A Perfect 10: THE STORM by Jean Johnson

THE STORM - Jean Johnson
A Perfect 10
The Sons of Destiny, Book 6
Berkley Publishing
ISBN-10: 0425222179
ISBN-13: 9780425222171
September 2008
Fantasy Romance

Nightfall Isle - Concurrent with Earth Present Day

Four sets of fraternal twins...two years apart. Exiled...but not defeated.

On the run from evil people who would like to dissect her to see what makes her tick, Arora has had to rely on her twin sister Amara's shapeshifting abilities to get them to safety. It bothers her that she has not been more help in facilitating their escape. Literally washed ashore on Nightfall Isle, Arora hopes that maybe they have found sanctuary. Neither she nor her sister could have dreamed that they would meet anyone special so far from home.

While Amara is less than gracious to their hosts and avoids Trevan, Arora goes exploring...and finds the most secretive of the Corvis brothers, Rydan, Trevan's twin. No one knows why he stays underground most of the time and has appointed himself guardian of his seven brothers, four (so far) sisters-in-law, and other assorted beings who inhabit the castle and surrounding area. While trying to discourage her, Rydan finds himself opening to the persistent Arora, especially when he discovers that her powers are akin to his, and together they can build...or destroy.

Hooray! We finally get to meet the 'real' Rydan and find that there is so much to this most mysterious brother. I could heap accolade upon accolade on this fantastic story, but I would run out of superlatives. The first five books of The Sons of Destiny are a perfect build-up of history and backstories. THE STORM brings the focus squarely on the restoration of the place where the brothers have been banished. THE STORM tells the same events that take place in THE CAT, Trevan and Amara's story, but from the viewpoints of Rydan and Arora. It is a clever twist on the part of the author. I wanted to hug Rydan. He has been so alone. Now, Arora has the gratitude of his brothers for showing him that love can conquer demons of any making. Rydan's story is so worth the frustrations of waiting. His piece of Nightfall is a wonder in itself. I would gladly deal with the vicious citizen chickens -- too complicated to explain here -- if I could move to Nightfall.

Jean Johnson has created super yummy heroes and beautiful, spirited heroines who complement each other. At this point, I think Rydan and Arora are the best suited to each other. Only two more books remain before the series is complete. On one hand, I can't wait for them. On the other hand, I will be sad when book number eight is done. If you haven't read The Sons of Destiny, what are you waiting for????? This one is a keeper and gets a Perfect 10.

Vi Janaway


Pam P said…
I've been enjoying this series, just finished The Song. So far my favorite has been The Master, but I've suspected when I get to Rydan's story, that one's going to be my favorite. Got to hurry and read The Cat now so I can to it. Glad to see your indicates I'm going to love this one.

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