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Quick Contest for the week....

Hey all, posting another contest for all you Romance Reviews Today blog readers....

However, this one is going to be quick, so if you read this Wednesday....sorry....

What books are you buying for the month of September? Post away your answers (one per person) and I'll pick a winner on Tuesday night (Sept 2nd) for a $10 amazon gift certificate!

Good luck and post away!

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Book winner is.....

The winner of PRIVATE PLACES is........... Jane #2 poster!

Jane, email me at with your mailing info.



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A Perfect 10: PLEASURING THE PIRATE by Emily Bryan

A Perfect 10
ISBN-10: 0843961333
ISBN-13: 9780843961331
July 2008
Historical Romance

Cornwall, England - June 1720

Jacquelyn Wren is the bastard daughter of a much sought after courtesan and is chatelaine of Dragon Caern Castle. When she hears that Gabriel Drake is returning to Dragon Caern, she plots to kill him on his journey home. Jacquelyn has heard rumors of Gabriel’s ruthlessness and is determined to protect the inhabitants of Dragon Caern from the surely abusive wrath of the pirate, Drake the Dragon.

Gabriel, who has been thought to be dead by his family, has given up life as Drake the Dragon. He recently received a pardon from King George I for his bravery and looks forward to returning home to Dragon Caern Castle to relax and grow old. His hopes for peace and absolute boredom are annihilated when Jacquelyn makes a clumsy attempt on his life. Gabe’s fascination with Jacquelyn sprouts in their first meeting and continues to grow as they spend more time together.

Jacquelyn realizes that all of her preconceived notions of Gabriel were entirely inaccurate. He does not have rotten teeth or the malodorous body that she believed was synonymous with pirates. Instead, he is absolutely gorgeous and determined to get into her bed. Despite how difficult it is to ignore Gabe’s advances, Jacquelyn knows she must. Dragon Caern Castle, her number one priority, is falling on hard times and it is up to Gabriel to bring back its former prosperity. Since Gabe did not retain any of the spoils of pirating, he must behave as other men when they need large sums of money: marry a wealthy heiress. Of course, that is easier said than done when you consider that Jacquelyn is the one who must teach Gabe just how to woo a woman in polite society. How on earth will she teach the one man she has ever been attracted to how to flirt with another? If she survives being in such close proximity to Gabe, the next question is: How on earth will she stand by and watch him put his charm to the test on another?

Gabriel does not take his responsibilities to Caern lightly. Although he never expected to find both his brother and father deceased upon his return, he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the castle thrives. Gabe knows what he wants in a woman. and quickly realizes that Jacquelyn is the only woman who has ever gotten under his skin. He is determined to help her release her inhibitions and enjoy the time they have together. What Gabe doesn’t know is that someone is still plotting to permanently remove him from Caern. Not for revenge, but for money. It is rumored that there is gold hidden in the castle, and an unknown enemy is willing to kill anyone who stands between that person and the loot.

PLEASURING THE PIRATE grabs your attention from the first page. Readers will laugh when poor Jacquelyn tries to kill Gabriel, and squirm when he starts seducing her. The chemistry between Jacquelyn and Gabe is absolutely amazing. Jacquelyn’s embarrassment over her parental background causes her to stray away from sexual dalliances because she refuses to end up a soiled dove like her mother. Gabe still thinks like a pirate in many aspects. He believes that anything or anyone he wants is his for the taking, and Jacquelyn is no exception. These two are so well matched that readers will smile even when they argue.

Gabe’s nieces are absolute gems and cause many laugh out loud moments. Hyacinth is the eldest at 12 and is desperate to become a lady. She’d better be careful because there may be someone watching her with less than honorable intentions. Daisy is the next to eldest and is the true brain of the family. She is always the voice of reason and concocts the most elaborate schemes. Lily is the youngest Drake and is the sweetest little thing. The twins are older than Lily and are identical in every way. Other colorful characters include Meriwether, Gabe’s partner in crime from his days as a pirate, and Father Eustace, who once was a womanizing drunkard.

I loved every minute of PLEASURING THE PIRATE. The children will make you laugh; Gabe’s accomplishments will make you proud; Gabe and Jacquelyn’s relationship will make you sizzle, and Jacquelyn’s personal dilemma will make you cry. I always know that a book is deserving of a Perfect 10 when I just can’t wait to finish reading the rest of the story and smile as I turn the pages. PLEASURING THE PIRATE is a refreshing tale with a fantastic spin on the classic theme of two hopeless romantics who have everything in common except the wealth they need to make it work (or so they think). PLEASURING THE PIRATE is a Perfect 10 in my book, and I know that readers will love reading Jacquelyn and Gabe’s story.

Anthonette Dotson

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Perfect 10: KISS OF FURY by Deborah Cooke

KISS OF FURY - Deborah Cooke
A Perfect 10
Dragonfire, Book 2
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-22476-7
August 2008
Paranormal Romance

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Present Day

When scientist Alexandra Madison awakens in the hospital, she is haunted by memories of watching the invention she dedicated her life to completing destroyed by fire, and watching her invention partner, Mark, be brutally tortured and murdered. Suffering from horrific nightmares and refusing to answer any questions surrounding Mark’s death, Alex is slated to be moved to the psych ward. The Green Machine she and Mark invented will literally change the world if she can present a completed prototype to the investor who is willing to start production on it if it is viable. Alex has just days to get to the secret second prototype and make some additional changes to prepare it for the unveiling. But first, she must escape the hospital before they move her. Weak from the injuries she received in the fire, Alex is more than willing to be kidnapped by the compelling man in scrubs who grabs her and runs. As soon as she stops hallucinating (those can’t be actual sparks shooting between the two of them) Alex will ditch him and run straight for the prototype.

Just as a lunar eclipse draws near, one that is prophesied to cause the second of three firestorms (matings), Pyr warrior Donovan Shea is assigned to protect Alex Madison from the Slayers bent on destroying her creation. The shape-shifting dragons are at war. The Pyr are guardians of the four elements and the earth’s treasures. The Slayers are intent on eradicating humans and Pyr so that they alone rule the earth. By destroying Alex’s invention, the Slayers are hoping to accelerate the earth’s fury to fuel their goals. While Donovan will do his part in the war, he is shocked to find that Alex ignites his firestorm. He has never wanted a mating and will staunchly refuse any attempt to lure him into one, prophecy or not. While Alex may be the foreseen Wizard, Donovan believes that he is not worthy enough to be the foretold Warrior. He will protect her with his life, but he will walk away once Alex is safe. That is easier said than done once Donovan realizes that she is the perfect woman for him on every conceivable level.

Additional characters include the Pyr leader Erik; Donovan’s mentor Rafferty; Smith Quinn and his wife Sara; prophetess (Wyvern) Sophie, the only female dragon; Slayer leader Boris; Erik’s son Sigmund; and Slayer Tyson, who holds a personal grudge against Donovan. Several emotionally devastating events in his life cause Donovan to doubt both himself and his decisions. While all the Pyr and Sophie are certain that he is the Warrior and he must follow through with the firestorm, Donovan can’t even imagine bringing a child with his genes into the world. Alex is appropriately the Wizard and is constantly thinking of creative ways to solve problems, including the firestorm. As their need for each other grows with the approach of the eclipse, the danger to their lives also intensifies as the Slayers decide to focus on preventing the firestorm of Alex and Donovan.

KISS OF FURY is a character driven fantasy that is sure to please fans. Alex is an intelligent, determined, and courageous heroine. She believes in herself and her project and will do anything to bring it to fruition. She soon widens that belief to include Donovan, even after being terrified by watching the Slayers at work in dragon form. Donovan is certain that he knows himself fully, but after seeing Alex attacked by Slayers, he finds that he possesses many hidden facets. Strong, heroic, and fierce, Alex’s belief and trust in him propel Donovan to finally accept his inherent goodness. Epic battles, suspense, ecological concerns, humor, and romance are highlights that readers can expect in this tale. Excellent writing, a smart story, and exceptional characters earn this novel the RRT Perfect 10 Rating. Don’t miss the very highly recommended KISS OF FURY.


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New Reviews posted!

Romance Reviews Today,
Issue 60, Volume 2, August 26, 2008

Prizes for August are:
Out of Time by Samantha Graves & Scots on the Rocks by Mary Daheim and After the Kiss by Suzanne Enoch & Magic in His Kiss by Shari Anton.

Check on the Contest Page for information on entering the contest.

Visit our new release page and start your shopping list today! You will note that all books reviewed are now linked on our New Releases page as well as in the current and back issues and on the individual genre pages. All erotic books reviewed can be found on the New Releases page as well – with direct links to the review on our sister site RRTErotic.

Visit the RRTBlog to see what Patti is up to – and what books she is giving away. If you are not on the RRTChatters loop, you are missing some great conversations – and prizes.

Join Patti every Friday night in the RRT chat room at 9 PM ET to chat about this, that and the other.

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In this issue, we have 43 new reviews for your reading enjoyment!

FIRST BLOOD - Susan Sizemore, Erin McCarthy, Chris Marie Green, Meljean Brook - Kathy - Paranormal Romance

Contemporary Fiction
FACETS - Barbara Delinsky - Stacy
OFF SEASON - Anne River Siddons - Lisa
THE SMART ONE - Ellen Meister - Deborah

Contemporary Romance
EVERYTHING NICE - Ellen Shanman - Diana
TOO HOT TO HANDLE - Linda Sole - Kate
TRUE BLUE - Bernadette Pruitt - Jennell

Fantasy Romance
SHADOW QUEEN - Christine McKay- Lori
SOUL OF FIRE - Sarah A. Hoyt - Courtney
UNTOUCHABLE - Linda Winstead Jones - Emporer Brides Trilogy, Book 1 - Kate

Historical Fiction
CARRY ME HOME - Sandra Kring - Jani
EDMUND BETRAM'S DIARY - Amanda Grange - Robin

Historical Romance
A HIGHLANDER NEVER SURRENDERS - Paula Quinn - The Highlander, Book 2 - Lori
COST OF FREEDOM - Carol A. Spradling - Vi
LORD OF SHADOWS - Mary Lennox - Jani
PLEASURING THE PIRATE - Emily Bryan - A Perfect 10 - Anthonette
SEDUCTITVE SECRETS - Lynne Connolly - Secrets Trilogy, Book 1 - Amy
TOO DANGEROUS TO DESIRE - Alexandra Benedict - Courtney

TWICE LOVED - Lori Copeland - Belles of Timber Creek, Book 1 - Diana

THE BLACKSTONE KEY - Rose Melikan - Jani

Paranormal Fiction
VICIOUS CIRCLE - Mike Carey - Stacy

Paranormal Romance
HOTTER THAN HELL - Jackie Kessler - Hell on Earth, Book 3 - Lori
KISS OF FURY - Deborah Cooke - Dragonfire, Book 2 - A Perfect 10 - Jennell
NECKING - Chris Salvatore - Lisa
SEA FEVER - Virginia Kantra - The Children of the Sea, Book 3 - Lori
THE BRIDE OF TIME - Dawn Thompson - Jani
THE DRUID MADE ME DO IT - Natale Stenzel

Romantic Suspense/Thriller
ACE IS WILD - Penny McCall - Lori
FINAL MASQUERADE - Cindy Davis - Amy
INTO THE FIRE - Suzanne Brockmann - Troubleshooters, Book 13 - Carolyn

Series Romance
BABY BUSINESS - Katherine Garbera - Billionaires and Babies - Jennifer - SD #1888
BILLIONAIRE'S MARRIAGE BARGAIN - The Billionaire's Club, Book 2 - Patti - SD #1886
CLAIMING HIS RUNAWAY BRIDE - Yvonne Lindsey - Sinclair - SD #1890
FIVE-STAR COWBOY - Charlene Sands - Suite Secrets, Book 1 - Patti - SD #1889
FRONT PAGE ENGAGEMENT - Laura Wright - Park Avenue Scandals, Book 2 - Patti - SD #1885
WED TO THE TEXAN - Sara Orwig - Platinum Grooms Trilogy, Book 3 - Diana - SD #1887
WHISPERS IN THE DARK - Kira Sinclair - Patti - Series Romance

LEFT TO DIE - Lisa Jackson - To Die series, Book 1 - Diana

Time Travel Romance
FINDING FIONA - Mary Fremont Schoenecker - Maine Shore Chronicles, Book 1 - Anthonette
SEDUCING MR. DARCY - Gwyn Cready - Deborah

Terrie Figueroa
Romance Reviews Today

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New Book Giveaway.....PRIVATE PLACES anthology

First off, if you recently won a book here at the RRT Blog or at the chat on Friday's, the books went out yesterday, so expect them soon in the mail.

This week the RRT Blog is giving away one copy of PRIVATE PLACES, a historical erotic romance anthology by authors Robin Schone, Claudia Dain, Allyson James and Shiloh Walker.

Here is a brief blurb of the anthology:

USA Today bestselling author Robin Schone shares a tale of a man and a woman in a notorious club, who learn how very dangerous desires of the flesh can be. Claudia Dain heats up this collection with the story of two voyeuristic young courtesans who might just take part in a very public seduction at the theatre. Allyson James has a card-playing, cunning widower and a desperate young widow learn that passion is the ultimate wild card. And finally, Shiloh Walker introduces a short story of a woman saved by a shapeshifter. Now, if only she could think of a way to repay him…

Rarely does such blush-worthy, heated erotica exist—and almost never all in one book.

So, who wants to win this? Post away and I'll draw the name of one lucky winner on Thursday night!

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The Power of Love winner is..........

KH...aka Kimmy!

She was poster #5

Please email me at with your mailing info.



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Rainy Day Reading


Where I live we've had a bunch of rain fall. Doesn't make going outside pleasant and certainly one wants to snuggle up with a good read! That got me to thinking about rainy day books. If I'm looking for a good book to snuggle up with, then certainly a Linda Howard or Lori Foster tops my list. If I want something to make me smile, then Rachel Gibson or Carrie Alexander is what I'm reading. For a good romantic suspense, then Karen Rose fits the bill, while for a paranormal read I love is Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Do you have some "rainy day" authors you can't miss who'll brighten an otherwise dreary day?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Perfect 10: FACELESS by Debra Webb

FACELESS – Debra Webb
A Perfect 10
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0-312-94224-9
August 2008
Romantic Suspense

Alabama; Various Locations - Present Day

Now that Joseph Stokes has finally been caught, Deputy District Attorney Carson Tanner feels vindicated that his family's killer is put behind bars. What's even better is that Stokes will spend the rest of his life in a maximum security cell in Holman Prison, considered by some to be the worst prison in the state of Alabama. It's been fifteen years since their death as Carson tries to compel Stokes to talk and tell him why he massacred his family in particular. At the end of the discussion, Carson gets a response from Stokes, but it's not quite the answer he wanted to hear. Carson doesn't believe he has all the facts, but his integrity insists that he find the truth at all costs. He is considered the wonder boy of the state and can do no wrong. But one night Carson does make a mistake and ends up regretting a passion-filled evening with a mysterious blonde woman whom he meets in a bar while celebrating his legal and personal victory.

Annette Baxter is a bold and beautiful "fixer." She's re-invented herself from a child in the foster care system without a penny to her name into a very wealthy and powerful woman with the ability to sort out a problem and resolve it for those in positions of authority. Annette has perfected a cool façade of indifference and skill to ensure her continued success with influential men. She is considered a master manipulator of the truth. One night she's in the right place at the right time and propositions a stranger for an erotic adventure.

Both Carson and Annette have personal agendas in life that are very different, yet they are destined to meet with catastrophic consequences. With the success of catching serial killer Stokes, Carson's boss, District Attorney Donald Wainwright, wants him to focus on bringing in Otis Fleming. Wainwright has been a mentor to him for the past five years so Carson looks forward to showing off his expertise again. He also thinks it may be possible to spend time with Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Drake -- the only woman he's ever loved. After the murder of his parents 15 years ago, Elizabeth went away and has come back within the past two years. Fleming has had ties to organized crime for the past 20 years, but no one has been able to catch the elusive man in the act. He does have a weakness, however, in his confidante Annette Baxter. Carson has never heard of Annette, but feels that she must know the man she works with is a crook. When Carson is shown the picture of the woman he thinks can help him land Fleming, he's shocked to realize she's the stranger he slept with the other night!

Debra Webb took me on an emotional rollercoaster then wouldn't let me off. The suspense in FACELESS is a gripping and nail-biting journey that will keep readers talking for days. Both lead characters have suffered as children, and it's intriguing to see how it has molded them into the man and woman they are today. Carson's morality and sense of justice has allowed him to be successful as an attorney. Annette's abuse as a child assures her that it is useless trusting men, and that she must keep the upper hand at all times. There is clearly tension between Carson and Annette, and they don't seem to like each other at all, but the realization that they are both being manipulated by people close to them is tangible. There are skeletons in the closet that are fighting to get out. Someone wants these characters out of the picture, but we're not ready for them to go. Their personas are distinctly poles apart, yet amidst the deceit and miscommunication, Debra Webb expertly manages to give us a love story that is poignant and unexpected. FACELESS teased and taunted me until I stayed up all night reading, only to be stunned by the astounding ending. This is a blockbuster thriller screaming to be told in the movie theater, and I'd be the first person in line for a ticket. A Perfect 10 you're sure to enjoy!

Allegra Alston

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Win a signed copy of THE POWER OF LOVE

Though it has been out a couple of months, I'm offering up a very special book prize this week.... A signed copy of THE POWER OF LOVE. First off, not every author in it have signed it, but it does include such authors as Lori Foster and Janice Maynard's signatures.

Simple contest. Post away (one entry per person) and I'll draw a winner on Thursday night. :)

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What would you like to win?

On the left side of this post you will see a poll. The Romance Reviews Today blog is going to have another anniversary coming in October and I'm curious as to what the readers of this blog would like to win.

Gift Certificates from places like Amazon?
Combination of both?
Other prizes?

Tell me what you want and also vote in the poll!

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Book Winner is..

The winner of No One Heard Her Scream is............ Nascarandbeans!!

Congrats and email me at

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Upcoming chats in the Romance Reviews Today chat room:

Friday - chat with Patti in the RRT part of the chat room beginning at 9:30 EST. Chat about anything related to books, etc and book giveaways!

Saturday - chat with Minx at her trivia chat beginning at 9:00 EST in Minx's chat room. Will Minx have games and give away books?

Monday - chat with Scheme beginning at 9:00 EST where anything goes! What did Scheme do over the weekend? What did she read that is good? Check it out. Location is in Scheme's chat room

You can access the chat room by clicking here.

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A Newbie does the RWA Conference in San Francisco

The 2008 Romance Writers’ Conference in San Francisco, CA was the first time I would be attending a writers’ conference. I was nervous and scared as a “newbie” and truly did not know what to expect. There were authors and some on-line friends I have communicated with, but what if they met me and decided to run away and I would be left alone with no one to talk to?
I had joked that I was going to find one of the hotel plants to hide behind, peeking out as everyone had fun. I raised my concerns to various friends and family members and they laughed at me, thinking my fears were ridiculous. And how right they were.

If you are an aspiring author or have the writing bug and want to network and meet some amazing people, I recommend a conference like RWA. It is the perfect way to learn so much about the publishing industry in general. The four days are very intense with so many workshops, and other events at your disposal. You think you will have a moment to relax? Go to the beach instead. The RWA conference is filled to capacity with thousands of women and some men who are just like you! Don’t be surprised if one of your favorite authors decides to sit down next to you just to chat. And, it is expected that you go up to people and introduce yourself. Do not be afraid or scared! I made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to sit in the corner and watch all the activity pass me by. I held my head high and made sure to introduce myself to strangers no matter who they were.

I also recommend you arrive a day early, just to get a good lay of the land. RWA officially starts on Wednesday and ends on Saturday night. I allowed myself to arrive on Monday with some friends, and we took a few days to see the sites and mentally prepare ourselves for what is to come. Don’t be surprised if you begin to see a crowd of people hanging out in the lobby or at the hotel bar. A lot of networking and meeting and greeting goes on there. Registration is very easy, that is where you pick up your badge with your name, and affiliation if you have one, along with a bag that has a schedule of workshops and even free books! Free books you say? Well, for the price of the conference, which some may think is bit steep, you will take home a ton of books that are all included in your conference price. Almost every publisher in the romance industry has free signings from Thursday-Saturday and you can have as many books as you can grab. Expect to put aside some money to ship your bounty home because don’t be surprised if you have over 100 books in your hands.

Along with the workshops that begin early Thursday morning and into Saturday afternoon, there are two luncheons you may attend with great food and a keynote speaker, which is usually a big author in the romance genre. The food is excellent and I also recommend you go to these since you sit at big tables where you can meet some new people. I was very lucky to meet an author that I have communicated in the past with and we decided to sit at a table together with total strangers. There is nothing to be worried about because everyone is so nice and very open to conversation.

Another important recommendation is to volunteer. I volunteered at the Reader for Life Literacy Autographing Signing on Wednesday night that is an event where all the proceeds go to charity. (Almost $60,000 was donated) I was responsible for selling raffles and that gave me the opportunity to walk around the floor and see over 500 authors sign their recent books and interact with their readers. This is an open for the general public and it is for a good cause.

For those who feel they are ready to try and get published, you can schedule some time with the editor from the publishing house of your choice and give them your “pitch” for your book or books you are trying to sell. I know of about five aspiring authors who met with multiple editors and agents and even though their time may only be ten minutes, they felt their experience was a good one. Actually all of them were asked for partial or full manuscripts that they quickly sent through email to the person they met with.

Overall, the 2008 Romance Writers’ Association Conference was an experience I will never forget. I was enlightened, thrilled and overjoyed to have met some of the most intelligent and amazing people in the publishing world. Next year, RWA is in Washington D.C. and I will definitely attend. And if you decide to come next year and it is your first time, forget about hiding behind any plants, you will come to the conclusion that there is no need to hide or stand in the corner. You will be welcomed into the fold with smiles and hugs. And I hope to be one of those to help you along, just as I had many help me this year.

Kate Garrabrant
Romance Reviews Today reviewer

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Book giveaway...NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM by Jordan Dane

Here is another book giveaway..... NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM by Jordan Dane. It's a romantic suspense and you can read RRT's review of it here.

Question for the week -- what is the scariest book you ever read?

I will pick a winner on Friday night!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Perfect 10: JUST FOR HER by Katherine O'Neal

JUST FOR HER - Katherine O'Neal
A Perfect 10
ISBN-10: 0-7582-1062-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-1062-3
July 2008
Historical Romantic Suspense

Cap Ferrat, the French Riviera, France - 1926

Archduchess Maria Teresa Louisa Juliana von Habsburg, former royal princess of the Habsburg Austrian Dynasty, is now known only as Jules DeRohan, wife of British industrialist Dominic DeRohan. Tonight, in the darkest hour, Jules waits in her bedroom for the infamous cat burglar known as The Panther. The man’s stealth and skill robbing only the wealthiest villas on the southern coast of France are legendary and the talk of the town. Why, he took the ring right off the hand of Lady Weston as she slept! Thinking he can help her, Jules has set a trap, and The Panther does not disappoint. He sneaks into her bedroom intent on stealing the jewels he believes are behind the steel doors of her wall safe. But the safe is empty, and before he gets a chance to search further, Jules confronts him clad only in her nightgown and offers him a deal. She will give him jewels in exchange for a simple task: kill her husband.

Dominic DeRohan is a brutal tyrant bent on the relentless pursuit of wealth and whatever possession suits his fancy at the moment, one of which is Jules. He literally bought her hand in marriage, tricking her father into losing everything he valued, even his very life. And when DeRohan gunned down Jules’s lover in a duel, she fled London for the security of Rêve de l’Amour, her grandmother’s estate on the French Riviera. Jules is bound to DeRohan in name only, and she vows he will never possess her body or own her soul, and now she’s beside herself with worry. A telegram from London gave notice that at this very moment DeRohan is on his way to Rêve de l’Amour to take what he believes is his right -- the consummation of their marriage.

Juliana lands herself in serious trouble when she first tangles with The Panther, but just for her, the dynamic thief decides to best Jules at her own game. Their meetings are shrouded in the shadows of darkness and she never sees his face, but his raspy voice and Italian endearments set Jules's never-before-awakened passions aflame and the man forces her into a devil’s bargain -- the life of DeRohan in exchange for everything she holds dear. Not willing to be coerced into submission, Jules refuses The Panther’s demands and plans the demise of DeRohan by herself.

JUST FOR HER is set in the time following WWI after the collapse of the royal houses of Europe and during the years when rich Americans discovered the allure of the Côte d’Azur, or the South of France now known as the French Riviera. Populated with a plethora of characters, Juliana’s friends are among the elite of society: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Picasso, and many others who make brief appearances in this story. The action is centered around Jules and her struggle to avoid and outwit the evil DeRohan, all the while falling in love with the elusive and dangerous man she knows only as The Panther. Her English butler, Hudson, is much more than a servant; he’s her confidant and privy to all her secrets; only he knows her fascination with the popular Lord Byron’s fictional heroes and the romanticized idea that lent Jules the idea of engaging The Panther in her lethal contract for DeRohan’s murder.

JUST FOR HER is a novel with page after page of smoldering passion, mystery, and the thrill of suspense that becomes a tortured race for escape. This reader was held enthralled trying to solve the multiple puzzles that weave in and around the chapters, never knowing until the final scenes who the real villain is. A masterful tale of revenge versus love, JUST FOR HER is an emotional roller coaster that has earned RRT’s highest accolade, a Perfect 10.

Diana Risso

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Friday, August 08, 2008

Chat tonight

Thought I would post that tonight is chat night again.
Come chat with Patti and everyone about the conference....

You can enter the chat room by clicking here and then clicking on RRT Chat. box of books just arrived from San Francisco.......

Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Perfect 10: SHADES OF DARK by Linnea Sinclair

SHADES OF DARK – Linnea Sinclair
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-55358-965-8
August 2008
Science Fiction Romance

Boru Karn Spaceship and Outer Space – the Future

Fugitives in space! That is what has become of Chasidah "Chaz"' Bergren, a former captain of the Sixth Fleet along with outlaw Gabriel Ross "Sully" Sullivan and their ragtag intergalactic crew. Chaz and Sully are lovers on the run from Hayden Burke, who happens to be Sully's cousin, and Darius Tage. These two have secretly re-created mutant beasts called Jukors that were originally used by the Empire and are now considered to be too dangerous, even in battle. Chaz and Sully are searching for Burke's illegal lab where these beasts are being created. If they aren't able to stop Burke, he could take over the entire galaxy.

If things aren't bad enough, Sully himself places everyone in danger because of what he is. Sully is a rare human breed called a Kyi-Ragkiril who has secret telepathic and telekinetic abilities. His kind are so feared that, if found out, he would be killed. Chaz is able to keep Sully under control as his ky'sara, where he can sense all her thoughts and emotions just as she can do the same to him. They have only been lovers and mates for three months, but their attraction for each other has been there for years. Sully saved Chaz from a place where only death would be a welcome relief, and now they are closer than any humans can be.

Even though time may be running out for this motley crew, Chaz does have some support on her side with her brother Thad and her ex-husband, Philip Guthrie, who is an Admiral of the Sixth Fleet. Things go from bad to worse when Thad is arrested for treason because he aided the fugitives. Unless Thad tells everything he knows, he will be executed.

The race is on for both Chaz and Sully, along with the help of Ren, who is good friends with the couple and is a blind Stolorth empath. They must find any information they can about these labs, even looking for help from those who shouldn't be trusted. There is one man who may be the answer to their problems. Regarth Serian Cordell Delkavra, otherwise known as Captain "Del" Regarth, is also a Stolorth and a Kyi. He is willing to help for a price, and that is training Sully to become more powerful and in control of his Kyi capabilities.

As Sully and Del bond in ways that makes Chaz very uncomfortable, Sully is slowing changing into something that scares Chaz. She doesn't trust Del because Del wants to share Chaz with Sully! But Chaz has to put her trust in Del's hands because he is possibly the only one who can help save the universe as they know it. It all comes down to the price Chaz is wiling to pay to keep her lover sane and hope their love is strong enough to keep them alive.

Buckle yourselves in and prepare for a ride you will not soon forget! Linnea Sinclair has written a masterpiece of science fiction fantasy with SHADES OF DARK. This is the sequel to her award winning GABRIEL'S GHOST that turned me into a sci-fi fanatic, and don't be surprised if you find yourself doing the same. SHADES OF DARK takes place three months after GABRIEL'S GHOST and reveals how Chaz and Sully are surviving and if their love is still stronger than ever. And I can tell you that the love and devotion between these two is so strong, that if one died, the other one would be lost as if a piece of their soul was gone.

The love story between Chaz and Sully is more out in the open and just as important as the action and suspense as they try to save the known galaxy. There are excellent fight scenes and some nice funny moments to relieve the non-stop tension. You will find yourself welcoming old friends, such as Ren, an alien being with a scary reputation who is so kind, sweet and very intuitive, along with Philip, Chaz's ex-husband, who in GABRIEL'S GHOST was a roadblock to Chaz and Sully's newly formed relationship. Philip is a very worthy hero, and I anxiously await his personal story to be told in HOPE'S FOLLY, due to be published sometime in spring 2009.

I also enjoyed the shady Del who is one of the most interesting characters in this book. He straddles the fence between good and evil and is a worthy adversary for Chaz. You will have no clue what he has up his sleeve till the very end, and that may surprise you in ways I didn't even see coming. Even when he was propositioning Chaz, I still found him to be a bit irresistible.

SHADES OF DARK is not to be missed. Of course, I recommend you read GABRIEL'S GHOST first to get a good idea of the story and the characters. If you don't find yourself having a crush on Sully, well that is fine, because I want to claim him for myself! *G*.

Linnea Sinclair is always an author you can count on for amazing stories and is one of the best in the business. SHADES OF DARK is going down as one of my favorite books of all time and well deserves RRT'S Perfect 10 award for excellence!

Kate Garrabrant

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sizzling Summer Reading...and a giveaway!!!

I saw this book today on Amazon and it looked hot...and good! Since I only have a ton of books on my tbr pile, I thought I'd purchase it anyway and give it away on the blog.

Without further adieu....

Sins of Summer: A Midsummer's Night Steam by Annmarie McKenna, MacKenzie McKade, Marie Harte and Dawn Halliday.

Are you interested? If so, tell us what book is the best you have read this summer so far.

On Sunday night I'll pull a winner out of the hat and announce it.
Good luck!

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RRTErotic - Issue 23, Volume 1 – August 5, 2008

In this issue, we have 17 new reviews and 5 new nibbles for your enjoyment. (Quick List of new reviews)

The winner of Jodi Lynn Copeland’s HANDYMAN is Tameka!The winner of the Samhain Publishing drawing is Linda!Congratulations to the winners of the July Drawing!

The Print book for the August drawing is : JUST FOR HER by Katherine O’Neal.We will also be drawing one name for the Samhain Publishing Contest.Just click on the Contact page for information on entering the random drawing!

In this issue we have 16 new reviews and 5 nibbles for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Single Titles (101 plus pages)

Contemporary ReviewsI NEVER - Lena Matthews - Naughty Games, Book 2 - Jennifer
SWEET AND SINFUL - Jodi Lynn Copeland - Kate - Double Book
Futuristic ReviewsCHARLIE'S BARGAIN - Evangeline Anderson - Lori
REMEMBER ME - Trista Ann Michaels - Entwined Fates, Book 4 - Jennifer

Historical ReviewsICON - Louisa Trent - Allegra Paranormal ReviewsAMETHYST EYES - Melinda Barron - Ariel IN A DARK EMBRACE - Simone Bern - Stacy PLEASURE UNBOUND - Larissa Ione - A Demonica Novel - Sinclair
SEDUCED BY THE STORM - Sydney Croft - ARCO series, Book 3 - Jennifer
VISION OF SEDUCTION - Cassie Ryan - Seduction series, Book 2 - Jennell
Romantic Suspense ReviewsHOT PROPERTY - Susan Johnson - Kate IN THE ARMS OF THE WIND - Charlotte Boyett-Compo - Mel

Short Stories (51 to 100 pages)
Contemporary Reviews
A COWBOY'S CHARM - Brandi Michaels - La Grande Mort - Holly
Fantasy ReviewsWHO NEEDS ANOTHER SUPERHERO? - R.G. Alexander - Pearl series – Jennifer

Paranormal Reviews
BEWITCHING THE FAIRIE - Cynthia Rayne - Lori PET PEEVE - J.J. Massa - Sinclair
SIN'S GIFT - Delilah Devlin - Jennell

NIBBLESChangeling Press
COMMAND ME - L.A. Day - Adventures in Space, Book 2 – Terrie - Futuristic RomanceJULE REIGH AND THE JIM STONE AFFAIR - Lani Aames - Sinclair - Contemporary Romance
Ellora's Cave
RECKLESS REWARDS - Cindy Lee - Holly - Contemporary Romance
The Wild Rose PressSEX, LIES AND DVD'S - Lynne Logan - Terrie - Contemporary Romance

Torquere PressCONNECTIONS - Sean Michael - Bruised - 1, Chaser - Isabelle - Gay Contemporary Romance

Terrie Figueroa
Owner/WebmistressRomance Reviews Today

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Book Winner is....

The winner of the book THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR STRUTTING is.....

Congrats and please email me at with your snail mail address.

Reflections on the Conference - My Top Ten list


The top ten things I learned from the RWA Conference in San Francisco:

1. Forget the workshops. Order the CD's. The rooms were always filled up and I could only get into a very small handful of the workshops. Luckily there are CD's of the workshops coming out soon.

2. Gets lots of rest because you will always be tired.

3. Remember to buy souvenirs. I finally bought one from SF in the Oakland airport as I was leaving.

4. Don't forget to plan what you want to do around standing in line and waiting for elevators. The Marriott did a good job, but I think our crowd sort of took them by surprise. At the Avon signing, they finally put up crowd control barriers while the crowd was piling in.

5. Jennifer Yates from Jennifer's Random Musings is famous! Everyone wanted to meet Jenn and some days I hardly saw her due to her busy schedule.

6. Nora Roberts is just...Nora. She is uber-professional and don't be surprised to see her walking around the hotel. I want to grow up to be Nora, not just because she sells a lot of books.

7. Don't assume someone you think is someone is that someone. I mistook one for a Golden Heart nominee in the elevator and she nicely told me no, that wasn't her. ::insert blush::

8. On the other hand, you never know who you are talking to. I was chatting with a lady one morning and when I left to join my friends who came along, she asked me my name. Turns out it was Jenny Gardiner, author and previous American Title winner. We knew each other online but had never met each other in person. What a fun moment!

9. Wear comfortable shoes and layer your clothes. Shoes I thought were okay I had to take off and I was forever either hot or cold. A sweater took care of that.

10. Authors are people just like you and me. Though, a few do not look like the picture on their web sites. (Names not revealed to protect their anonymity) But everyone attending the conference is friendly and there's nothing like hanging out with your favorite author.

As many people there are that attends and as tired as I am, would I do it again? You bet! I had tons of fun!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saturday and final day at the conference!

Got up early this morning and helped out with the Editor/Agent appointments. That is fast and very interesting. My four hours went by fast and I got to see a few of the editors and agents. (Chris Keesler from Dorchester is hot! He could grace the covers of his own books)

Saturday during conference week is always when attendees are winding down because they're tired and anxious to get home. I did manage to get in a workshop in the afternoon and attended some booksignings. (these are publisher hosted and they give out free books) Tor was giving away arcs and I grabbed a couple. One is an arc for an April 2009 release. (Ask me about it in chat next time you see me but you are not getting it! :) )

The hotel is bustling with an incoming conference as we are all preparing to leave. On top of that, there is the SF Marathon tomorrow morning. Oy! We did manage to find a place to eat dinner before we got ready for the.....

...RITA awards!!!

This is where everyone puts on the glitz and glams up after days of trudging around the hotel. It started on a high note and continued onward for two hours. I won't list every winner here, but you can find the list here.

Afterwards, everyone gathered for a post ceremony dessert reception and chatting. I congratulated Madeline Hunter and Kristan Higgins for their wins. Now onward to the bars for more celebrating.


Friday, August 01, 2008

Thursday at Conference

Today is a full slate of workshops and publisher booksignings. The hotel is slowly figuring us all out. While waiting for the Avon signing I noticed they finally put up crowd control barriers and it's gone smoothly since then. Ran into Katiebabs and Superlibrarian in line ahead of me. They are so funny. :D
The one big drawback with the hotel and conference is that the hotel conference rooms are spread out, so you can find yourself running from the bottom floor to the fifth floor. Deciding what workshops to take can mean planning.

Luncheon speaker today was Connie Brockway. Funny and another inspirational speaker. Kudos to RWA for their choice of speakers this year. At our table was the fabulous Virgina Kantra. I started reading her when she wrote for Harlequin and she is one I highly recommend.

Went to the Harlequin signing. Holy....cow! Room was wall to wall authors. I could've got more books than what I ended up with, but that just means more to mail home. :(

Tonight we're going out to dinner at a restaurant called MoMo's. It will be good to get a night away from the hotel after spending the last couple of days holed up here.

I'll try to post again tomorrow....

Spotlight Review: NOBODY'S HERO by Carrie Alexander

NOBODY’S HERO – Carrie Alexander
Count on a Cop series
Harlequin SuperRomance #1504
ISBN (13): 978-0-373-71504-6
ISBN (10): 0-373-71504-8
July 2008
Contemporary Series Romance

Osprey Island, Maine ~ Present Day

State trooper Sean Rafferty was recently wounded in the line of duty and has come to Maine for rest, recovery, and relaxation. Sean likes the solitude that the island offers, but almost immediately he has the feeling that someone’s following him, and soon discovers that a ten year-old redheaded girl is trailing him. Catching her in the act of spying on him, he scolds her but comes face to face with her tigress of a mother. Sean wants to be left alone, right? So why does he suddenly want to be around Connie Bradford and her daughter Pippa?

Connie is on Osprey Island to finish a gardening contract for a rich man and his wife. She’s designed, and now building, a garden maze, which is about to be unveiled at a party. Connie is using the time on the island to help Pippa get through her continued grief at losing her father (and Connie’s husband) to cancer two years ago. But Pippa’s fascination with Trixie Belden mysteries and the belief that there’s a mystery or two on the island frustrates Connie. Her daughter gets into trouble and won’t mind Connie. When Sean Rafferty arrives and shows an interest in Pippa, well, what can a woman say…or do? Connie has too much work to do to get the maze ready for the party and a daughter who needs her attention without the added stress of a new relationship. But love knows no barriers, nor does the mystery that soon unfolds…

Carrie Alexander has woven an intriguing tale of romance, mystery, and life on Osprey Island off the coast of Maine. Pippa is a curious little girl who wants to emulate her heroine, Trixie Belden, but doesn’t realize her secretive “detective” work might be misconstrued. Connie has slowly rebuilt her life after devoting herself to her late husband’s care and worries about her daughter. When Pippa learns Sean is a cop, well, he’s suddenly a hero in her eyes. Pippa spins a tale or two about things she’s seen or heard. How much is the truth, and how much is her vivid imagination? Add in Connie’s dealings with her employer and his wife, plus the maze work, and she’s not up to any kind of relationship with Sean.

Sean is a man trying to recover both physically and emotionally from a shooting. Adding to his misery is the fact that he’s estranged from his teenage son. Sean misses him, but doesn’t know how to heal the riff. Pippa’s amateur sleuthing is an amusing way to pass the time, but being around Connie is icing on the cake. Sean knows he can’t get involved with Connie. He’s too scarred inside to be much use to a widow and her child. But with each day that passes, he comes to care more for both Connie and Pippa.

Minor characters of note are Connie’s employers, Anders and Kay Sheffield. They may be the nouveau riche of Osprey Island, but will their marriage survive the party? There’s also the hired help: the gardener, Graves, who doesn’t want Connie messing in his territory; Mrs. Wells, the housekeeper who knows all but keeps a tight lip on things; and Kitty, the maid who’s caught where she shouldn’t be. Each character provides color and character to NOBODY’S HERO and helps make it a well-rounded tale.

The mystery within NOBODY’S HERO is slowly revealed with a few red herrings along the way, but the main focus is the burgeoning relationship that develops between Sean and Connie. Can Sean overcome his personal demons? Can Connie forge a future with a man while keeping her daughter’s feelings in mind? Ms. Alexander does a wonderful job of putting it all together in a very satisfying ending.

While NOBODY’S HERO is not classified as suspense, you’ll be on the edge of your seat as the intense, climactic ending is reached. And you’ll fall in love with Sean and Connie and, of course, adorable Pippa. I highly recommend NOBODY’S HERO for a story that won’t disappoint readers.

Patti Fischer