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Winner of the Gerry Bartlett book is....

....Congrats to Lindy, who wins REAL VAMPIRES DON'T DIET

Email me at with your info and I'll get the book out to you as soon as I can.

Book Giveaway

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Only weeks before the world turns its eyes on the River City of Louisville in anticipation of the Kentucky Derby, a succession of grisly murders marks the beginning of a serial killer's rampage. As a terrorized city holds its breath, Detective Ross Burke must find a way to get into the mind of a homicidal maniac whose cryptic messages lead him through a maze of twisted psychological games, where even those close to him become suspect.
When the killer's advances stray chillingly close to home, Ross must decide just how far he'll go to protect the Object Of His Affection. away and I'll pick a winner on Sunday night!!!

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Spotlight Review: SMART GIRLS THINK TWICY by Cathie Linz

Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-22648-3
January 2009
Contemporary Romance

Rock Creek, Pennsylvania – Present Day

Emma Riley returns to her hometown as quietly as she has lived her life since leaving Rock Creek. Emma is a sociologist doing a research project on the revitalization of Rock Creek, what social influences and changes have boosted the town’s star from fading to a center for the arts. One of her most important interviews will be Jake Slayter, once famous as an extreme sports competitor, who doesn’t want to cooperate, telling her his reasons for being there are none of her business. Emma is not the kind to give up easily; she comes from a background of being the peacemaker in a contentious family. Her family is in the middle of planning two weddings at once --- both her talented sisters are getting married. If the stress from being in the middle of her sisters' battles doesn’t kill her, getting Jake to talk should be no problem. Well, not exactly. Jake is the kind of man who makes a woman think about orgasms, even when she knows she is not his kind of girl.

Jake is surprised by his attraction to the intellectual, demure, buttoned up Emma. She is just not his kind of woman --- besides that, she is nosy and wants to know why Jake is here, something he is not about to share with anyone. The more he refuses her, the more persistent she gets, and then she surprises him by defending herself against a nasty character who harasses her in a bar in which Jack is working. That snags his attention and has him realizing there may be more to Emma than meets the eye. He finagles his way into escorting her to her sisters’ weddings and things begin to take off from there.

SMART GIRLS THINK TWICE uses the standard opposites attract plotline to explore the unexpected changes that Emma and Jake face as they return home to Rock Creek. Emma always feels like an outsider in her family, always walking away from the critical remarks her mother and sisters make about her appearance, career choices, etc. I liked Emma because she was smart and had a good sense of her worth. Jake doesn’t mind mixing it up at all; he creates chaos, and his fame gives him a tough guy exterior. He is looking for the family he never knew and a way to deal with the survivor guilt he still suffers from after the climbing accident that took the life of his best friend. Jake needs someone who wants the whole package, not just the famous sexy parts. Ms. Linz wrote about Emma’s older sister, Leena, in BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY, and has written other stories based in Rock Creek. SMART GIRLS THINK TWICE is a worthy addition.

Lisa Baca

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Chat Wednesday night!

Don't forget that Crazy Mo is hosting Jan Coffey in the Romance Reviews Today chat room Wednesday, January 28th at 9:00pm eastern time.

Writing duo Jim and Nikoo McGoldrick aka Jan Coffey join Mo to discuss their book, The Puppet Master. Door Prize: One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of The Puppet Master

Click this link to go directly to the chat room:

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We hope to see you there!

A Perfect 10: RANSOM MY HEART by Meg Cabot

A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-06-170007-1
January 2009
Historical Romance

Shropshire, England – 1291

Finnula Crais is in a bit of a quandary. Her older sister Mellana is pregnant by her lover, Jack Mallory, a troubadour without a penny to his name. Finnula decides to help her sister by kidnapping a rich man and using his ransom to pay her dowry. Finnula thinks men are useless creatures and has no need to marry after her first unwanted marriage ended when her senile old husband died the night they became man and wife. She'd rather wear her leather braises than dresses and go hunting in the woods to capture game for the poor villagers who hardly have enough to eat. If Finnula doesn't find a man to ransom, her older brother Robert will hurt Jack so badly that he won't be able to walk.

Hugo Fitzstephen has finally returned home after ten years away in Jerusalem fighting in the crusades. He and his squire, Peter, are on their way to his home where he'll take over the earldom since his father, the Earl of Stephensgate, died while Hugo was away. He longs for relaxation, and perhaps some female companionship. And he may get his wish when he spies a beautiful young woman bathing naked in a spring. When she disappears into a waterfall, Hugo loses sight of her. The next thing he knows is that the young woman is holding a knife to his throat and making him her prisoner. Hugo can overpower and escape from the beauty, but he goes along with her game since he is having fun.

Finnula has found a rich man to save her sister and her family's name! But she quickly realizes her error because the man she captures is just a poor knight home from the crusades. Hugo is not sure what to make of the sweet Finnula and cannot believe she is allowed to come and go as she pleases, all alone and wearing braises instead of dresses. He will stay her hostage just so he can protect her and make sure she returns home all in one piece. Hugo tells Finnula some fibs so she doesn't catch on that he is an earl. He wants to know more about Finnula without her acting differently if she knew he was a man of great wealth and power. But Finnula has some secrets of her own, such as her first husband, who happened to be Hugo's father!

Eventually, Finnula will figure out who Hugo is. But until that happens, Hugo will show Finnula that love and marriage is not such a bad thing, especially with someone like him. Finnula may think she will get her ransom in coins, but Hugo will be ransomed with more than his own life...with his heart, which he places in Finnula's hands. He just hopes that she will want that and a lifetime as his wife.

I had never read a Meg Cabot book before, but had heard many wonderful things about her writing, and they are all true. RANSOM MY HEART was such an enjoyable read that it had me laughing till the very last page. The dialogue was witty, and the situations were laugh-out-loud hilarious. And Meg can sure write some steamy love scenes! Don't be surprised if you find Hugo and Finnula to be your favorite couple of the year. Their passion for each other knows no bounds, as well as their mutual love and respect for one another. These two really bring out the best in one another, and it was so adorable to see the very independent Finnula fall in love. At times, she may seem too innocent, but that is what makes her such an appealing character. She is both strong in body and sweet in her heart, and because of her nature, Hugo finds her to be the perfect woman for him.

Hugo is just as amazingly written as Finnula. At first glance, Hugo may seem to be a womanizer, but that is quickly pushed to the side because he only has eyes for Finnula. He is one of the most well-rounded heroes I have read about in a very long time. I also thought it was very telling about what type of person he is by how accepting he is of Finnula and her strange family. Each one of Finnula's sisters has a very distinct personality, and her brother Robert, who is the patriarch of the family, is just as loving and kind as the rest of his siblings.

There are many other characters who bring a great deal to RANSOM MY HEART. Hugo's cousin, the oily Reginald Laroche, and his voluptuous daughter Isabella may know more about his father's death then they are telling. And Hugo and Finnula have great support in Robert, the Sheriff of Shropshire. And we cannot forget the lovely, but simpleminded Mellana who is the one responsible for Hugo and Finnula finding happiness with one another.

RANSOM MY HEART has everything I am looking for in a great book. There is a romance that will tug at your heart, fun characters, and a mystery to be solved. When you have all of these things in one book, it deserves RRT's Perfect 10 award.

Kate Garrabrant

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Book Giveaway: REAL VAMPIRES DON'T DIET by Gerry Bartlett

Here's a chance to win a copy of REAL VAMPIRES DON'T DIET by Gerry Bartlett! Read the blurb by clicking here.

What do you need to do to enter?

Speaking of diets...did any of you make some New Year's resolutions? Are you sticking to them?

Post away and I'll announce the winner Thursday night!

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New Reviews Posted

Romance Reviews Today,

Issue 65, January 2009, Volume 2


January Prize Books

#1 LONE STAR WOMAN – Sadie Callahan & WARRIOR OF THE HIGHLANDS – Veronica Wolfe

#2 – SMART GIRLS THINK TWICE – Cathie Linz & SEDUCED AT MIDNIGHT – Jacquie D’Alessandro

Click on the Contest Page for information on entering the contest.

Winners of the January drawing will be announced in the first Issue in February.


Visit our new release page and start your shopping list today!


Visit the RRTBlog to see what Patti is up to – and what books she is giving away. If you are not on the RRTChatters loop, you are missing some great conversations – and prizes.


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In this issue, we have 35 new reviews for your reading enjoyment!

Contemporary Fiction

IN TOO DEEP – Jennifer Banash – An Elite Novel – Jennifer – Young Adult

ONE SEPTEMBER MORNING – Rosalind Noonan – Deborah

PROMISES OF CHANGE – Joan Medlicott – The Ladies of Covington, Book 9 – Diana

Contemporary Romance
LIGHT OF THE MOON – Luanne Rice – Robin

LONE STAR WOMAN – Sadie Callahan – Marilyn

PASSION FLOWERS – Molly Charles – Deborah


STAR BRIGHT – Catherine Anderson – The Harrigan Family Quintet, Book 3 – Jane

THE SPY WHO WANTS ME – Lucy Monroe – The Goddard Project, Book 3 – Patti

WHERE THERE’S A WILL – Katriena Knights – Courtney

Fantasy Romance

ABOUT A DRAGON – G.A. Aiken – Dragon Kin, Book 2 – Lori

PRINCESS OF THE SWORD – Lynn Kurland – A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms – Jani

Historical Romance
A VIEW TO A KISS – Caroline Linden – Jani


RANSOM MY HEART – Meg Cabot – A Perfect 10 – Kate

TEMPT THE DEVIL – Anna Campbell – Anthonette

THE HIGHLAND GROOM – Sarah Gabriel – Robin

THE TREASURE – Iris Johansen - Lisa

Paranormal Romance

FOR HER EYES ONLY – Cait London – Psychic Triplets, Book 3 – Sinclair

MY FAVORITE PHANTOM – Karen Kelley – Jennell

NIGHT HUNTRESS – Yasmine Galenorn – Sisters of the Moon, Book 5 – Lori

WITCH HEART – Anya Bast – Elemental Witches, Book 3 – Anthonette

Romantic Mystery/Suspense

FIND ME – Debra Webb – Deborah

MAYHEM IN HIGH HEELS – Gemma Halliday – The High Heels Mystery series, Book 5 – Diana

Series Romance
A FEW GOOD MEN – Tori Carrington – Uniformly Hot, Book 1 – Patti – HB #445

AN OFFICER AND A MILLIONAIRE – Maureen Child – Man of the Month series, Book 1 of 12 – Carolyn – SD #1915

BLACKMAILED INTO A FAKE ENGAGEMENT – Leanne Banks – The Hudsons of Beverly Hills, Book 1 – Patti – SD #1916

MAN FROM STALLION COUNTRY – Annette Broadrick – The Crenshaws of Texas – Jennifer – SD #1918

THE DUKE’S BOARDROOM AFFAIR – Michelle Celmer – Royal Seductions, Book 4 – Patti – SD #1919

THE EXECUTIVE’S VALENTINE SEDUCTION – Merline Lovelace – Holidays Abroad, Book 3 – Patti – SD #1917

THE TYCOON’S PREGNANT MISTRESS – Maya Banks – The Aneakis Tycoons, Book 1 – Patti – SD #1920

JUDAS KISS – J.T. Ellison – Diana – Suspense Thriller
SIX SECONDS – Rick Mofina – Deborah – Suspense
THE SEDUCTION OF THE CRIMSON ROSE – Lauren Willig – Pink Carnation series, Book 4 – Jani – Mystery - Historical

Time Travel Romance
WARRIOR OF THE HIGHLANDS – Veronica Wolff – Highlands, Book 3 – Kate

Friday, January 23, 2009

Guest Blogger: Tracy Wolff

Two weekends ago, when I was doing my first booksigning for my brand new erotic suspense, Full Exposure, a very nice man came up to me and asked me if he could bring his sixth grade daughter over to meet me.. She loves to read and write, he told me, and it would mean a lot to her if she could meet a real, live author. Of course, I said yes, and the girl and I had a lovely talk about the books she’s been reading and the ones she’s hoping to read in the future. About that time, her father reached for one of my books and asked if he could buy it for his daughter. Too which I responded, “Absolutely not! But it would make a lovely gift for her mother.” I did mention that Full Exposure is an erotic suspense, didn’t I? Somehow I didn’t think that very nice gentleman would appreciate what the book would teach his daughter . . .

The young girl went away with a handful of chocolate and an autographed bookmark instead of my book—along with an armful of books I’d recommended from the YA section of Barnes and Noble, and I think it was a good compromise. Even so, I couldn’t help thinking about when my mom gave me my first romance novel to read.

I grew up reading the stories of Judy Blume and L.M. Montgomery—the writer of the fabulous Anne of Green Gables series). I also loved, of course, the mysteries of Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden, the Sweet Valley High series, the YA historicals that were titled simply with the main characters’ names, and the novels of Cynthia Voigt.

I loved reading so much that by the time I was in fifth grade, I’d read everything in the YA and classic sections of my local library. After a disappointing trip to the bookstore—one that had me in tears because I couldn’t find ONE book that I hadn’t read—my mother handed me one of her romance novels and said, “Here. Try this.”

I looked at this book with it’s lurid cover (this was in the heyday of 1980s historicals) and thought, why not? And from the first page of that first book—Jude Deveraux’s The Velvet Promise (yes, I still remember it) I was hooked.

So hooked that I read it in one day and then devoured the next three books in the series in the same week. So hooked that I read and re-read it until both covers had ripped off and pages were falling out. So hooked that I raided my mom’s bookshelves every single night until I had read every romance she had in the house (we’re talking hundreds here). And the best part—every month, more Harlequins came out. More historicals hit the shelves. It was like a well that never ran dry and I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Now, twenty-three years later, I came face to face with a young girl with the same love of reading and writing and happy endings that I have, and can’t help hoping that one day, someone will hand her a romance novel and that she’ll take it. And read it. And love it as much as I loved my first romance. That book won’t be Full Exposure (unless, of course, she wants to give her dear, sweet dad a heart attack) but I hope, whatever it turns out to be, that it makes her feel the same way that that Jude Deveraux novel made me feel.

So, tell me—if you can remember—what was the romance novel that hooked you on the genre? And if you can’t remember, I’ll settle for one that you’ve read and loved (as I’m always on the lookout for another great book.) Post a comment and be entered to win a copy of my November Superromance, A Christmas Wedding.

Tracy Wolff is the author of A Christmas Wedding and Full Exposure, available from your favorite bookstore. To learn more about Tracy, visit her website at

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A Perfect 10: VEIL OF MIDNIGHT by Lara Adrian

A Perfect 10
Midnight Breed Series, Book 5
ISBN: 978-0-440-24449-3
January 2009
Paranormal Romance

Montreal, Canada - Present Day

Descended from an ancient, alien vampire line and dedicated to protecting both Breed vampires and humans, a group of warriors known as the Order are fighting an evil plan to upset the established social order. Using a powerful weapon, long thought extinguished, Rogue vampire Dragos is assassinating Gen One vampires at an alarming rate. The Gen Ones were responsible for killing off the original aliens who were a scourge on the human community, at times destroying entire towns and villages, and resulted in the Gen Ones creating rules and laws which protected both species.

Warrior Nikolai has been sent to Montreal by the Order to get Gen One Sergei Yakut to agree to be protected by the Order. But Yakut is confident that he doesn’t need help, having already survived one assassination attempt with the help of a couple of unique weapons. One is a young child, Mira, whose eyes hold the secrets of the future for anyone who gazes into them. The other is captive Breedmate Renata, whose gift is the ability to completely incapacitate a vampire with her mind.

The first meeting of Nikolai and Renata finds the warrior at the mercy of the female bodyguard. It is a contentious start to a relationship between two strong and loyal people that goes from bad to worse before they find a way to trust each other. Adrenaline junkie Nikolai lives for battle and prefers his isolation. Ice cold and fiercely independent from a young age, Renata trusts no one. She was brought into Yakut’s company to be hunted as prey with a group of other people. When her gift became active as Renata fought to survive, Yakut spared her to become a weapon for his protection. She has since assumed the role of caregiver to little Mira and can see no way the two of them will ever be free from Yakut. However, when Yakut’s compound is upended and Mira goes missing, the only hope Renata has of finding her is to ask Nikolai for help. Can she trust the warrior enough to ensure Mira’s safety? And can she trust herself to successfully fight the desperate attraction she feels for Nikolai?

Nikolai is equally fascinated with Renata, and he has seen into Mira’s eyes. Their futures are entwined, but first they must survive nearly impossible odds as an army begins to emerge from hiding. Nikolai is on his own for the most part, as the rest of the Order are in Boston and unaware of the danger he is facing. The threats include Alexei Yakut, Sergei’s son; the powerful Rogue, Dragos; and Edgar Fabien, head of the Montreal Darkhaven. VEIL OF MIDNIGHT reveals the scope of evil that is waiting to take on the Order, and it is far more immense that they could have imagined.

This story is chock full of intense action, riveting suspense, interesting and unique characters, and clever plotting. Superior writing and storytelling earn this book the RRT Perfect Ten rating and is guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats to find out what comes next. Each tale in the Midnight Breed series is outstanding, and this one is no exception. If readers aren’t familiar with the series, it is recommended that you read them in order to experience the culmination of events that lead to this tale, though each book stands well on its own. I can’t wait for the next story and very highly recommend VEIL OF MIDNIGHT to fans and newbies alike.


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Lora Leigh book winner is.......

Congrats to Margie!!!!! She wins ONLY PLEASURE by Lora Leigh! Please contact me by Jan 31st at with your snail mail address!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chat Wednesday night!

Join Mo Wednesday night for an awesome chat with three great ladies!

Vicki Lewis Thompson, Anna DeStefano, and Jade Lee join us to discuss
their anthology, Winter Heat. Door prize: Two lucky winners will each
receive a copy of Winter Heat!

Time: 9:00PM Eastern Time

Place: Click on RRT Chat and then enter Mo's room ;)

Hope to see you there!


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New RRTErotic Reviews are up!

RRTErotic - Issue 27, Volume 1 – January 2008

In this issue, we have 24 new reviews and 3 new nibbles for your enjoyment. (Quick List of new reviews)

The February Contest is posted! Up for grabs is NIGHT OF THE HAWK by Vonna Harper
We will also be drawing one name for the Samhain Publishing Contest.Just click on the CONTEST page for information on entering the random drawing!

Single Titles (101 plus pages)

Anthology ReviewsCARNAL DESIRES – Crystal Jordan - Lori – Anthology Futuristic Romance
DRIVE ME WILD – P.J. Mellor – La Grand Mort – Holly – Anthology – Contemporary Romance
FIRESTORM – Changelings – Lori – Anthology – Paranormal Romance
FREE PASS – Elizabeth Scott – Holly – Erotica Contemporary Anthology
SECRETS, Volume 25 – Cynthia Eden, Anne Rainey, Sedonia Guillone, Natasha Moore – Sinclair – Anthology – Mixed Genre
SEXY BEAST – Kate Douglas, Vonna Harper, Crystal Jordan – Sinclair – Anthology – Paranormal Romance

Contemporary ReviewsANYONE BUT YOU – Amarinda Jones – CeCe – Contemporary Romance
STRIP – Delta Dupree – Allegra – Contemporary Romance
Historical ReviewsTHE EDGE OR IMPROPIERTY – Pam Rosenthal – Ariel – Historical Romance
Gay/Lesbian ReviewsTHE ENGLOR AFFAIR – J.L. Langley – Sci-Fi Regency, Book 2 – La Grande Mort – Kate – Gay Futuristic Romance

Paranormal Reviews
CONN “N” CALEB – Ciana Stone – Hot in the Saddle, Book 4 – Jennifer – Paranormal Romance
EMBRACING MIDNIGHT – Devyn Quinn – Jennifer – Paranormal Romance
KRISTEN’S ADDICTION – Evangeline Anderson – Ariel – Paranormal RomancePRIMAL MALE – Sasha White – Philippa – Paranormal Romance
THE CHOSEN SIN – Anya Bast – Allegra – Paranormal Romance
Science Fiction ReviewsTHE BOND THAT CONSUMES US – Christine d’Abo – Eternal Bonds, Book 3 – Jennifer – Science Fiction Romance
Short Stories (50 to 100 pages)

Contemporary ReviewsBLACK OPALS – Crystal Jordan – Opal series, Book 3 – CeCe – Contemporary Romance – Short
I WILL REMEMBER – Sahara Kelley – The Hussies series – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance – Short
SWITCHING CONTROL – Ann Jacobs – Club Rio Brava, Book 2 – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance – Short
THE MASTER AND HIS LOVER – Mary Winter – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance – Short

Paranormal ReviewsRED AND THE WOLF – Evangeline Anderson – Jennifer – Paranormal Romance – Short
SOUL STONE – Elyssa Edwards – Jewel of Ursus, Book 1 – Jennifer – Paranormal Romance – Short

Science Fiction ReviewsBLACK STAR UNITED – Marteeka Karland – Black Star, Book 4 – Lori – Science Fiction Romance – Short
KHALID’S CHALLENGE – Jade Buchanan – The Pridelands, Book 5 – Lori – Gay Science Fiction Romance – Short


Changeling Press
MATING RITUAL – Anne Kane – Shifting Priorities, Book 1 – Lori – Paranormal RomanceTHE TEDDIE – Kate Hill – Aspectations, Book 2 – Lori – Paranormal Romance

Ellora’s CaveSET IN STONE – L.A. Day – Opal series – Jennifer – Paranormal Romance

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Best books of 2008 continues.....

How about best Erotic Romance of 2008?

Which one rang your bell, so to speak, last year?

Give us your picks and be entered for a chance to win ONLY PLEASURE by Lora Leigh!

Winner announced Wednesday night!

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Chat with Patti tonight (Friday night) beginning at 9:30 PM eastern time.

Book to be given away: TBA

Then, on Saturday night, chat with Minx beginning at 9:00PM eastern time.

Is she giving away a book? You'll have to ask her. ;-)

Susan Donovan book winner!!!

The winner of the book The Girl Most Likely to.... is....poster #10 LAURIE

Congrats! And email me at with your mailing address. Check back Sunday for another contest!

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Q&A with Donna Alward!

Today our guest is Harlequin Romance author Donna Alward.
Her latest is called The Rancher's Runaway Princess. Here's a blurb:

By royal decree – she’ll exchange her tiara for a rancher’s ring!

Brooding ranch owner Brody Hamilton keeps his heart out of reach. But there’s something about vivacious stable manager Lucy that brings joy to his hardened soul. Only he must put his past behind him before he can put a ring on her finger…

Lucy Farnsworth has just discovered she’s of royal blood. She should be glad, but it’s blown her world apart and she just finds herself wanting to be the old Lucy again. At Prairie Rose Ranch Lucy’s found the man who makes her feel she belongs. Only she hasn’t told him she’s a princess…

Now, meet Donna and feel free to ask her questions!!!!

1. Tell us about your newest release.

The Rancher’s Runaway Princess is my fifth book for Harlequin Romance and it was one of those that felt sprinkled with fairy dust when I wrote it. My editor had asked for another cowboy book, so I made my hero a Quarterhorse rancher in Southern Alberta. Brody’s had a busy few years trying to get the ranch back on its feet. He invites a representative from the Mediterranean principality of Marazur to stay in hopes of building his breeding program. But he’s not prepared for the rep to be a red-headed slip of a woman who is actually American – and the King’s recently acknowledged daughter. As far as Lucy is concerned, she doesn’t want to be a princess and her life is turned upside down. She loves it at the ranch, but is pulled between the two worlds and so falling in love is quite complicated!

The ending came together in a flash and I was an emotional, yet energized wreck as those last chapters were written. Those last three chapters were probably the most fun I’ve ever had writing, and the ending felt like a fairy tale.

2. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

It certainly wasn’t a lightbulb moment or anything – I’d just always enjoyed reading and writing as soon as I started school. When I was in university, I dabbled in a lot of poetry and thought it was something I’d like to do on the side, but I never really had any firm plans.

But when I had small children and I was home and I felt like I needed something just for ME, I turned back to writing again and it felt good. I finished a first novel in two months and submitted it. By that point, I was hooked, and I knew that writing romance was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Publication didn’t happen right away, but I loved it so much it was worth waiting for.

3. Where do you get your information or ideas for your stories?

Everywhere! The idea for The Rancher’s Runaway Princess came from a camping trip to the area where I set the book and we attended a barn dance. It was a lovely few days and even quite romantic! Romance can be found in the simplest of places. Under the stars, beside a campfire, throwing a snowball. And I play the “what if” game a lot. When I ask myself what if, sometimes it’s like a whole world opens up in front of me!

4. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I’m not sure how interesting my quirks are! I like it quiet and I like it orderly – my desk is quite boring and neat. And I do like routine, so when I sit down when the kids have gone to school and the husband is at work and I have my mug of coffee and a tidy desk in front of me, I’m in the zone. Also, my critique partner gets on my case a lot when output is slow, but she also says that when I get the bit between my teeth I just go. It’s a great feeling when that happens.

5. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

Oh, I learn new things all the time, and sometimes it’s about the writing and mostly it’s about myself. I’ve learned that it’s possible to focus when the world is in chaos, that the hardest tasks often yield the best lessons, and I’ve even learned that whining and complaining aside, I’m actually, as Nurse Nellie would say, a cockeyed optimist.

6. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

Sometime in my lifetime I’d like to meet LaVyrle Spencer and tell her how much her books have meant to me as a reader and a writer. I have often read her books and thought, if I could just write a book like that once in my life I’d be happy. And I’ve got such a great supportive circle of writer friends that have influenced me so much – my critique partner Michelle Styles, Liz Fielding, Trish Wylie, and Kate Walker, and lots more that I “hang out” with every day. I couldn’t do this without my peeps.

7. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

My girls think it’s super cool, and honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if one or both ended up writing in some form one day. They both love reading and writing. And my husband is (surprisingly) proud. He keeps a hardback copy of all my books in his office bookcase, and hasn’t the least hesitation in telling people what I do for a living. They’re great. And my extended family and inlaws are pretty cool about it all too. My mum can’t see to read any more (I wish my books were on audio – maybe someday!) but my step-dad reads all my books!

8. What is coming up next for you writing wise?

The Rancher’s Runaway Princess is the first book set in my fictional town of Larch Valley. Right now I’m working on a follow up duet set there too. The first book features Jen O’Keefe (who you meet in The Rancher’s Runaway Princess) and Andrew Laramie, her high school sweetheart returned home. The next book, which I’ll be starting soon, features Andrew’s brother Noah and Jen’s best friend, Lily. I’m having a lot of fun writing the duet! But before that I have two more releases coming up this year, in June and November. June’s book (Hired: The Italian’s Bride) is set at a hotel in the beautiful Rocky Mountain town of Banff, Alberta, and next November’s is a holiday novella set on a Montana ranch (A Bride for Rocking H Ranch).

Thanks for having me as your guest today!!!

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Chats Wednesday and Thursday Nights!


Chats begin at 9:00PM eastern time. Click the link below to enter the chat room.

Mo's chat will be in the Book Buzz chat room while Patti's chat is in the RRT chat room.

Mo's guest Wednesday night will be Susan Blexrud

Patti's guests on Thursday night will be with the Infinite Worlds of Fantasy Authors Brenna Lyons, Adrienne Brennan and Renee Wildes

We hope to see you there!!!!

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A Perfect 10: THE GIRL MOST LIKELY TO... by Susan Donovan

THE GIRL MOST LIKELY TO... - Susan Donovan
A Perfect 10
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0-312-93951-5
January 2009
Contemporary Romance

Persuasion, West Virginia – Present Day

Twenty years ago, Riley Bohland was Kat Cavanaugh's knight in shining armor, always there for her, the center of her young life. The day she finds out she's pregnant, her aunt, principal of the school, tells her she will have to leave school as soon as she starts to show, Riley breaks up with her and tells her to "get lost", and she finds her father making love to another woman in his sculpture studio. After breaking the $250,000 bust he was doing, her mother told her to leave the house and gave her eighty three dollars. So Kat did what she was told, caught a ride with the driver of an eighteen wheeler and stayed with his dear sister, Phyllis Turner, for seven years, and remained lost for twenty years. Now Kat is back in Persuasion to tell Riley that he is the father of her son Aidan, and show the whole town she's made something of herself. But when Riley confronts Kat, he already knows he has a son, and demands to know where she has been hiding him. This isn't how her daydreams of returning to Persuasion were supposed to turn out!

Riley Bohland feels he is definitely the most hurt person in this situation. All those years ago, Big Daddy Bohland thought they were too serious and threatened to take away his car and his right to play varsity sports if he didn't break up with Kat. In those days that was a big deal for Riley. But when he went to Kat's house that night after changing his mind, she was already gone. Riley eventually became a doctor, and it was only a year ago when Kat's mother was dying of cancer that she told him he was the father of a son. Riley and his brother Matt spent three months driving around the country trying to find Kat and his son, but they never did. After that, Riley just existed in a sort of dream, until out of the blue Kat returns and he demands to know what has become of a son he knows nothing about.

Secrets. That's the whole reason behind everything that has happened to Kat her whole life. Keeping her mother's beatings from the people of Persuasion, keeping her child away from his hometown and father, keeping her hurt behind her outward facade as she went to school and made a new life for herself with strangers, far from her parents and the man who had been everything in her life since she was young. Kat decided she would get lost and stay lost. Now her son is almost twenty, and she tells him she has lied to him about not knowing who his father is. This almost destroys Aidan and his belief in his mother. But while Kat and her friend Nola are staying in Persuasion, Madeline, owner of the Bed and Breakfast where they are staying, tells her Riley is engaged and going to be married by Christmas. Once again, Kat is left feeling stupid for still harboring feelings for Riley and leaves to go back home and start a new life. Is a new life possible now that Aidan wants to meet his father, and will he ever forgive her for lying to him all his life?

Susan Donovan has a deft and impressive way of bringing each character to life and having their emotions explode inside of us. Oh, I can feel how Kat felt all those years ago, pregnant and afraid and kicked out by everyone. And years later braving the anger of both son and old boyfriend over their years apart. Each person makes me sympathize with him or her, and despair over Kat's home life. Feelings and life experiences abound in Ms. Donovan's writing, along with a sly comedic flair and lessons in life that we barely know we are reading about. It's clearly shown the trauma men leave behind in their families when they hurt their wives, and young women are forced to raise children without a man's love and caring.

The secondary characters abound in rich detail. Kat's friend Nola has been a friend for years; she might have been married three times, but she's still looking for the one man for her. Riley's brother Matt is a policeman and always has his back, except when he meets that hot friend of Kat's, and then everything in his life turns around. Virgil is Kat's father, still alive, and as mean and antagonistic as ever, despite his heart attack. Memories of Kat's mother, BettyAnn, who endured beatings from her husband and eventually kicked Kat out of the house have continued to haunt Kat; why was she not worthwhile enough for either of her parents to love? Caroline Mathis is Riley's ex-fiancée from over a year ago who has some kind of obsession with him and is determined they are getting married by Christmas, whether he knows it or not. She bribes Madeline, owner of the Bed and Breakfast, to plant the marriage information in their minds that is sure to send them running away from Persuasion and Riley in particular.

The GIRL MOST LIKELY TO... is a surprise early nomination for my first Perfect 10 in 2009. Tackling sensitive and emotional issues such as domestic abuse and not telling a man for almost twenty years that he is a father is not common fare for most romances. But the emotions are so honest and real, you can feel them well up inside of you as you sympathize with Kat for all she has gone through. Riley has his point of view too, but the story just reinforces how small actions taken at a young age can linger with you far into adulthood. An exceptional novel with humor and pathos and rich in detail, and the finely put together characters make this a story worthy of our Perfect 10 award and a must read this month. You'll laugh, cry, and your heart will break over this brilliant story of a man and woman—what most wondrous stories end up being about.

Carolyn Crisher

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Guest Blogger: Kathryn Shay and a book giveaway!

Good morning, Romance Reviews Today Readers.

Though I’ve been on your site before, let me introduce myself to anyone here unfamiliar with my work and tell you about my newest book. I’m Kathryn Shay and I write for Harlequin Superromance and The Berkley Publishing Group. I have 23 Supers and ten Berkley Sensations published; there are over four million copies of my books in print. I write contemporary romance, sometimes with a bit of suspense thrown in. I deal mostly with everyday characters like firefighters, cops, teachers and construction workers, but occasionally I have a TV chef, a senator or a secret service agent as the hero or heroine. I like to explore social issues and I’m told my books are highly emotional, often tearjerkers, and have hints of humor.

A MAN SHE COULDN’T FORGET focuses on your not-so-average heroine, Clare Boneli. After a bad accident, she wakes up in the hospital with amnesia, and there seem to be two men in her life, vying for her attention and her love. One is the owner of the TV station where she has a local cooking show, and one is her best friend and illustrator of her popular cookbooks. Torn between them, it doesn’t take Clare long to figure out something’s wrong. What the reader knows, and Clare doesn’t, is that neither man wants her to remember everything that happened the night she skidded off the road.

How’s this for a teaser?

I love reading romance novels, and looking back on my life, I think I was always meant to write romance. At 15, I penned a short story about a female reporter who goes to New York City to work on an all-male newspaper and butts heads with the stubborn editor. At the time, women were not a real component of hard news reporting and instead were relegated to the society pages. Of course, the editor falls head over heels for the heroine, and she makes him grovel.

My bent toward romance was also evident in my obsession with soap operas all during high school and college. I have three older sisters and we used to have conversations about the characters as if they were real people.

Also in high school, I’d read assigned works, like THE SCARLET LETTER, and think, “Okay, this is good, but give me more about Hester and Arthur. That’s the interesting part.” And when I became an English teacher, it was fun telling my students how I felt about that book when we read it together in class.

In my twenties and thirties, I went on to read bestsellers—authors like Barbara Taylor Bradford, Sydney Sheldon, and Howard Fast. I loved those books, but still couldn’t wait to get to the romances parts!

Then when I was about forty, I picked up Judith McNaught’s DOUBLE STANDARDS, not knowing it was a romance novel. I read it all in one sitting and was mesmerized by this new-to-me genre--it was all about the love story!!!! I went out and got WHITNEY MY LOVE, which remains one of my favorite books, and then began to read authors like Nora Roberts, Linda Howard and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Today, they remain my in my top five authors.

Now I get to write my own stories, and they focus on the romance, although I often do have a significant external plot.

I’d be fascinated to hear about your reading history: what did you start out reading? How did it progress into genre fiction and romance? Have your reading preferences changed over the years?

Kathy Shay

Comment away and one person will be chosen to win an autographed copy of A MAN SHE COULDN'T FORGET or from Kathryn's backlist. Meanwhile, also enjoy the video trailer of A MAN SHE COULDN'T FORGET:

Book winner.... Karen H in NC!!!!

She wins a copy of Young Vampires in France by Mardi Ballou!!!!!

Congrats and please email me at with your mailing info.

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The next "best book of the year" won't be posted until next Sunday. One of the author interviews this week has a book giveaway.

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Favorite Contemporary Romance of 2008

Okay, so now that we've discussed Historicals and Paranormals, what about
Favorite Contemporary Romance of 2008?

What did you read and enjoy? Post away and you'll be entered in a drawing for....

The Girl Most Likely To... by Susan Donovan!

Check out more at Susan's website by clicking here.

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Chat now at RRT! (Friday Night)

Come on and in chat at RRT right now until 11:00PM eastern time.

Enter the chat room by clicking this link:
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I'm giving away a copy of WHITE OUT by Vella Munn. A romantic suspense with more emphasis on suspense, I read this book in ebook format quite some time ago and loved it!

Here's a blurb:

The lives of four people with very different agendas converge at their remote mountain cabins.

For the brother and sister, these few days offer them an opportunity to drag their childhood out of its hiding place and struggle to come to terms with their nightmarish upbringing. Most of all, they seek the courage to reach out to each other, to finally become true siblings.

For the professional athlete, nothing matters beyond escaping the spotlight, facing the end to his career, and trying to find a purpose for the future. He brings a woman with him, a quiet beauty who hides incredible strength beneath her perfect body and resolutely keeps her heart locked away from more damage.

All four see the wilderness of late fall as a place of silence and serenity—and then the worst storm of the decade hits, trapping them all far from civilization.

Whiteout is a battle for survival, of man against nature, of stranger helping stranger. Whiteout also lays bare the complexity of human vulnerability, strength, and weakness. The question becomes who will survive the unrelenting storm and who will fall victim to forces beyond any man or woman's ability to control.

And as they fight for life, they're watched by the restless, lonely spirit that knows what it means to battle and lose. Four humans reach Wolf Lake. Not all will live to leave it.

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Best Paranormal of 2008....

I meant to post this last night but was too tired and went to bed...Sorry about that.

We just heard what readers thought was the best historical and now it's time for the next round.

What was the best paranormal of 2008?

Give your opinions and be entered to win a print copy of....

Young Vampires in France by Mardi Ballou!

Read the blurb here.

Post away, and a winner will be announced Sunday evening.

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The historical winner is....

..........SUE A!!.........she wins the Eloisa James book. Please email me at with your mailing info!

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Mo's Book Buzz Wednesday with Tori Carrington!!!!

All chats are at 9:00PM Eastern Time at:

Join us this Wednesday as writing duo Tony and Lori Karayianni aka Tori
Carrington talk to us about their Harlequin Blaze, A Few Good Men. Door Prize:
One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of A Few Good Men!
Available Now Everywhere Books Are Sold!
A Few Good Men
4 Encounters - Uniformly Hot!
January 2009 ISBN 0-373-79449-5

Eric Armstrong. Eddie Cash. Matt Guerrero. Brian Justice. Just a few of the good men in the U.S. Marine Corps...

Corporal Eric Armstrong is finally going to meet his sexy new pen pal in the flesh. Only, Eric already knows her...very, very well!

Corporal Eddie Cash has a reputation for living on the edge. Still, even he's worried about his next adventure-fatherhood.

Lieutenant Matt Guerrero has always been proud to serve his country. Only, this time it might cost him his marriage...

Captain Brian Justice loves being a Marine, almost as much as he's starting to love Angela Mitchell. Too bad he's about to lose them both...

Uniformly Hot! The Few. The Proud. The Sexy as Hell.

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New Reviews at Romance Reviews Today

Romance Reviews Today,

Issue 65, January 2009, Volume 1


The winners in the December drawing are:

Shriley Wilson for

#1 – QUEEN OF DRAGONS – Sharon Abe & ON THE PROWL – Karen MacInerney


Linda Crooks for

#2 – PHANTOM’S TOUCH – Julie Leto & BLOOD DREAMS – Kay Hooper

January Prize Books

#1 LONE STAR WOMAN – Sadie Callahan & WARRIOR OF THE HIGHLANDS – Veronica Wolfe

#2 – SMART GIRLS THINK TWICE – Cathie Linz & SEDUCED AT MIDNIGHT – Jacquie D’Alessandro

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Visit our new release page and start your shopping list today!


Visit the RRTBlog to see what Patti is up to – and what books she is giving away. If you are not on the RRTChatters loop, you are missing some great conversations – and prizes.


Join Patti every Friday night in the RRT chat room at 9 PM ET to chat about this, that and the other.

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In this issue, we have 25 new reviews for your reading enjoyment!

Contemporary Romance
HOT MAIL – Janice Maynard – Patti

SIMPLE WISHES – Lisa Dale – Diana
TALK ME DOWN - Victoria Dahl - Jennifer

THE GIRL MOST LIKLEY TO … - Susan Donovan – A Perfect 10 – Carolyn

WANTED – Shelley Shepard Gray – Sisters of the Heart, Book 2 – Diana –l Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Fiction

FINAL JUSTICE – Fern Michaels – Sisterhood series – Marilyn

TWO RIVERS – T. Greenwood – Robin

Historical Fiction
THE QUEEN’S SORROW – Suzannah Dunn – Jani

Historical Romance
BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND DESIRE – Lorraine Heath – The Scoundrels of St. James, Book 2 - Jane

BORDER MOONLIGHT – Amanda Scott – Jane

HIGH SEAS STOWAWAY – Amanda McCabe – Robin – HH #930

KISS OF A TRAITOR – Cat Lindler – Jani

PALE MOON STALKER – Shirl Henke – Mel

SEDUCED AT MIDNIGHT – Jacquie D’Alessandro – Mayhem in Mayfair, Book 3 –

SIMPLY PERFECT – Mary Balogh – Miss Martin’s School for Girls, Book 4 – Marilyn

TO SEDUCE A TEXAN – Georgina Gentry – Jani

WILD – Margo Maguire – Kate

Paranormal Romance
AT GRAVE’S END – Jeaniene Frost – Night Huntress series, Book 3 – Kathy

BEDEVILED – Maureen Child - Marilyn

DAWN KEEPERS – Jessica Anderson – The Final Prophecy, Book 2 – Marilyn

PHANTOM’S TOUCH – Julie Leto – Phantom series, Book 2 – Kate


VEIL OF MIDNIGHT – Lara Adrian – Midnight Breed series, Book 5 – A Perfect 10 – Jennell

Romantic Comedy

Romantic Suspense
FOR LOVE OF PETE – Julia Harper – Jennifer

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Favorite Historical in 2008

Throughout the next couple of weeks or so, we'll be doing a "Favorite Books of 2008" posts.

Plus, readers will get a chance to win a book!

First up....WHEN THE DUKE RETURNS by Eloisa James. Check out the blurb by clicking

What was your favorite historical in 2008? Post away and enter for a chance to win this book! Winner drawn Wednesday night.

Lucy Monroe book winner is.......

The winner of THE SPY WHO WANTS ME is......Flchen1

Congratulations and email me at

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Happy New Year!

May 2009 be the best year ever with lots of fabulous books to read!!!!
.....from the staff of Romance Reviews Today