Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spotlight Review - TIED UP, TIED DOWN by Lorelei James

TIED UP, TIED DOWN - Lorelei James
Rough Riders, Book 4
Samhain http://www.samhainpublishing.com/
ISBN: 1-60504-064-9
July 2008 Erotic Contemporary Romance

Sundance and Moorcroft , Texas - Present Day

Skylar Ellison owns her own business where she makes lotions, creams and soaps from her late grandmother's recipes. One night in town she lets Kane McKay know how much fun she did not have on their lousy date. "Kane" apologizes and asks to make it up to her. During the next few weeks their relationship gets pretty close and they make love in his pick-up truck.

Kade McKay, Kane's identical twin brother, knows that he should have told Skylar his real name, but he's mistaken for his twin so often that he doesn't think it's a big deal, at least not until he falls in love with Skylar. Before he can give Skylar his real name, she finds out from someone else and the break-up sends him to a remote part of the family ranch for a year to lick his wounds.

TIED UP, TIED DOWN is a fabulous tale of two people trying to make a family for their much-loved, if unexpected, baby. Several weeks after Kade leaves town, Skylar learns that she is pregnant and she's unable to get in touch with Kade. When he comes home he is shocked and thrilled to be a daddy. Unfortunately for him, Skylar is no where near ready to kiss and make up. Skylar does allow Kade to move in and try to play Daddy but the two can't quite put their hormones on hold and they literally get TIED UP, TIED DOWN in their passion. But will lust be enough for these two stubborn people to make a family?

Three month old Eliza is only the second McKay girl born in a hundred and twenty-three years. She might be a secondary character, but she is the rope that holds her parents together. Kimi McKay, Kade's mother, is a fabulous grandmother and future mother-in-law. She and Skylar's sister, India , add humor to the story and a good dose of common sense when the lovers need it. Kane is the no-good, selfish, ladies man who starts looking to change his reputation.

TIED UP, TIED DOWN is full of passion and romance. The conflict is all internal as the lovers settle their differences. Kade shows Skylar just how good a cowboy can be with his rope. Readers who enjoy a little bondage will love this book. I recommend this book for a sexy read.

Mel Mason

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