Guest Blogger: LISA DALE (and a giveaway)

Hello fellow bookworms. My name is Lisa Dale and my first book, Simple Wishes, debuted in January. It’s been a fun, wonderful year and I’d love to share with you. Thanks so much to Romance Reviews Today forinviting me here today!

Simple Wishes is story about how love can grow in even the most inhospitable places—it combines a complex and intricate drama with a rich, inspiring location. For my city-slicker heroine, getting back to the simple life is no simple task!

Here’s the scoop on the Simple Wishes story: the heroine, Adele, makes a mistake which forces her to leave her NYC apartment and return to the mountain cottage she inherited from her estranged mother. There, the complex relationships she develops with a troubled teenager, an elderly Korean grandmother, and the sexy carpenter-next-door cause her to rethink her life and her desires. Just when true love is within reach, dark secrets from her mother’s past threaten to send her running away again.

Many of the scenes in the book are taken right from the real-life setting of my grandparent’s rustic cabin in the Eastern Pennsylvania mountains. I’m from a very cramped area of Northern NJ (if you’ve watched The Sopranos, you know where I’m from). So the rich setting in the mountains offers great inspiration—some facts are so unique you just can’t make this stuff up.

For example, there’s a guy at the end of my grandfather’s road who built a ginormous squirrel gymnasium. It’s amazing. The squirrels can spin on it like a Ferris wheel or giant teeter-totter. I also like how the locals in his neck of the woods all have these great nicknames for each other: No-Nose Bill. Antique Joe. No-Pants Al. There’s a story to be told everywhere you look.

Also, there’s something romantic about the mountains that I just love. Small-town festivals. Quiet, snow-covered roads. That brittle, whispering sound the leaves make in the fall right before they turn. Even though my heroine doesn’t quite know how to appreciate the beauty of the mountains at first, she learns to overcome her troubled past thanks to new friends and the love of a good man.

Simple Wishes is a blend of everything I love most about women’s fiction (emotional depth and complexity) with everything I love most about romance ( a great hero, a meaningful love story, and a happily ever after). It was a no –brainer to set it in the beautiful, yet challenging locale of the mountains.

Do you have a meaningful memory of a time in the mountains? Leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to give away a copy of Simple Wishes to one commenter today!

To learn more about Simple Wishes (to see an excerpt or read reviews), visit my website I have contests all the time, so I hope you’ll join me!

All the best,

Lisa Dale


Lisa F. said…
I can remember staying in a cabin right on a creek in Tennessee and falling asleep to the sound of water flowing. My cousin used to live on the side of a mountain, and in her yard she had goats. I've always thought that was funny because she is not the country type, but her husband wanted to try it.
Momof1DD said…
Well I do live in West Virginia so its basically all mountains here. But our family does have a nice cabin down south of the state. Very peaceful and has a nice lake for all to enjoy not to far from the cabin. ;)
Unknown said…
I've spent pretty much all my time on rather flat land, and living in Texas doesn't change that much...well at least not the Dallas area. Do skyscrapers count as mountains?

When I was in college I used to love the drive along the bluffs in Northern Illinois to Western Iowa, but still not mountains I know.

I don't have a good mountain memory hopefully that doesn't disqualify.
CrystalGB said…
I live in Kentucky and we have lots of mountains. When I was growing up, my brothers and I would pack a lunch and spend the day in the mountains looking at nature.
Lisa Dale said…
Lisa F, hi! That sounds lovely. Falling asleep to the sound of a brook--a dream.

Momof1DD, West Virginia sounds nice. I've never been there, but would love to go.

Sandi, I think you get extra credit for the "mountains like skyscrapers" simile. :)

CrystalGB, That's a great memory. I have really great memories of my siblings in the mountains too. We used to build forts and hike.
Maureen said…
My parents retired to a house built on a mountain and it's very peaceful and quiet when we go to visit.
cheryl c said…
I live not too far from the Smoky Mtns., and I have gone there a lot to just relax and enjoy nature. There is something so peaceful about listening to a mountain creek and looking out over the valley below.

I can remember staying in a rented cabin with my family when I was a young girl. It was a little resort that had activities for families. One night my mother won a tacky Oriental lamp while playing Bingo, and she was so excited that you would have thought she won the lottery! My mother is gone now, but that is one of my favorite memories of her.
Fedora said…
Hi, Lisa,

Your book and setting sound lovely! I really enjoy books which mix romance with those elements of women's fiction--the community of relationships that most of us either have or long for.

As for mountains, we don't have many here, but we've occasionally had the chance to camp, and I think one thing that's nice about mountains (and other places farther away from the hustle and bustle of civilization) is being able to look up at night and see how many stars there are--it just isn't the same with the big-city lights nearby!

Congrats on Simple Wishes! I'll be looking for it!
Estella said…
I live not too far from the Oregon Cascades, so have spent a lot of time at the high lakes and ski areas(not skiing).
Lisa Dale said…
Maureen, May we all retire to such lovely locales!

Cheri2628, That's a beautiful memory to cherish. Thanks so much for sharing.

flchen1, As a native New Jersey girl, I know what you mean. NYC is right outside my window, just about. And much as I love it, I go to the mountains whenever I can. Thanks so much for the warm wishes!

Estella, that sounds beautiful. I've never been out that way, but would love to go one of these days. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Lisa! I remember vacationing with my family in the mountains of upstate New York. We stayed in a cabin next to a lake. We had so much fun---swimming, boating, water skiing, etc.
Lisa Dale said…
Deborah, we also head into upstate now and again for R&R. Thanks for sharing!

Congrats to Lisa F for winning Simple Wishes today!

And many, many thanks to my hostesses for having me here today. It's really been a lot of fun!

Enjoy the weekend.
Lisa F. said…
Thanks, Lisa! It's very rainy and stormy here today so this was great news. I've sent my mailing info to your email address listed on your website.
I remember exploring the mountains where my father grew up in north central PA. We came upon stonewalls and fireplaces from the 17 and 18 hundreds. There were thousands of daffodils left to grow wild from some brave woman who'd made a home in the wilderness and tried to make it beautiful. It was so hard to imagine people living in the middle of the mountains like that, so far from towns and other people. It was sad and uplifting at the same time. My father is gone now, but it is one of my favorite memories.

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