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Spotlight Review - RESCUE ME

RESCUE ME – Cherry Adair, Lora Leigh, Cindy Gerard
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-0-312-94842-5
July 2008
Contemporary Romance Anthology

Lose yourself in these three stories in which alpha males protect their women as they are on the run from those who wish them dead…

Tropical Heat by Cherry Adair
Congo Basin, Central Africa – Present Day

Doctor Elizabeth Goodall has been mistaken for another doctor. The terrorist, Tau Thadiwe, kidnapped her in order to do reconstructive surgery on his face. She knows if she tells the crazed Thadiwe that he has the wrong doctor, he will kill her. She goes along with him, praying that she will be saved.

Elizabeth does have a savior by the name of Sam Pelton, a tactical instructor who specializes in training special ops in weaponry. Seth has come halfway around the world to save Beth because he is in love with her. Beth is scared to death, but when she sees Sam has come to her rescue, her fear turns to relief. Soon these two are on the run through the jungles of Africa as man and beast try to take them down.

Tropical Heat is the best short story in this anthology, and Cherry Adair sure knows how to write tension-filled scenes along with some great chemistry between Beth and Sam. I couldn't look away from the pages as they try to make a run towards freedom. And even though the enemy is right on their heels, that didn't stop them from making love in a tree; that I may not recommend, but give it to Cherry to make it steamy and so very good. Tropical Heat certainly does heat up the pages and is one story I really enjoyed.

Atlanta Heat - Lora Leigh
Atlanta, Georgia – Present Day

Navy SEAL Lieutenant Mason "Macey" Madison has it bad for his Admiral's goddaughter, Miss Emerson Delaney. Macey knows touching Emerson in any way would mean trouble, but she doesn't seem to mind teasing him every chance she gets. He can hardly hold back his lust, and because of that, the Admiral finds Macey and Emerson in a compromising position and reams Macey a new one.

Three weeks later, Emerson has been kidnapped by a terrorist and white slavery organization that Admiral Holloran thought he had destroyed. Now the remaining few in that organization have kidnapped Emerson to strike back at him. Holloran expects Macey to find Emerson and save her.

Macey saves Emerson and must keep her under lock and key until the terrorists have been taken care of. Macey wants to lay claim to Emerson, but how will he explain to her godfather that he is the man who is perfect for his princess?

Lora Leigh has written a steamy tale with Atlanta Heat. You have a man and woman who yearn for each other, but because Macey feels he should be respectful towards Emerson, the loving goddaughter of his superior, he holds back. Of course, Emerson is on a mission to make Macey loose control. These two flirt like crazy, and not even Emerson's fear of Macey's pet snake will stop her from owning Macey's heart, even if Drack watches them get down and dirty.

Lora Leigh is always an author to count on with her sexy heroes and the women who are their equals, and Atlanta Heat is one such read that won't leave you out in the cold.

Desert Heat – Cindy Gerard
The Grand Canyon, Arizona - Present Day

ADA Elena Martinez and police Detective Seth King have signed up for a two-day survival scavenger hunt in the Grand Canyon. Elena may think of Seth as some nice looking eye candy but she finds him to be a pain in her butt and is not too keen on the idea of being paired with him on this hunt. But she also thinks Seth is a good cop, and he seems to know his way through the canyon trail. Perhaps she can find out more about this man who heats up her blood.

Seth is very much attractive to this cute assistant district attorney even though she tends to tick him off. As they camp out, their attraction for each other leads to some interesting campfire action. But the tables turn deadly as Seth and Elena must find a way to escape from the men who are out to kill them even if it means trekking through the treacherous caves and swimming through rapids in the harsh Desert Heat.

Cindy Gerard sure knows how to write a suspenseful tale of a man and woman hiding from enemies who have no qualms about toying with their lives. Even though Seth and Elena may not make it out with their lives intact, these are two strong characters with a great will to live. It was very interesting to see Elena take care of Seth. These two come to the realization about their feelings for each other and act on their attraction in Desert Heat, a story that most Cindy Gerard fans will enjoy.

Cherry Adair, Lora Leigh, and Cindy Gerard are three incredible authors who write sexy heroes and the women who are their perfect partners in every way. With exciting stories heavy on adventure and romance, don't miss out on this great anthology, RESCUE ME.

Kate Garrabrant

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