Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spotlight Review: TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS by Leanne Banks

Warner Forever
ISBN: 0-446-61174-3
March 2009
Contemporary Romance

Texas -- Present Day

When is too much money too much? How about when heiress Lori Granger just wants to give away as much as possible? Alas, Lori’s late father’s will has specified that she can only spend so much of the money. It’s up to accountant Jackson James to put a screeching halt to her spending.

Jackson sees Lori as a spoiled rich woman with too much time on her hands. While her charitable acts might be honorable, it’s his job to make sure she follows the rules of the will, which are to have a yearly allowance until she turns age thirty, at which time she can inherit the bulk of her father’s estate. Then, Lori offers up a solution to their problem, a loophole in her father’s will, which is to marry a man---for convenience, not love—with no commitment past her thirtieth birthday. And no sex. She asks Jackson to help her find that man.

Lori isn’t a bubble-brained socialite incapable of working. Deep down is a woman who wants to help as many as possible, and her money is a good opportunity to do so. When her harebrained idea to marry for her money leaks out and attracts too many applicants, Jackson whisks her away to a ranch belonging to one of those people Lori benefited with her generosity. But the longer it takes Jackson to find her the perfect husband, the more it becomes apparent that he may the best man.

TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS proves that one should look beneath the surface when judging someone. Lori Granger, with her expensive clothes and a mansion, with her dog as her only companion, appears to be the perfect example of spoiled, rich, and brainless. It doesn’t take long, however, before readers see the woman who has a heart of gold and who will give the shirt off her back to those in need. Jackson isn’t looking forward to reining in Ms. High Society Lori, but the practical accountant in him will do whatever it takes, even if he hates every moment of working with her. Or so he tells himself…ha, deep down, Jackson is attracted to Lori. But can he let go of his lust long enough to find her a husband?

Off to a horse farm, Lori and Jackson hide out from the gold diggers, staying with Virginia, a recent widow in need of funds to keep open her farm that helps disabled children. There is also Maria, an employee, who thinks Lori can’t hack the hard farm work. But Lori proves her wrong. Jackson and Lori are followed to the farm by royalty, one Duke Geoffrey Taylor, who’s vying for the title of Lori’s husband, but who soon discovers he likes Maria much better and reveals a secondary plot in TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS.

Leanne Banks has provided readers with another rip-roaring romance that is witty and charming right from the first page. The chemistry between Lori and Jackson sizzles and entertains, while the intriguing plot will keep readers laughing out loud. TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS is related to other previous releases by Ms. Banks, including WHEN SHE’S BAD and SOME GIRLS DO, but can be read as a standalone.

Sexy and sassy, TROUBLE IN HIGH HEELS should be put to the top of your book-buying list.

Patti Fischer


Estella said...

This book sounds like a romp!

Laurie G said...

I enjoyed her Footloose etc books!