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A Perfect Ten: WARRIOR RISING by P.C. Cast

Goddess Summoning Series, Book 6
A Perfect 10
Berkley Sensation (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-425-22137-2
May 2008
Paranormal Romance
Tulsa, Oklahoma – Present Day; the City of Troy during the Trojan War

Goddesses have all the luck in the world -- men at their fingertips, beauty, power, and ambrosia whenever they want it. But Hera, Athena, and Venus are fed up to their perfectly-arched eyebrows with the Trojan War, which, thanks to rumor and speculation, is being blamed on them. Achilles, son of Thetis, has led a bloody battle for the Greeks and is doomed to die by the age of thirty without knowing the love of a woman. It was his choice to live a battle-filled life that would ensure fame. If the goddesses could stop him from fighting and end the battle, they may change fate, but the war would finally be over.

Venus concocts a plan that is sure to work after visiting modern-day Tulsa, Oklahoma. Venus decides the mortal woman, Katrina Campbell, would be just perfect and could help Achilles with his berserker tendencies, keeping his mind off of the battlefield and focused on other pursuits of a…well, lusty nature. Just as Venus is about to rush off and tell Athena and Hera, Kat and her best friend, Jacqueline, die in a car wreck, and it’s up to the Goddess of Love to become a hero, saving both women’s souls and zapping them to Olympus.

Now, what’s a goddess to do? Throw in the towel and call it quits? Um, no -- weren’t you paying attention? These are goddesses, after all, and they have just enough clout to do things such as, oh, I don’t know...finding host bodies for the poor souls of Kat and Jacky? Victims of a recent clash in one of Hera’s temples, the battered bodies of Princess Polyxena (daughter of the Trojan king, Priam) and her handmaiden, Melia, are just perfect for placing Kat and Jacky’s souls in. So, with a little wow, a lot of zap, mixed in with some goddess abracadabra, Polyxena and Melia are brought back to life and have now been taken over by two mortal women’s souls from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

And you thought Merlin was a bad-ass…?

Now it’s up to two mortal women to stop a war, cure Achilles, and look as if they belong on Mount Olympus. Well, actually, Kat is the one to help Achilles; Jacky’s just here for the ride.

Let’s face it -- when we were in school and had to study The Iliad, it wasn’t the most riveting piece of work, right? If only I had known then what I’ve learned now, I would’ve paid more attention. If the names and places in WARRIOR RISING confuse you, it’s an easy skip through the internet to do some of your own research, since, after all, a lot of the story is mythologically accurate. But, honestly, why bother? P.C. Cast weaves her own magic and has created yet another delightful novel that is sure to cure whatever ails you. I never would have equated Achilles with a romance novel hero, but he becomes that and more. He’s not immortal; he has no special powers of his own beyond the battlefield, and carries the scars of a man who has seen too much -- but he becomes so much more when around Kat, er, Polyxena. And trust me, he’s not perfect by any means. But to Kat, he is. Achilles becomes more than a battle-hardened warrior and actually grows up quite a bit in WARRIOR RISING.

I’d not be doing my job if I didn’t mention some of the other characters beyond those already listed in this review. What’s interesting is that these folks are actually straight from the pages of my huge collectible mythology book and comprise some of the most fascinating reading I’ve done in a long time -- Paris, Helen of Troy, Priam, Agamemnon, Hector, Patroklos, Odysseus, and let’s not forget Zeus.

It’s an honest-to-goddess feat to take on the Trojan War, but Ms. Cast does a stellar job at creating a riveting page-turner that’s sure to cause a stir. WARRIOR RISING is a shining example of just why this author is on the top of many readers’ favorites lists. Simply put, it’s a Perfect 10 for this reader.

Amy Cunningham

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PC Cast said...

Thank you Amy! What a lovely, well written review. I appreciate you. And this book was soooo much fun to write!