Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hello from San Francisco!

Arrived Monday evening at the hotel after spending the afternoon in Airports. Other than them changing my gate in Seattle, it was uneventful flying.

Caught up with a friend and we rode a taxi to the hotel and from then on it's been hectic. Met Jennifer Y again. Many of you know her from Jennifer's Random Musings. She is a sweetheart in real life just she is online.

We ordered in Chinese food and ate here at the hotel. What can a I was delicious! A bunch of us stayed up late and chatted. The hotel is fabulous. There is also another conference in the area (Not at the hotel) so a lot of people around. The room has a view of other buildings, but oh, often is one in their room??
Tuesday we did a five hour tour of San Francisco and it was great. Our driver was knowledgeable and funny. I would highly recommend this tour agency. Met another blogger for the first time...Katiebabs. She is a hoot and funny and very energetic. Had lots of fun talking to her.

Btw, keep your eyes open on the Today show. They're going to be around filming the conference.

Authors galore running around. Have seen SEP a couple of times. Jane Porter too. Chatted with Virginia Kantra this morning. The place is jam packed with authors and every time you turn around, there's another one. Tonight is the big booksigning and afterwards, I have a couple of parties to attend.

I hope to get a chance to blog tomorrow, but likely will be late.


Unknown said...

you had chinese food without me? lol.. i wish you had packed me in your suitcase...

Anonymous said...

have fun everyone.

Fedora said...

Thanks for the update, Patti!! Tell Jennifer howdy for me :) Glad you're having a blast!