Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Contest....

Okay, here's the deal:

Close your eyes. Dream. Think.....

You've just been given a chance to attend the 2008 Romance Writer's of America Literacy Autograph signing on July 30th.

Here's the link to the list of authors:


Here's your job. You can only visit ten authors. Which ten authors would you see at the signing and why?

Yes, you're going to have to work for this, but there's a prize attached.

A $10.00 Amazon egiftcard. Open to everyone, including international.

One person will win.

Contest ends Sunday night.....


Karen H said...

Oh, this is so hard to pick only ten authors out of that fantastic list, but if my back is to the wall and I must choose then my TOP TEN list would be:

1. Victoria Alexander
2. Jo Beverley
3. Elizabeth Boyle
4. Liz Carlyle
5. Robyn DeHart
6. Christina Dodd
7. Candice Hern
8. Stephanie Laurens
9. Jenna Petersen
10. Julia Quinn

I have read almost every book these ladies have published. They are my top 'auto-buy' authors. I can't let any of their books go by without buying it! I also frequently check their websites and newsletters for book, career & life updates.

MJFredrick said...

1. Nora Roberts
2. Suzanne Brockmann
3. Michelle Rowen
4. Cindy Gerard
5. CJ Lyons
6. Virginia Kantra
7. Anne Mallory
8. Diane Gaston
9. Esri Rose
10. Beth Andrews

Unknown said...

whew to have to narrow it to ten?
1. Kate Douglas (met her shes a sweetie, i love her books)
2. Bonnie Edwards (love her writing)
3. Roxanne St Claire (bullet catchers nough said..lol.. hot)
4. Brenda Novak (love her books and auction)
5.Donna MacMeans (miss the pink ladies blog still)
6.Carly Phillips (im a plotmonkey junkie..
7 Janelle Denison ( again with plotmonkeys)
8. Angie Fox ( Accidental Demon Slayer is on my buy list)
9. Christina Dodd ( a legend)
10. Julie Leto (again Plotmonkey junkie)
plus just about everyone else on the list..lol..
of course id be so overcome by the thought of getting to go, id probably make a stammering fool out of myself..

CrystalGB said...

I would choose:
Jessica Andersen-loved Night Keepers
Kathryn Caskie-love her books
Elizabeth Hoyt-love her books
Stacey Kayne-love her books
Julianne Maclean-love her books
Sherrilyn Kenyon-love her books
Nalini Singh-Psy-Changeling series is fabulous
Julia Quinn-love her books
Kat Martin-love her books
Monica McCarty-love her books

Jennifer Y. said...

This is hard!

Hmmm...here's my list...in no particular order (although I could have listed more...a lot more)...my choices have more to do with putting faces to names I have chatted with...LOL.

1. Kathleen Long (she's an author have met before and have chatted with online...I am a big fan)
2. Vicki Lewis Thompson (I have never met her, but I am a big fan and have chatted with her...and I promised I'd say, Hello)
3. Maya Banks (I am a big fan! And want to meet her very badly)
4. Sandy Blair (She is an online friend and is very sweet...and writes great books)
5. Larissa Ione (I am a fan and have wanted to meet her in person for a while)
6. Janice Lynn (She and I have chatted through e-mails and a blog and I really want to meet her in person)
7. Julia Quinn(I am a BIG fan and would love the chance to tell her, but I'd probably be too nervous)
8. Anna Campbell (she is a member of one of my fave blogs that I visit daily and I want to meet her in person)
9. Tawny Weber (I have chatted through e-mails and blogs with her and would love a chance to meet her in person)
10. Nancy Haddock (I have been wanting to meet her for a while...plus I loved her book and want to tell her in person).

Cherie J said...

Wow! That was tough! So many great authors. Here are mine:

1. Nalini Singh
2. Christine Feehan
3. Robin D. Owens
4. Maya Banks
5. CL Wilson
6. Nora Roberts
7. Sherrilyn Kenyon
8. Eve Kenin
9. Allyson James
10. Gena Showalter

These are authors that are so amazing that I can't get tired of their books.

Jane said...

Nora Roberts
Stephanie Laurens
Jenna Petersen
Gennita Low
Barbara Freethy
Allison Brennan
Jacquie D'Alessandro
Amy J. Fetzer
Cindy Gerard
Heather Graham

danetteb said...

Sherrilynn Kenyon
Gena Showalter
Nalini Singh
Michelle Rowan
Julie Kenner
Michele Bardsley
Marta Acosta
Beth Ciotta
Stephanie Rowe
Ashlyn Chase

Hugs, Danette

robynl said...

Like the rest it was hard to narrow down the list but I did it!!

1) Leanne Banks
2) Robyn Carr
3) Robyn DeHart
4) Anna DeStefano
5) Candice Hern
6) Brownwyn Jameson
7) Kathleen Long
8) Roxanne St. Claire
9) Vicki Lewis Thompson
10) Kate Walker

Fedora said...

Oh, good grief--only 10??

1. Anna Campbell--I've very much enjoyed chatting with her online and would love to meet her in person

2. Sylvia Day--I've loved her books

3. Virginia Kantra--I "met" her on a blog and loved her style

4. Stacey Kayne--LOVE her books

5. Leslie Kelly--Love her books, and would love to meet her in person

6. Kathleen Long--have really enjoyed chatting with her online, and it would be very fun to meet in person

7. Debbie Macomber--long-time fan

8. Rhonda Nelson--love her books, would love to meet in person

9. Susan Elizabeth Phillips--she's an amazing writer--would love to meet her!

10. Julia Quinn--love her writing, and would love to meet her!

There are easily a dozen more!

Sue A. said...

Maya Banks

Shayla Black

Sylvia Day

Thea Devine

Deidre Knight

Kat Martin

Kate Pearce

Jane Porter

Nora Roberts

Anne Stuart

I picked these authors because they're simply the authors whose books are all on my keeper shelf.

Unknown said...

Jami Alden
Lacey Alexander
Maya Banks
Shayla Black
Eden Bradley
Portia Da Costa
Lacy Danes
Kate Douglas
P.J. Mellor
Kate Pearce
Karin Tabke

Okay, it's very hard to narrow this down. I know I put one extra. lol. These are all my fave authors. I love their books and would love to meet them.

Anonymous said...

leslie kelly
anne stuart
vicki thompson
gennita low
amy fetzer

carly phillips
kate douglas
roxanne st claire


Anonymous said...

WOW Too many too pick from.

1. Nora Roberts
2. Victoria Alexander
3. Shari Anton
4. Kinley MacGregor
5. Kate Walker
6. Kathryn Caskie
7. Kresley Cole
8. Madeline Hunter
9. Amanda Scott
10. Stephanie Laurens

Maureen said...

There were so many more than 10 authors I would pick but I narrowed it down to:

1.Nora Roberts, 2. Jayne Anne Krentz because they were two of the authors that got me reading romance again years ago and I still love their books today.

3. Connie Brockway, 4. Jo Beverly, 5. Julia Quinn, 6. Liz Carlyle because they are authors that I have been reading for some years and am always thrilled when they have a new book out.

7. Joanna Bourne, 8. Anna Campbell, 9. Susan Mallery, 10. Elizabeth Hoyt because they are relatively new authors to me that have been recently added to my favorites.

Laurie G said...

Heather Graham
Nora Roberts
Jayne Anne Krenz
These 3 authors along with Sandra Brown & Lavyrle Spencer who started my love of romances!

Kat Martin
Debra Macomber
Susan Mallery
Janelle Denison
Carly Phillips
Vickie LT
Susan EP
Victoria Alexander

These other ladies closely followed. They are all autobuys for me!

There were several other authors that I currently read too!

J said...

J.D. Robb
Teresa Medeiros
Anne Stuart
Julia Quinn
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Elizabeth Hoyt
Laura Lee Guhrke
Sylvia Day
Elizabeth Boyle
Kate Walker

limecello said...

This is tough... but here is my list (I think!)

1. Susan Elizabeth Phillips - She is absolutely one of my most favorite authors. I'm sure I'd stand there in awe.
2. Leanne Banks - Another one of my favorites - I love her humor and writing.
3. Rachel Gibson - Yet another favorite- who knew I'd learn about hockey because of romance books?
4. Julia Quinn - Historical romances, and really - like the others, isn't the name enough? I can't wait to read "Mr. Cavendish, I Presume."
5. Christina Dodd - I super love her historicals - and am about to read her newest paranormal soon.
6. Sylvia Day - I love her historicals with the heat and great stories.
7. Nalini Singh - Like everyone else, her psy-changeling books are great. That, and I love the categories she wrote earlier on.
8. Susan Mallery - I love her books - just read the first in her new trilogy, and can't wait to read "Sweet Spot."
9. Rhonda Nelson - Love her categories - especially the "Men Out of Uniform" series.
10. Amy J. Fetzer - I haven't read her books in a while - but alpha heroes, marines and rangers? Perfect heroes.

acdaisy95 said...

Maya Banks
Amy Fetzer
Susan Mallery
Nalini Singh
Carly Phillips
Sylvia Day
Susan Mallery
Nora Roberts
Cindy Gerard
HelenKay Dimon