Monday, September 01, 2008

Spolight Review: WHISPERS IN THE DARK by Kira Sinclair

Harlequin Blaze #415
ISBN (13): 978-0-373-79419-5
ISBN (10): 0-373-79419-3
August 2008
Contemporary Series Romance

Birmingham, Alabama ~ Present Day

Years ago, Karyn Mitchell was sexually attacked and eventually made to appear the instigator by the media. Now living a new life in Birmingham, the last thing she wants is to reopen the wounds. She has yet to let a man become intimately involved with her. Night after night, she listens to Dr. Desire, a radio talk show host who gives relationship advice for his listeners. Getting up the nerve one night to call in, Karyn is shocked at her own request: she wants to have sex with him.

Christopher Faulkner is stunned by “Katy’s” request, but that only intrigues him to meet the lady in pain. Something deep inside him wants to help her. He knows he can’t have sex with her, but he certainly can do everything except that. Then Chris learns who Katy really is (Karyn) and asks her out on a simple date. However, it’s soon apparent to Chris that the feelings between them run deeper than just a burgeoning friendship. Karyn wants Chris to take their relationship to the next level, but he fears how it would affect his job…and Karyn. Meanwhile, someone is lurking in the background ready to make their lives miserable.

Kira Sinclair has penned an emotion-packed read with WHISPERS IN THE DARK. Karyn is emotionally scarred by what happened to her five years ago, and allowing a man near has her scared. But listening to and then meeting, Chris she finds herself drawn to him as if he is her soulmate. She craves his touch…and more. But their relationship is tenuous at best, since he surely cannot be the man he pretends to be on the radio...the suave and smart Dr. Desire.

Chris can barely control his emotions. Just listening to Karyn pour out her anguish hits him in the gut. He wants to protect her from whatever or whoever dares to hurt her. Alas, her biggest obstacle may be Chris. He deeply desires her, yet he knows he cannot have her, because to take what she offers means he’s compromising himself as a radio talk show host. Meanwhile, his deadbeat father has walked back into his life, exposing old wounds and making things miserable for Chris. Can he deal with both and still retain his sanity?

WHISPERS IN THE DARK is unique in having a character deal with sexual assault and the resulting backlash. Right away, readers will care for Karyn and Chris, wanting them to get together. The chemistry is there from their first date, pulling readers into the story. Knowing that danger lurks in the background only intensifies the passion readers will feel in hoping that this couple have their happily-ever-after.

In her debut book, Kira Sinclair shines and adds herself to the list of authors to bear watching. Don’t wait another minute; grab a copy of WHISPERS IN THE DARK before it disappears off the shelves.

Patti Fischer

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