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Amazon Gift Card winner is......

...congratulations to ROBYN1 !!!!

Please email me at with your info!

Q&A with Tessa Radley!!!!

Today, let's give a warm welcome to Tessa Radley!

She has a series with Silhouette Desire out called The Saxon Brides. The first book is called Mistaken Mistress and is out in Oct, followed by Spaniard's Seduction and Pregnancy Proposal.

Sit back and get to know Tessa!

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

That's a hard question! LOL. Deep down I think I always wanted to be a writer. But it took me a loooong time to admit it to myself. First I went to university and majored in English Literature…then I worked for years as a lawyer, then I had kids…and finally I decided I wanted to be a writer. I'd always loved, loved, loved reading. So I'm a reader first, writer second. I spent my childhood buried in books. My mom was a journalist and later a writer. I saw first hand what a tough career it could be—she got up at 4 am every morning, for goodness sake! I struggle to wake at 6—I need daylight, I could NEVER be a vampire.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

Everywhere. Looking at paintings in art galleries. Walking on the beach. Watching people talking on the sidelines of my sons' soccer games. Flipping through magazines…sometimes reading an article about someone can spark a 'what if…' moment. What if someone in that situation were to meet a guy who….and off I go.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

It's not so much interesting as frustrating...but I take a long time to settle down to write. Yet once I get into the guts of the first draft I can't stop. I HAVE to write through to the end of the draft. I tend to became a bit of a recluse…I burn meals because I'm not concentrating, and my kids know this is a great time to ask for the world because I'm likely to say "mm"—which they take as yes. At this stage all I am thinking about 24/7 is the characters in my book…and getting to the end of the story.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

I love research…so I learn new stuff every day. Fascinating stuff. At times I can get bogged down in all that wonderful detail about wine or hawks or the winds that blow around the Greek Islands. Recently I read about how ice wine (which I'd never heard of!) is made from frozen grapes—of course I had to buy the wine to taste it after that. But I've also learned that sometimes it's better to research superficially first, then write my first draft, then go back and check the fine details. Otherwise I'd never find time to write…

What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

Presents authors Robyn Donald and Daphne Clair were simply wonderful. I'd read—and loved—their books for years and when I met them I discovered that they were incredibly generous in giving advice, they run a writing course that I attended several times and both of them taught me so much. And it was at the Kara School of Writing that I met my writing group who are an inspiration to me every day—Abby Gaines and Karina Bliss write for Superromance and Sandra Hyatt has just been bought by Silhouette Desire, so we've been doing lots of celebrating.

What does your family think about your career as a published author?

They think it's absolutely cool!

What’s coming up next for you writing wise?

I've got a new mini-series THE SAXON BRIDES starting in October which is set at a winery run by the Saxon family. In the first book, MISTAKEN MISTRESS, Alyssa Blake gatecrashes the annual masked ball at Saxon Folly to find the man she's been seeking for years…Joshua Saxon, the oldest Saxon son, is the man who stands between Alyssa and her dream. The next two books in the mini-series SPANIARD'S SEDUCTION and PREGNANCY PROPOSAL come out later in the year. You can visit for excerpts and more details.

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Chat Friday night at Romance Reviews Today!

Don't forget I'll host the usual chat friday night beginning at 9:30 eastern time in the RRT chat room. Go to and click chat and then into the RRT Chat room.

I'll be giving away a copy of the WILDEST DREAMS anthology featuring Janice Maynard, LuAnn McLane and Morgan Leigh!

Check it out and see what other goodies might be given away... ;-)

Hope to see you there!

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SIMPLY SINFUL winner is.....

...Karen H in NC
Karen, email Kate at with your mailing info and she'll get it right out to you!


Looking for a chat Thursday night....

From Marly Mathews:

Hello Everyone!
You are all cordially invited to drop by the RWA Online Chat Room on Thursday, October 30th starting at 9 PM EST, for our Halloween Chat. We'll be talking about things that go bump in the night and there might also be a few treats at the chat as well!
We hope to see you there!

Book Giveaway.....SWEET REVENGE by Diane Mott Davidson!

Next up for a giveaway is Diane Mott Davidson's SWEET REVENGE. This is the paperback version of it and you can learn more about it by clicking here.

An added bonus are the recipes in the back of the book. :)

Question for readers:

Do you cook or are the take out restaurants on speed dial?

Winner to be announced Sunday night.

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Q&A with Kate Pearce!

Let's give a warm welcome (back!) to Kate Pearce, who's going to chat about herself and her latest release, SIMPLY SINFUL. At the end of the interview, learn how you can win a copy of SIMPLY SINFUL!


Tell us about your newest release.

My next book is the second in the House of Pleasure series, Simply Sinful. It's Regency-set erotic romance from Kensington Aphrodisia and features Peter Howard, a secondary character in Simply Sexual.

Here's the blurb:

A wicked proposition...
Forced to wed at a young age, Abigail Beecham is tired of living in a sexless marriage. She longs to succumb to the delicious pleasures of pure carnal lust that she has only read about. And if her husband James can't satisfy her erotic needs, he's ready to find her a man who can.
A wild past…
Peter Howard is accustomed to unusual sexual requests. His seven years as a slave in a Turkish brothel left his skilled in sensual delights. But there is little that actually arouses him-until he meets James and Abigail. Maybe now he'll finally experience that exquisite feeling of bliss he so desperately desires.

As anyone who reads my books knows, its not exactly your conventional romance novel, but it is very romantic I promise!

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I was always one of those kids who made stuff up-I got into trouble for daydreaming all the time and my parents despaired of me ever knuckling down and getting an education. I always wanted to write and started in my teens, but it took me many years to find my own voice-I wanted to be Jane Austen too much!

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

Sometimes the characters literally come to me in my dreams-Valentin Sokorvsky and Peter Howard turned up like that. I tend to absorb loads of apparently useless information and then somehow my subconscious swirls it all around and produces characters and ideas. I'm also a great reader, I still like historical fiction and non-fiction and get ideas from there too.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Jelly Bellys...I eat a handful just before I start to write and in a certain order, least favorite to favorite which basically meand I start with yellows and end with reds!

Another thing is that I don't really write anything down about the plot, characters names, anything until I get three-quarters of the way through the book when I write a quick outline to help me get to the end.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

That characters just walk away with the story sometimes. I've learned to go along with them :)

What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

I loved discovering romance novels when I moved to the USA-what a treat! I admire Linda Howard, Judith McNaught, Mary Balogh and many others including the great historical author Dorothy Dunnett. They all influenced me in different ways and I try and take elements of all of them and put them into what I write.

I made some real writing friends in a local class several years ago and we all still support each other and critique together-they are invaluable.

What does your family think about your career as a published author?

My teenage sons are horrified that their mother knows anything, let alone anything about sex, LOL. My husband is incredibly supportive and very proud of me. My mother is still waiting for me to write a 'good book' without all that sex rubbish in it. Most of my sisters are great readers and the first to tell me whether they like something or hate it! Overall, I can't say that I get the red-carpet treatment at home, I still have to cook clean and do laundry. :)

What's coming up next for you writing wise?

Ooh good things. Simply Sinful comes out at the end of October/beginning of Nov and next year I'll have at least another three books coming out.
First out will be the third and last contemporary erotic Western romance from Virgin Cheek-Riding the Line. It's about another of those Turner brothers, Dakota Scott and it is hot sexy and fun.
Then in May, the third House of Pleasure book Simply Shameless comes out. It's about Madame Helene Delornay, the owner of the pleasure house and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.
The fourth book Simply ? will come out in November, I'm writing it at the moment and it features Lord Anthony Sokorvsky, Val's brother. It's fun to write!
I'm also hoping to write another futuristic for Ellora's Cave about Planet Valhalla and those intergalactic vikings when I have time!
Thank you, Kate!

Now, for the book giveaway....comment or ask Kate any questions and you'll be entered to win a copy of SIMPLY SINFUL!

You can learn more about Kate and what's in her writing mind by visiting her at her website at

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A Book Winner and a new Book Giveaway!

First off, the winner of DO OR DIE by Marly Mathews is....flchen! Fedora, email me at with your mailing information. Congratulations!

Now, we have a Regency set Historical to giveaway....

SNOWY NIGHT WITH A STRANGER anthology by Jane Feather, Sabrina Jeffries, and Julia London.


Question for readers:

What is your favorite historical romance time period to read?

Post away and I'll announce the winner on Thursday night!

Coming up Tuesday... an interview with Kate Pearce, who's latest SIMPLY SINFUL, comes out that day. You can preorder it from either Amazon, BN, or Borders (or Chapters if you are in
Canada) or buy it beginning Tuesday in your favorite bookstore.
Plus, stay tuned for a SIMPLY SINFUL giveaway!

Here's a taste of SIMPLY SINFUL by clicking this excerpt off Kate's Website

Click Here


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Book Winners!

Here we go:

Passion and Pleasure in London is won by Raven99

Unwrap Me is won by Nascarandbeans

Cafe Au Lait is won by Pollyanna

Congratulations winners! Please email me at with your mailing info.

Tomorrow night is the Marly Mathews book winner and more book contests.

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Q&A with Marly Mathews!

Welcome Marly Mathews to the blog!
She writes a variety of romance for both
The Wild Rose Press and New Concepts Publishing. (click the links to reach her author pages at both sites)

First off, we are going to learn a little bit about Marly, and then you have a chance to ask her questions and she'll respond. Remember, you get a chance to be entered twice in a contest to win a print copy of her book DO OR DIE, just out from The Wild Rose Press.

Tell us about your newest release.

Do Or Die is my newest release. It's a futuristic paranormal set ten years after a catastrophic war with a intergalactic race of telepathic humans. This book was a lot of fun to write because the story was unlimited in what could happen to the hero and heroine. My hero is corporeally challenged, so he gets into quite a few interesting situations as a spirit. Shylah was a really fun character to craft because she can do almost anything and yet, because of her experiences she is a very vulnerable person, even with her steel backbone. I think one reviewer nailed it when she said Shylah was a character that kicked butt first and asked questions later if she felt like it.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I've wanted to be a writer for as long as I can recall. I've been telling stories since I could talk and writing them as soon as I could put pencil or pen to paper. When I was a child, I was a voracious reader. I used to read books so quickly it made my mother's head spin. LOL I definitely wasn't a child that needed to be coaxed into reading a book. People would always comment on my wild imagination so I thought why not make a career out of using that wild imagination?

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

I have various research books that I use for my books, and I sometimes use sources on the web. As for ideas, they sometimes come out of the blue or they gestate as I'm thinking about something entirely different, or they can even come while watching or reading a news article. I like to take various 'what if' scenarios and twist them so that the story is full of surprise. Hopefully. ;)

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I'm not sure if I have an interesting writing quirk. I like to write listening to music or the television, I don't know if that really constitutes as quirk worthy. Oh, and I do most of my writing during the night and early morning hours.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

That sometimes your characters can surprise you. They have a sneaky way of taking over the plot and leading it into another direction. I guess that's why I don't outline. ;)

What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

There are so many authors that influenced my writing. Barbara Michaels, Victoria Holt, Johanna Lindsey, Jude Deveraux, Teresa Medeiros just to name a few of the romance authors that influenced my writing. I think the writers that really got me hooked into becoming a writer, would have to be the likes of L.M. Montgomery, Janet Lunn, Kit Pearson, Louisa May Alcott, and so many more. They all knew how to paint pictures with their inspiring words.

What does your family think about your career as a published author?

They are very supportive and very happy for me. My mother has always encouraged my writing so she's probably my biggest fan.

What’s coming up next for you writing wise?

You can look for several more releases from me in 2009 or late 2008. My Lady Knight of Avalon which is an Arthurian Time Travel romance is set to be released soon at The Wild Rose Press. His Lady's Keeper which is the sequel to I'll Be Yours will be releasing in January 2009 at New Concepts Publishing this one is a historical romantic suspense, and Psychic Chains, which is a futuristic fantasy will be releasing at NCP in March of 2009. I've also been offered a contract on Rogue Fairy which is a futuristic fantasy with NCP. And I'm finishing up the sequel to Doorway to the Stars, and working on a few other projects.

Thank you, Marly! Be sure to visit her website by clicking here.

Post away readers with any questions you have for Marly.

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Excerpt: DO OR DIE by Marly Mathews

Okay, great weekend for everyone. Our guest this weekend is Marly Mathews, who writes for The Wild Rose Press and New Concepts Publishing.
First up is an excerpt from DO OR DIE, Marly's latest. You can purchase a copy of DO OR DIE by
clicking here and note that it's available in ebook or print versions.

Then, over the weekend there will be a Q&A posted with Marly.

There is also a book giveaway of the print version of DO OR DIE (which I got from Amazon) and you can have up to two chances to win a copy. Post either in this blog post or during the Q&A blog post. You get a maximum of two entries. I'll announce the winner on Monday night! (you can ask more than one question but only get maximum of two entries)

DO OR DIE available now from The Wild Rose Press


Voices floated around her. Telepathic voices.
Wincing, Shylah creaked one eye open and then the other.
Her eyes roamed around the small room she was in. A pilot from the Earth Space Force was stretched out on the bed beside her. She was in a healing ward. She was alive. Someone had a firm grasp on her hand. A shiver ran through her as the man’s touch tingled straight through her skin. He had the lightest touch imaginable.
“Hello,” he murmured.
Her eyes locked onto his. Dark, brooding. But filled with tenderness. She licked her lips. The emotion in his eyes rocked her to her core.
“Water,” she mumbled.
He didn’t seem willing to let go of her hand to reach for the cup by the bedside. She rolled her head to the side, and locked her eyes on the cup.
“Shylah!” Tessa’s shocked voice broke her concentration.
Through a great amount of grit, she’d just managed to levitate the cup into the air. It fell, and sloshed water all over the table. “Oh, crap,” Shylah muttered.
Tessa ran toward her, and leaned down to hug her.
“You gave us all quite the fright. You were badly burned. But Carly managed to heal you. She’s resting right now, so she can attend to the other injured.”
“She should have treated them first.”
“Well, the other healers tended the ones that were critical. You needed Carly, your wounds were...well, they were extensive, to say the least.”
Tessa flushed as she touched Shylah’s mind.
“You must thank Carly for me,” Shylah rasped.
“Thank her yourself; she’ll be by to see you in a few minutes.” Tessa’s gaze fell and lingered on Grayson.
Shylah squeezed Tessa’s hand, willing her to keep quiet. Tessa had felt her emotions. She would already know Shylah desired Grayson.
And who in their right mind wouldn’t? He’d saved her life.
Tessa snapped her hands. The water glass righted itself, and the water jug tilted on its side and poured more water into the glass. “Take a sip of this.” Tessa moved the glass so
Shylah would be able to pick it up with her free hand.
“Thanks,” Shylah mumbled.
“Shylah, I’ll leave you alone, so you and Grayson can talk. He has something of great consequence to tell you.”
Shylah’s heart fell. With her luck, the man was probably married. Closing her eyes, she turned her head, opened her eyes, and riveted them on Grayson.
Tessa left the room. Awkward silence hung between them. Her eyes dropped to his hand clutching hers. Her hand looked good clasped beneath his larger one.
“I don’t know how to say this...” His voice trailed off.
“Oh, let me guess, you’re—” She was just about to say married, when he interrupted her.
“I’m dead. Dead.” He stressed the last word.
Her mouth gaped open. Okay, so she wasn’t really expecting that bombshell.
Huh. Well, at least he wasn’t married.

Book Giveaways...

I know there are a couple of book giveaways due and I'll announce those on Sunday night!

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Book Giveaway......CAFE AU LAIT by Liane Spicer

Our next book giveaway is CAFE AU LAIT by newcomer Liane Spicer! It's a contemporary romance.

Here's a blurb:

Londoner Shari Zamore is at the end of her rope. Her carefully constructed world is falling down around her ears, and she’s so restless that she can barely bring herself to care. So the pretty professional runs away to her family’s home in Trinidad in search of rest, relaxation, and maybe even a little no-strings romance. What she finds there is a stubborn, sexy man determined to make her face all of the things she desperately wants to forget.

Most visitors embrace the sultry spirit of his homeland. So why is Michael Chancery so intrigued by a woman whose icy attitude and arrogant demeanor seem designed to discourage any man who tries to get too close? Her plan is to love him, leave him, and then return to the life she left on hold. But Michael doesn’t give up easily, and he’ll use every tool in his sensual arsenal, every moment of each heated tropical night to convince Shari that her place is on the island…and that his heart belongs to her.


Post away and I'll announce the winner on Sunday night!


First off, come chat with me Friday night (24th) at 9:30PM eastern time in the Romance Reviews Today chat room. I have some books to give away.....

Go to and click "chat" and then into the RRT chat room.

I hope to see you there!

Finally, if you have won a book this month and have not received it, but it has been less than a week since you won, let me know if you did not get it. I have sent out all of the winning books except for those won in the past seven days or or if you just contacted me. (I know who you are)
Email me at

Next week, get ready for some awesome, rocking guests!

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Harlequin Presents winner is.....

.....Poster number 5 -- Melissa!!

Congrats! You win both books!

Please email me at with your mailing info.

Book Giveaway.....UNWRAP ME anthology.....

Okay, I know I may have a few takers on this one. :)

UNWRAP ME by Susan Lyons, Melissa MacNeal and Melissa Randall

It is currently available for Kensington Aphrodisia

Over at Susan's website you can find more about all three stories by clicking here.

My question for you is:

Are you looking forward to Christmas this year, despite the economy?

Post away and I'll choose a winner later in the week.

(one entry per person)

Chat tonight!

Don't forget the chat tonight with Cara Carnes and Joanna Wylde in the Romance Reviews Today chat room!

Lot's of fun will be in store for everyone!

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New Reviews Posted

Romance Reviews Today,

Issue 62, Volume 2 October 2008


The October Prizes are:


FOR HER EYES ONLY by Cait London
IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT by Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Allesandro & Candace Hern (anthology)


AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT by Alissa Johnson

Click on the Contest Page for information on entering the contest.


Visit our new release page and start your shopping list today!


Visit the RRTBlog to see what Patti is up to – and what books she is giving away. If you are not on the RRTChatters loop, you are missing some great conversations – and prizes.


Join Patti every Friday night in the RRT chat room at 9 PM ET to chat about this, that and the other.

Join the Schemer every Monday night in the RRT Chat room at 9 PM ET – you never know what the topic will be!

Beginning in November CrazyMo will be hosting in a new chat room.

A Calendar has been added to the home page for a schedule of chat.


In this issue, we have 38 new reviews for your reading enjoyment!


MYSTERIA LANE – MaryJanice Davidson, Susan Grant, Gena Showalter, PC Cast - Jen – Anthology – Paranormal Romance

THE MAGICAL CHRISTMAS CAT- Lora Leigh, Erin McCarthy, Nalani Singh, Linda Winstead Jones - Jennell – Anthology – Paranormal Romance
TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT – Donna Kauffman, Jill Shalvis, HelenKay Dimon - Patti – Anthology – Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Fiction

A CHRISTMAS STAR – Thomas Kinkade & Katherine Spencer - Diana – Contemporary Fiction
ANOTHER MOTHER'S LIFE - Rowan Coleman – Debora – Contemporary Fiction

SWIM TO ME - Betsy Carter - A Perfect 10 - Mel – Contemporary Fiction

Contemporary Romance

A CEDAR COVE CHRISTMAS – Debbie Macomber – A Cedar Cove Series Holiday Extra - Diana – Contemporary Romance
JUST THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE – Julie James – A Perfect 10 – Carolyn – Contemporary Romance
LUCKY CHARM - Carly Phillips - Courtney – Contemporary Romance
JUST THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE – Julie James – A Perfect 10 - Carolyn


BLOOD MEMORIES – Barb Hendee – The Vampire Memoires, Book 1 - Lori
THE LONG LOOK - Richard Parks - Robin - Fantasy

Fantasy Romance

KING OF SWORD AND SKY – C.L. Wilson – Tairen Soul series, Book 3 - Lisa – Fantasy Romance

Historical Fiction

HEARTS ON THE WIND – Leslee Breene – Jani
THE FIREMASTER'S MISTRESS - Christie Dickason – A Perfect 10 – Jani
WITH VIOLETS – Elizabeth Robards - Jani

Historical Romance

SEDUCE ME AT SUNRISE – Lisa Kleypas – Carolyn – Historical Romance
THE CAPTIVE HEART – Bertrice Small – The Border Chronicles, Book 3 - Anthonette – Historical Romance
THE DRAGON EARL – Jade Lee - Carolyn – Historical Romance
THE SCARLET SPY - Andrea Pickens - Jani – Historical Romance

DANGEROUS HEART – Tracey Bateman – Western Heart series – Deborah – Historical

Paranormal Fiction
PERSONAL DEMON – Kelley Armstrong – Women of the Otherworld, Book 8 - Kathy – Paranormal Fiction (MM rerun)

Paranormal Romance

DARK POSSESSION - Christine Feehan – A Carpathian Novel, Book 17 - Lori – Paranormal Romance
FALLEN - Claire Delacroix - Lori – Paranormal Romance
INTIMATE BEINGS - Jessica Inclán – The Cygirians, Book 2 - Lori – Paranormal Romance
MERCURY’S WAR - Lora Leigh – Feline Breed series, Book 10, Breeds, Book 16 - Jennell – Paranormal Romance

NIGHT FALLS DARKLY – Kim Lennox – A Novel of the Shadow Guard, Book 1 - Kate
PREY - Melina Morel - Amy – Paranormal Romance

SHADOW RIDER – Kathrynn Dennis - Kate – Paranormal Romance
SUCCUBUS DREAMS – Richelle Mead - Kathy – Paranormal Romance
THE REDEEMING – Jennifer Ashley – Immortals, Book 5 - Sinclair

UP IN SMOKE - Katie MacAlister – A Novel of the Silver Dragons - Lori – Paranormal Romance

Romantic Comedy

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS – Lisa Plumley - Patti
POWER PLAY – Deirdre Martin - Patti – Romantic Comedy

Romantic Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

AGNES AND THE HITMAN – Jennifer Crusie & Bob Mayer – A Perfect 10 – Robin – Romantic Suspense
BARE WITNESS – Katherine Garbera – Liberty Investigations series, Book 2 - Kate – Romantic Suspense
CAUGHT - Jami Alden – The Gemini Man, Book 1 – Jennifer – Romantic Suspense
NO ESCAPE - Shannon K. Butcher – Deborah – Romantic Suspense
SOMETHING VERY WILD – Mary Zelinsky - Marilyn

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE – Maureen McKade – Jane

Series Romance

AN AFFAIR WITH THE PRINCESS – Michelle Celmer – Royal Seductions, Book 3 - Patti - SD# 1900
BABY BENEFITS – Emily McKay – Billionaire’s and Babies series - Patti – SD #1902
DANTE’S CONTRACT MARRIAGE – Day Leclaire – The Dante Legacy, Book 4 - Patti – SD #1899
MARRIAGE, MANHATTAN STYLE – Barbara Dunlop – Park Avenue Scandals, Book 4 - A Perfect 10 - Patti – SD #1897
MILLIONS TO SPARE - Barbara Dunlop – Thoroughbred Legacy, Book 5 – Miniseries - Mel – SSE #
MISTAKEN MISTRESS – Tessa Radley – The Saxon Brides, Book 1 Diana – SD #
THE M.D.'S MISTRESS - Joan Hohl – Gifts from a Billionaire - Mel – SD #1892

THE MONEY MAN'S SEDUCTION – Leslie LaFoy – Gifts from a Billionaire, Book 2 – A Perfect 10 – Carolyn – SD #1898

Passion and Pleasure in London by Melody Thomas book giveaway!

Now giving away a copy of PASSION AND PLEASURE IN LONDON by Melody Thomas!

Here's a blurb:

"When his grandfather summons him to his estate, Rory Jameson goes for only one reason - to tell the man off and turn his back on his inheritance. Winter Ashburn is sick of the injustices committed against her and her people by her aristocratic uncle. Seeking revenge for the excess around her, she takes a page from Robin Hood’s book, pilfering from the wealthy at local inns. When Rory is injured trying to retrieve his wallet, Winter comes face to face with the consequences of her actions - and with a man who will change her life forever."

Post away by answering this question:

What romance novel hero from a historical would you like to meet?

I'll pick a winner later this week!

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Come chat with Cara Carnes and Joanna Wylde on Wednesday night!

Come join us Wednesday, October 22nd at 9:00 PM Eastern Time as we chat with Cara Carnes and Joanna Wylde in the Romance Reviews Today chat room!

Click here to reach the chat room.

Here are the blurbs:

WEEKEND GAMES by Cara Carnes available at Loose Id.

Best friends Aubrey, Charlotte, Francie and Julia have had horrible personal lives the past year and have decided that needs to be changed. What better way to kick-start their sex lives than some role playing games on Halloween weekend? The four concoct the perfect scenario: each one invites one or more former male “friends” to participate in the roles. The men will not only play a part in the hedonistic play, but will create the roles.

When Halloween night arrives, the four women discover the seven sexy men have constructed role plays meant to not only tap into their dark desires, but to push them to a new level of awareness about themselves..

It began as fun and games - a weekend of no holds barred pleasure - but it soon morphs into passion that none of them could have possibly expected. Suddenly a weekend doesn’t seem like nearly enough time.

Cara will be giving away a naughty prize to one lucky winner.

THE COLDEST KISS by Joanna Wylde available at Loose Id.

Nobody dies tonight.

The words trauma nurse Summer Kelly finds written in the steam on her bathroom window make no sense, and they disappear as quickly as the phantom lover of her dreams. How could she know that Death himself has fallen in love with her? And how could she resist him? He's perfect in every way, from his incredible physique to the slightly-tilted slant of his exotic eyes.

He'll make her body sing, leave her begging for his touch, and all she has to give up to be with him forever is... her life.

ASKING FOR IT anthology now available from Pocket. You can buy it at Amazon.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Frightened for her life, Sandra will do anything to please the sexy, muscle-bound man who kidnapped her to the South American jungle -- until she realizes that not all criminals are bad guys, and she invites him to give her steamy satisfaction.

Joanna is giving away a copy of THE COLDEST KISS to one lucky winner.

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Kerrelyn Sparks book winner is.....

The winner of THE UNDEAD NEXT DOOR is the last poster, Linda. (Be sure which Linda because two posted next to the last.)

Please email me at with your mailing information.

Book Giveaway.....Two Harlequin Presents!

Two, not one books will be given away to one lucky winner. Here are the books:


When Juliet meets broodingly handsome Italian Raphael Marchese, there is an instant and dangerous attraction between them. But because of the pretense Juliet has agreed to in order to help a friend, Rafe mistakenly thinks she's a gold-digger who's engaged to another man!

However, the tension between Juliet and Rafe is stronger than reason, and it erupts. Raphael makes love to her—passionately and savagely. He reasons that though he can never have her, he can enjoy the pleasure of her body…


Bought for her babies…

Alexandros Pavlidis always ended his affairs before he got bored. So he never expected to see his London mistress, Rebecca Gibbs, again—until she showed up with shocking news: she was pregnant with his twins!

Xandros was intrigued when Rebecca didn't touch a penny of the substantial payoff he gave her. And when the babies were born, everything changed. These were Pavlidis heirs! Now he was on his way to London to bargain for his sons.

Do you read Harlequin Presents? Name your favorite author.
Winner picked on Wednesday night!

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Q&A with Suzanne Forster! and a giveaway!!

Our guest today is the always fabulous Suzanne Forster! Here's a blurb from her latest:

THE PRIVATE CONCIERGE (Mira, October 2008)
L.A.'s rich and powerful rely on Lane Chandler's company, The Private Concierge, to anticipate their every whim…and to guarantee unparalleled discretion. But then one of Lane's celebrity patrons is found murdered in the most undignified manner imaginable. In rapid succession, three other prominent clients become embroiled in separate scandals, thanks to what looks like a security breach of TPC's communications systems.
As word gets out, clients drop Lane like last week's gossip. She's bent on keeping TPC's name out of the papers, but when former police officer Rick Bayless starts nosing around, she has more to worry about than bad PR. Rick knows about Lane's shadowy past, and he's certain she's hiding new secrets. With no other options, Lane must face a dangerous conspirator who knows more about her every move than she does.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Please give a warm welcome to Suzanne!

1. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I guess you could call me a late bloomer in that regard. All my life I’ve been an avid reader, so writing would have been a natural transition, but somewhere in the shoals of early adolescence I made up my mind that I wanted to be a student of life. Hey, it sounded like a good idea at the time. Eventually it occurred to me that I might need a job to pay the way for this lofty goal, which is how I ended up majoring in psychology in college. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a clinician or a researcher. I just knew that people fascinated me. Totally. I was forever trying to figure out why they did the things they did and what motivated them to make choices that either propelled them to success or failure, happiness or misery, and all things in between. And also why these choices always seemed to turn into patterns that dictated their lives. And especially why people—most of us, actually—were such dedicated keepers of secrets.

I started with my own family—and what a wealth of material there! I suspect only a writer in search of understanding could feel this way, but I’m still grateful to my parents and their parents for the incredible dysfunction they managed to create, despite what was fundamentally a loving environment. My family was—and still is—wonderfully eccentric. Some would say wacky. Our gene pool alone could have produced a dozen different doctoral theses, easily. (And it has produced a bunch of novels, although don’t tell my relatives!)

So, that was the dream—a career in psychology—and it was almost realized. I was in my early thirties and in an accelerated four-year doctoral program in clinical psychology when I had a car accident. I’ve been saying ever since that I started writing by accident—and it’s true, literally. I was driving to my first group therapy session when I was hit by a truck that ran a red light. The accident was quite serious, and the recovery was long and difficult, but as with all dark clouds, there was a silver lining. Writing. Weaving stories became my therapy, and before I was well enough to return to graduate school, I’d actually sold a book and launched a new career.

Now, I write full-time and it’s a rewarding and consuming profession that keeps me wondering if I should have been a psychologist, lol. But, in truth, writing has brought more blessings to my life than I could possibly recount, including some things that might normally fall into the category of curses. I often wonder how many people would ever be grateful for having had a car accident—or a dysfunctional family, for that matter. Of course, that could change if my family checks out this blog.

2. Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

Everywhere. Some ideas seem to drop out of the sky and hit me on the head. They materialize from the ether for want of a better explanation, but in reality most of my ideas come from the news, whether the daily paper or the television news. I keep a file of story ideas, and it’s filled with magazine articles and newspaper clippings, some several years old. Sometimes a movie or television show will spark an idea. I’ll watch and realize I would have taken the premise in an entirely different direction—and voila, I’m off and running. I may even start writing scenes immediately, but I can’t always indulge the creative spark. If I’m on deadline (which is when these irresistible ideas often hit, simply, I believe, because all muses are perverse, and mine especially—why does he/she whisper a fabulous idea in my ear when I’m in the shower or driving down the freeway at seventy miles an hour?), I have to be disciplined enough to grab a notebook and jot down notes as they come to me, then promise myself that I will block out an hour’s time to write whatever I want—a possible story opening, a character sketch, a scene.

The ideas that make it out of the notebook stage and onto the computer screen are the really stubborn and persistent ones. They actually haunt me. It’s not unlike the musical refrain you can’t stop humming. They invade my dreams and my waking thoughts, and finally, my conversations. When I find myself chattering about a story idea in the middle of a conversation about crock pot cooking, I know I’m hooked.

That’s become my rule of thumb for whether to pursue an idea. If it keeps coming back when I’m trying to push it away, forcing me to make more and more notes and block out time to write scenes—if it just won’t let go, that idea is almost certain to make it to the story proposal stage. Whether or not it becomes a book, depends on many things, most of which are out of my control, but I have a pretty good record. I’d estimate that close to 90% of my story proposals have eventually seen print.

3. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Well, possibly that I write in bed. As I mentioned, I started writing during the recovery from my car accident. That was back in the eighties and I don’t think laptops were on the market yet, or if they were, we didn’t have one. So my husband, Allan, actually took the keyboard out of the computer and inserted it in a cardboard box with a long cable attached. We got the screen close enough that I could see it, and that was all I needed. I was off and writing. I had no thoughts of writing a book at that time. At first it was simply trying to distract myself from the pain of the injuries. Later, when I’d recovered enough, I started taking classes, and the rest, as they say, is history.

But I still write my novels in bed, propped up with pillows. It’s the way I think best. My brain must be conditioned by now. It doesn’t seem to want to work unless it’s at a 45 degree angle!

4. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

If you mean from the research, the list would be endless. I don’t think I could cull it down to one thing. When I was researching TEASE, my erotic novel for the Spice imprint, I learned that there really were classes where adults learned how to administer spankings to each other. INNOCENCE, one of my early romantic suspense novels, featured an ominous collection of medieval torture equipment, which my heroine discovered in the dungeon of the hero’s mansion. As I was writing the scene, it reminded me of the heroine in Bluebeard, who was warned not to use a key to gain access to certain forbidden rooms in Bluebeard’s castle. Of course, she couldn’t resist—and what she found was her undoing. Pretty scary stuff!

The research for EVERY BREATH SHE TAKES revealed that serial killers are almost always men, and when women do resort to serial crimes, they’re usually motivated by money rather than the thrill of killing. Also, they are much more likely to use poison than guns or knives. I also learned that women make better spies than men because they’re more intuitive and therefore better at reading people.

At this point, I don’t think there’s much that could surprise me. Some of the things I’ve learned during the research phase of the book I could never put in the story. No one would believe it!

5. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

By twelve I’d read almost every book on my grandmother’s book shelves and while I loved adventures like KON TIKI and SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, my favorites were the Regency romances. I wish now that I could recall the names of those wonderful authors, but I was so wrapped up in their stories that I failed to notice. Later, I happily blew my entire allowance on gothics and historical romances by authors like Victoria Holt and Johanna Lindsey. I also loved Mary Stewart and Phyllis Whitney. Of course, there was Jane Austin, the Bronte sisters and Dorothy Dunnett. I’ve read and reread all the books of the Lymond Chronicle. Colleen McCullough’s THORNBIRDS was one of the first books that left me in a daze when I finished it. I also devoured everything by Jacqueline Briskin, and wish she was with us today, writing her beautiful stories.

I’ve also been greatly influenced by friends and fellow writers. My first class after the car accident was a sorely needed intro to fiction writing called Fiction Fundamentals. From there I graduated to a novel workshop, where I wrote my entire first novel. It could have been a disaster. I was on the steep end of the learning curve, hanging on by my fingernails, but my classmates were tremendously supportive and took me under their wing. After we’d all completed our never-to-be published first novels, several of us formed a critique group that continued for years—and we still keep in touch. I wrote at least a half-dozen books in that group, all of which were eventually published.

My current brainstorming group saves my life—and my career—on a regular basis. They’re open to meeting with virtually no notice when one of us needs some quick help and they’re also the best group therapy anyone could ever hope to have. Plus, it’s free! I am very blessed to have had so many caring and supportive friends and mentors along the way. Heaven knows, I would not be here today, writing this blog, without them.

6. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

Now, they’re very proud. In the beginning, not so much. Of my first Desire, UNDERCOVER ANGEL, my mother was heard to say that she was afraid to turn the page because she never knew what was coming next. However, I noticed that after reading a few more of my series romances, she began sharing them with her church friends, but always with the disclaimer that she couldn’t imagine where her youngest daughter had learned about such things. She also loved to needle me, asking why I didn’t pen mysteries rather than romance novels. I would answer by saying sweetly, “Oh, so you’d rather my characters kill each other than fall in love?” He he he.

7. What’s coming up next for you writing wise?

My current novel, The Private Concierge, hit the shelves on October 1, and given the story’s history, I’m just delighted that it’s finally in print. Most writers will tell you that they’ve had at least one gift book in their career—and they’ll probably smile wistfully while remembering the experience. With a gift book, the idea comes to you fully formed, almost as if the patron saint of writers had whispered it in your ear. This doesn’t happen often and it always feels like an unexpected blessing. The Private Concierge was one of those stories.

Here’s a quick peek at the original idea:

She was a runaway who was forced into the oldest profession at a tender age. He was the vice cop who posed as a customer and put her in juvenile hall. He’s been haunted by her ever since. And she will never forget the humiliation of handcuffs, police cars and jail cells.

Or the man who changed the course of her life.

Today she is a new woman and legitimate business tycoon. Her private concierge service is prized by high-profile clients across the country. Today he is a ruined man. And destiny is about to put them on another collision course.

His best friend, an all-star pitcher, dies mysteriously and scandalously, and three other prominent personalities are embroiled in scandals that ruin their careers and their lives. The police dismiss the incidents as unrelated. But he sees what the police cannot. The one thing that links them is her … the private concierge.

The concept came to me in much the same way that the blurb above unfolds. One situation led to another, one character to another, heroine to hero, past to present, as if the story couldn’t be told any other way. It was all I could do not to begin the first chapter immediately and let the story flow through my fingertips and onto the computer screen. But my life was complicated with family concerns at the time, and I was working intensively on another project, so I tucked the scribbled blurb away and in the course of time, forgot all about it.

I found it years later as I was going through a laundry basket of material to be filed. Yes, a laundry basket, years later! You read that right. My filing system needs some work. All I could think as I read the blurb was wow, this is good. As it happened, I was on a break and between contracts, so I quickly wrote up a story proposal and submitted it to my editor. I was thrilled when she bought it, but there were many challenges ahead. My mother, who’d been ill for years, took a turn for the worst and passed away while I was working on the story. So, of course, everything was put on hold, including the book’s delivery date.

Mom was just two months from her ninetieth birthday and we were all consoled by the knowledge that she had lived a good long life and was ready to go, but these things are never easy. Between the grief of losing her and the exhaustion of being her sole caretaker, I needed time to heal and recover. And secretly, I wondered if The Private Concierge would ever be finished. But my publisher was wonderful about giving me time, and with the pressure off, I soon realized that I wanted to get back to writing, that it would help ease the loss and fill the hole in my life.

I threw myself into The Private Concierge, and as they say in that classic Calgon commercial, let it take me away. And now, after several delays and a major life passage, I’m pleased and privileged to share my long-lost idea with all of you. I can only hope that you’ll find the same pleasure and enjoyment in reading Lane and Rick’s story that I took in writing it.

Warmest wishes and Happy Halloween!

Suzanne Forster

Thank you, Suzanne!

Post away and ask Suzanne any questions you want because she is giving away to two winners a choice of a book from her backlist!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Q&A with Jessica Inclan.....and a giveaway!

Please give a warm welcome to Jessica Inclan, who's latest book, INTIMATE BEINGS, has just been released. Here's a little blurb:

Lately, Claire Edwards feels like she’s floundering. A ho-hum teaching job, a string of terrible dates, nights spent with only Netflix and bizarre dreams of spaceships for company…life isn’t working out the way she hoped. But Claire has an extraordinary secret ability—she can go anywhere at all, just by wishing it. And if the intensely attractive man who suddenly materializes in her car one day is any indication, Claire’s not the only one…Ever since Darl James learned of his true origins, he has been searching for his partner and life mate, the one whose gift will complement and complete his own. Now that he’s found Claire, he vows to never lose her again, or their soul-searing, sensual connection. But keeping her safe won’t be easy when they’ve been marked for destruction by an evil, power-hungry race. A fierce battle is brewing, one that will test Claire and Darl’s new bond to the limit, and decide the future of all their kind…

Now, sit back and meet the talented Jessica Inclan.....

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

When I was little, my mother worked in a library. I would spend most of my Saturdays there as well, reading while she worked. I thought that books were the most amazing things in the world. I couldn’t believe how neat it seemed that people could make up stories that kept my attention and interest. I moved on from children’s books to YA fiction, and loved the stories by Ruth M. Arthur (A Candle in my Room, My Daughter Nicola). I loved the Nancy Drew mysteries. Then I found Mary Stewart and romance writers and then just bust through to read everything. I ended up becoming an English major in college, and I always imagine it was those Saturdays at the Orinda library that helped me first a reader and then a writer.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

My ideas just come to me, and I am SO thankful when they do. I sometimes get an image. For When You Believe, I had an image of a brooding, sexy man sitting at a bar. For Being With Him, I thought about how good couples compliment each other. Now, most of us don’t have amazing powers like moving time, but that general idea motivated me to write. My novel Walking With Her Daughter came from my waking up from a dream about a woman who was very sad. I had to figure out why she was so sad. So the idea can come from a theme or a plot idea or a character. Whatever way they come, though, I am happy.
Google is my very best friend in terms of research. I wish I could travel everywhere my characters do, but it’s a little expensive. I do interview people who have jobs that my characters have. Or I make calls to places where my characters are going. I once called a hotel in the town of Arnold, CA because one of my characters was headed up there. But when I can’t find what I want, I google! Thank goodness for it.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I think it’s that I write every day but not too long. I stick with the 300 words a day minimum but I do those 300 words on vacations—on houseboats, in airplanes, in tents, after having a pina colada! I write when I’m not feeling all that well or don’t feel like writing. My quirk is my discipline, but I also don’t feel I need to write 2,000 words a day, so the pressure is off there.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

When researching When You Believe, I learned about quantum mechanics and theoretical physics (my people can move through time and space unlike us mere mortals). I learned that there is a possibility that we could all walk through a wall. Everything is made up of atoms and all the atoms are in the same field, so our bodies belong to the wall and the wall to us. So we could potentially move through it. I didn’t try it, though. I never really did understand science much!

What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

Annie Lamott was one of my first fiction teachers, and she had the “300 words a day, in a year you have a novel” motto that has kept me going. And then the writing group I was in for years also supported me when I transitioned from poetry to short fiction to novels to romances. Without them, I would have been lost.

What does your family think about your career as a published author?

My mother is very proud, and goes to as many of my readings as she can. My sons are relatively used to it, though, and I don’t think pay too much attention to what I am doing all the time. My boyfriend is likewise proud, but falls asleep every time he starts to read one of my novels!

What’s coming up next for you writing wise?

The third in my second romance trilogy will be out October 2009. It will finish up the story that Being with Him and Intimate Beings set up. My agent is working with a couple of novels (not romances), and currently, I’m working on a book of essays based on what I’ve been blogging about for almost a year at It’s an exciting time!

Thanks, Jessica!

Everyone, get ready to ask Jessica some questions. Post away and one lucky winner will get a copy of WHEN YOU BELIEVE.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Book Giveaway....THE UNDEAD NEXT DOOR by Kerrelyn Sparks

Three signs that something is very different with your new man:
He sleeps all day…which would be annoying except he’s so attentive at night.
He’s attacked by sword-wielding assailants, yet insists he can handle it on his own.
He never seems to age.
Heather Westfield has always lived a quiet life, but that all changes when she helps a very handsome, very mysterious stranger. There’s something not quite right about Jean-Luc, but still, she’s never been with a man so charming, so attractive…so wonderful. Now if only a murderous villain wasn’t after them, they might get their happily-ever-after.

Okay, who is the sexiest Vampire you're read, watched or got naked with??? Post away (one answer per person) and I'll annnounce a winner on Sunday!!!

Winners...we have winners!!!!

Okay, as promiised, I'm announcing gift card winners. The first is the biggie:

The winner of the $25 gift cert from Amazon is.......


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The final winner of the night is one for a $10 gift cert from Amazon or Fictionwise.

That winner is.....TERESA W!!!!!

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Congrats everyone!

Friday night at chat, I'll give away a really hot prize. ;-)

And you can thank Limecello for giving me the bright idea of how to run the contest during chat.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jayne Castle book giveaway.......

Now up for grabs is DARK LIGHT by Jayne Castle.

Find more about this book by clicking here.

As we know, Jayne writes under several different names and in different genres.

Your question is:

Which of her persona's do you prefer? Jayne Ann Krentz/Jayne Castle/Amanda Quick?

Post your response and be entered to win a copy of DARK LIGHT.
Winner to be announced this coming Friday night.

Winner of the SECRETS OF THE KNIGHT is....

...Congrats to LINDY!!! Please email me at with your mailing information!
Don't forget that tomorrow night TWO gift certificates will be won! Check out the site here for more info. ;-)

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Perfect 10: THE LETTERS by Luanne Rice and Joseph Monninger

THE LETTERS – Luanne Rice and Joseph Monninger
A Perfect 10
Bantam (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0-553-80741-7
October 2008
Contemporary Fiction

Alaska and Monhegan Island, Maine – Present Day

THE LETTERS is a series of letters written back and forth between Sam and Hadley who have been married many years and are both grieving for their son, who died in a plane crash in Alaska. They have given up on their marriage, neither one able to come to terms with their son’s death, and not able to console each other, so lost in their own grief. Sam is in Alaska, on his way to the remote crash site. He must take a dog sled in order to reach the isolated area where the plane went down. Hadley disapproves of Sam’s trip, moves to Monhegan Island, and begins painting again. She loves the small remote island and decides to live there indefinitely.

Sam writes to Hadley telling her about the everyday happenings on the trail, about Gus, his guide; Martha, with her sled dogs; and the bush pilot who picks up and delivers the mail. Although Hadley is at first reluctant to write Sam, they begin a correspondence.

Through THE LETTERS, Sam and Hadley talk about their life together -- how they met, and the mistakes they made throughout their marriage. They are both trying to get through their grief in their own way. Because feelings and thoughts can sometimes be expressed easier in letters, as is the case with Sam and Hadley, THE LETTERS draw them closer as they mourn their son. They do not edit or rethink their words to each other; they are honest and sometimes hurtful. It is a sentimental story as Sam and Hadley reminisce about Paul and what went wrong in their lives, life and death issues. Hadley sketches charming vignettes in her letters about what is going on around her. Is there any hope for these two sensitive people?

A beautifully written short novel, THE LETTERS will grab at your heartstrings and sometimes bring tears to your eyes. Readers will learn a lot about dog sleds and the wonderful animals that risk life and limb for their masters. You will almost feel you are in Alaska in the wilderness of snow and sleet, or huddled by the fire on the island in Maine. Warm-hearted and heart-rending, THE LETTERS is a tale that shouldn’t be missed. It is a Perfect 10.

Marilyn Heyman

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The winner of INSATIABLE DESIRE is....


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Word Unscrambler: Win a $10 gift certifcate!

Okay, see the new reviews posted for RRT Erotic?

I have created a word scrambler game for you to play with and win a $10 gift certificate from either Amazon or Fictionwise.

The answers are in the listing of reviews posted below. They are all book titles, so that is a huge clue right there. :D

There are ten of them. What you need to do is unscramble them and send your answers to me at

I'll put all the correct responses in a hat and pull out a lucky winner on Wednesday night!

Good luck and here are your clues:











New Reviews Posted

RRTErotic - Issue 26, Volume 1 – October 10, 2008

In this issue, we have 16 new reviews and 1 new nibbles for your enjoyment. (Quick List of new reviews)

The Print book for the September drawing is THE PLEASURE OF HIS BED by Melissa MacNeal, Donna Grant & Annalise Russell
We will also be drawing one name for the Samhain Publishing Contest.Just click on the CONTEST page for information on entering the random drawing!

Single Titles (101 plus pages)

Anthology ReviewsUNWRAP ME – Susan Lyons, Melissa MacNeal, Melissa Randall – Holly – Anthology – Contemporary Romance

Contemporary ReviewsGUILTY PLEASURES – Renee Knowles – Holly – Contemporary Romance
LILY BLOSSOMS – N.J. Walters – Summerville Secrets, Book 3 – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance
NIGHTS IN BLACK LACE – Noelle Mack – Kate – Contemporary Romance
ROCK ME – Melody Lane – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance
Fantasy ReviewsSPARK OF MAGIC – Trista Ann Michaels – Mel – Fantasy Romance
Futuristic Reviews
CASSIOPEIA – Nathalie Gray – The Hussies – Jennifer – Futuristic Romance
KAMA SUTRA LOVERS – Anny Cook – Ariel – Futuristic Romance
Gay/Lesbian ReviewsHANDYMAN – Claire Thompson – La Grande Mort – Kate – Gay Contemporary Romance

Paranormal Reviews
BITTER WINE – Theolyn Boese – The Ta’e’sha Caesurae, Book 1 – Lori – Paranormal Romance
FATED – Lauren Dane – Cascadia Wolves series – Jennell - Paranormal RomanceFOREVER IN HER EYES – Calista Fox – Peridot series – Jennifer – Paranormal Romance
RAVISH: THE AWAKENING OF SLEEPING BEAUTY – Yardley, Cathy - Holly – Paranormal Romance
STONE & SEA – Cindy Spencer Pape – Courtney – Paranormal Romance
WHISPERS OF THE FLESH - Louisa Burton – Hidden Grotto series, Book 3 – Phillipa – Paranormal Romance
Romantic Suspense ReviewsNAUTI DREAMS – Lora Leigh – Nauti Trilogy, Book 3 – Sinclair – Romantic Suspense
SIN IN JEANS – Ciana Stone – The Hussies – Jennifer – Contemporary Romance

Saturday, October 11, 2008


First off, congratulations to Limecello, who showed up at chat last night at and won a copy of Make U Sweat by Amie Stuart. Way to go, Lime!!!!

Today we have a historical romance to give away:


From Julia's website:

A knight never reveals her secrets...


When young Diana Winslow arrived at Castle Bannaster, her beauty and bravery disguised beneath a servant's dress, she had no idea her life would change forever. But now the cruel and lecherous Viscount Bannaster lies dead--and the novice Bladeswoman cannot escape her guilt. Nothing, not even fighting for the Crown, can erase her fears...especially when she comes face to face with Thomas, the viscount's startlingly seductive brother.

Desperate to keep him from discovering the truth, Diana attempts a daring abduction. But all her skills as a knight are no defense against the powerful, irresistible nobleman who has just become her prisoner. A man with a mystery of his own. A man who eyes her so hungrily, so wantonly, that he could tempt her to give up all her secrets for one wicked night in his arms...

Question for readers....As you may or may not know, Julia Latham is the alter ego of Gayle Callen. If your favorite author decided to write in another genre and changed her name, would you buy their book?

Post away and I'll announce a winner Tuesday night (the 14th)!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Everyone, give a warm welcome to Michelle Monkou! Her newest book is GAMBLE ON LOVE and should be in bookstores right now.

Get to meet Michelle

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I wrote stories, as a child. I didn't think about a career in writing until I joined Romance Writers of America and attended the workshops in my local chapter. I simply enjoyed surrendering to my imagination.

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

I get information or ideas from current news, magazine articles, and again my imagination where I put together a "what if" scenario. I start with a germ of an idea and then gradually over several days or weeks, I add on to that idea until vivid scenes are created until I have an outline of the story.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

One of my quirks is using certain songs or artists to assist with writing my love scenes. For instance, if it is hot, steamy, and a bit on the wild side, I select Prince. If it is sensual, I may go to Janet Jackson. If it is a very romantic moment, I may go to Luther Vandross or even a Motown classic like Smokey Robinson.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

Once I completed the first manuscript, I realized that I could write a complete story. This sense of accomplishment continues to be a source of inspiration as I start a new story every few months. I look forward to starting fresh and shaping characters.

What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

Becoming a writer starts with the Mills and Boons and Harlequin authors that I read in my teens. But after I joined my local RWA chapter, I was influenced by Nora Roberts, My friends, Celeste O. Norfleet and Candice Poarch, also gave me that support and push that saw me through becoming published.

What does your family think about your career as a published author?

My family is proud of my accomplishment. I think that they are happy to see the hardwork that I put in have a successful fruition. There were many evenings when my mother took my two young children so that I could write. My daughter sees my writing as my profession, despite the fact that I have a day job.

What’s coming up next for you writing wise?

I am completing one of my series that I began in Kimani Romance. Readers can expect more sensual romances featuring the women from Glen Knolls (Finders Keepers and Island Rendezvous) and the Pemberton brothers (Making Promises).

The key to keeping up with what I'm doing is to stay tuned to my website - You just never know when opportunities come knocking and what I may do.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Book Giveaway.....INSATIABLE DESIRE by Rita Herron

Next up is INSATIABLE DESIRE by Rita Herron!

You can read more about her book by clicking here.

It has a cover quote from Sherrilyn Kenyon. Do cover quotes help you decide in picking up a book from a new or never read before author?

Post away with your responses and I'llpick a winner on Sunday!

Book Winners!

RAZOR GIRL is won by poster #1 - cpullum

SECRETS VOLUME is won by poster #7 - Lil

Please email me at with your mailing information!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Perfect 10: THE STORM by Jean Johnson

THE STORM - Jean Johnson
A Perfect 10
The Sons of Destiny, Book 6
Berkley Publishing
ISBN-10: 0425222179
ISBN-13: 9780425222171
September 2008
Fantasy Romance

Nightfall Isle - Concurrent with Earth Present Day

Four sets of fraternal twins...two years apart. Exiled...but not defeated.

On the run from evil people who would like to dissect her to see what makes her tick, Arora has had to rely on her twin sister Amara's shapeshifting abilities to get them to safety. It bothers her that she has not been more help in facilitating their escape. Literally washed ashore on Nightfall Isle, Arora hopes that maybe they have found sanctuary. Neither she nor her sister could have dreamed that they would meet anyone special so far from home.

While Amara is less than gracious to their hosts and avoids Trevan, Arora goes exploring...and finds the most secretive of the Corvis brothers, Rydan, Trevan's twin. No one knows why he stays underground most of the time and has appointed himself guardian of his seven brothers, four (so far) sisters-in-law, and other assorted beings who inhabit the castle and surrounding area. While trying to discourage her, Rydan finds himself opening to the persistent Arora, especially when he discovers that her powers are akin to his, and together they can build...or destroy.

Hooray! We finally get to meet the 'real' Rydan and find that there is so much to this most mysterious brother. I could heap accolade upon accolade on this fantastic story, but I would run out of superlatives. The first five books of The Sons of Destiny are a perfect build-up of history and backstories. THE STORM brings the focus squarely on the restoration of the place where the brothers have been banished. THE STORM tells the same events that take place in THE CAT, Trevan and Amara's story, but from the viewpoints of Rydan and Arora. It is a clever twist on the part of the author. I wanted to hug Rydan. He has been so alone. Now, Arora has the gratitude of his brothers for showing him that love can conquer demons of any making. Rydan's story is so worth the frustrations of waiting. His piece of Nightfall is a wonder in itself. I would gladly deal with the vicious citizen chickens -- too complicated to explain here -- if I could move to Nightfall.

Jean Johnson has created super yummy heroes and beautiful, spirited heroines who complement each other. At this point, I think Rydan and Arora are the best suited to each other. Only two more books remain before the series is complete. On one hand, I can't wait for them. On the other hand, I will be sad when book number eight is done. If you haven't read The Sons of Destiny, what are you waiting for????? This one is a keeper and gets a Perfect 10.

Vi Janaway

Monday, October 06, 2008


Okay, I think many of you know what a Secrets book is. If you don't, well, they are hot.

I know we have a lot of readers here who read scorching hot romance.

I'm giving away one copy of SECRETS VOL 22: DARK WHISPERS (Ellie Marvel, Calista Fox, Elisa Adams and Rachel Carrington) to one lucky winner.

To enter, you need to tell me the name of the most hottest erotic romance book you've ever read.

Good luck and I'll pull a winner on Wednesday night!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Book Giveaway.....RAZOR GIRL by Marianne Mancusi!

Win a copy of RAZOR GIRL by Marianne Mancusi!

This is a Shomi Action Romance on the spine. I've never read this type of story before, but it does look interesting. If you have read Shomi before, then you know what to expect. If you haven't, hey, there is always trying something new!

Are you interested?

Post away and I'll pick a winner Wednesday night!

The winner of DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT is....

........Karen H in NC.........


Please email me at with your snail mail address.

Keep an eye out for more giveaways!

New Reviews Posted!

Romance Reviews Today,
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Due to issue with the server updates have not been done since the September 1 issue. In this, the first Octoberissue you will find the September 10 & 20 reviews as well as the October 1 reviews. It's a large update and we hope you enjoy it.


Winners of the September Contest:

Tempted by the Night by Elizabeth Boyle & Loose and Easy by Tara Janzen – Shirley Wilson


Seduction of a Proper Gentleman by Victoria Alexander & Crossfire by JoAnn Ross – Dina Cox

The October Prizes are:

FOR HER EYES ONLY by Cait London & IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT by Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Allesandra & Candace Hern (anthology)


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Red Rose Publishing
THE ATTIC BALL – Taylor Kincaid – Robin - Paranormal Romance

The Wild Rose Press
DRAGON'S FIRE - Sheri R. Wohl - Robin - Paranoraml Romance
THE LAKE PLACID CURE – Sharon Buchbinder – Robin – Contemporary Romancde

IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT – Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D’Alessandro, Candice Hern – Jane – Historical Romance
NATURE OF THE BEAST – Hannah Howell, Adrienne Basso, Eve Silver - Jennell - Paranormal Romance
THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS – Carolyn Davidson, Victoria Bylin, Cheryl St. John – Marilyn – Historical Romance - Holiday

Contemporary Fiction
CHRISTMAS AT SEA PINES COTTAGE – Sally Smith O’Rourke – Marilyn
COLLATERAL DAMAGE – Fern Michaesl – Sisterhood Series, Book 4 – Marilyn
IT'S A CRIME - Jacqueline Carey - Deborah
THE LETTERS – Luanne Rice & Joseph Monninger – A Perfect 10 - Marilyn
THE TENTH CASE – Joseph Teller – Jane

Contemporary Romance
ADDICTED TO LOVE – Lori Wilde – Wedding Veil Wishes, Book 3 – Jennell
CAN'T SAY NO - Bette Ford - Courtney
COMING HOME – Elisabeth Rose – Carolyn
HUNGRY FOR MORE - Diana Holquist - Deborah
MAKE IT HOT - Gwyneth Bolton - Hightower Honors, Book 2 - Anthonette
OVERHEATED – Barbara Dunlop – Nascar series – A Perfect 10 – Carolyn
RISKING HER HEART – Liz Allison & Wendy Etherington – NASCAR series, Book 2 – Carolyn
SWEET LIFE – Mia King – Deborah
THE WAY YOU LOVE ME – Francis Ray – Lisa

TOUCH OF FIRE – Maria Zannini – Vi

Fantasy Romance
ONCE A PRINCESS – Sherwood Smith – Sasharia en Garde, Book 1 – Vi
THE STORM – Jean Johnson – The Sons of Destiny, Book 6 - A Perfect 10 – Vi

Historical Fiction
MIDWIFE OF THE BLUE RIDGE - Christine Blevins - Amy
THE DRAGONFLY POOL – Eve Ibbotson – A Perfect 10 – Robin – Young Adult
THE HERETIC QUEEN – Michelle Moran – Jani
THE QUEEN’S LADY – Barbara Kyle – Amy
THE TSARINA’S DAUGHTER – Carolly Erickson – Jani

Historical Romance
MR. CAVENDISH, I PRESUME – Julia Quinn – Jani
SECRETS OF THE KNIGHT – Julia Latham – Anthonette
SINS OF THE HEART – Delle Jacobs – Vi
THE BOOK OF SCANDAL – Julia London – Courtney
THE CONQUEST – Julia Templeton – Amy
THE DANGEROUS DUKE – Christine Wells – Jane
THE DOVE – Carolyn Brown – Kate
WHITE ROSE – Gabriella Anderson – Kate

WOODCUTTER’S GRIM – Karen Wiesner – Kathy

BACK TO LIFE - Kristin Billerbeck - Deborah

Paranormal Romance
ANGEL’S PAIN – Maggie Shayne – Wings in the Night series, Book 15 – Jennell
BITE THE BULLETT – L.A. Banks – Crimson Moon, Book 2 – Kathy
DARK CURSE - Christine Feehan - A Carpathian Novel - Lisa
DARK HARVEST – Lynda Hillburn – Kathy
DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT - Kathryne Kennedy - Relics of Merlin, Book 2 - Lori
I WANT YOU TO WANT ME - Kathy Love - The Impalers - Lori
INSATIABLE DESIRE - Rita Heron - The Demonborn, Book 1 - Lori
KISS OF A DARK MOON – Sharie Kohler – Jennifer
MOONSHADOWS – Melinda Hammond – Marilyn
NIGHT WALKER – Jocelyn Drake - Dark Days Novel, Book 1 – Robin
ONE BITE WITH A STRANGER – Christine Warren – The First Novel of The Others – Lori
RED FIRE – Deidre Knight – Gods of Midnight, Book 1 – Lori
SWEET DREAMS – Dana Marie Bell – Halle Puma, Book 2 – Lori – Short Story
TANGLED MEMORIES – Jan Scarbrough – A Perfect 10 – Mel
TEMPTED BY THE NIGHT – Elizabeth Boyle – Robin
UTTER CUPIDITY – Toni L. Meilleur – Amy
YOUR MAGIC OR MINE? – Anne Macela – Lisa

Romantic Comedy
HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS – Lisa Plumley – Patti
POWER PLAY – Deirdre Martin – Patti

Romantic Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
DEAD STOP – Jamie Denton – Carolyn
LIVING LIES - Dawn Brown - Courtney
STAND BY YOUR HITMAN – Leslie Langtry – Lisa

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BABY BONANZA - Maurenn Child - Billionaires and Babies, Book 2 - Jennifer - SD# 1893
HIS EXPECTANT EX - Catherine Mann - The Landis Brothers, Book 2 - Patti - SD# 1895
PRINCE OF MIDTOWN – Jennifer Lewis – Park Avenue Scandals, Book 3 – Patti – SD #1891
TEXAS HEIR – Linda Warren – Marilyn – HAR #1226
THE DESERT KING – Olivia Gates – Throne of Judar, Book 3 – A Perfect 10 – Diana – SD#1896
THE SINGLE DAD’S VIRGIN WIFE – Susan Crosby – Wives for Hire, Book 2 – Carolyn – SSE #1930
THE WEDDING HEIRESS – Pamela Ford – Marilyn – HSR #1521
WED BY DECEPTION – Emilie Rose – The Payback Affairs, Book 3 – Patti – SD #1894

BROKEN PIECES - Carla Cassidy - Deborah
EXPOSED – Alex Kava – Robin
THREAD OF FEAR – Laura Griffin – Deborah

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GOTHIC DRAGON - Marie Treanor - Courtney