Spotlight Review: TEMPT THE DEVIL by Anna Campbell

TEMPT THE DEVIL – Anna Campbell
Avon Books
ISBN-10: 0061234931
ISBN-13: 978-0061234934
January 2009
Historical Romance

London, England - 1826

Olivia Raines is sexy, glamorous and one of the most sought after courtesans in London. Her sexual prowess is legendary, and men from all around fight for a chance to climb into her bed. When The Earl of Erith first sees Olivia, he vows to make her his mistress. He learns that in order to become her lover he must play by her rules, which include allowing her independence and abiding by her decision of when to end the affair. Which are fair trade-offs for Olivia's sexual skills and her commitment of fidelity during the relationship.

Olivia knows that her shell of indifference will be broken by Erith when she first agrees to become his mistress. She also knows that he will be her last lover. After him, her love games of domination and conquest will be over forever as he will be the ultimate challenge. Erith views Olivia as an obsession. He quickly sees through her façade of sensuality and realizes the legendary courtesan actually fakes her sexual responses and has never had an honest intimate reaction to any of her previous lovers. Instead of turning him off, this realization makes him yearn to learn her secrets and be the first one to show her the joys of intimacy.

TEMPT THE DEVIL is about two independent and strong main characters. Olivia is determined to endure the affair with Erith and dominate him just as she did with all the others before him. But she doesn't know that Erith has decided to do whatever he can to keep her with him forever. Underneath it all, both Olivia and Erith are extremely vulnerable people who hide their hurts and torments because of the past.

Olivia is like an ice maiden carefully hidden by her outer appearance of sensuality. A traumatic childhood molds her into the woman she has become, and she vows to never be like the helpless little girl she once was. Instead, she made herself into the type of woman men would give all of their possessions to have. Similarly, Erith has a past wrought with pain. The death of his first wife haunts him and continues to motivate him. Now, he is trying to reconcile with the children he left behind years ago because he couldn't stand their resemblance to his wife. Understandably, he is having a difficult time convincing them that he really loves them and was wrong for abandoning them so long ago. His children, as well as the people in Olivia's life, are wonderful supporting characters who hold the story together.

TEMPT THE DEVIL is a tale about the joining of two people who still hold festering wounds from their pasts but find redemption in each other's arms. Erith and Olivia's story is a passionately sizzling romance that will have readers cheering for their happy ending.

Anthonette Dotson


Estella said…
Sounds like an excellent book!
Unknown said…
This book rocks. I absolutely loved everything that had to do with this book. Anna hit the jackpot here and everyone should run out right now and pick up a copy you will not be disappointed.

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