Spotlight Review: SUN STROKED by Cathryn Fox

SUN STROKED - Cathryn Fox
Berkley Heat
ISBN (13): 978-0-451-22511-5
ISBN (10): 0-451-22511-2
November 2008
Erotic Contemporary Romance Anthology

At the “O” Spa resort on a remote South Pacific island ~ Present Day

Three girlfriends head to a resort for some sun soaking and male hunting. Will they get the relaxing vacation they came for? Find out in Cathryn Fox’s SUN STROKED.

The Sensual Soak

Danielle Corrigan gets her first glimpse of Ethan Sharpe on the beach and she’s ready to be dominated by this gorgeous weapons expert. When Ethan takes Dani up on her offer for some sexual fun in the bedroom while using a little BDSM, the two embark on a torrid fling. Dani isn’t looking for anything permanent, while Ethan feels he’s just biding his time until he can get the call to go back overseas. What will happen when their time is up? Is a fling all they ultimately get in the end?

Scorching hot from the first chapter and onward, The Sensual Soak features a couple not looking past the time when either must leave. Ethan is awaiting orders to ship out again. Will his orders come in before Dani leaves? There are a few BDSM scenes, but the story focuses on the relationship between Dani and Ethan. Is it possible for a short term romance into turn to a long term one? Definitely a fine start to this erotic anthology.

The Pleasure Pool

Lauren Sampson has a body most women would die for, but she wants to be desired for her personality and not that her breasts are large. Meeting Ryan Thomas on the island, she’s struck by something different about him. When he fulfills her secret fantasy to have sex in the dark, she’s thrilled and hopes for more opportunities with Ryan. However, Ryan feels he’s damaged goods because he’s nearly blind. Can a woman who’s uncomfortable with her body find happiness with a man who only sees her for what’s inside?

I must admit that The Pleasure Pool was my favorite of the three tales. Lauren has only known men who can’t look past her killer body and get to know the real person. Ryan can’t see her clearly and only knows that what he can see, he likes. When he overhears her desire to have sex in the dark with a “Tarzan,” he’s only too happy to oblige. One sexual encounter is not enough for these two, but both realize that their fling may end when the vacation does. Ryan was already kicked in the teeth by a woman in the past and is afraid Lauren will reject him also. Do they end up with a happily-ever-after? Find out yourself in The Pleasure Pool.

The Sunset Sauna

Abby Benton is about to say yes to a man who doesn’t excite her sexually. Her friends persuaded her to come to the island and deep down, they’re hoping she meets a guy who’ll ring her bell in bed and convince her that her current Mr. Right is all wrong for her. The first moment Cody Lannon laid his eyes on Abby, he was caught, hook, line and sinker. Intense passion sparks between them, but what happens when Cody finds out Abby is about to say yes to another man?

Abby up to now has always driven the straight course in her life plan, but the entrance of the handsome Cody has her veering off track in The Sunset Sauna. Abby figures she can have a brief fling and then go back to Chicago to take up with her boyfriend. However, the more she’s with Cody, the more she wants their affair to never end. What will Abby decide for her future? Go with Mr. Wrong dull boyfriend or snatch up Mr. Right Cody Lannon?

Three sizzling hot tales set on a lush island resort is just the recipe for some scorching reading that’s perfect for those cool winter nights. For lovers of erotic romance, I highly recommend you putting SUN STROKED at the top of your book buying list.

Holly Tibbs


Estella said…
Sounds like an excellent cold weather read!

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