Sunday, November 16, 2008

November Word Scramble Game...

Here is the latest word scrambler game! The prize is a $10 amazon gift certificate and will be awarded on Thursday night. (11/20)

Just unscramble the following author names and send your answers to

1. Lroi Ftesor
2. Ldisnay MnNekca
3. Kmblirey Ryae
4. Dnaia Pmelar
5. Jfenneir Csiure
6. Nahnna Wlhloe
7. Niade Whtsdieei
8. Uelij Otel
9. Akte Acpree
10. Erilemn Eelvcoal

Good luck!!!!

1 comment:

Crystal Adkins said...

Just sent in my answers :)