Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spotlight Review: HEATED RUSH by Leslie Kelly

HEATED RUSH – Leslie Kelly
The Wrong Bed Series
Harlequin Blaze #402
ISBN (13) 978-0-373-79406-5
ISBN (10) 0-373-79406-1
July 2008
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois ~ Present Day

Annie Davis is desperate. After telling her family she’s met a nice guy, it turns out he’s married! Now she needs a date for her parent’s big anniversary party that’s coming up. Pushed into finding her “date” at a charity bachelor auction, Annie can barely take her eyes off Bachelor #20.

He’s handsome. Check.
He’s got a cute brogue. Check.
He’s an EMT. Check.
She just broke her bank account “buying” him. Check.

However, there’s one little problem that Annie doesn’t yet know about Bachelor #20. The bios of him and another man got switched, and her date is not who she thinks he is. Turns out her hot bachelor, Sean Murphy, gets paid to escort rich women to functions, plus provides a little bit more special servicing…

Sean is intrigued by sweet daycare owner Annie and isn’t sure how she’ll react to finding out he’s a gigolo. When she asks him to accompany her to her hometown for the party, he’s enamored enough of her to accept. Of course, they need to get to know each other very well before the function. Something they both enjoy doing quite a lot.

From this very funny premise is born HEATED RUSH, and it had me laughing out loud several times. Annie left her hometown to make a life for herself in Chicago and knows if she comes to the anniversary party dateless, her family will be matchmaking and pressuring her to return home. So, she needs to find a substitute fast. Sean certainly fits the bill. (Think a younger Pierce Bronson but with longish hair and an earring.) Will Annie be able to fool her family into thinking Sean is her boyfriend and keep her hands off him while under her parents' roof?

Sean left his home in Ireland at an early age and still can’t see eye to eye with his controlling father. Annie is cute and adorable, but Sean isn’t into cute relationships. Oh, he has an international business on the side, but he’s heavily in demand by the ladies. He figures Annie will be a good short fling before he leaves Chicago, but will their time together make it harder for him to depart?

Once again, Leslie Kelly provides readers with a sexy, witty, romantic, and all around fun story to read. Hand it to Ms. Kelly for making a gigolo a hero to love. Annie and Sean are not only a great couple, but the chemistry between them burns hotter than molten lava, with sizzling sex scenes to go along with the snappy dialogue. I must say that after reading HEATED RUSH, I want my own Sean Murphy. (Of course, for free.) Run, do not walk to the nearest bookstore today and grab your own copy.

Patti Fischer

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