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Hot Prize............HOLIDAY SEDUCTION by Lauren Dane and Jaci Burton


One copy of HOLIDAY SEDUCTION (print) to one lucky winner!

Here's a blurb:

Amy's kind of fantasies wouldn't cut it in the straight-laced law firm where she's fought her way to partnership. And she refuses to let a younger man use her to advance in the firm. Justin might be brilliant, gorgeous and sexy, but he's firmly implanted in the look-but-don't-touch realm. Until a corporate acquisition in Hawaii over Christmas gives Justin the opportunity to show Amy he's interested in her as a woman. And he has the ideal plan to help unwrap the perfect Christmas gift for Amy.

Since she could pick up a pencil, Belle has used lists to map out her life. But now, she realizes the life she thought she wanted exacts too high a price. Exhausted, she heads home for Christmas to make a new to-do list. She didn't factor in Rafe, her brother's best friend kissing her under the mistletoe! Belle finds herself with a whole new set of goals to balance with what she thought she always wanted. Rafe's plan is to seduce Belle back home where she belongs.

Post away and one winner to be drawn later this week!

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Mystery Book winner is........

Congrats to AmyS !!!

Amy, email me at and I'll send you the list of books that you can choose one from. :)

Stay tuned....I have another 'hot' book giveaway coming up this next week.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To All A Good Night Winner is............

Congrats to StacyS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please email me at with your snail mail info!!!

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Spotlight Review: TEQUILA TRUTH by Mari Carr

Samhain Publishing -
ISBN: 978-1-60504-218-3
October 2008
Erotic Contemporary Romance - Short Story

Present Day

After seven years of friendship and living together, during a game of Tequila Truth, Kylie admits to her roommates Colt and Heath that her most daring sexual fantasy involves being dominated by two men at the same time. Six months later, Colt and Heath are getting worried about Kylie’s increasingly reckless behavior, and decide that if kinky sex is what she wants, they are just the men to give it to her.

Kylie is surprised when her easy-going roommates inform her that they’ve had enough and, for the weekend, she’ll answer to them. Though her independent streak urges her to put them in their place, the rest of her is so turned on she can hardly breathe. She has one weekend to explore her wildest fantasies with the two men she trusts most in the world, but when the weekend is over will they be able to go back to being platonic friends?

TEQUILA TRUTH is a tantalizing romantic tale. Heath and Colt have been friends since kindergarten, and have shared just about everything in the past twenty years. When Kylie answered their ad for a roommate, something clicked between them, but other than a little flirting when she first moved in, the friendship has been strictly platonic. Her admission that she’s not quite as vanilla as Colt and Heath believed has them unsure of how to deal with her, but when Colt walks in on her boyfriend beating her, he knows he and Heath have to step in before she’s truly hurt.

The friends-turned-lovers plot is given a bit of a twist in this sexy short story. TEQUILA TRUTH is a book you won’t want to miss.

Jennifer Bishop

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Mystery Book Giveaway........

No, not a mystery suspense, but what you win is a mystery.

Well, not exactly....

If your name is chosen, you get a list of books and get to make your pick from that list. But, the winner won't know until they win......

I have some contemporaries, paranormals, mystery suspense, series romance books...but alas, no historicals.

If you're game, then all you need to enter is tell us which authors you think are underrated....

Winner announced Friday!

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Spotlight Review: SUN STROKED by Cathryn Fox

SUN STROKED - Cathryn Fox
Berkley Heat
ISBN (13): 978-0-451-22511-5
ISBN (10): 0-451-22511-2
November 2008
Erotic Contemporary Romance Anthology

At the “O” Spa resort on a remote South Pacific island ~ Present Day

Three girlfriends head to a resort for some sun soaking and male hunting. Will they get the relaxing vacation they came for? Find out in Cathryn Fox’s SUN STROKED.

The Sensual Soak

Danielle Corrigan gets her first glimpse of Ethan Sharpe on the beach and she’s ready to be dominated by this gorgeous weapons expert. When Ethan takes Dani up on her offer for some sexual fun in the bedroom while using a little BDSM, the two embark on a torrid fling. Dani isn’t looking for anything permanent, while Ethan feels he’s just biding his time until he can get the call to go back overseas. What will happen when their time is up? Is a fling all they ultimately get in the end?

Scorching hot from the first chapter and onward, The Sensual Soak features a couple not looking past the time when either must leave. Ethan is awaiting orders to ship out again. Will his orders come in before Dani leaves? There are a few BDSM scenes, but the story focuses on the relationship between Dani and Ethan. Is it possible for a short term romance into turn to a long term one? Definitely a fine start to this erotic anthology.

The Pleasure Pool

Lauren Sampson has a body most women would die for, but she wants to be desired for her personality and not that her breasts are large. Meeting Ryan Thomas on the island, she’s struck by something different about him. When he fulfills her secret fantasy to have sex in the dark, she’s thrilled and hopes for more opportunities with Ryan. However, Ryan feels he’s damaged goods because he’s nearly blind. Can a woman who’s uncomfortable with her body find happiness with a man who only sees her for what’s inside?

I must admit that The Pleasure Pool was my favorite of the three tales. Lauren has only known men who can’t look past her killer body and get to know the real person. Ryan can’t see her clearly and only knows that what he can see, he likes. When he overhears her desire to have sex in the dark with a “Tarzan,” he’s only too happy to oblige. One sexual encounter is not enough for these two, but both realize that their fling may end when the vacation does. Ryan was already kicked in the teeth by a woman in the past and is afraid Lauren will reject him also. Do they end up with a happily-ever-after? Find out yourself in The Pleasure Pool.

The Sunset Sauna

Abby Benton is about to say yes to a man who doesn’t excite her sexually. Her friends persuaded her to come to the island and deep down, they’re hoping she meets a guy who’ll ring her bell in bed and convince her that her current Mr. Right is all wrong for her. The first moment Cody Lannon laid his eyes on Abby, he was caught, hook, line and sinker. Intense passion sparks between them, but what happens when Cody finds out Abby is about to say yes to another man?

Abby up to now has always driven the straight course in her life plan, but the entrance of the handsome Cody has her veering off track in The Sunset Sauna. Abby figures she can have a brief fling and then go back to Chicago to take up with her boyfriend. However, the more she’s with Cody, the more she wants their affair to never end. What will Abby decide for her future? Go with Mr. Wrong dull boyfriend or snatch up Mr. Right Cody Lannon?

Three sizzling hot tales set on a lush island resort is just the recipe for some scorching reading that’s perfect for those cool winter nights. For lovers of erotic romance, I highly recommend you putting SUN STROKED at the top of your book buying list.

Holly Tibbs

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Book Giveaway....TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT

This Christmas, sugarplums aren't the only visions that will be dancing in your head. Prepare to have your toes curled by some of the holiday's hunkiest heroes in this hot, hot, hot collection. . . .

Donna Kauffman Unleashed When Emma Lafferty is hired by a billionaire CEO to watch his pets over the holidays, she expects to enjoy a quiet Christmas in opulent surroundings. What she doesn't expect is to spend the week trapped in the mansion with the CEO's sexy great-nephew??-and heir-whose motives are as shady as his desire is crystal clear....

Jill Shalvis Finding Mr. Right Brilliant chemist Maggie Bell has a knack for choosing Mr. Wrong, and with yet another lonely Christmas looming, she decides it's time to alter the equation-and seek out someone who seems totally wrong for her. Enter Jacob Wahler, the rough and rippling contractor who's about as far from Maggie's type as he could get. But suddenly what's wrong for Maggie seems oh-so-right....

HelenKay Dimon Can You Hand Me the Tape? Natalie Pritchard is desperate. It's a week before Christmas and she's lost the naughty tape she made for her now-ex-boyfriend. She's so desperate, in fact, that she'll turn to her nemesis Spencer Donovan for help. The sexy criminal defense attorney would be only too happy to assist-but can Natalie afford his price?

One lucky winner gets a copy of this book. Post away....tell us about what you're doing to prepare yourself for Christmas this year!

Winner chosen next Wednesday night!

November Word Scramble winner is............

Congrats! I've contacted Pam and told her she won.
I'll have another one in December


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New RRTErotic reviews up!

RRTErotic - Issue 27, Volume 1 – November 2008

In this issue, we have 26 new reviews for your enjoyment. (Quick List of new reviews)

Short Stories (less than 100 pages)

Contemporary ReviewsA QUESTION OF TRUST – Jess Dee – Jennifer KILLER CURVES – Regina Carlyle – Kate
MISS JANUARY – Madison Hayes - Calendar Girls, Book 9 - Holly
TEMPTING MOUTHFUL – Elyssa Lynne – Torrid Tarot: Five of Wands – Jennifer
TEQUILA TRUTH - Mari Carr – Jennifer
Gay/Lesbian ReviewsIF ALL THE SANDS WERE PEARL – Pepper Espinoza – Nickole
Paranormal ReviewsDUNCAN’S DESCENT – Marie Harte – Ethereal Foes, Book 2 – Lori
GUILTY NEEDS – Shiloh Walker – Jennell

Single Titles (101 plus pages)

Anthology ReviewsDO IT TO ME – P.F. Kozak – Holly –Contemporary Romance
DOWN IN TEXAS – Delilah Devlin – Allegra –Contemporary Romance
SUN STROKED – Cathryn Fox – Holly- Contemporary Romance
Contemporary ReviewsBETRAYAL – Velvet – Allegra
FORBIDEN FRUIT – Eden Bradley – Jennifer LAST GLASS OF WINE – Bekki Lynn – Courtney
SPICING IT UP – Mia Bailey – Maggie
THE STALLION – Georgina Brown – Phillipa UNDERCOVER SUBMISSION – Melinda Barron – Graceful, Book 3 – Jennifer
Fantasy ReviewsTHE FLAME AND THE SHADOW – Denise Rossetti – Four Sided Pentacle series – KateHistorical ReviewsHOT SILK – Sharon Page – Ariel

Paranormal Reviews
A MERMAID’S KISS – Joey W. Hill – Allegra CHRISTMAS RESCUE - Sultry Summers – Maggie
INTO THE NIGHT – Caitlyn Willows – Into the Heart, Book 2 – Jennifer
SANDEFLY – Linda Mooney – Maggie
SOUTHERN SPIRITS – Edie Bingham – Sinclair
WRITTEN IN THE RUBY – Ravyn White – Vampire Sentinel, Book 2 , Ruby Series – Ariel
Science Fiction ReviewsJACI’S EXPERIMENT – Bianca D’Arc – Resonance Mates, Book 3 – Lori

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Help books

Okay, it's that time of the month. (No, not that time)

I need to make a December book shopping list for the blog, but I'm not sure what you readers want.

Tell me....and I'll consider your suggestions and pick out a few. :)

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Spotlight Review: FLAT-OUT SEXY by Erin McCarthy

FLAT-OUT SEXY - Erin McCarthy
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-22407-6
November 2008
Contemporary Romance

Charlotte, North Carolina - Present Day

Tamara Briggs is a young widow and mother of two small children, Petey and Hunter. Her husband, Pete, a top NASCAR driver, was killed when his car spun out of control and hit the wall at Talladega. Tamara has vowed never to be involved again with anyone who is a daredevil, and is looking for a safe relationship. Tamara should know, be careful what you wish for. Geoffrey, Tamara’s date, is safe, kind and a dud. Tamara realizes what a mistake Geoffrey is when they attend a cocktail party prior to a big race in Charlotte. No way is she is going to spend the night with him. After conferring with her best friend, Suzanne, and after several glasses of wine, she decides to dump Geoffrey. With that thought in mind, Tamara turns abruptly around and bumps into Elec Monroe, spilling her merlot on him. Be still my heart.

Elec Monroe is a rookie driver for NASCAR. He is also a captivating and very sexy man. Elec hates to attend these cocktail parties, because there are so many women looking to snag a driver. When Tamara and Elec bump into each other, Tamara feels like a foolish, bumbling teenager, and Elec is immediately smitten with her. The heat from these two is FLAT-OUT SEXY.

Tamara decides to leave the event, and her late husband’s best friend, Ryder, tells Tamara she can stay in his RV coach, which is parked at the racetrack. Ryder notices Elec is also leaving the party and has him escort Tamara. Could Tamara’s timing be any better? Of course, they embark on hot passionate sex. Tamara is a responsible woman who doesn’t do one night stands, and she isn’t sure how it happens, but the one night stand turns into a serious attraction. Tamara has her own issues to work through. Yes, Elec is younger by six years, she has two children, he is a daredevil, and her father-in-law hates his family. This relationship is running on the fast track; can Tamara take the risk to experience the power of love?

FLAT-OUT SEXY is a fast-paced read. Tamara is a widow and a dedicated mom who is re-entering the dating world. Elec may be younger, but he can teach Tamara a thing or two about life. The searing passion between these two is explosive, and the action starts on page one and doesn’t stop until the last page. Erin McCarthy has written a fun, sexy read. The love scenes are sizzling, and the characters are memorable. Pour yourself a glass of merlot, ladies, and enjoy.

Deborah C Jackson

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November Word Scramble Game...

Here is the latest word scrambler game! The prize is a $10 amazon gift certificate and will be awarded on Thursday night. (11/20)

Just unscramble the following author names and send your answers to

1. Lroi Ftesor
2. Ldisnay MnNekca
3. Kmblirey Ryae
4. Dnaia Pmelar
5. Jfenneir Csiure
6. Nahnna Wlhloe
7. Niade Whtsdieei
8. Uelij Otel
9. Akte Acpree
10. Erilemn Eelvcoal

Good luck!!!!

The winner of Forbidden Fantasies is......


Congratulations and please email me at

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Chat Saturday night at Romance Reviews Today

Come chat tonight with Minx in the Romance Reviews Today chat room! Join the latest discussions on reading and new books and whatever strikes the fancy.

Click here to log into the RRT Chat room (It's in Minx's chat room)

Chat begins at 9PM eastern time.

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Friday night chat....

...Begins at 9:30 pm eastern time.

To enter the chat room, click here or go to and click on RRT Chat. away a copy of TALK OF THE TOWN by Sherrill Bodine.

Check out the blurb and more info on this by clicking here (takes you to the author's web site)

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A Perfect 10: LIKE NO OTHER LOVER by Julie Ann Long

A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-06-134159-5
November 2008
Historical Romance

Pennyroyal Green, Sussex, England – 1800’s

Miles Redmond thought he was immune to love until he laid eyes on the beautiful Cynthia Brightly, the belle of the season. Although the vivacious Cynthia has neither family nor wealth, she believes her beauty will give her the title and money she deserves. At a ball, Miles hears her discussing the gentlemen to whom she would like to be introduced. She is not interested in Miles, since he is a second son, interested in natural science, and not wealthy enough for her tastes. Cynthia is soon engaged to a wealthy earl, but something happens and the engagement is broken.

Miles’s sister Violet invites her friend Cynthia for a two week stay at the Redmond estate for a house party. Although Miles has not seen Cynthia for two years, he is again overcome by her beauty and charm, and he is not happy with his reaction. His older brother has disappeared, so Miles is now the heir, but he is more interested in another trip to the South Seas. Cynthia is broke and will have to go into service if she does not attract a husband in the coming weeks. Miles, unhappily, is in charge of the house party, and his father is encouraging him to marry the demure Georgina, a wealthy friend’s daughter. Can Miles stop thinking of the lovely, cold-hearted Cynthia? Miles makes a deal with Cynthia – he will give her information about the gentlemen in the party for a kiss. She acquiesces, and the scene is set…

The emotion and the sexual tension in LIKE NO OTHER LOVER are palpable, and are a favorite part of this terrific story. As Miles courts Georgina, and Cynthia flirts with the various participants at the house party, they are always aware of each other. Although Miles has every intention of marrying Georgina, he can’t stop his heart from pounding and getting aroused as he watches the enticing Cynthia making conquests. Flirtation seems to come naturally to her. She begins to see Miles in a different light – why did she not realize how handsome and interesting he is, even though he challenges her at every turn? They have a difficult time keeping their eyes and hands off of each other, but Miles knows his duty, and Cynthia knows she must find a husband quickly before her funds are depleted.

LIKE NO OTHER LOVER will keep readers mesmerized from beginning to end -- guaranteed you won’t be able to put it down. The story is very romantic; steam and sizzle rise from the pages. Secondary characters compliment the story: Violet, who is looking for adventure, and the gentlemen who are so captivated by the spirited Cynthia. Well written with excellent dialogue and a sensual story that will live long in readers’ memories, it is a book you won’t want to miss. A Perfect 10.

Marilyn Heyman

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Another Hot Book Giveaway............

FORBIDDEN FANTASIES by various Ellora's Cave authors!


Bossy & Clyde

Psychic artist Kandrea Kane hires Damon Clyde to design her cozy new apartment, but she doesn't predict the erotic energy his masculine touch ignites in her voluptuous body.


Legend's Passion

A night of anonymous ecstasy in the park with a gorgeous werewolf is a red-hot sexual release for Chantal Devlin -- until a case of mistaken identity leads to a dangerous surprise.


Eternal Triangle

When mortal master Chad Lalanne and his sensuous vampire submissive Katie invite Philippe d'Argent on an erotic trip into a Cajun paradise, the lovers unlock wild, forbidden desires on the bayou.


Lady Elizabeth's Choice

After a raw, passionate encounter that claimed Lady Elizabeth Wentworth's innocence months ago, Lord Spencer Marchwood decides the only way to win her love is to seduce her with sexual pleasures she can't refuse.



While researchers try to determine who -- and what -- beautiful Eva really is, she relinquishes her darkest fantasies to the primal call of confident, golden-haired Dante, who rescued her from an evil scientist.


Wild Ride

DEA agent Santiago towers over Tess with a Stetson on his head and smooth bronze skin she longs to car-ess, putting her on her naughtiest bedroom behavior -- and exposing her to a risky game of hot pursuit.



Tight-bodied lunewulf Jaynie Rousseau loves her freedom too much to mate...until strong, aggressive Cariboo lunewulf Perry Roth tempts her animal senses and arouses her lustful appetite.


First Sharing

In order to save their people, handsome, feather-winged Laith and his muscle-bound, bat-winged friend Rykken must convince delicate Cyan to abandon her earthly art for a life of carnal indulgence in a land far away.

Step inside Ellora's Cave, where passions run wild and the sexiest fantasies come true....

To enter the contest, just post away and I'll announce the winner on Sunday night!

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Q&A with American Title finalist Marie-Claude Bourque!

Tell us about your entry in the American Title contest.

ANCIENT WHISPERS is a dark paranormal inspired by the poem Evangeline by Henri Longfellow (1847). It is the story of a bold immortal sorcerer and his obsession to be reunited with the fiancée he lost centuries ago. It is filled with tortured heroes, engaging and mysterious characters, intense emotions, scorching dark desires, gothic rituals and a touch of history.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing for 14 months.

What made you decide to enter the American Title contest?

I had just started to enter my manuscript in RWA contests when I saw the call for entry. Since my first three chapters were polished and the contest free, I decided to give it a shot just for fun and I quickly forgot all about it.

Describe your thoughts at the first moment you realized you were going to be in the contest?

The first real shock I had was when I received an email from Leah Hultenschmidt telling me she had thoroughly enjoyed my story and could I please send her the full manuscript. That was huge for me, I had only been writing for 10 months by then and I had no idea if anyone would ever like my writing. It was a tremendous validation. I didn’t expect more than that. I was very happy at that point. But of course, when I found out I was actually a finalist, I was stunned. I think I even cried.

What has been the reaction of your family and friends so far?

My friends and family are extremely supportive. A lot of people didn’t know I was writing, and now they are all very excited about the contest. My husband wishes he could get a few more home cook dinners, but he takes it all in a stride.
My two boys are very proud. It is great at their age, they believe that someone can truly do anything if they want it hard enough and they work hard at it. Their attitude is very stimulating to me.

What authors have influenced you?

I read across genre and I can’t say I write like any particular authors. I discovered paranormal romance through Sherrilyn Kenyon and Christine Feehan and I still love everything they produce, their character developments, the heat level of their love scene. But I have to say that my style has been called slightly lyrical and that has been a problem for me in many contests. I cannot seem to fit in that mold. I was a bit depressed about it, until I read dark fantasy author Caitlin R. Kiernan. I am quite a fan of hers and to see her writing style, very dark and lyrical, liberated me to write what I feel is me. I don’t write like her, or even try. She is brilliant. And she is true to herself and that is what inspires me. So I’m just looking for those people out there who might like my style. If I can’t find anyone, I will have to revise my game plan.

Okay, this is a tough question considering the contest is just opening, but what has been the toughest thing so far?

First, I am very worried about the judges’ comments. I can take being voted off, but I’m scared of the comments, on the Romantic Times website, for everyone to see.
But the real biggest challenge for me is balance, to stay balanced. When I start something, I am very focused and work very hard. So I do that for promoting the contest now, and I am very worried about neglecting my family or also forget to write new material, because it is the actual writing, writing everyday that keeps me truly happy.

Any idea how you'll react if you win?

I’ll be grateful, extremely grateful that many people took the time in their busy day to vote for my entry. I am amazed already at the number of people that are interested to read my story. I have my old friends from my hometown in Quebec, my colleagues at the gym where I used to work, the Pagan community online, writers of dark fiction, lots of great people in the romance community, including my Greater Seattle RWA chapter and of course my three special writing partners and friends. I even have some great guys from my hometown, bikers in a rock band and very talented musicians, who want me to write song lyrics for them. It is just amazing to me that people would care to help me succeed.
So yes, if it ever happens, I will be grateful. And if I don’t win, because it is quite a long shot, I’ll be very happy for the winner, because we have all become good friends, and I just want to read everyone’s stories.
So whatever the outcome, I have come such a long way since I first submitted my prologue, very timidly, to an online critique group about 10 months ago, that I will still be thrilled to have had the chance to learn so much from the contest.


Congratulations, Marie-Claude Bourque, and good luck! Be sure to vote for the next American Title winner by going to the Romantic Times site!

Click here: Read First Lines and instructions on how to vote

You can visit Marie-Claude's web site by clicking here.


The winner of BE WITH ME by Maya Banks is......

....Christy Jan!!!!!

Congratulations! Please email me at within ten days with your mailing information and I'll get the book out to you right away!!!

Stay tuned for another giveaway beginning Wednesday.

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Don't forget Crazy Mo has her chats on Wednesday night beginning at 9pm eastern time. This week she will have Terri Brisbin and Julia Justiss as her guests.

You can get to the chat room by clicking on and then clicking RRT Chat. She is in Mo's Book Buzz chat room.
To join Mo's announcement only email list, send a blank email to Mo at

Authors, if you're interested in chatting, contact Mo at or me at

Finally, I still haven't heard from a couple of winners who won last month. I'm giving them this week and then will be withdrawing the prize. I have contacted everyone who emailed me with their win or have mailed out the books. Actually, all the books have been mailed out as of Saturday but those people had contacted me and I responded to them.
Please email me at if you have any questions/concerns. Thank you.

New Reviews Posted at Romance Reviews Today

Romance Reviews Today,

Issue 62, Volume 1 – November 2008


Congratulations to the October contest winners Deidre & Ronda!

#1: Deidre D.

FOR HER EYES ONLY by Cait London
IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT by Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Allesandro & Candace Hern (anthology)

#2: Ronda I.

AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT by Alissa Johnson

Click on the Contest Page for information on entering the contest.


Visit our new release page and start your shopping list today!


Visit the RRTBlog to see what Patti is up to – and what books she is giving away. If you are not on the RRTChatters loop, you are missing some great conversations – and prizes.


Join Patti every Friday night in the RRT chat room at 9 PM ET to chat about this, that and the other.

Join the Schemer every Monday night in the RRT Chat room at 9 PM ET – you never know what the topic will be!

Beginning in November CrazyMo will be hosting in a new chat room. Check out the new calendar on the home page for the Chat Schedule.


In this issue, we have 30 new reviews for your reading enjoyment!


SILVER BELLS – Fern Michaels, JoAnn Ross, Mary Burton, Judy Duarte – Jane –Contemporary Romance

WOLFSBANE & MISTLETOE – Edited by Charlaine Harris & Toni L. P. Kelner – Hair-Raising Holiday Tales – Kathy –Paranormal

Contemporary Fiction

A CHRISTMAS PASSAGE - David Saperstein & George Samerjan – Deborah

OPEN DOORS – Gloria Goldreich – Lisa

THE HOUSE ON TRADD STREET – Karen White – Marilyn

Contemporary Romance

FLAT-OUT-SEXY – Erin McCarthy – Deborah

TALK ME DOWN – Victoria Dahl – Jennifer
UNRAVEL ME – Christie Ridgeway – Malibu & Ewe, Book 2 – Patti


CITY OF JADE – Dennis L. McKiernan – A Novel of Mithgar – Lori
FALLEN ANGEL – Margaret and Lizz Weis – Lisa
MAGIC TO THE BONE – Devon Monk – A Perfect 10 – Robin – Urban Fantasy

Futuristic Romance
EARTHCHILD – Katriena Knights – Vi

Historical Fiction

TALL, DARK & TEXAN – Jodi Thomas – A Whispering Mountain Novel – Jani

THE SMILE – Donna Jo Napoli – Kate – Young Adult

Historical Romance


BROKEN WING – Judith James – Deborah

DARK TEMPTATION – Allison Chase – A Novel of Blackheath Moor – Lisa
HER SECRET LOVER – Sara Bennett – Aphrodite’s Club, Book 2 – Lori

LIKE NO OTHER LOVER – Julie Anne Long – A Perfect 10 – Marilyn

MONTANA STAR – Deann Smallwood – Anthonette

THE BRIDE PRICE – Anne Mallory – Carolyn

TRAITOR’S KISS & LOVER’S KISS – Mary Blayney – Pennistan Family series - Jane – Double Book
TRAITOR’S KISS – Mary Blayney – Jennifer

Paranormal Romance

LIVING WITH THE DEAD – Kelley Armstrong – Otherworld series, Book 9 – Kathy

THE DARKEST TOUCH – Jaci Burton – The Demon Hunters, Book 3 – Jennifer - Romantic Suspense

Romantic Comedy

READY & WILLING – Elizabeth Bevarly – Patti

Romantic Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

DEAD RINGER – Mary Burton – Jennell

PLAYING DEAD – Allison Brennan – Prison Break series, Book 3 – Jane

Series Romance

CHRISTMAS IN KEY WEST – Cynthia Thomason – Marilyn = HSR #1528

THE HIDING PLACE – Karen Harper – Robin

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Q&A with Tracy Wolff!

Give a nice welcome to Tracy Wolff! Be sure to check out her website for more information about her books, and of course, hit the bookstores to grab up her latest.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I can actually tell you the exact moment, though not the day. I was in third grade and my parents had gone to the credit union near our house to apply for a car loan. They offered me the choice of coming in or waiting in the car (back in the days when that was still safe). I chose to wait in the car, but after a few minutes playing Barbie I was bored out of my mind. So I picked up a notebook and an aqua marker (all that was in the car at that moment) and began scribbling story.
Halfway through my tale of rainbows and leprechauns (did I mention it was a rainy day?) I realized that I was having more fun making things up than I had ever dreamed possible. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

I get them from the world around me, from stories I hear and people I talk to. My first book, A Christmas Wedding, came to me when I was in the car with my husband, mother and children. We were headed into Austin from a little town called Fredericksburg , and we passed a thoroughbred ranch. My son asked me about what went into racing horses and I told him I didn’t know, but I would find out. At home, as I researched horseracing for him, I found myself hooked on writing about a family that was basically horseracing royalty.
These days, my husband—who travels a lot—is constantly bringing me magazines he’s read on one airplane or another, pages dog-eared and exclamation points in the margin to point out what he thinks would make a good story. I haven’t picked out one to write a book about yet, but I think it’s really sweet that he does that.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I don’t know if it’s a quirk, but unlike most of my writing friends, I can work through just about anything. Three children roughhousing, fighting, loud action movies blaring in the background, constant interruptions of “Mooooooom,” violent Texas rainstorms, phone calls, doorbells, etc.—and I can do it all without noise-reducing headphones and in an office that is completely open and borders the game room where my children spend most of their time. When I’m in the zone, it takes something pretty huge to even attract my attention. I even ignored pretty sever labor pains for something like seven hours while I was trying to finish up A Christmas Wedding.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

Wow—there’s so many things I’ve learned from researching. For the paranormal trilogy I’m working on right now—based on the mythology of Ancient Egypt—I learned that the most ancient magic on earth (heka) originated in Egypt over seven thousand years ago. I thought that was pretty cool.

What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

My father always encouraged me to use my imagination. We spent many hours making up silly stories together when I was young—about whatever object came to mind. He never let me take the easy way out, always pushed me to come up with the best ideas and best story that I could. And always told me that I could do whatever I put my mind to.
My best friend and college roommate, Jenn, always believed in me—and has been there every step of the way on my journey towards publication. She’s oohed and aahed over every story bought, every contest won, every cover, etc. The day my books came in the mail, she dropped everything and rushed over just so she could ooh and aah some more.
Authors who’ve influenced me: I’m an English professor in my other life, so there’s a lot of them. Everyone from Poe and Hawthorne and Whitman to Nora Roberts, Patricia Cornwell and Linda Howard. It’s a hugely diverse list.

What does your family think about your career as a published author?

My father died when I was twenty-one, so he never got to see me attain my lifelong dream. But my mother is thrilled—she’s the one I give credit to for the direction my writing has taken. She got me hooked on romance novels when I was in fifth grade and had read everything in the YA section of the bookstore. She tells me regularly that she always knew I could get published.

What’s coming up next for you writing wise?

A Christmas Wedding kicks off a six book publication schedule, so 2008 has pretty much flown buy in a shower of words for me. Next up is Full Exposure, my January NAL release and Naughty Bits, a Spice anthology that one of my stories has been selected for. I’m currently working on another Superromance called From Friend to Father, due out in June 2009, as well as two different paranormals—one based on Ancient Egyptian magic and one about dragon shape shifters.

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How about a "hot" book giveaway?

Sweet, simple, short:

Be With Me by Maya Banks.

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A Perfect 10: AGNES AND THE HITMAN by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

AGNES AND THE HITMAN - Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer

A Perfect 10
St. Martin's Press
ISBN-10: 0-312-36305-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-36305-2
September 2008
Romantic Suspense

South Carolina – The Present

Food writer Agnes Crandall writes the Cranky Agnes column. Her writing led her to friendship with former mobster, Joey, and to her fiancé, Taylor.

Once associated with the Fortunato mob family, Joey now runs a small diner. He was Agnes’s inspiration to write Mob Food. Agnes plans on writing a book with Taylor, an up-and-coming chef. Together, she and Taylor purchased Two Rivers, an aging manor in Keyes where the Blood River meets the Intracoastal Waterway.

They purchased Two Rivers from Brenda Fortunato, widow of Frankie Fortunato. Agnes views Brenda as a mother. It's a special deal. Agnes thinks of Two Rivers as her home. Plus, if she plans Brenda’s granddaughter's wedding, three months of the mortgage will be considered paid. As Maria’s godmother, Agnes is pleased to do this. Her best friend is Maria’s mother, Lisa Livia. She met Lisa Livia at fourteen when they were in boarding school. It was Lisa Livia who first invited Agnes to Two Rivers. It is the perfect place for Agnes to write and for Taylor to start a catering business. So why is Brenda now trying to move the wedding to another location?

Agnes never expected to find someone in her kitchen threatening to steal her bloodhound. She deals with this intruder by throwing hot raspberry sauce on him followed by a blow from her cast-iron skillet. He falls backward through the wall -- hitting where a wall papered-over door gives access to a basement. The fall kills the intruder, a bad situation, as the fry pan is Brenda’s weapon of choice. Her previous use led to probation, community service, and anger management with psychologist Dr. Garvin. She still has ongoing mental conversations with the doctor.

Worried for Agnes, Joey contacts his nephew, Shane. Shane works for the government, as a hit man. He agrees to protect Agnes. It’s needed -- there are three more intrusions at Two Rivers.

AGNES AND THE HIT MAN is no ordinary romantic suspense novel. All of the characters, both good and bad, are totally engaging. The story is tense, tight, and hilarious, with more complications than Agnes’s pancakes have pecans. All of which earn it a Perfect 10. So pick up AGNES AND THE HIT MAN; turn to page one, and prepare to enjoy a delectable treat.

Robin Lee

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Q&A with Rowena Cherry!

Tell us about your newest release.

Thank you for asking the most important question first. Knight's Fork is about a Knight on a quest, a Queen in need of a sperm donor, and a right royal scandal.

It's a bit of a departure for me.

Forced Mate (debut novel) and Insufficient Mating Material both began in the hero's point of view. In Forced Mate, the hero was listening to an astounding bit of spy footage in which the heroine made some ill-informed and politically damaging remarks about his sexual prowess.

Insufficient Mating Material opened with the hero about to undergo identity-changing surgery before a shotgun wedding to a political liability wife, and worrying that his enemy's surgeons might decide that his penis was too easily recognizable to leave intact.

(I do have a lot of politics and titillating scandal in my novels)

Knight's Fork begins with the heroine's thoughts. She is thinking about testicles, while looking very prim, proper and regal and waiting for a formal royal ceremony to begin. On-duty members of royal families have to spend a lot of time being watched by the public while they wait.

Electra-Djerroldina is a Queen whose life depends upon giving her King an heir. (Very Ann Boleyn!!!) The problem is that she is an alien on his world, and they are genetically incompatible. She cannot fake a pregnancy and adopt, because her husband and his subjects are hairless aliens who don't wear clothes.

She needs a sperm donor! One who doesn't advertise. One who is the soul of discretion. Only one green-eyed god-Prince has the right stuff.

From 'Rhett's point of view, the last thing he wants is to become entangled in any sense of the word with an Imperial Princess who is not only an enemy King's consort, but the high-handed and Machiavellian Prince Tarrant-Arragon's elder sister. 'Rhett has no desire to play a latter day Prince Paris to Electra's Helen of Troy.

So far, Knight's Fork has been awarded a PNR Reviewer's Top Pick and a LASR readers' choice for best book of the week (based on a review).

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

That is a tough one to answer. I'm not hard-wired to want what I think I can't have. Once, I toyed with the dream of becoming a lawyer, but I blush easily and my Latin isn't good, so I realized that I'd never make it. I never bothered to dream of marrying a prince, or owning a pony, or pinning down a Beatle, either.

At university, although I was financially committed to teaching, I thought it would be wonderful to stay in Cambridge and write learned and arcane doctoral theses about Shakespeare’s minor characters. However, I had to earn a living, so I sold my bicycle and most of my books and went out into the world and taught (and loved it).

Then, I married an international executive with an American car company, and he was promoted to a job in Germany. It didn’t make sense to work for anyone except my husband, so I did a bit of ghost writing for him.

I also wrote very long and creative letters to all our friends and family, partly, of course, to stay in touch. One of my husband's friends, a publisher of automotive magazines, told me that I ought to consider writing professionally.

The seed was planted.

Once we settled in the USA, and I was not required to be translator and secondary secretary, I began to jot down--long hand--an epic saga based on a recurrent dream that I'd enjoyed for about a year, and which seemed too good not to share. It was about 600 pages. Eventually, the center portion of it became FORCED MATE.

As for why I wrote Romance, in the early days it was a toss up whether I wrote Romance or Science Fiction. Then I was honored with a small award in a Chesapeake Romance Writers' contest for the last line of a novel. I think it was Most Poignant. In another contest, I was awarded second prize for Most Sexy Line.

My point is, with a poignant last line, and a sexy line somewhere else, FORCED MATE was trending away from science fiction!

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

Taking ideas first, I like to take two traditional, time-honored plots (Ronald Tobias in "Twenty Master Plots" claims that there are only twenty stories) and weave them together. I often start with a classical myth, and then give it a futuristic, humorous spin.

Orson Scott Card said that there are four elements to a book, which every author has to a greater or lesser degree: Milieu (that's world-building to those of us who write speculative romance); Idea (some astonishing and original premise); Character (my focus) and Event (or Plot).

I write character-driven romances, so I spent a great deal of time thinking about the sort of person my hero is, how he talks, whether or not he swears (and if he does, what swear-words he'd use), what he has in his pockets, what he was like at school etc.

A lot of my inspiration comes from the glamorous places I've been and people I've met, things I've seen (including animals courting each other, and such damaging sights as the ground-sweeping erection of a stately hippopotamus, and my husband's reaction to an ostrich's erection).

As for information, I believe that if something can be researched, it ought to be. I only make up what is unknowable. I use the internet, books, I write to people, call them, take sword-fighting lessons… For Knight's Fork, I ended up filling out pages and pages of real forms as if 'Rhett was truly applying for a license to exhume human (alien actually) remains in Great Britain.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I would say it's my contrarian tendencies.

I like to reinvent the wheel, travel the path less trodden, take someone who would traditionally be called the villain and make him the hero of his own story.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

That other people seem to think I write sex scenes well. Now that really surprises me!

Now, I don't want to mislead anyone. I write Romance. Friends who write Erotica, and its milder sister Romantica, have informed me in no uncertain terms that I do not write anything stronger than “SPICY” romance.

My heroines do not sleep with anyone except the hero after they meet.

The hero and heroine end up married, or planning to get married, and they promise the reader that they will live happily ever after.

They do not make love (or fool around) unless it is absolutely necessary, and if they do make love, there’s a grander point to the scene than having a sex scene for the sake of it.

Having said that, I’d better say a few words about the cover scene of Insufficient Mating Material, because I am on record as having admitted that I wrote in a “Sex ’n Surf” scene after I’d seen the cover art.

I didn’t just bang out a roll in the sea in a couple of days! It took me at least two months to re-write the book, and find “the right place” for that scene. There was only one place in the entire book where such a scene could be inserted, but it meant that I had to clear a battlefield of corpses–without recourse to magic—not to mention explain the heroine’s hair!

Also, given where in the book the scene had to happen, the lovemaking could not be entirely satisfactory, and could not signal the end of all conflict between the hero and heroine.

I suppose I could have simply tacked a “From Here To Eternity” scene into an epilogue. But, in my opinion—for the way I write--that would have been gratuitous, and the cover would have been a spoiler.

Since I went off at a bit of a tangent, I might also say that there's a lot of very surprising extra duties that an author discovers go along with a contract.

What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

Rebecca Sinclair who was a very supportive judge when Forced Mate was doing the unpublished contest circuit, who gave me great advice about writing love scenes, and who is still a friend.

Victoria Alexander who sent the first three chapters of Forced Mate to her editor. (It didn't work out, but her kindness was incredible).

Susan Grant who judged Forced Mate when we were competitors on the contest circuit, and who had the generosity to tell me I'd be a fool not to enter the New Voice In Paranormal Romance contest (which was the start of my published career with Dorchester).

Jade Lee, who was a judge three years running in another RWA contest, and gave me one of the best bits of advice ever: to throw away my first 60 pages. Jade is still a good friend.

Linnea Sinclair. In 2003 I gave up on trying to be New York published, and submitted to an e-publisher. At the time Linnea Sinclair was one of their top authors and artists, and she was asked to read FORCED MATE for a second opinion. Apparently, Linnea sat up in bed all night, snorting and howling with laughter, much to the annoyance of her husband, and the next day Linnea informed the publisher that she should buy everything I wrote including my shopping list… or it might have been my laundry list.

Having got me my first contract with an e-publisher, Linnea has been supportive and a goldmine of professional advice ever since. Linnea is now a RITA award winning author for Bantam books such as Games of Command, Gabriel's Ghost, Shades of Dark, Down Home Zombie Blues.

What does your family think about your career as a published author?

Proud and appalled.

Seriously, my mother (who is in her seventies), my husband (who is in his seventies and very dignified), my daughter (who thinks sex is yucky, thank goodness!) would all much rather I wrote (wildly successful) cosy murder mysteries about spry, mentally alert, septuagenarian virgins solving cold cases.

What’s coming up next for you writing wise?

I have a promise to keep. Non fiction.

Fictionwise, one character from Knight's Fork was all but written out because my editor wants his story…. and I am mulling that over.

I also want to write a "wrinkly" romance because there are a couple of older characters whom I think really deserve a happy ever after (what's left of it).

The projected "forking" books are intended as a heroine-centered series officially known as Demetra's Daughters.

Moreover, if I get my act together, I mean to have a go at NaNoWriMo (novella in a month).

Thank you very much for asking, and thank you for this opportunity to chat about myself and my brainchildren.

Thank you, Rowena! You can learn more by visiting her website at

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Winner of Sweet Revenge is....


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I hope everyone had fun with the contests in October. Keep your eye out for more. ;-)

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Winner of Snowy NIght with a Stranger is.....

............Jennifer Y!!!

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