Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spotlight Review: WICKED PLEASURE by Lora Leigh

Bound Hearts, Book 9
St. Martin’s Griffin
ISBN: 978-0312687
May 2008
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Alexandria, Virginia - Present Day

Jaci Wright ran from her hometown seven years ago when she found out that the rumors surrounding the man she loved were true. Jaci believed that her fantasy was coming true when Cameron Falladay finally succumbed to her overt flirting. She couldn't believe that his demanding everything from her would include his twin brother Chase. In the intervening years, she built a successful interior design business and watched it shatter as rumors started by a powerful Senator and his wife took root. Now Jaci has the opportunity to rebuild her reputation and business. Redecorating the Sinclair Mansion to function as a private men's club will put Jaci in direct contact with Cameron and the Robertses. She is going to use the opportunity to take back her life from the Roberts's smear campaign and put to rest the desire she still has for Cameron.

As an investigator for the club Jaci is redesigning, Cameron knows nearly everything that has happened in her life for the past seven years. The rumors began by the Robertses are lies, but Jaci has never spoken about the incident five years ago that precipitated them. Cameron wants to know what happened and, more importantly, he wants Jaci more than ever. He will finally claim her and deal with the Robertses. But, Cameron has a secret of his own that he is sure will doom any forever scenario he has with Jaci. He will have to tread carefully and keep his emotions in check to have even a short time with her.

Others adding tension to the fears riding Jaci and Cameron include Courtney and Sebastian Sinclair, and Jaci's friend Moriah Brockheim. Jaci knows that she will have to confront the Robertses and has been carefully planning the meeting for months. She is also aware that Cameron, who is demanding everything from her, is either holding his emotions in check or has no true feelings for her. When Jaci is forced to deal with all of her problems at once, the truths that come out may destroy everyone.

Sizzling sensuality and uncertainty are the highlights of WICKED PLEASURE. Jaci is a strong, independent woman who finds irresolution from the past rising to the surface. Cameron has a tortured soul that keeps his feelings tightly leashed in order to survive. Chase is the seemingly happy-go-lucky brother, but he is deeply worried about Cameron. The intimate encounters between them are intense and blazing hot. Emotional tension comes from distrust, anxiety, rage, and pain. Terrific writing fleshes out all of the characters and the suspense rises slowly to a shocking conclusion with a twist. WICKED PLEASURE is a must read for those who like their romance with an edge.


(ps....rumor has it that a box of books for giveaways is winging its way to me. Stay tuned....)

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