A Perfect 10: LIKE NO OTHER LOVER by Julie Ann Long

A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-06-134159-5
November 2008
Historical Romance

Pennyroyal Green, Sussex, England – 1800’s

Miles Redmond thought he was immune to love until he laid eyes on the beautiful Cynthia Brightly, the belle of the season. Although the vivacious Cynthia has neither family nor wealth, she believes her beauty will give her the title and money she deserves. At a ball, Miles hears her discussing the gentlemen to whom she would like to be introduced. She is not interested in Miles, since he is a second son, interested in natural science, and not wealthy enough for her tastes. Cynthia is soon engaged to a wealthy earl, but something happens and the engagement is broken.

Miles’s sister Violet invites her friend Cynthia for a two week stay at the Redmond estate for a house party. Although Miles has not seen Cynthia for two years, he is again overcome by her beauty and charm, and he is not happy with his reaction. His older brother has disappeared, so Miles is now the heir, but he is more interested in another trip to the South Seas. Cynthia is broke and will have to go into service if she does not attract a husband in the coming weeks. Miles, unhappily, is in charge of the house party, and his father is encouraging him to marry the demure Georgina, a wealthy friend’s daughter. Can Miles stop thinking of the lovely, cold-hearted Cynthia? Miles makes a deal with Cynthia – he will give her information about the gentlemen in the party for a kiss. She acquiesces, and the scene is set…

The emotion and the sexual tension in LIKE NO OTHER LOVER are palpable, and are a favorite part of this terrific story. As Miles courts Georgina, and Cynthia flirts with the various participants at the house party, they are always aware of each other. Although Miles has every intention of marrying Georgina, he can’t stop his heart from pounding and getting aroused as he watches the enticing Cynthia making conquests. Flirtation seems to come naturally to her. She begins to see Miles in a different light – why did she not realize how handsome and interesting he is, even though he challenges her at every turn? They have a difficult time keeping their eyes and hands off of each other, but Miles knows his duty, and Cynthia knows she must find a husband quickly before her funds are depleted.

LIKE NO OTHER LOVER will keep readers mesmerized from beginning to end -- guaranteed you won’t be able to put it down. The story is very romantic; steam and sizzle rise from the pages. Secondary characters compliment the story: Violet, who is looking for adventure, and the gentlemen who are so captivated by the spirited Cynthia. Well written with excellent dialogue and a sensual story that will live long in readers’ memories, it is a book you won’t want to miss. A Perfect 10.

Marilyn Heyman


Caffey said…
I am totally excited on this release!! Her historicals just give me goosebumps!!! Its on my wishlist. Beautiful review too!
penney said…
Sounds like a great book I will have to get it, thanks

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