Monday, September 15, 2008

Contest - Win a copy of HUNGRY FOR MORE by Diana Holquist!

Win a copy of Diana Holquist's HUNGRY FOR MORE -

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What do you need to do to enter?

Post away about... What did you do this past summer that was exciting?

On Friday night I'll pull a winner out of the entries and announce it!

Good luck!


Dev said...

Well, late Spring was the most exciting thing ~ I went to Savannah, GA for two weeks on vacation and had the best time.

This summer, we did take a long weekend and drove the kids to Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho. Spent two days there.

Other than that, I tried to read and get a few books off the TBR stack. I succeeded, but unfortunately for every one I read, I added five more. It's a vicious cycle.

CrystalGB said...

Didn't do any thing exciting. We worked on home improvement projects.

Maureen said...

We adopted two kittens which doesn't sound very exciting but we have never had a kitten and it's is amazing how many things they can get into.

Karen H said...

Nothing more exciting than make my annual summer trip to Michigan to visit family & children. Reading, reading and more reading. Oh, and I bought a nice, used laptop to take with me when I travel. In the past I was cut loose from my computer whenever I was away from home.

Also watched previously unwatched TV series (West Wing and Veronica Mars) on DVD from Netflix.

tetewa said...

Since I live in Ohio, went to Cedar Point's amusement park. They have the best roller coasters in the states.

robynl said...

I got to go to visit my sister and family another province away. I hadn't b een there for app. 3 yrs. and since then they had a new house built in another area and I hadn't seen it yet. I had a great time.

Sue A. said...

I always get a kick out of attending the Celebration of Light in Vancouver. I just love the fireworks shows, but I also find it exhilarating when the shows over and hundreds of thousands of spectators take over the streets downtown on foot as they stream out in all directions racing to go home.

Jane said...

I didn't do anything exciting either. The highlight was watching the fireworks display on July 4th.

Pam P said...

Not much exciting this year, no vacations, but had my fun at lots of summer picnics with family and friends. Onthe Fourth, my BIL put on a fireworks show for the kids.