Monday, August 04, 2008

Reflections on the Conference - My Top Ten list


The top ten things I learned from the RWA Conference in San Francisco:

1. Forget the workshops. Order the CD's. The rooms were always filled up and I could only get into a very small handful of the workshops. Luckily there are CD's of the workshops coming out soon.

2. Gets lots of rest because you will always be tired.

3. Remember to buy souvenirs. I finally bought one from SF in the Oakland airport as I was leaving.

4. Don't forget to plan what you want to do around standing in line and waiting for elevators. The Marriott did a good job, but I think our crowd sort of took them by surprise. At the Avon signing, they finally put up crowd control barriers while the crowd was piling in.

5. Jennifer Yates from Jennifer's Random Musings is famous! Everyone wanted to meet Jenn and some days I hardly saw her due to her busy schedule.

6. Nora Roberts is just...Nora. She is uber-professional and don't be surprised to see her walking around the hotel. I want to grow up to be Nora, not just because she sells a lot of books.

7. Don't assume someone you think is someone is that someone. I mistook one for a Golden Heart nominee in the elevator and she nicely told me no, that wasn't her. ::insert blush::

8. On the other hand, you never know who you are talking to. I was chatting with a lady one morning and when I left to join my friends who came along, she asked me my name. Turns out it was Jenny Gardiner, author and previous American Title winner. We knew each other online but had never met each other in person. What a fun moment!

9. Wear comfortable shoes and layer your clothes. Shoes I thought were okay I had to take off and I was forever either hot or cold. A sweater took care of that.

10. Authors are people just like you and me. Though, a few do not look like the picture on their web sites. (Names not revealed to protect their anonymity) But everyone attending the conference is friendly and there's nothing like hanging out with your favorite author.

As many people there are that attends and as tired as I am, would I do it again? You bet! I had tons of fun!


Jennifer Y. said...

LOL...I was hardly famous. But it was pretty cool to have people recognize my name and blog...I guess that was a good thing...hmmmm....

Caffey said...

Welcome back Patti and all who went. I'm gonna get to one of these conferences some day! I mostly as a reader, want to go to the big book signing!

You mean they taped the workshops and you can order the CD's after? I always bring a book to read in line or my reader. Yeah I have to watch now and then but usually my hubby is with me so he moves me along, LOL.

Cool you had met Jennifer. I have been in chats with her and she's a nice lady to know!

Great reading on your time at the conference Patti. Again welcome back!

Jenny Gardiner said...

Hi Patti! That was a funny kismet moment when we actually introduced ourselves!

Fedora said...

That sounds really fun, Patti! And I can't wait for the day I get to meet you and Jenn in person! :)

Lis said...

Sounds like you had a great time :o) Have you heard if they're putting the conference CDs for sale online again this year? Haven't seen them anywhere yet

Patti said...

You can buy the cd's at but 2008 are not up yet.