know if I would be a paranormal romance writer today.

7. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

My oldest brother Donald has always been very supportive and encouraging.

8. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for you writing wise?

Yes, I actually plan to have two novels released in the early part of 2010. The first is the second book in The Blood Tapestry trilogy and the sequel to THE CURE; the other, a standalone mystery about a writer-turned-witness to a brutal crime and the vampire detective assigned to protect her.

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A Perfect 10: THE WICKED WAYS OF A TRUE HERO by Barbara Metzger

A Perfect 10
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-451-22634-1
March 2009
Historical Romance

Regency London, Post Waterloo

Mr. Daniel Stamfield descends from the Royce line through his mother, Lady Cora. The blue Royce blood carries the talent (or the curse, as it sometimes seems) of the male members being able to discern truth from lies. Daniel's uncle, the Earl of Royce, for instance, hears music when a truth is told and clinkers when lied to. The earl's heir, Viscount Rexford, sees colors; while his half brother, the earl's natural son, experiences good or bad tastes according to the level of veracity he hears. For Daniel, his talent can be downright embarrassing; he breaks out in itchy rashes when lies are told. Imagine poor Daniel at a social gathering where lies are told all around him...he was asked to leave Almack's for scratching his arse.

Very few people are aware of the Royce trait -- memories of witch trials have hardly had time to fade -- but the talent has proved valuable to the government in several ways. During the late wars against the French, Daniel and Rexford were dubbed "The Inquisitors" for their success in interrogating prisoners. Unfortunately, the world was let to believe they resorted to torture rather than have their abilities be exposed. But now the war is behind them, and Daniel wants to forget. Not for him serving king and country as his relatives do; his time is better spent on wine, women, and carousing in general. But then he receives word from his mother that she is bringing his sister Susanna to Town for the Season, and Daniel is required to serve as their escort. Horrors! But what is a loving son and brother to do but buck up and mend his ways...if he can't talk them out of it.

If that were not the worst of it, Lady Cora is bringing her goddaughter along, Miss Corinda Abbott. Daniel and Cori met once three years ago when he helped her father track her down after she ran off with a soldier. They found her in a compromising situation. Though they were in time to prevent the taking of Cori's virtue, Daniel believes otherwise and thinks the worst of her. Cori has no love for Daniel, either. Her father kept her a virtual prisoner until he could sell her in marriage to the highest bidder, a disease-ridden old man; now he treats her even more badly. Luckily, Lady Cora is a force to be reckoned with and shames Cori's father into allowing her to accompany the Stamfield ladies to London. All she wanted before was to escape her father and the match he had made. Dare she hope she can now find a good man to marry? A man and maybe a small house with a garden and children to play in it?

If you are suffering with the late winter blues, I have the perfect cure...THE WICKED WAYS OF A TRUE HERO. The novel is a rollicking one with a terrific plot line, likable...nay, lovable, characters, and a unique literary voice. I purely love the way Barbara Metzger uses the language to such good effect. Each chapter ends with a chuckle, a laugh out loud moment, or a hook that compels one to turn the page no matter the midnight hour. The dialogue is clever or meaningful as needed, the exposition unmatched. (Can you tell I'm a rabid Metzger fan?) Daniel's attempts to dress and act the gentlemen are most amusing; an early scene between him and his mother's officious butler is a case where he doesn't quite succeed. Watch for it. Besides the humor, however, there are deep feelings involved in what follows.

The stories featuring the Royce family began with Cousin Rex's in September 2007 with TRULY YOURS, and then went on to tell the tale of the earl's illegitimate son, Harry Harmon, in THE SCANDALOUS LIFE OF A TRUE LADY last June. If you've missed either one, I strongly recommend you put them on your list along with THE WICKED WAYS OF A TRUE HERO. It's a terrific series.

Do you suppose one or two more stories could be squeezed out of the family? Pretty please? An undiscovered relative perhaps? Or how about one of the ladies? Didn't we see hints of the talent in Lady Cora and young Susanna...

Jane Bowers