Winners...we have winners!!!!

Okay, as promiised, I'm announcing gift card winners. The first is the biggie:

The winner of the $25 gift cert from Amazon is.......


Who says those who post last never win????

Congrats and please email me at

The final winner of the night is one for a $10 gift cert from Amazon or Fictionwise.

That winner is.....TERESA W!!!!!

(and do you want me to post the answers to the word scrambler game?)

Congrats everyone!

Friday night at chat, I'll give away a really hot prize. ;-)

And you can thank Limecello for giving me the bright idea of how to run the contest during chat.


limecello said…
Congratulations, winners! As for the contest idea... haha uh oh. I don't remember what I said or what it is so I hope I don't regret it :P
Fedora said…
Congrats, ABookworm and Teresa W! And thanks, Lime! ;)
Anonymous said…
wtg winners
Jane said…
Congrats to the winners.
tetewa said…
Yay, I sent you an e-mail!
Rashmi said…
Oh, WOW WOW WOW! That'll put a dent in my book wish-list. Thanks SO much. I'm emailing you now, Patti!

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