Monday, September 29, 2008

Financial do they affect you?

I'm sure that unless you're living in a cave, you heard about the bad economic woes that is affecting the United States and elsewhere. Are you cutting back already or thinking about it? I guess my biggest question is.....are you buying less books than before?

What will it take to get you to buy a book?


Carolyn Crane said...

Oooh, great subject! I was just thinking about this today! Because on one hand, a book is cheap entertainment. But it's still money.

I haven't cut down. Yet. However, as a self-employed advertising freelancer here in the US, I've had a whole lot of time to work on my novel. Gulp.

Unknown said...

money is tighter than ever in our house right now. getting 3 girls ready for winter, bills that seem to get higher, grocerys..well we wont go there.. its outragious, along with gas getting to and from work. I have cut back on buying books, i havent bought a new one in weeks, mostly because i had to buy a new washer and dryer unexpectedly a few weeks ago, and it cleaned us out. now i just got done paying a buttload of bills, and property taxes are due today, and also our property insurance is due.. my car payment is going to be late.. the list goes on...
i hope it levels off soon, im under enough stress with hubby being gone and heading to Iraq..
I will say the only books i am buying lately are familiar authors, etc, i havent spent on new to me authors.. i hate having money be so tight.. i dont see it letting up any time soon either..

penney said...

Great subject but right now we are on hard times so yes I have cut down on the buying. Hoping things will be better for us all in a month or 2 then I'll be back at buying more!
We both and the kids Love books!

Karen H said...

I'm a retiree, on a fixed income without anyone else to worry about, so I haven't really cut back on my bookbuying. My favorite auto-buy authors are still producing good reads and I'm still buying them. Although, I may think twice about buying a book of a new-to-me author.

limecello said...

Pretty much having read the book before :X. My budget is pretty much nonexistent - of course I have the "poor student" excuse.
Although, if I REALLY want a book - that won't stop me. And currently I have double rewards, so that actually has prompted a flurry of book buying.

Sue A. said...

I think I'm being more careful and taking less chances being sure to know what I'm getting before buying a book.