Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas is....around the corner!

Christmas is getting closer and I'll be the first to admit I'm not ready. I've been really busy this month and Thanksgiving-heck, that is just over. Is it true that Christmas will be here in only another week and half? Like....the next week?

I'm curious. How many of you out there are all ready for Christmas? Got your decorations up? Your presents bought? Your Christmas cards sent?

I can confess that the answer to those for me are a big fat no.

But, what about you?

Stayed tuned tomorrow night....another hot book giveaway is coming!


limecello said...

I JUST finished putting up the tree. :) It looks quite nice.

Jane said...

I still need to shop for presents. Haven't sent out cards either. I think I'll be sending ecards instead.

Fedora said...

Not ready, but slowly getting there. Tree's up, cookies baked but not packed... nothing's wrapped, some stuff still needs to be bought. No cards yet. Yow! ;)

Unknown said...

*big, heaving sigh*

No...I haven't gotten anything for hubby's side of the family or for the kidlet yet. And worse still...I don't have a clue what to get for them.

Jane - I'm with you on the e-cards. It's either that or none at all!

Good luck to everyone else in getting it all done!

Caffey said...

Zip!!! I done nothing. I only have to get two gifts this year since a couple years ago we decided on the one exchange gift and since my hubby and I don't exchange, its just me getting one gift for the children. With them older, its so hard, especially my daughter because she is so picky. My hubby has an idea what to get her so after an appt Friday we are going to go and hopefully it works out and she will be done. We know what to get my son so if all goes well we'll get it all done Friday! But then too I got to do some decorating here, if I decide to do any. I just might do the small tree for the angel ornaments for my mom. But that may be it this year for m.