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Good morning. Thanks for having me here at RRT!

So, I’ve been re-reading my well-worn collection of Georgette Heyers. For anyone who doesn’t know Georgette Heyer, she was an Englishwoman who wrote from the 1920s until she died in 1971. She became famous for her regency romances. In fact, I believe she invented the regency romance. I first read her books as a teenager and I find they are still my favorite comfort reads. I learn something from this consummate romance author every time I dip into one of her books.

Why? I think she combines all that we love about romance. Her heroes are sublime. I’m currently reading Venetia, my personal favorite of her books. Venetia is a sleeping beauty character. A woman of 25 who’s never been farther than a few miles from her country home, never really lived. Who should she meet but the Lord Damerel, most shocking of rakes who shows up at his country home, something he’s rarely done. This is pretty stock stuff, but what elevates the book is that these admittedly stock characters are imbued with so much life. They are funny, outrageous, but also compelling. There is no sex in a Georgette Heyer, at least none that comes near the page. We must be content with a satisfying kiss at the end, but this novel is pulsing with sexuality from start to finish. You just know that when the passionate kiss closes the book, a very passionate marriage will ensue. Mmmmm.

I write a much more contemporary novel, of course, and there is definitely sex on my pages ;-) But I try to remember that the greatest sex organ is our brains and that is the attraction and sexual tension between two people who are crazy about each other and yet wary, perhaps of commitment, perhaps of getting hurt, who are afraid to take the plunge for any number of reasons. Under the Influence, my February Blaze concerns a workaholic management consultant on assignment in a seaside California surfing town who wanders into a restaurant/bar so wrapped up in work that she doesn’t’ even realize it’s Valentine’s Day. With the restaurant packed, she sits at the bar to have her dinner and meets her polar opposite. Sexy, laid-back bartender Johnny Santini. He’s a surfer by day, bartender by night and probably the sexiest guy she’s ever met. Her secret fantasy has always been the idea of sex with a stranger.

Maybe it’s time to try something absolutely crazy. After all, she’s only in town for a week. What could be the harm? It’s not like she’s going to fall in love with the guy.

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Estella said…
Under The Influence sounds like an interesting book!
Laurie G said…
I've read and enjoyed several of Nancy's books. This sounds cute!
Anonymous said…
so hot lvoe the cover, congrats

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