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Guest Blogger: LISA DALE (and a giveaway)

Hello fellow bookworms. My name is Lisa Dale and my first book, Simple Wishes, debuted in January. It’s been a fun, wonderful year and I’d love to share with you. Thanks so much to Romance Reviews Today forinviting me here today!

Simple Wishes is story about how love can grow in even the most inhospitable places—it combines a complex and intricate drama with a rich, inspiring location. For my city-slicker heroine, getting back to the simple life is no simple task!

Here’s the scoop on the Simple Wishes story: the heroine, Adele, makes a mistake which forces her to leave her NYC apartment and return to the mountain cottage she inherited from her estranged mother. There, the complex relationships she develops with a troubled teenager, an elderly Korean grandmother, and the sexy carpenter-next-door cause her to rethink her life and her desires. Just when true love is within reach, dark secrets from her mother’s past threaten to send her running away again.

Many of the scenes in the book are taken right from the real-life setting of my grandparent’s rustic cabin in the Eastern Pennsylvania mountains. I’m from a very cramped area of Northern NJ (if you’ve watched The Sopranos, you know where I’m from). So the rich setting in the mountains offers great inspiration—some facts are so unique you just can’t make this stuff up.

For example, there’s a guy at the end of my grandfather’s road who built a ginormous squirrel gymnasium. It’s amazing. The squirrels can spin on it like a Ferris wheel or giant teeter-totter. I also like how the locals in his neck of the woods all have these great nicknames for each other: No-Nose Bill. Antique Joe. No-Pants Al. There’s a story to be told everywhere you look.

Also, there’s something romantic about the mountains that I just love. Small-town festivals. Quiet, snow-covered roads. That brittle, whispering sound the leaves make in the fall right before they turn. Even though my heroine doesn’t quite know how to appreciate the beauty of the mountains at first, she learns to overcome her troubled past thanks to new friends and the love of a good man.

Simple Wishes is a blend of everything I love most about women’s fiction (emotional depth and complexity) with everything I love most about romance ( a great hero, a meaningful love story, and a happily ever after). It was a no –brainer to set it in the beautiful, yet challenging locale of the mountains.

Do you have a meaningful memory of a time in the mountains? Leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to give away a copy of Simple Wishes to one commenter today!

To learn more about Simple Wishes (to see an excerpt or read reviews), visit my website I have contests all the time, so I hope you’ll join me!

All the best,

Lisa Dale

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The winner of MAXIMUM EXPOSURE is....

Congrats to the first poster, PAM!!

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Q&A with PAT WHITE!!!

1. Tell us about your newest release.

UNDERCOVER STRANGER is the first book in my Girl Next Door series. Just think if you were going through your routine day and WHAM! This incredibly handsome, tough, yet honorable guy blasts into your life and accuses you of being a spy. That’s the concept of this series. UNDERCOVER STRANGER will be followed in March by RENEGADE SOLDIER. They both feature former military specialists who are part of a covert national security organization designed to protect the US from terrorism.

2. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Although I started pursuing writing fiction in 1995, I was always making up stories in my head. I probably had some form of ADD in school so sitting through class was not exactly stimulating. So… I’d make up my own stimulation in the form of secret chambers within the school walls where fantastic things happened. I enjoyed fantastic parties with famous movie stars (Bobby Sherman, anyone), ate lots of chocolate chip cookies, and accepted many Oscar awards.

3. Where do you get your information or ideas for your stories?

Everywhere! The news, crime shows, stories from friends and family. The full moon on a foggy night. I’m not sure if every writer is like this, but I often hear whispers of characters that have yet to be created. I listen and follow their lead, then pay attention to life. Try listening to the gal in front of you in Starbucks (we have two on every corner here in Seattle) and you’ll get enough material for at least five years!

4. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Rocks. I have all kinds of polished stones spread across my desk. For some reason they help me create.

5. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

That story is story. By that I mean that although stories are slightly different, they also have the same rhythm or pattern. In other words, on a nice day we all see a blue sky. We all see the same thing. We expect to see it. If we were to wake up and see a yellow sky we’d be freaked out, right? In other words, story is story. We expect certain things to happen a certain way. This was amazing to learn because it helped me understand that I need to respect that piece in order to satisfy my readers. Now, the trick is to put my own essence into it – I get to draw the clouds! – Purple!

6. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

Suzanne Brockmann. She’s an amazing writer and a quality human being. I have never met Judith McNaught, but she was a huge influence. Also, friends in my Chicago romance writers chapter who inspired me by being published and proving to me that it was possible. Margaret Watson (Harlequin Superromance), Myrna MacKenzie (Harlequin Romance), Suzette Vann (Silhouette), Martha Powers (Pocket), Laurie Brown (Kensington), Wendy Gifford (Harlequin Historicals), Julie Beard (Berkley), and Mary Alice Monroe (MIRA) were my mentors and great friends.

7. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

They are very proud and excited, especially since just last night Starlight Starbright Foundation of Washington hosted a silent auction and a character name in one of my future books went for $2,000! It’s awesome that my work can help kids who are in need.

8. What is coming up next for you writing wise?

I’m working on more Intrigues. Thrills, chills and romance, of course! I’ve also started my second screenplay and am revising my first. The screenplays are romantic comedies. Can never have enough of those in the theaters!

For more scoop on Pat, check out Intrigue fans, don’t forget to visit the blog:

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Missy Lyons joins us to discuss her Phaze book, French Kiss. Door prize: One lucky winner will receive an autographed copy of French Kiss! Moderated by KatBos.

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Q&A with ELLE AMERY!!!

Give a welcome to Elle Amery who has not one, but three releases with Ravenous Romance. You can check out her releases by clicking here. Give a warm welcome to Elle!

1. Tell us about your newest release.

I have a contemporary erotic romance trilogy with Ravenous Romance: Saving Sophie, Grace on Fire, and Tally’s Gift. The stories follow three best friends who fall in love with each other’s older brothers. The girls are awesome: they’re strong, independent women who fall in love with equally awesome but flawed men. My writing is steamy, but is a bit more on the sweeter side of steamy.

2. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I think in second grade, when I read Charlotte’s Web. I found myself completely lost in Fern and Wilbur’s world. Still sends tingles down my spine when I think of that book. I lived on a farm way the heck out of town, so I didn’t have any friends nearby to play with, AND, we didn’t have a TV! To counteract the boredom and loneliness, I escaped into books and into my own fantasy world, where I’d make up fantastic stories.

3. Where do you get your information or ideas for your stories?

This is a fun one to answer! For most of my stories, the premise comes straight out of my head. But in Tally’s Gift, the premise is based off an experience one of my best friends (a guy) had after he had surgery and couldn’t use either hand to, ehem, well, we’ll leave that one unsaid! And to be clear, NO, I didn’t do what Tally did in the story! But I do enjoy having a few good guy friends—they’ll say anything!

4. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I zone out on the couch and dream when I get stuck with a scene. I’ll spend an hour or two going over the scene in my head—finessing, adding, changing—until it becomes such a part of me that I can sit down and write it out, almost word for word. In grade school I had a teacher who used to get mad at me for staring out the window, daydreaming. Little did she know that someday I’d get paid to daydream!

5. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

I’m also an editor, writing coach, and copyeditor. So I was shocked to realize that it’s so much easier to edit someone else’s work than my own! I can’t seem to edit my own work the way I can others. I also was surprised at how many words I can write in a day. I’m not one of those people who can will themselves to write a certain number of pages a day. Nope, I’ll go for two days without sweeping the floor, doing the laundry, or checking the mail while I clickety-clack away on the keyboard!

6. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

My friend Suzie has always been a great cheerleader, and my friend Julie’s always believed in me. I’ve been inspired by the careers of a number of writers in a variety of genres, including Jane Austin, Virginia Woolf, Kate Chopin, Elizabeth Peters, Heather Graham, and Saskia Walker. Just realized – I listed all women!

7. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

My parents are a little old-fashioned, and we live in a microscopically small town, so it’s difficult for them to have a daughter who writes erotic romance. Not something they want to brag about around town. They are very supportive, however, and hope for my continued success. Now, if I could write a historical non-fiction book about World War II, my dad would be singing from the rooftops!

8. What is coming up next for you writing wise?

I’m working on editing an anthology of short stories for Ravenous Romance about lovers who’ve found each other once again. It’s called REKINDLED: Finding Lost Love, and should be out sometime this spring. I’m toying with the idea of writing a fourth book in the series I have for Ravenous Romance. This book will follow one of the antagonists in the trilogy, Doris, who actually has an interesting story to tell. She keeps coming to me in dreams—guess I should pay attention to her! In addition, I have two other books nearly complete, and although they’re steamy, they don’t have quite enough sex to fit into the erotic romance market, so I’ll be sleuthing for publishers.

Learn more about Elle by visiting her website or her blog at

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Book Giveaway: Maximum Exposure by Alison Kent

Here's another sexy, hot book for a giveaway.


Read about the book by clicking here

What do you need to do to enter?

Tell us about which author(s) you miss that either no longer writes or hasn't had a book out in a while.
I'll pick a winner later in the week!

New RRTErotic Reviews Posted

RRTErotic - Issue 28, Volume 1 – February 2008

In this issue, we have 37 new reviews and 7 new nibbles for your enjoyment. (Quick List of new reviews)

The February Contest is posted! Up for grabs is NIGHT OF THE HAWK by Vonna Harper
We will also be drawing one name for the Samhain Publishing Contest.Just click on the CONTEST page for information on entering the random drawing!

Single Titles (101 plus pages)

Anthology ReviewsESCAPE TO FANTASY – Jodi Lynn Copeland – Allegra – Anthology – Contemporary Romance

Contemporary ReviewsBIG TEMPTATION – Robin L. Rotham – La Grande Mort – Jennifer
CLUB SHADOWLANDS – Cherise Sinclair – Jennifer ENOUGH LOVE FOR TWO – Maggie Casper – CeCe
ESCAPE TO ECSTASY – Jodi Lynn Copeland - AllegraONLY PLEASURE – Lora Leigh – Bound Heart Series, Book 10 – Jennell
SCORCHING SAMMIE – Reese Gabriel – Kate
SERVING SERA – Bonnie Rose Leigh – Ariel
SIX – Opal Carew – Jennell
SUBMISSION – Cherie Feather – CeCe
TAKE ME AGAIN – Mackenzie McKade – Wild Oats, Book 2 – Jennifer
THE NINETY DAYS OF GENEVIEVE – Lucinda Carrington – Allegra
TRUE BLUE LOVE – Melissa Lopez – The Thorns, Book 3 – Lori
Historical ReviewsBEING WICKED – Lacy Danes – Allegra

Paranormal Reviews
CAT BURGLAR – Shelley Munro – Middlemarch Mates, Book 6 – Jennifer
CRIMSON SHACKLES – Theolyn Boese –The Ta’e’sha Caesurae, Book 2 - Lori
EYES OF STONE – Tara Nina – Jennifer JANE’S PRIZE – Margrett Dawson – Jennifer
LAST HOPE – Moira Rogers – Jennifer
LYON – Elizabeth Adler – Lords of Satyr, Book 3 - SinclairMONA LISA DARKENING – Sunny – A Novel of the Monere - Courtney
MORTAL TEMPTATIONS – Alyson James - PASSIONATE SPIRITS – Trinidad West – Courtney
STAY THE NIGHT – Lynn Viehl - A Novel of the Darkyn, Book 9 – Courtney
THE WOLF – Mechele Armstrong – Settler’s Mine, Book 4 – Lori
WITCH VAMP WERE? – Anne Douglas – Huntingdawn, Book 2 – Lori
Science Fiction Reviews
PRIMAL ELEMENTS – Christine d’Abo – Jennifer
Short Stories (50 to 100 pages)

Contemporary ReviewsBLESSED BE – Renae Johnson – Jennifer
BLINDFOLDED BY LUST – April Vine – Jennifer GETTING LAID – Vonna Harper – Jennifer
HER DAKOTA MEN – Leah Brooke – Dakota Heat, Book 1 – La Grande Mort – Ariel
LEGAL BRIEF’S – Sahara Kelley – Jennifer rt
PLAYING FOR KEEPS – Shiloh Walker – Jennifer

Paranormal ReviewsAMBIENT LIGHT – Mandy M. Roth – Ariel
FALLEN ANGEL – Sherrill Quinn – Sassy Devils, Book 2 – Jennifer GARNET STRENGTH – Melinda Barron – Jennifer SEDUCING ST. NIC – Emma Peterson – Dating the Undead, Book 1 – Jennifer
WHEN NIGHT FALLS – Kit Catlyn – Ariel


Changeling Press
MATING CALL – Anne Kane – Shifting Priorities, Book 3 – Lori – Paranormal RomanceEllora’s Cave
RAIN GOD – Amy Ruttan – Jennifer – Futuristic Romance

Loose Id
WILLA’S WISH – Marie Harte – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance

Phaze Publishing
FRENCH KISS – Missy Lyons – Urban Phaze: Paris – Jennifer – Contemporary RomanceHER BEST MAN – Michelle Houston – Holli – Contemporary RomanceTHE DOM NEXT DOOR – Violet Summers – Jennifer – Contemporary RomanceSiren PublishingMIDNGHT RODEO – Luxie Ryder – Midnight Cowboys, Book 1 – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance

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Kathy Carmichael's Book Winners are..............

............. Dee Gatrell and CrystalGB...............
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1. Jack Woodville London, tell us about this, your first release.

Virginia's War is the first of three novels that make up the French Letters trilogy. It is the story of Virginia Sullivan who, in small town Texas in 1944, is told by the family doctor that she is pregnant four months after her boyfriend shipped off to war. No one notices the rather long interval between his leaving and her news but she can't wait to defiantly tell her father, Poppy, the town's newspaperman. Instead of fury or shame, he is delighted. The intended shock becomes hers when Poppy publishes a completely phony announcement in the local paper that she and Will eloped just before he shipped off. Like the consequences of Poppy's hand in local draft dodging and black marketing, the impending baby and utterly false marriage are time bombs waiting to go off.

2. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

At a very early age, perhaps when I read Gone With the Wind in fourth grade. By high school I was in deep. It wasn't until university that I discovered it was important to make enough money to actually support the habit; the Age of Patronage seems to have been several centuries ago.

3. Where do you get your information or ideas for your stories?

I am a lawyer by career and a historian by training; conflict is sort of endemic to my life. I am fascinated by the people side of war, not the dates and generals side but the “what happened to the ordinary people” side. For example, I knew in a general way that unlucky soldiers received Dear John letters from girls back home who decided not to wait for them, and I knew that the letters were packed in boats headed for the war, and that some of the boats were sunk. It doesn't take much logic to figure out that some soldiers didn't get their Dear John letters until they got home and found babies who weren't there when they left. The shipping loss figures, the number of babies born in the US in the absence of soldiers, and the number of prosecutions for black market sales of everything from tires to chickens during the war bear that out. So, this particular book arose from the confluence of those bits of data. For information I use original sources, such as records about the ration program from the wartime Office of Price Administration and naval shipping loss records. I researched a lot of the source data for the sequel to Virginia's War by going through the document collection at the Imperial War Museum in London.

4. What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

I create maps of the scenes, then print them and use them for reference. Virginia's hometown is sitting in my manuscript, completely drawn out, as is the village and chateau in France where Will does his service.

5. What was one of the most surprising things you learned while creating your book?

Each character became a real person, to me and to the early readers.

6. What authors or friends influenced you to become a writer?

Evelyn Waugh, Donna Tartt, Anthony Powell, Harper Lee, and Larry McMurtry are the authors who inspire me. I would give anything to write just one sentence as effectively as Evelyn Waugh wrote “Good, that's prayer. What's next?”. As for family and friends, I was well-tolerated by my high school English teacher. My mother enrolled in university as a widow at age 54 and then wrote and produced a play at 60. My Aunt Helen was a well regarded poet in the Texas Panhandle. And the elephant in my room is, of course, the other Jack London, the one who wrote dog and Alaska stories, a distant relative.

7. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

Extremely supportive (see note above re Age of Patronage). I hope Mom, Aunt Helen, and Great Great Great Uncle Jack are beaming down.

8. What is coming up next for you writing-wise?

Finishing the sequel to Virginia's War. It is tentatively titled Will's Peace. Can you tell I like plays on words? I have completed the second draft of the manuscript and, once I get it to a point where it is a well-written companion to Virginia's War, I will begin my third novel, Children of A Good War. And, because I think I should, I am attempting a short story about a young man who mistakenly believes that his carelessness caused the death of a migrant farm worker.

Visit Jack London at

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Chats this week at RRT

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Spotlight Review: MARKED BY PASSION by Kate Perry

The Guardians of Destiny Series, Book 1
Grand Central's Forever
ISBN-10: 0-446-54100-1
February 2009
Paranormal Romance

San Francisco, California – Present Day

Gabrielle Sansouci Chin has escaped her prior life and is a bartender in San Francisco, immersed in painting in her spare time. She is just about to have a showing in an art gallery when her past returns full force to interrupt her previously placid life. A delivery person brings back the destiny she's tried for years to avoid, the sacred scroll of which she apparently is the new Guardian. The only reason the scroll is now in her hands means her father must be dead, and the mark on her hip names her as the chosen person to guard the scroll. The scroll is one of five showing the art of war that were written by monks centuries ago. The Chin family was entrusted with the Scroll of the Earth and comes complete with the ghost of her father, Wu. Along with the scroll comes tu ch'i, an inner power Gabe has heard about, but has trouble controlling. Before tu ch'i goes out of control and causes another earthquake and drops San Francisco into the ocean, Gabe must decide what to do with the scroll.

Right after receiving the scroll, a mysterious man with an English James Bond accent comes into the bar, and they seem to have an instant connection. He moves like a warrior, intent on conquering...something. Rhys Llewellyn is a wealthy businessman but also something else, the Guardian of another Scroll. His initial intent is to take the Scroll of the Earth for himself, but after meeting Gabe, all his plans change. Gabe desperately needs to learn how to control the tu ch'i before it tears her apart, but her fear over his real motives makes her fight Rhys at every turn. Gabe is excited when her brother Paul offers to take the scroll from her, but since she has the mark, how can she give up her destiny, as much as she wants to be rid of it?

Of course, men are following Gabe, and her fighting techniques are getting a serious reminder of how out of shape she is. Should Gabe give the scroll to her brother? Should she keep it hidden in the refrigerator? And will her lack of control of tu ch'i cause either California to be devastated by an earthquake or her inner self explode?

Written from Gabe's point of view, the story feels as though Gabe is viewing her life second hand. The legend of the scroll was central to the story, and there have probably been many lifetimes of stories about its Guardians. We are privileged to get a peek at what its power can do.

The people in Gabe's life are an odd assortment, to say the least. Jesse is her old boyfriend to whom she could never really reveal her inner person; she always held herself back from him for some reason. Her friend Carrie works at the bar with her, along with Vivian, who always rubs her the wrong way. Madame La Rochelle is her artistic mentor and is helping with her gallery showing. Paul is Gabe's brother whom she hasn't seen in fifteen years since the death of her mother. Wu is the ghost of her father, trying in vain for Gabe to take her Guardianship seriously and learn the details of protecting the scroll.

MARKED BY PASSION is the beginning of a new series and starts off laying the foundation featuring a culture and a group of special scrolls that will quickly grab your interest. An intriguing set of characters makes MARKED WITH PASSION a different and absorbing read this month. Watch for it at your nearest bookstore!

Carolyn Crisher

Monday, February 16, 2009


When I decided I wanted to write a book about a chef, I realized I had my work cut out for me. In order to write HOT FLASH and the character of Jill Morgan Storm, I had to do a tremendous amount of research and oodles of kitchen experiments. I read books on cooking, books on becoming a chef, books on what it's like to work in a restaurant kitchen. I talked with working chefs, friends who are cooks, and consulted online cooking websites. I even dragged cooks out of restaurant kitchens in order to ask their opinions!

There was a good reason for this.

It's because I'm personally somewhat renowned for my cooking disasters.

I grew up in a very large family -- a mother, father and five girls. So when I learned how to cook, it was cooking for a crew, rather than a few. I cooked things like spaghetti, pork chops, lasagna, and chicken fried steak. I cooked southern. I cooked using a pinch of this and a dash of that. My fist was a measuring devise.

After I got married and wanted to cook for two, I had many kitchen catastrophes. Like the time I wanted to make meatloaf.

Simple you think?

The recipe I had called for a mix of ground beef and ground pork. And my mother taught me that pork shouldn't be pink when it's cooked. So when I baked that meatloaf and checked it after the time required by the recipe, it still seemed fairly raw. So I cooked it some more. And some more. And some more. After three additional hours, I called in my husband to look at it to see if he thought it was cooked yet. He agreed that it remained pretty pink. So back it went into the oven. Eventually, we left that puppy in overnight and ate a can of Chili instead. The next morning, I realized I'd learned how to make really delicious bricks!

Another of my kitchen nightmares was fairly recent. I accidently overcooked the ham I was heating up for New Years and created a new delicacy: blackened ham. It's not a recipe I'd ever wish to share!

I can assure you, however, that the recipes prepared by Jill in HOT FLASH have been checked and rechecked by both myself and friends. They actually work and are good :D I created a Hot Flash Recipe blog where I've posted some of Jill's recipes and I'm hoping you'll share some of yours, as well.

I'd love to hear about other people's kitchen disasters, so please post a comment and tell me about your worst cooking experiments! -- KC
Kathy Carmichael writes fun, sexy romances and you can learn more about HOT FLASH by checking out her website here. Kathy is giving away copies of her book to two lucky winners -- so post away!

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Book Giveaway - Thief's Desire by Isabo Kelly!

THIEF'S DESIRE by Isabo Kelly from Cerridwen Press. You can read more about it by clicking here. Winner will be picked and announced Thursday! To enter, all you need to do is post away. One entry person.

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New Reviews Posted at Romance Reviews Today

Romance Reviews Today,

Issue 66, February 2009, Volume 1


January Contest Winners



Congratulations to the January winners!

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February Prize books


#2 – BLOOD MAGIC by Jennifer Lyon & THE CLUB by Sharon Page

Contest winners will be drawn on or about March 1.


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In this issue, we have 28 new reviews for your reading enjoyment!

Contemporary Fiction

A VERSION OF THE TRUTH – Jennifer Kaufman & Karen Mack – A Perfect 10 – Marilyn

HONOR THYSELF – Danielle Steel – Deborah

Contemporary Romance

A VERSION OF THE TRUTH – Jennifer Kaufman & Karen Mack – A Perfect 10 – Marilyn

DOGS AND GODDESSES – Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart, Lani Diane Rich – Kathy

HOT FLASH – Kathy Carmichael – Diana

INSTANT ATTRACTION – Jill Shalvis – Carolyn


Fantasy Romance

MAGIC’S DESIGN – Cat Adams – Jennell
MY MAN MICHAEL – Lori Foster –SBC Fighters, Book 4 – Jennifer

Historical Fiction


VIRGINIA’S WAR: TIERRA, TEXAS 1944 – Jack Woodville London – French Letters Trilogy, Book 1- Jani

WANTED IN ALASKA – Kate Bridge – Jani – HH #931

Historical Romance
HEART OF COURAGE – Kat Martin – Lisa

SECRET BRIDE – Sharol Louise – Kate

THE COURTSHIP DANCE – Candace Camp – Jane


WHEN A STRANGER LOVES ME – Julianne MacLean – Lisa

FED UP – Jessica Conant-Park, Susan Conant – Marilyn

Paranormal Romance

A PERFECT DARKNESS – Jaime Rush – Offspring, Book 1 – Lori

MARKED BY PASSION – Kate Perry – The Guardian’s of Destiny, Book 1 – Carolyn

THE VAMPIRE’S REVENGE – Raven Hart – The Savannah Vampire series, Book 5 – Jennell

Romantic Comedy

TANGLED UP IN LOVE – Heidi Betts – Patti

Romantic Mystery/Suspense

FRAGILE – Shiloh Walker – Jennifer

THE FIRST SIN – Cheyenne McCray A Lexi Steele Novel – Jennifer

WHEN DANGER CALLS – Terry Odell – Amy

Series Romance

Science Fiction
GREENSWORD - Donald J. Bingle – Lisa

WARNING SIGNS – C.J. Lyons – Marilyn – Medical Thriller

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......Poster #14, KH

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Spotlight Review: WITCH HEART by Anya Bast

Elemental Witches, Book 3
Berkley Sensation
ISBN-10: 0425225534
ISBN-13: 978-0425225530
January 2009
Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Chicago, Illinois and surrounding areas - the Present

After living the past twenty-three years as the only human on Eudae, an alternate dimension where only demons exist, Claire is violently thrust onto Earth. Ordinarily this wouldn't be so bad, because Claire has secretly yearned to travel to Earth, but in this instance, two Atrika demons have followed her through the portal with the intention of killing her. The demons want something that has been magically stored inside of Claire and are determined to extract it from her by any means necessary. The only person Claire knows on Earth is Thomas Monahan, the witch she helped escape from torture when he was held captive on Eudae (see WITCH BLOOD March 2008). Eventually, Claire meets up with Thomas and his Coven of Witches and is only certain of two things: one, that she is extremely attracted to the Fire Witch Adam, a coven member who rescues her, and two, that the weapon stored within her is the elium, which is similar to a nuclear bomb with the power to completely destroy Earth if used incorrectly. Racing against the threat of capture by the Atrika demons and trying to figure out how to extract the elium stored inside of Claire is the essence of WITCH HEART.

Get ready for the ride of your life, because from the word 'go' Bast slams on the gas pedal and never lets up! I believe this is Bast's best installment in the Elemental Witches series, because the focus of WITCH HEART is more on the romance blossoming between Claire and Adam, which is supported by their flight from the big bad Atrika, who are almost impossible to kill by the way.

Claire is unlike any Earth Witch the Coven has ever seen. While living on Eudae, Claire became a sort of guinea pig who, over time, has had her powers warped into sort of 'demon-ish' abilities, and she is a lethal phenomenon. Adam is one of the most sensual, sensitive, and caring heroes. His wife has been deceased for years, but he remains devoted to her memory. Yes, he has had many, many, many one-night stands and quickies, but his emotions were never involved. Now Claire enters the picture, and all of the feelings he previously reserved for his wife's honor are brought to the forefront. Poor Adam feels as if he is being unfaithful to his wife by feeling the way he does for Claire. His struggle with these issues will endear him to readers and make him even more powerful.

Readers will also welcome hearing updates of characters from previous books, such as Thomas Monahan and the other members of the Coven that we have grown to love. Ms. Bast has done a fine job of delivering an equal mixture of action and love that will quench even the most selective reader's thirsts. I highly recommend WITCH HEART to paranormal romance lovers everywhere. I guarantee you don't want to miss this newest installment in the Elemental Witches series.

Anthonette Dotson

Wednesday Night at Mo's Book Buzz chat...Kathy Carmichael


Wednesday February 11, 2009

9:00 pm - 10:00 pm est



Kathy Carmichael joins us to discuss her book, Hot Flash. Door prize: Two lucky winners will each receive an autographed copy of Hot Flash! Moderated by KatBos.

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Guest Blogger: Nancy Warren

Good morning. Thanks for having me here at RRT!

So, I’ve been re-reading my well-worn collection of Georgette Heyers. For anyone who doesn’t know Georgette Heyer, she was an Englishwoman who wrote from the 1920s until she died in 1971. She became famous for her regency romances. In fact, I believe she invented the regency romance. I first read her books as a teenager and I find they are still my favorite comfort reads. I learn something from this consummate romance author every time I dip into one of her books.

Why? I think she combines all that we love about romance. Her heroes are sublime. I’m currently reading Venetia, my personal favorite of her books. Venetia is a sleeping beauty character. A woman of 25 who’s never been farther than a few miles from her country home, never really lived. Who should she meet but the Lord Damerel, most shocking of rakes who shows up at his country home, something he’s rarely done. This is pretty stock stuff, but what elevates the book is that these admittedly stock characters are imbued with so much life. They are funny, outrageous, but also compelling. There is no sex in a Georgette Heyer, at least none that comes near the page. We must be content with a satisfying kiss at the end, but this novel is pulsing with sexuality from start to finish. You just know that when the passionate kiss closes the book, a very passionate marriage will ensue. Mmmmm.

I write a much more contemporary novel, of course, and there is definitely sex on my pages ;-) But I try to remember that the greatest sex organ is our brains and that is the attraction and sexual tension between two people who are crazy about each other and yet wary, perhaps of commitment, perhaps of getting hurt, who are afraid to take the plunge for any number of reasons. Under the Influence, my February Blaze concerns a workaholic management consultant on assignment in a seaside California surfing town who wanders into a restaurant/bar so wrapped up in work that she doesn’t’ even realize it’s Valentine’s Day. With the restaurant packed, she sits at the bar to have her dinner and meets her polar opposite. Sexy, laid-back bartender Johnny Santini. He’s a surfer by day, bartender by night and probably the sexiest guy she’s ever met. Her secret fantasy has always been the idea of sex with a stranger.

Maybe it’s time to try something absolutely crazy. After all, she’s only in town for a week. What could be the harm? It’s not like she’s going to fall in love with the guy.

Come visit my anytime at

Nancy's latest release is Under the Influence (Harlequin Blaze) and you can learn more about how to purchase it and her back list by visiting

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Book Giveaway: Seasons of Seduction

Seasons of Seduction, Vol 3 by these authors: Lacey Alexander, Cathryn Fox, Renee Luke, Charlene Teglia, N.J. Walters and Kate Willoughby

Post away and enter to win! The winner will be announced Thursday night

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We have a couple of announcements to make.

First off, thank you to Kate Pearce for joining us on Friday. As always, she's very entertaining!

Kate has chosen her book winner and it is......... Kaisquared!!!

Secondly, the winner of Hot Mail the other day has given back the book as she just got it herself. So, I picked another winner.

Congratulations to.... Jennie!!!

Please email me at with your mailing info by 2/20/09.

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Guest Blogger: Kate Pearce: Inside my writing mind

(Just in case you ever wondered what went on in there.)

One of the strangest things about making stuff up and putting it in a book is that for me, the characters become totally real people. I don’t plot my books or write anything down-unless I absolutely have to-I have a vague idea of the major turning points, the dark moments, the ending, but overall I just let it happen. So naturally, characters don’t do what I think they will, they say things I’m not expecting, and then the whole book goes veering off in a total unexpected direction.

From this shambolic wandering, a book emerges, but up until the last chapter I’m still reassessing, discarding and revising ideas, working out what the hell my characters are trying to say and still trying to be true to the spirit of the story I wanted to tell. It probably sounds horrific to any reader or anyone who writes and plots, but somehow it works for me. If I’ve done my job well in the other 22 chapters of the book, things just start to come together and make sense. It’s almost magical.

Of course this doesn’t make me popular with my editor or anyone who asks me in the early stages what the book is going to be about. I’ll confidently suggest it will be dark, or funny or complex and it will turn out to be none of those things or something totally wacky. So far no one has balked at the end product so I’m hoping my luck will continue when the book I’m working on now, “Simply Wicked” (Anthony Sokorvsky’s story) finally gets done this week.

I have to admit I felt a bit of pressure about Anthony’s book. Lot’s of readers have asked about him and when his book will be out, (Nov 09!) and I’m hoping it will please everyone, but already knowing it won’t. And there’s another thing I love about writing-the feedback. How one reader can absolutely adore a character and another reader hate them. LOL I’m always amazed at how a string of words on the page can illicit such interest and such passion from readers. I’m not complaining though, because as I said, these characters are real to me, and I love it when readers care and worry about them too.

For example, I get a lot of comments about the fact that the two men in the first two Simply books, (Valentin and Peter) didn’t sit down at the end of the second book and have a heart to heart about how they intended to continue their relationship. To me, because I know them so well, it seemed quite obvious that they’d work it out. LOL But readers want to know and of course, by the time I get that feedback I’ve already moved on and finished the next book which goes in a totally different direction and started writing the fourth.

Sometimes I get comments from readers and I’m thrilled because they absolutely get it. Other times I wonder if they actually read the same book. For example, I’ve had a book described as ‘the best erotic romances I’ve ever read’ right down to ‘this is porn and should be on the top shelf of a men’s only store’. Go figure.

I hope you’ll be pleased to hear that despite my lack of plotting, Kensington Aphrodisia are letting me write 2 more of the ‘Simply’ series and a new contemporary erotic romance taking the series into 2010.

In the meantime, watch out for “Riding the Line”, the third and last of the Turner brother cowboy books from Virgin ‘Cheek’, which came out this week. (There’s a contest running on my blog this week to win a complete set of these books.) And then in May, the third of the Simply’s comes out, Simply Shameless.

Personally, I’m just happy that I get to write and that some people enjoy what I put out there, or at least have a reaction to it. LOL

Kate Pearce x

We're certainly glad that Kate is writing, that is for sure!
Got any questions for her? Kate is giving away a copy of RIDING THE LINE to one lucky poster. Please post away and get entered!!!

Kate Pearce Book List

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HOT MAIL winner is....

Okay, this might get a tad confusion, so make sure it is you.....

The winner of HOT MAIL by Janice Maynard is poster # 21 -- Jodi !!!
There is another Jodi, who posted last, but that is notthe one.

The right Jodi...please email me at with your mailing info.


Spotlight Review: TEMPT THE DEVIL by Anna Campbell

TEMPT THE DEVIL – Anna Campbell
Avon Books
ISBN-10: 0061234931
ISBN-13: 978-0061234934
January 2009
Historical Romance

London, England - 1826

Olivia Raines is sexy, glamorous and one of the most sought after courtesans in London. Her sexual prowess is legendary, and men from all around fight for a chance to climb into her bed. When The Earl of Erith first sees Olivia, he vows to make her his mistress. He learns that in order to become her lover he must play by her rules, which include allowing her independence and abiding by her decision of when to end the affair. Which are fair trade-offs for Olivia's sexual skills and her commitment of fidelity during the relationship.

Olivia knows that her shell of indifference will be broken by Erith when she first agrees to become his mistress. She also knows that he will be her last lover. After him, her love games of domination and conquest will be over forever as he will be the ultimate challenge. Erith views Olivia as an obsession. He quickly sees through her fa├žade of sensuality and realizes the legendary courtesan actually fakes her sexual responses and has never had an honest intimate reaction to any of her previous lovers. Instead of turning him off, this realization makes him yearn to learn her secrets and be the first one to show her the joys of intimacy.

TEMPT THE DEVIL is about two independent and strong main characters. Olivia is determined to endure the affair with Erith and dominate him just as she did with all the others before him. But she doesn't know that Erith has decided to do whatever he can to keep her with him forever. Underneath it all, both Olivia and Erith are extremely vulnerable people who hide their hurts and torments because of the past.

Olivia is like an ice maiden carefully hidden by her outer appearance of sensuality. A traumatic childhood molds her into the woman she has become, and she vows to never be like the helpless little girl she once was. Instead, she made herself into the type of woman men would give all of their possessions to have. Similarly, Erith has a past wrought with pain. The death of his first wife haunts him and continues to motivate him. Now, he is trying to reconcile with the children he left behind years ago because he couldn't stand their resemblance to his wife. Understandably, he is having a difficult time convincing them that he really loves them and was wrong for abandoning them so long ago. His children, as well as the people in Olivia's life, are wonderful supporting characters who hold the story together.

TEMPT THE DEVIL is a tale about the joining of two people who still hold festering wounds from their pasts but find redemption in each other's arms. Erith and Olivia's story is a passionately sizzling romance that will have readers cheering for their happy ending.

Anthonette Dotson

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Heidi's Book Winners are.....

In case you missed this tidbit from yesterday:

And though I don’t have copies of TANGLED UP IN LOVE yet, I’d very much like to pick three winners from today’s questions/comments and let them each pick an autographed title from my backlist (
(This includes the HOTTER THAN HELL anthology, by the way, even though it’s a bit higher on the page.)

The winners are....





Winners, please contact Heidi at put RRT Blog winner in the subject line!

Wednesday Night Chat with Marly Mathews!!!

When? tomorrow night!

Time: 9:00PM Eastern time

Place: or go to and click on RRT Chat and enter Mo's room ;)

Marly Mathews joins us to discuss her latest book from New Concepts
Publishing, His Lady's Keeper. Door prize: TBA. Moderated by CrazyMo.

Hope to see you there!


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Guest Blogger: Heidi Betts

Give a big welcome to Heidi Betts! Today marks the release of TANGLED UP IN LOVE, so be sure to head out to your nearest bookstore and grab your copy.

Here's a little blurb to get you started:

Ever since Dylan Stone beat Veronica Chasen out of a prime position at the Cleveland Herald, they’ve been bitter rivals, engaging in a very public war of words in their competing newspaper columns. They routinely challenge each other to go bungee jumping, white water rafting, or into tattoo parlors to see who will wimp out first. But Veronica’s latest taunt may be Dylan’s toughest assignment yet: She dares him to learn to knit.

Dylan is not going to let something his grandmother can do scare him off. He’s man enough to make a scarf—and attend Veronica’s weekly knitting circle. But when the infuriatingly handsome Dylan shows up at the craft shop and charms all the ladies, Veronica begins to get all knotted up in something that feels a lot like love… But will the two ever stop needling each other?

Heidi Betts has graciously agreed to blog for us and without further ado, here's Heidi!!!

Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for having me at Romance Reviews Today. I’m thrilled to be here to chat about TANGLED UP IN LOVE, which is releasing TODAY!!!!

If you’re wondering what that high-pitched sound is that you hear in the background…why, that would be me, shrieking with glee. It seems like forever that I’ve been waiting for the first book in my “Chicks with Sticks” trilogy to arrive, and now finally it’s here. I can’t wait to see it on the shelves, and hope you’ll all look for it, as well.

I have so much I want to share about Dylan and Ronnie’s story that I’m not sure where to begin. (It’s also a little hard to type when you’re literally vibrating with excitement, but I’ll give it my best shot. *vbg*)

Let me start by saying that this story is super-sexy, super-funny, and definitely like nothing you’ve ever read before where knitting is concerned. As my editor and I are fond of saying, “This is not your grandmother’s knitting romance”—although I would certainly love to hear that grandmothers are, indeed, reading and loving TANGLED UP IN LOVE. :D

What else? Well, you can read an excerpt at my website (, and an even more exclusive, extra-special excerpt if you check out yesterday’s post at my WIPs and Chains blog ( You can also visit my brand new knitting and romance blog, Must Love Yarn ( Admittedly, it’s been a bit TANGLED-intensive this past month, but my goal for Must Love Yarn is to have “guest knitters,” post patterns, and even share readers’ pictures of their knit and crochet projects so it can be very fun and interactive.

So let’s get down to business, shall we? Patti gave me several options for today’s blog, and after much consideration, I thought it might be interesting to collect some questions from readers (Patti included) and share my answers to them with you. A look into the writer’s mind, if you will. And only a small part of me wants to warn you to Be afraid, be very afraid. :P


Do you keep a notebook by your bed or in your purse in case an idea comes to mind? It’s more of a mini tablet than notebook, but definitely. I never know when I’m going to see or hear something that will give me an idea. And late at night, when I’m just starting to drift off seems to be when I have my best revelations. Not even new ideas, usually, but solutions to problems I might be having with a story, details I maybe forgot to include in a scene, or some brilliant new element I just have to put into the book I’m working on.

While you’re writing, is there a lucky charm, a favorite snack or drink that you keep close at hand? I don’t have a lucky writing charm and I try to stay away from the snacks while writing, but I do guzzle iced tea like it’s…well, I was going to say water, but since tea is mostly water… Still, I go through the stuff like you wouldn’t believe. We’re talking probably two gallons a day, and that’s on top of other normal liquids like milk, juice, and water. And before you ask---yes, I do go to the bathroom six zillion times a day. Running up and down the stairs is part of my daily exercise routine.

What book have you read that you wish you would have written? Ha! Just one? I seem to wish on a regular basis that I would have written just about anything by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Susan Andersen, Rachel Gibson… (Have I mentioned that I want to be them when I grow up?) The Harry Potter books, of course. (I mean, duh.) And though I haven’t read them, something tells me I wouldn’t mind having written the Twilight books.

Have you been hit with writer’s block? How do you deal with it? My first impulse is to say that I don’t believe in writer’s block the way most people think of it. To me, writer’s block usually means that I’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere; that I need to go back and rethink the last chunk of what I’ve written or that I’m headed in a direction that isn’t moving the story along the way it should. But then I have to stop and admit that yes, of course I’ve been hit with writer’s block. Granted, it’s usually because of one of the above reasons, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still stopped in my tracks and left to bang my head against the wall at times.

My solution for getting unstuck varies. Sometimes you really do have to just wait it out. I’ve learned that part of my process sometimes includes being stuck, not being able to write for a day or two, then suddenly having a breakthrough---the crumbling of those mental blocks, if you will---and being gifted with a light bulb moment that fixes everything. (This often happens late at night, in bed, and puts that notepad on my nightstand to good use.)

The other way I work through writer’s block is to go back over the last few pages, scene, or chapter I’ve written and try to figure out where I went off track. Did I veer off into a bit of dialogue that’s put me in a corner? Did I forget the main goal of the scene? Has the action slowed, or am I taking too long to get to the next plot point? Once I know where I went wrong and how to repair it, things usually start to flow again.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? Pretty early. Sixth grade, at least. We had Creative Writing day every Friday and I loved it. My teacher told my parents that I had “quite an imagination.” (Which I think now may have been code for, “have her evaluated by a mental health professional,” but hey!)

After so many books over the years, how does writing still challenge you? Are you kidding? Writing challenges me every single day. I am the Sisyphus of romance writing. Some mornings, just getting out of bed is a challenge. Dragging myself away from e-mail and blogs and the internet is a challenge. Sitting down and picking up where I left off the day before is a challenge. And working to meet my deadlines is always a challenge. I’m not exactly the most structured of writers. :P

Okay, now I’m just starting to sound pathetic. Let me try again… On a creative level, every book is a challenge because every book is new and something I’ve never done before. Each story has elements to it that I’ve never written about before. For the “Chicks with Sticks” trilogy, I had to research alpacas and ice hockey.

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk? I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my writing. I know I would be much more prolific if I just banged the words out and didn’t think about them ad nauseum. But I’m slow because I agonize over every word choice, every bit of phrasing. I like cadence. I like alliteration. I struggle over whether a sentence reads better with ellipses or dashes. I apparently suffer from literary OCD, though it never occurred to me until this very moment.


What advice would you give to your younger self? I think that would have to be, “Be nicer to your little brother, because someday he’s going to major in computer science and be the only one able to update your system, remove viruses, and fix your PC without charging you through the eyeballs.” Sigh.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure? You’re going to make me admit this, aren’t you? Okay, The People’s Court, Judge Judy, and peanut butter. Sometimes, I eat peanut butter with a spoon while watching The People’s Court and Judge Judy. There, now you know my secret shame. Are you happy with yourselves? Are you happy?!? (I need to call my therapist.)

What is your earliest childhood memory? I honestly do not have many early childhood memories. Very strange, I admit. But I think I remember playing with a margarine container, playing that Parkay commercial. You know, burping the lid and saying, “Butter. Butter. Parkay!” Or so my mother tells me. LOL

You are blessed to be writing full time, and your parents seem to have always supported you (even though they did suggest a backup plan *g*), but if you couldn't do this what other career choice do you think you would have made? Boy, that’s tough because I’m qualified for zip. Even “Would you like fries with that?” would take intensive training. :-p However, I did seriously consider becoming a veterinarian. I love, love, love animals and would do anything to help them. That was actually the plan for a while, until we took my dog to the vet and he started stirring a stool sample to check for worms. Um, yeah. “Stir poop on a daily basis” as part of the job description really turned me off. Then there’s the fact that if I had to deal with seriously sick or injured animals or put them to sleep, I would pretty much end up sobbing on the floor in a fetal position. Not exactly what you want in the doctor who’s supposed to be taking care of your pets. :P So now I specialize in keeping my own local vet in business instead. *vbg*

What three items you would want with you if you got stranded on a desert island? Please, God, never let me be stranded on a desert island. A regular island, with hotels and restaurants and all the amenities would be fine. Although, I guess we couldn’t call it “stranded,” then, could we? Okay, well, let’s just say toilet paper is a given. And I think I’d really want toothpaste. And some kind of fresh water and food supply. And bug spray. And matches for a fire or blankets if it was cold. I know, I know, that’s more than three, but can we just say I would make a terrible Survivor and leave it at that? *shudders*


Tell us about your newest release. Oooh, goody, I get to talk about the book. I am so excited about TANGLED UP IN LOVE. It feels like forever that I’ve been waiting for it to come out, and now here it is---today! TANGLED is a hot, sexy knitting romance. Now, I know you wouldn’t normally think, “Knitting? Oh, yeah, that’s hot, baby!” But in TANGLED, I make it hot, I promise! How hot? Well, do the words naked knitting pique your interest at all? *vbg*

Dylan Stone and Ronnie Chasen are bitter journalistic rivals who, over the past year or so, have been doling out anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better challenges to each other through their respective newspaper columns. They’ve forced each other to go bungee jumping, get tattoos, have vital body areas waxed… But Ronnie really thinks she’s got him this time; she’s ready to offer a dare she knows he’ll never win---she’s going to challenge him to knit.

Oh, if only it were that simple. Though Dylan is a little taken aback at first, he soon rises to the challenge and decides to go one better…he dares Ronnie to teach him to knit. And there’s more than just pride at stake---there’s also a beloved Harrison Award. Not to mention the possibility of public humiliation when one of them will be forced to write an article conceding defeat the following month.

When you started writing TANGLED UP IN LOVE, did it flow easily, or did you experience that dreaded writer's block? Oh, TANGLED definitely flowed the best of any book I’ve ever written. I think because I really loved, loved, loved the characters and story. Humorous contemporary is something that I’ve always wanted to write. Not only was I given the chance to do that which this book, but my editor gave me the complete freedom to go as funny and sexy as I wanted. Pull out all the stop, let ‘er rip, she said. And I did! This is not to say that I didn’t still get slowed down from time to time, but those pauses were more due to life intrusions than any form of writer’s block. Every word was a total joy to write.

If TANGLED UP IN LOVE were to be made into a movie, what would you want the theme song to be? Wow, that’s a toughie. Now, if you’d asked me to suggest songs for Book #3 in this trilogy, that would be no problem. *g* But this one…I don’t think there were any songs that inspired me while I wrote TANGLED. Still, a quick shuffle through my iTunes library did yield a few decent results. One that I think would suit is Aerosmith’s “Jaded”---because Ronnie really is in the beginning. ABBA’s “Winner Takes All” would be good, too, because of the rivalry between these two. K.T. Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See” maybe because…well, you’ll have to read the book to see for yourself. Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” just ‘cause I like it. And…oh, here’s a good one that I think is quite suitable: “Fire” by Ohio Players. You know what I’m talking about, right? The super-sexy song you hear at the opening to every episode of Hell’s Kitchen and during the stripper scene in Walking Tall. I mean, come on---yum.

I know you are extremely excited about all three books in the “Chicks With Sticks” trilogy, but is there one character that you are just extremely excited about? One that is saying to you "you know I'm your favorite"? You know, there really isn’t. And I’m not just saying that, I swear. I honestly love all of the characters in this series and have been delighted to finally be able to tell their story with each book. There’s also a match making aunt and an adorable Saint Bernard running around that I absolutely adore. The two of them crack me up!

What is your favorite scene in TANGLED UP IN LOVE? Gosh, that’s a tough one, too, because there’s so much I love about this story. Well, I do dearly love the naked knitting scene. That one’s such fun! The first love scene was pretty darn hot, in my humble opinion. I love the opening, too. Ronnie is so darn annoyed with Dylan and they have this little war or words in the middle of their favorite hang-out, The Penalty Box. But underneath it all, you can tell these two are hot for each other. *g* And the end…I just love the end of a good romance when it gives you a little “sigh” moment, and that’s happened for me at the end of both of the “Chicks with Sticks” books so far. (I’m pretty sure it will happen at the end of the third, too, but we’ll see. ;))

What is coming up next for you, writing-wise? I’m still working on the final book in the “Chicks with Sticks” trilogy, currently titled KNOCK ME FOR A LOOP. It’s a busy one, because the situation taking place in this story has been building throughout the previous two books. There are also a lot of threads to keep track of, weave through, and tie up, so it’s keeping me on my toes. But I’ve been looking forward to writing about this hero and heroine for almost two years now, so I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

And what about new release-wise? Well, I don’t think it’s any secret by now that TANGLED UP IN LOVE IS ON THE SHELVES TODAY!!!! TODAY, PEOPLE!!!! Please do not make me scream any louder than that; I don’t have any Chloroseptic in the house! Yes, my sexy, funny contemporary debut, the first book in my “Chick with Sticks” knitting romance trilogy is in stores TODAY, Tuesday, February 3rd. If you love me---and I know…well, okay, hope---you do, please, please run out and buy a copy. I want so much for you to enjoy this story and for the book to be successful enough to show my publisher (and the world) that humorous contemporary romance can succeed and that I really am meant to write funny, sexy books. I know that’s a lot of responsibility for me to put on your shoulders, but I believe in you. :D

Okay, deep breath.

After TANGLED UP IN LOVE, I’ll have a very sexy novella in the REAL MEN LAST ALL NIGHT anthology coming from St. Martin’s Press in July, with Lori Foster, Lora Leigh, and Cheyenne McCray. (Oh, yeah, very excited about this one, too, but I thought I’d hold off on the screaming until June or so. *g*)
In August, the second “Chicks with Sticks” book, LOVES ME LOVES ME KNOT, will be out, followed by KNOCK ME FOR A LOOP in February 2010.

After that…well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. :)

All right, now it’s your turn. (If you weren’t frightened off, that is. ;)) What would you like to know about TANGLED UP IN LOVE, the “Chicks with Sticks” trilogy, my writing habits, or just my life in general? Ask away, and I’ll do my best to give you answers…as long as they don’t have to vetted by the CIA first. *vbg*

And though I don’t have copies of TANGLED UP IN LOVE yet, I’d very much like to pick three winners from today’s questions/comments and let them each pick an autographed title from my backlist ( (This includes the HOTTER THAN HELL anthology, by the way, even though it’s a bit higher on the page.)

Thank you again for letting me spend my big, exciting RELEASE DAY with you! I hope you’ll all run out and pick up a copy of TANGLED UP IN LOVE this week now that it’s here, it’s here, it’s really here!!! (Can you tell I’m excited? Nah, didn’t think so. *g*) Then, after you’ve had a chance to read it, be sure to drop me a line and let me know what you think of this funny, sexy yarn.

Love and stitches!
Heidi Betts

Book Giveaway...HOT MAIL by Janice Maynard

HOT MAIL by Janice Maynard
January 2009 release


Jane has wanted Ethan for years but has never found a way to tell him. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, she decides to seduce him by sending anonymous erotic valentines every Friday until the big day. Then she’ll finally reveal her true feelings— and wildest desires.

But when her stationery store is vandalized, it’s Ethan who comes to her rescue—and the sparks start flying way ahead of schedule. Now Jane and her erotic alter ego are competing for Ethan’s affections— and the results couldn’t be hotter.

Question for readers: Valentine's Day is approaching. A time for love and secret valentines. Have you ever sent someone a secret valentine?

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Book Winner!

The winner of Object of his Affection is.... tetewa!!! Congratulations and please email me at with your mailing address by Feb 15th!
Check back Monday for another book giveaway!! And watch for guest bloggers Heidi Betts and Kate Pearce this week.

Don't forget to vote!

Romantic Times American Title is still going on and today is the last day to vote on this round.

Remember Marie-Claude Bourque, who visited us here a couple of months ago? She's still in the running.

Check out her interview that I posted back then: