Introducing....JENNY GILLIAM!!!

1. Tell us about your current release.

It's called LETTING LUCE. It's about a woman who instigates an
anonymous online affair with her best friend who she's secretly lusted after
for years. It will be available Friday, June 20 from Amira Press.

2. What is the hardest part of writing?

Sitting down and getting the job done. After finishing 4 novels in a
little over a year, I've been having a rough time working on my WIP. Call
it burnout. I'm trying to write every day, though. It is difficult at
this jucture. I'm sure it'll ease up soon (hopefully).

3. Can you tell us a little about your road to publication? Rocky or
smooth sailing?

I got a LOT of rejections for LETTING LUCE. Amira was the
last publisher I had planned to send it to when I got the approval. As
for my other novels, after all of the rejections, I decided to go the
e-press way. My first novel, THE WEDDING WAR, was published by The Wild
Rose Press and came out last spring. So far, I LOVE e-publishing.

4. Which friends or authors have influenced you, either for their
writing or their friendship?

I really owe kudos to my RWA writer's chapter. They've inspired me so
much. And my critique partner, Deboroah. She's going to make an awesome
editor some day (she's also a great writer). As for authors, I really
like Rachel Gibson, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and JR Ward.

5. What is coming out for you in the near future?

My next novel from The Wild Rose Press is called THE TRUTH ABOUT ROXY,
and is due out in October/November of 2008. It's about a mousy woman
who takes on a daring persona to change the old fashioned views in her
hometown and the comical effects of said change.

6. And finally....where can readers find you on the internet?

I LOVE to hear from my readers! You can contact me at

Thanks so much for having me!!!!

Thanks Jenny! You can purchase a copy of LETTING LUCE starting today by heading to


Jenny Gilliam said…
Thanks so much for having me!!!!

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