Sunday, November 09, 2008


Don't forget Crazy Mo has her chats on Wednesday night beginning at 9pm eastern time. This week she will have Terri Brisbin and Julia Justiss as her guests.

You can get to the chat room by clicking on and then clicking RRT Chat. She is in Mo's Book Buzz chat room.
To join Mo's announcement only email list, send a blank email to Mo at

Authors, if you're interested in chatting, contact Mo at or me at

Finally, I still haven't heard from a couple of winners who won last month. I'm giving them this week and then will be withdrawing the prize. I have contacted everyone who emailed me with their win or have mailed out the books. Actually, all the books have been mailed out as of Saturday but those people had contacted me and I responded to them.
Please email me at if you have any questions/concerns. Thank you.

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Caffey said...

I wanted to say it was so great to chat with authors Terri and Julia!!! I learned lots, especially about not much celebration during the holidays then and them telling us about in Medievals that they went to church and that was the end of it with the holiday celebration and it didn't sit well for a Holiday book, LOL.