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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Perfect Ten: WARRIOR RISING by P.C. Cast

Goddess Summoning Series, Book 6
A Perfect 10
Berkley Sensation (Trade Paperback)
ISBN: 978-0-425-22137-2
May 2008
Paranormal Romance
Tulsa, Oklahoma – Present Day; the City of Troy during the Trojan War

Goddesses have all the luck in the world -- men at their fingertips, beauty, power, and ambrosia whenever they want it. But Hera, Athena, and Venus are fed up to their perfectly-arched eyebrows with the Trojan War, which, thanks to rumor and speculation, is being blamed on them. Achilles, son of Thetis, has led a bloody battle for the Greeks and is doomed to die by the age of thirty without knowing the love of a woman. It was his choice to live a battle-filled life that would ensure fame. If the goddesses could stop him from fighting and end the battle, they may change fate, but the war would finally be over.

Venus concocts a plan that is sure to work after visiting modern-day Tulsa, Oklahoma. Venus decides the mortal woman, Katrina Campbell, would be just perfect and could help Achilles with his berserker tendencies, keeping his mind off of the battlefield and focused on other pursuits of a…well, lusty nature. Just as Venus is about to rush off and tell Athena and Hera, Kat and her best friend, Jacqueline, die in a car wreck, and it’s up to the Goddess of Love to become a hero, saving both women’s souls and zapping them to Olympus.

Now, what’s a goddess to do? Throw in the towel and call it quits? Um, no -- weren’t you paying attention? These are goddesses, after all, and they have just enough clout to do things such as, oh, I don’t know...finding host bodies for the poor souls of Kat and Jacky? Victims of a recent clash in one of Hera’s temples, the battered bodies of Princess Polyxena (daughter of the Trojan king, Priam) and her handmaiden, Melia, are just perfect for placing Kat and Jacky’s souls in. So, with a little wow, a lot of zap, mixed in with some goddess abracadabra, Polyxena and Melia are brought back to life and have now been taken over by two mortal women’s souls from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

And you thought Merlin was a bad-ass…?

Now it’s up to two mortal women to stop a war, cure Achilles, and look as if they belong on Mount Olympus. Well, actually, Kat is the one to help Achilles; Jacky’s just here for the ride.

Let’s face it -- when we were in school and had to study The Iliad, it wasn’t the most riveting piece of work, right? If only I had known then what I’ve learned now, I would’ve paid more attention. If the names and places in WARRIOR RISING confuse you, it’s an easy skip through the internet to do some of your own research, since, after all, a lot of the story is mythologically accurate. But, honestly, why bother? P.C. Cast weaves her own magic and has created yet another delightful novel that is sure to cure whatever ails you. I never would have equated Achilles with a romance novel hero, but he becomes that and more. He’s not immortal; he has no special powers of his own beyond the battlefield, and carries the scars of a man who has seen too much -- but he becomes so much more when around Kat, er, Polyxena. And trust me, he’s not perfect by any means. But to Kat, he is. Achilles becomes more than a battle-hardened warrior and actually grows up quite a bit in WARRIOR RISING.

I’d not be doing my job if I didn’t mention some of the other characters beyond those already listed in this review. What’s interesting is that these folks are actually straight from the pages of my huge collectible mythology book and comprise some of the most fascinating reading I’ve done in a long time -- Paris, Helen of Troy, Priam, Agamemnon, Hector, Patroklos, Odysseus, and let’s not forget Zeus.

It’s an honest-to-goddess feat to take on the Trojan War, but Ms. Cast does a stellar job at creating a riveting page-turner that’s sure to cause a stir. WARRIOR RISING is a shining example of just why this author is on the top of many readers’ favorites lists. Simply put, it’s a Perfect 10 for this reader.

Amy Cunningham

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RRTErotic Reviews Posted 5/25!

RRTErotic - Issue 20, Volume 2 – May 25, 2008

In this issue, we have 26 new reviews and 7 new nibbles for your enjoyment. (Quick List of new reviews)
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Romance Reviews Today

Single Titles (101 plus pages)

Anthology ReviewsHOT NIGHTS, DARK DESIRES - Eden Bradley, Syndey Croft, Stephanie Tyler - Jennifer - Contemporary Romance
ORIGINAL SIN - Bridget Midway - Lori - Science Fiction Romance
SEXY BEAST IV - K. Douglas, Deanna Lee, Dawn Thompson - Sinclair - Paranormal Romance
WILD WOMEN OF THE WEST - Layla Chase, Delilah Devlin, Myla Jackson, Ariel - Historical Romance

Contemporary Reviews
MAYAN SECRETS - Ciar Cullen - Courtney PURSUING PENELOPE - Madison Layle & Ann Leigh Keaton - Sinclair

Futuristic ReviewsSEXED UP - Sally Painter - Maggie

Gay/Lesbian ReviewsDIVING DEEP - K.A. Mitchell - Nickole - Contemporary Romance

Historical Reviews
A GENTLEMAN'S WAGER - Madelynne Ellis - Kate
MIDSUMMER VENUS - Sophie del Mar - Maggie
THE PRICE OF A SWORD - Ellie Tremayne - Maggie

Paranormal Reviews
DREAMWALKER - Kathleen Dante - Kate LIFTING THE VEIL - R.G. Alexander - Jennifer
STEFAN'S MARK - Jaden Sinclair - Shifter, Book 1 - Sinclair
SUGAR & SPICE - Liz Andrews - Courtney
THE DARKEST KISS - Keri Arthur - A Riley Jensen Guardian Novel, Book 6 - Courtney

Short Stories (51 to 100 pages)
Contemporary ReviewsCELEBRATION FOR THE DEAD - Lauren Dane - Witches Knot, Book 5 - Allegra
PRIVATE MANEUVERS - Denise A. Agnew - Hot Zone, Book 3 - Courtney
STAY WITH ME - Maya Banks - Jennell TRIP MY SWITCH -Nicole Austin - Allegra

Fantasy ReviewsSEDUCING THE SIREN - M.A. Ellis - Aquamarine series - Maggie

Paranormal ReviewsAQUAMARINE PRINCE - Joanna Wylde - Aquamarine series - Jennifer
INTIMATE ART - Adele Dubois - Jennifer
RACHEL'S TOTEM - Marie Harte - Lori
Science Fiction ReviewsMIA'S DISCOVERY - Tianna Xander/ Bonnie Rose Leigh - Narian Rebirth, Book 2

Blade PublishingTHE KANDY SHOPPE - Debora Dennis - Jennifer - Contemporary Romance

Changeling Press
COLD FIRE - Emma Ray Garrett - Snowbound series - Isabelle - Paranormal

Ellora's Cave
HIS FOR THE TAKING - Sierra Dafoe - Terrie - Historical Romance
JOURNEY TO THE PEARL - Desiree Holt - Isabelle - Erotica - Contemporary

Red SageCOMPROMISED - Nathalie Gray - Isabelle - Science Fiction Romance

Torquere Press
REMEMBERING PLEASURE - Julia Talbot - Isabelle - Gay Historical Romance

Total eBound
PICTURE PERFECT - Lexie Davis - Kate - Contemporary Romance

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FALLEN winner is......

Congrats to CrystalGB!!! She wins FALLEN by Erin McCarthy!

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RITA Contest -- Best Regency Historical Romance Finalists

Remember the rules by clicking here.

Post who you think will win and next Sunday I'll draw a winner who can choose either one of these books or a $5 giftcard!

Finalists for best Regency Historical are:

Blackthorne's Bride by Shana Galen
HarperCollins Publishers, Avon Books - (978-0-06-112497-6)
May Chen, editor

Claiming the Courtesan by Anna Campbell
HarperCollins Publishers, Avon Books - (978-0-06-123491-0)
Lucia Macro, editor

Lord of Scandal by Nicola Cornick
Harlequin Enterprises, HQN - (9780373772117)
Kimberley Young, editor

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn
HarperCollins Publishers, Avon Books - (0061230839)
Lyssa Keusch, editor

Untouched by Anna Campbell
HarperCollins Publishers, Avon Books - (978-0-06-123492-7)
Lucia Macro, editor

Good luck everyone!!!

RITA winner week #3 is......

Congratulations to KH - who I think is Kimmy....

email me at with your choice from either this list, or the gc.

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Book Giveaway...FALLEN by Erin McCarthy

Okay, so I ran the review on FALLEN.

How about if I gave away a copy of FALLEN to one lucky reader?

The thing is, it's not going to go to just anyone...

You have to have read Erin McCarthy in the past because.....

In order to be entered, you must post and list your favorite Erin McCarthy book that you've read.

Easy as pie.... :)

Post one entry per person and I'll announce the winner SUNDAY NIGHT (May 25th) close to Midnight on the east coast.

You must claim it no later than the following Thursday if you're the declared winner.....

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A Perfect Ten: FALLEN by Erin McCarthy

FALLEN – Erin McCarthy
A Perfect 10
Seven Deadly Sins Series, Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-515-14462-8
May 2008
Paranormal Romance
New Orleans, Louisiana – 1849

They said that John Thiroux (nee Gabriel St. John) killed her. In addition to his debilitating addiction to opium, absinthe, and liquor, what was one more sin, after all? Lady Macbeth’s famous line, “Out, out, damned spot” never seemed so palpable. As an immortal fallen angel, John has seen a lot and paid dearly for his transgressions. A Watcher, one who guards and protects mortals, John had a weakness for many things, and the soul of an artist. But on this night in 1849, he cannot remember if it was by his hands that the prostitute, Anne Donovan, died a tragic, painful death. The absinthe took his mind to its ultimate high and, mixed with the opium and liquor, time had faded into nothing. The next day he woke to find Anne slashed to death, the murder weapon, a Bowie knife, at the bedside.

Throughout the trial, and even after it, women swarmed to John’s side. Though it was punishment enough to walk the earth for eternity, it seems that whatever woman he touched, whether intimately or not, would become addicted to him. How ironic, to become addicted to an addict…

New Orleans, Louisiana – Present Day

Crime scene analyst Sara Michaels came to New Orleans hoping to get a new lease on life. During her brief stay in the Crescent City, she’ll be working with Gabriel St. John (nee John Thiroux), a crime writer, to investigate the 159-year-old murder of Anne Donovan. Sara did little more than escape from life since the murder of her own mother, Jessie Michaels. While Jessie’s thirty-year-old lover, also Sara’s friend Dr. Rafe Marino, was accused, tried and acquitted of Jessie’s death, Sara turned to prescription drugs in order to cope. Quickly realizing she was getting in over her head, she got the help she needed and left Naples, Florida for New Orleans.

A murderer may still be at large, but right now it’s all Sara can do to get through the day. She sincerely hopes that working with Gabriel will result in two things: solving Anne Donovan’s murder, and possibly her own mother’s as well since the two cases may be related. What Gabriel doesn’t know is that Sara is a direct descendant of Anne, and every generation since, one woman has been killed. Could Sara be next?

Gabriel has never left New Orleans, even after the grueling trial for Anne’s murder. It was an easy thing back then to disappear, adopting once again his real name of St. John. Since then, the trail has gone cold, and Anne’s death has never been solved. Gabriel would give his very life for assurance that he wasn’t responsible for the heinous murder of a woman he very possibly cared for. It was difficult back then to discern real emotion from those brought on by the drugs. But now that he’s straight and clean (seventy-five years and counting), Gabriel works hard at keeping his addiction under control. He controls it, it doesn’t own him anymore. Seeing the loss and emptiness in Sara’s eyes is like looking in a mirror of his past.

How ironic it is that two people from two very different backgrounds share a common pain and loneliness, and have been brought back to the root of both of their problems. FALLEN is both a journey and a description of just what Sara and Gabriel have done, lived through, and strive for in both of their lives. Gabriel would like to think he isn’t capable of hurting a human being, but what other explanation is there for Anne’s murder? Especially when he’d blacked out after imbibing too much absinthe only to wake up and find her dead? Gabriel plays Sherlock Holmes to Sara’s Gil Grissom in order to find Jessie Michael’s killer.

Normally I don’t slobber, gloss, and gush over books, but ….well, ok, yeah, I do. Sometimes. FALLEN is definitely one of those books worthy of some drool. Erin McCarthy captures the Gothic feel in modern day New Orleans and uses the setting to her benefit to characterize Gabriel. It’s hard to picture this tormented, yet sexy-as-hell fallen angel anywhere else. With the majority of the book focused on Sara and the oh-so-delicious Gabriel, the pace is ratcheted up even more when it becomes apparent that someone other than close friends knows where she is. Now it’s Gabriel’s turn to play hero and protect a woman he could very easily…fall for.

FALLEN is second in Erin McCarthy’s Seven Deadly Sins series and is truly an emotionally-driven novel layered with enough suspense to keep you flipping the pages. I fell in love with Damien in book one, MY IMMORTAL, and anxiously await the upcoming third installment, THE TAKING, of which there is a sneak peak in FALLEN. But right now I think my previous infatuation with Damien has been replaced with a healthy lust for Gabriel. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

In the meantime -- absolutely a Perfect 10 once again in my book; make sure FALLEN tops your list of early summer reads.

Amy Cunningham

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New Reviews Posted

Romance Reviews Today,
Issue 57, Volume 3, May 20, 2008

If you missed it, be sure to check out the Romance Reviews Today Best Books of 2007. You can find a link to them on the Main Index.

You will note that several older pages are in transition – but rather than take the site down for maintenance I am leaving all the pages live and updating them on the web. This way, all the reviews remain available, and the navigation buttons still work, even if they are not yet resized. Additionally I am working on an index of reviews by AUTHOR to help you locate reviews more quickly. However, you can always utilize the search engine on the Reviews page and the Main Index. The site is re-indexed every weekend to add the latest reviews to the search engine database.

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Don’t forget to enter the May Drawing!

#1: EMERALD SILK - Janet Lane & THREE NIGHTS OF SIN - Anne Mallory#2: A NOTORIOUS PROPOSITION - Adele Ashworth & ONE NIGHT STAND - Cindy Kirk
Drawing will be held on May 30.


In the May 20 issue we have 16 new reviews and 2 new nibbles for your reading enjoyment!

NIBBLESSamhain Publishing
CAPTURE HER HEART - Cynthia Breeding - Terrie - Historical Romance

The Wild Rose Press
IN A HEARTBEAT - Aithne Jarretta - Terrie - Fantasy Romance

Contemporary Fiction
SUNDAYS AT TIFFANY'S - James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet - Terrie - Romantic Contemporary Fiction
THE LAST TIME I WAS ME - Cathy Lamb - Diana - Women's Fiction
TWENTY WISHES - Debbie Macomber - Blossom Street series, Book 4 - Diana - Women's Fiction
WOMEN IN HATS - Judy Sheehan - Lisa - Contemporary Fiction

Historical FictionCONFESSIONS OF A JANE AUSTIN ADDICT - Laurie Viera Rigler - Jane - Historical Fiction Time Travel

Historical Romance
HONORABLE INTENTIONS - Donna MacQuigg - Robin - Historical Romance
THE DUKE OF SHADOWS - Meredith Duran - A Perfect 10 - Terrie - Historical Romance
THE SCORPION AND THE SEDUCER - Bonnie Vanak - Jani - Historical Romance

Paranormal Romance
BECAUSE YOUR VAMPIRE SAID SO - Michele Bardsley - Broken Heart Oklahoma series, Book 3 - Erin - Paranormal Romance
DARK NEEDS AT NIGHTS EDGE - Kresley Cole - The Immortals After Dark Series, Book 4 - Sinclair - Paranormal Romance
FALLEN - Erin McCarthy - A Perfect 10 - Seven Deadly Sins series, Book 2 - Amy - Paranormal Romance
ROMANCING THE DEAD - Tate Hallaway - Garnet Lacey, Book 3 - Kathy - Paranormal Romance
THE WALLFLOWER - Dana Marie - Halle Puma, Book 1 - A Haunting Love Story - Lori - Paranormal Romance
TREASURE HUNTING - J.B. McDonald - A Haunting Love Story - Lori - Paranormal Romance
WARRIOR RISING - P.C. Cast - Goddess Summoning series, Book 6 - A Perfect 10 - Amy - Paranormal Romance

Romantic Suspense/Thriller
BENEATH A SILENT MOON - Tracy Grant - Diana - Romantic Suspense - Historical
MURDER ABOARD THE CHOCTAW GAMBLER - Sharon Ervin - -Marilyn - Romantic Suspense

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La Grande Mort - PHANTASMAGORIA by Madelynne Ellis

PHANTASMAGORIA - Madelynne Ellis
La Grande Morte
Black Lace
ISBN: 978-0-352-34168-6
May 2008
Erotic Historical Gothic Romance - Ménage à trois

London, England - 1800

Bella Rushdale lives a decadent lifestyle with her two lovers, the Viscount Lucerne Marlinscar and Vaughan, the Marquis of Pennerley. All three have been lovers for over three years, and they throw caution to the wind, enjoying ferocious lovemaking every chance they can get. Lucerne is the more considerate of the two men. He treats Bella like precious gold, whereas Vaughan is the brooding type and likes it rough. Bella could not ask for anything more. But that is all about to change when Vaughan simply walks away from them both without any reason.

The trio's scandalous relationship has long since gone past the point of everything that is considered to be normal in the eyes of society. Lucerne wants Bella to be his wife but lusts after Vaughan with a passion no man should feel for another. Vaughan is obsessed with Lucerne, the only person he truly loves; even so, he can’t let go of Bella. Bella is caught between the two men, she adores Lucerne, but her soul belongs to Vaughan. She can’t let him go and will chase him to the pits of hell to get him back even if that means sacrificing her relationship with Lucerne in the process.

Weeks go by and neither Bella nor Lucerne knows where Vaughan has gone. Vaughan is tired of the way things are between his lovers and sets a plan into motion where Bella and Lucerne must choose whom they want to be with. He invites them to his family home at Pennerley where he will hold an All Hallows Eve party called a Phantasmagoria. There his guests will experience their darkest fears and desires. He hopes Lucerne will come rushing to him and proclaim his love and, of course, Bella will be right behind him. But Lucerne makes no appearance, only Bella arrives. She’s willing to do anything to make Vaughan love her, even if it means degrading herself.

PHANTASMAGORIA pushes the envelope in so many ways. Madelynne Ellis has written a dark gothic tale where sexual perversions are out in the open and lust and sex is all about power. This may sound like an uncomfortable read, which it may be to some, but I was enthralled and lost in this tale of three people who live for vice but truly do not know what they want or even if they can love one another.

Vaughan may seem to be the villain of the piece, but he is so tortured because his love for Lucerne will never be reciprocated. He knows he can have Bella eating out of the palm of his hand, but he wants what he can’t have, and because of that, he almost ruins himself in the process. Bella is the one woman who understands Vaughan and sacrifices herself. She is willing to do whatever she can to make Vaughan happy just so he will give her a piece of his heart. Seems cruel right? But when you figure out what Vaughan is trying to accomplish, his so-called revenge comes together like pieces in a puzzle. Almost every page is filled with talks of sex and the actual sex acts seem a bit depraved in a way. One such scene where Vaughan enjoys Bella in the kitchen pantry should raise some eyebrows. And when the time for the Phantasmagoria comes, well, everything before is really child’s play.

The other characters besides our threesome are an interesting set. There is Vaughan’s sister, Niamh, who is sweet but has some relationship problems of her own. She’s also Bella’s confidante. Henry is a friend of Bella’s who wouldn’t mind becoming one of her lovers, but he's also a good friend to her as she tries to figure out where she stands with Vaughan. There is the Frenchman, Vicomte de Maresi, who comes across as a pig at first glance but quickly falls for Bella and wants to take her away from the madness that Vaughan has thrust her into.

PHANTASMAGORIA is erotic, tantalizing and one of the best ménage a trois stories I have read in a long time. This story had me hooked from the very first page. Ellis and her skill at writing about taboo topics are really amazing. She really does deserve the La Grande Morte for an erotic gothic that I won’t soon forget.

Kate Garrabrant

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RITA Contest ...Best Contemporary Single Title Romance Finalists

Remember the rules by clicking here.

Pick who you think will win from this list. Next Sunday I will pick one person who will get to pick one of the winning books as their prize, or a amazon or BN gc.

Here we go...... The finalists for Best Contemporary Single Romance are....

Blame It On Cupid by Jennifer Greene
Harlequin Enterprises, HQN - (0373771770)
Melissa Jeglinski, editor

Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins
Harlequin Enterprises, HQN - (0-373-7724-6)
Tracy Farrell and Keyren Gerlach, editors

Coming Undone by Susan Andersen
Harlequin Enterprises, HQN - (0-373-77213-0)
Margo Lipschultz, editor

Sexiest Man Alive by Diana Holquist
Grand Central Publishing, Forever - (0-044-61798-9)
Michele Bidelspach, editor

She's No Angel by Leslie Kelly
Harlequin Enterprises, HQN - (0373772157)
Brenda Chin, editor

Tangled Up In You by Rachel Gibson
HarperCollins Publishers, Avon Books - (978-0-06-117803-0)
Lucia Macro, editor

Tempt Me Tonight by Toni Blake
HarperCollins Publishers, Avon Books, Red - (978-0-06-113609-2)
Lucia Macro, editor

The Sleeping Beauty Proposal by Sarah Strohmeyer
Penguin Group USA, Dutton - (9780525950189)
Julie Doughty, editor

RITA Winner Week 2 is......

Congrats to TETEWA who gets to pick her choice of a Romanctic Suspense book from this list. or a giftcard Email me at

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Q&A with...Isabel Sharpe!!!

Give a warm welcome to Isabel Sharpe! I love reading this author. She writes sexy and funny stories for Harlequin Blaze and her latest, INDULGE ME is currently out.


Darcy Wolf is finally free. After spending the past several years caring for an ailing father and ex-boyfriend, she can finally spread her own wings and leave her too-familiar hometown far behind. First, however, she has some single-woman fantasies to fulfill.

Tyler Houston can hardly believe what he's seeing through the bedroom window of the house he's painting. With an invitation like that, he can't get down the ladder and up the stairs fast enough. But once he's gotten a taste of Darcy, he'll do anything to keep her from flying away.

You can read the RRT review by clicking here.

Without further is Isabel Sharpe!

1. Tell us about your current release

I have a Harlequin Blaze out this month (May 2008), titled INDULGE ME. The book was a lot of fun to write (I know authors always say that, but the truth is that some books are like filling out tax returns for four straight months). But this was a "gift" book, meaning that the writing was a real pleasure. One of the reasons I think it was so enjoyable was that I ditched any angst and let the book be a real comedy, which is where I got my start in publishing, with Harlequin’s now-defunct Duets line.

My heroine Darcy Wolf, finally free from years of heavy responsibility, is ready to take her hometown by storm. She has a series of fantasies involving men that she wants to act out before she leaves to take on the rest of the country too. Her first fantasy is fulfilled beyond her expectations—whew, and how—by the very sexy Tyler Houston, and Darcy finds it harder and harder to stay with her wild plans, and more and more tempting to stay with him.

2. Do you like writing stories with humor in them?

To be honest I can’t write a story without humor because it’s how I look at the world. I read an article once about how important it is for people to try to laugh every day and I was flabbergasted. Try? Every day? How about every hour? I can’t imagine not seeing something to laugh at in just about everything. How dull otherwise. I’m raising my boys the same way, and we giggle together constantly.

3. What’s a typical day for you?

Ha! Okay, well, there’s the honest answer and the Good Little Author answer. Guess which one this is: I get the kids to school, come back to my computer and goof off for at least an hour on e-mail. Then I make my bed and tidy a little. Then I yawn and stretch and scratch and work until lunch. Then I goof off some more by reading the comics and Dear Abby and doing more e-mail, then work until the kids get home. After that, I either work out or hang with them, cook elaborate dinners or do errands. After dinner I supervise homework, put the kids to bed, and then read. (In the Good Little Author version, I work a feverish eight hours every day without fail, and doesn’t everyone?)

I can work at a much faster pace than this and do when deadlines are looming, but I find I stay fresher and do better with intensely productive work in small bits rather than chaining myself to the computer all day. I also have fewer repetitive-use injuries, which are more common than one would think in this profession, and I’m convinced I’ll live longer with lower stress.

4. What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I am a total foodie and love to read cooking magazines, cookbooks and of course, to cook. I also read novels, I knit, I sew, I work out, listen to opera (to my kids’ horror), and grow vegetables all summer. Away from home, I like to go out to eat and to symphony, opera and broadway performances. I spend a lot of time on house and yard maintenance. Oh wait, you said things I like to do. Scratch that last one.

5. What friends or authors have influenced or inspired you over the years?

I’m not sure I can point to any one or even any few. I’m sure in my work you can find bits of authors I’ve read over the decades, but I’m not conscious of their influence. Sad to say, since I started writing I don’t read books with the same enjoyment I used to because I’m always analyzing. Most of the "favorites" I start listing are books I read as a girl.

6. Do you have any advice for writers who have not been published yet?

Probably nothing they haven’t heard, but I’ll try.

1. Join RWA and make sure you are part of a (trusted) critique group at least for a while until you sort of feel you know what you’re doing.

2. Accept the fact that you will never completely feel you know what you’re doing.

3. Learn about other processes, but trust in your own. If anyone says, "This is how you do XX," they’re really saying, "This is how I do XX." If you do it differently and it works for you, don’t listen to them.

4. Make sure you’re open to criticism, but confident enough in your work that you can reject comments that don’t make sense.

5. If everyone makes the same comment, have the humility to admit that maybe they do make sense.

6. Only write stories you’re excited about.

7. Don’t whine or indulge in negativity except around one or two absolutely trusted friends. Aim for an author persona that is above the fray, gracious and dignified. After a rejection whine for only a little while, then get over it. Stop writing and do something else for a while if you need to rejuvenate. Then revisit number 6 before you go back to it.

8. Accept that the business is completely crazy, often counterintuitive, unfair and infuriating and that no one knows a whole lot more than you do about what will sell and what won’t. Learn to love that insanity or you’ll go insane yourself.

7. What’s coming up in the next year for you?

In July comes my second women’s fiction release from Avon/HarperCollins called AS GOOD AS IT GOT, about a coastal Maine retreat for "suddenly single" women. Then another Blaze in January 2009 (one of those tax form books I was telling you about), as yet untitled, about a reporter out for the interview of her life who is stranded at her sexy millionaire subject’s mansion during a snowstorm, and then starts to suspect he’s someone else entirely. Finally in May 2009, also from Harlequin, I have a story in a Mother’s Day anthology called YOU BELONG TO ME, about a super-directed woman who reconnects with her birth mother and the man she never got over, and learns a lot about taking live easier.

I’m always happy to hear from readers or anyone with questions. You can e-mail me through my website at



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Chat Friday Night at RRT!

Come chat with me on Friday night in the RRT chat room located at One winner will win a $10 gc fron Amazon again. We are playing a game, so be prepared to put your thinking hat on!


Spotlight Review: WICKED PLEASURE by Lora Leigh

Bound Hearts, Book 9
St. Martin’s Griffin
ISBN: 978-0312687
May 2008
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Alexandria, Virginia - Present Day

Jaci Wright ran from her hometown seven years ago when she found out that the rumors surrounding the man she loved were true. Jaci believed that her fantasy was coming true when Cameron Falladay finally succumbed to her overt flirting. She couldn't believe that his demanding everything from her would include his twin brother Chase. In the intervening years, she built a successful interior design business and watched it shatter as rumors started by a powerful Senator and his wife took root. Now Jaci has the opportunity to rebuild her reputation and business. Redecorating the Sinclair Mansion to function as a private men's club will put Jaci in direct contact with Cameron and the Robertses. She is going to use the opportunity to take back her life from the Roberts's smear campaign and put to rest the desire she still has for Cameron.

As an investigator for the club Jaci is redesigning, Cameron knows nearly everything that has happened in her life for the past seven years. The rumors began by the Robertses are lies, but Jaci has never spoken about the incident five years ago that precipitated them. Cameron wants to know what happened and, more importantly, he wants Jaci more than ever. He will finally claim her and deal with the Robertses. But, Cameron has a secret of his own that he is sure will doom any forever scenario he has with Jaci. He will have to tread carefully and keep his emotions in check to have even a short time with her.

Others adding tension to the fears riding Jaci and Cameron include Courtney and Sebastian Sinclair, and Jaci's friend Moriah Brockheim. Jaci knows that she will have to confront the Robertses and has been carefully planning the meeting for months. She is also aware that Cameron, who is demanding everything from her, is either holding his emotions in check or has no true feelings for her. When Jaci is forced to deal with all of her problems at once, the truths that come out may destroy everyone.

Sizzling sensuality and uncertainty are the highlights of WICKED PLEASURE. Jaci is a strong, independent woman who finds irresolution from the past rising to the surface. Cameron has a tortured soul that keeps his feelings tightly leashed in order to survive. Chase is the seemingly happy-go-lucky brother, but he is deeply worried about Cameron. The intimate encounters between them are intense and blazing hot. Emotional tension comes from distrust, anxiety, rage, and pain. Terrific writing fleshes out all of the characters and the suspense rises slowly to a shocking conclusion with a twist. WICKED PLEASURE is a must read for those who like their romance with an edge.


(ps....rumor has it that a box of books for giveaways is winging its way to me. Stay tuned....)

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Spotlight Review: THE DESERT LORD'S BABY by Olivia Gates

Throne of Judar, Book 1
Silhouette Desire #1872
ISBN-10: 0-373-76872-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-76872-1
May 2008
Series Romance
Kingdom of Judar - Present Day

When Carmen meets Sheikh Farooq Aal Masood, her world stands still and she falls instantly into love with the man. The attraction is mutual, but Farooq gives Carmen only three months in his presence. He tells her straight up: she will stay with him, be his mistress, and then he will tire of her and cast her away. There are no surprises as he commands her to be his mistress temporarily. But, it's only a few weeks later when Carmen runs away from this Eastern Prince. Impossibly, she finds herself pregnant after doctors had declared she was barren. Anxious to keep her precious secret to herself, Carmen flees from Farooq's apartment in New York and out of his life. But not for long.

Sixteen months later, Farooq himself stands outside her apartment door listening to Carmen converse with her baby -- his daughter, Mennah. Now, the Crown Prince of Judar has much to lose, but he will not lose his nine-month child; it is she who will secure the throne for him once and for all. Even if it means he must take Carmen as his wife, Farooq will comply, but before this day is over, Mennah will be his.

THE DESERT LORD'S BABY is a wonderfully rich and passionate story of romance and mystery in the desert lands of the far East. Carmen turned her back on her love for Farooq when she ran away from him, determined never to let him find out about Mennah, lest she lose the only child she will ever have. Carmen erased all trace of herself and went into hiding, but Farooq found her, and now he wants Mennah. His lush life in a massive palace befits the Crown Prince he has become, and even though Carmen reluctantly travels over the ocean with him, she knows she will never fit into his world. Even so, she must protect Mennah and keep her baby close. Carmen and Farooq burn for each other, but suspicion and doubt cloud their happiness, while treachery threatens their world.

The secondary characters are exceptionally well drawn and include Hashem, Farooq's faithful assistant, and their tiny little girl, Mennah. The first book in the Throne of Judar miniseries, THE DESERT LORD'S BABY is Ms. Gates phenomenal debut in the Silhouette Desire line. The wonderful story in this book will continue as Farooq's brothers get their own stories; Shebab's in THE DESERT LORD'S BRIDE, coming in July 2008; and Kamal's in THE DESERT KING, September 2008.

I can't wait to read these books! And for now, be sure to snap up THE DESERT LORD'S BABY before all the copies are gone!

Diana Risso

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Kathryn Shay chat Tuesday night!!!!

Chat with Kathryn Shay on Tuesday night at 9pm eastern time in the Romance Reviews Today chat room

You can enter the chat room by going to and clicking on RRT Chat.

Kathryn Shay is a multi published author who's latest book is TAKING THE HEAT.

Here's a blurb for TAKING THE HEAT:

Liam O'Neil is trying to take care of his troubled seven-year-old son and cocky teenager, and work full time at the family-owned Bailey's Irish Pub. Widowed three years ago, he's ready to date again (at the insistence of his brothers). But his life is in flux, his future unclear, when he meets Sophie Taylor, a female in the Fire Department of New York. A consummate firefighter who was rescued herself by the FDNY when she was ten, she loves her job and her "firefighter family." Liam's as attracted to her as she to him, which is fun and flirty, until they both start to care about each other. Yet she's the last person he can get involved with. His youngest is suffering from abandonment issues and depression, and needs stability. Even when they become involved, both Liam and Sophie know their relationship is doomed. Or is it?

You can learn more about Kathryn and her books by visiting her web site at

Chat begins at 9pm and ONE copy of TAKING THE HEAT will be given away during chat.

Come join us!

Winner of the Lisa Kleypas book is......

Congrats to Ellie for winning BLUE-EYED DEVIL!!! Please email me at with your name and mailing address. Thank you!

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RITA Contest: Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure Finalists

Here we go....another contest. This one is for Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure.

Remember the rules by clicking here

Winner gets choice of one of these books or $5 gc from either Amazon or BN.

I'll announce the winner next Sunday!

2008 RITA for Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure Finalists:

High-Risk Affair by RaeAnne Thayne
Harlequin Enterprises, Silhouette Romantic Suspense - (0-373-27518-8)
Gail Chasan, editor

Midnight Prince by Dani Sinclair
Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin Intrigue - (13:978-0-373-69270-5)
Natashya Wilson, editor

Sara's Son by Tara Taylor Quinn
Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin Superromance - (0373714289)
Paula Eykelhof, editor

Stranded With A Spy by Merline Lovelace
Harlequin Enterprises, Silhouette Romantic Suspense - (978-0-373-27553-3)
Gail Chasan, editor

The Medusa Affair by Cindy Dees
Harlequin Enterprises, Silhouette Romantic Suspense - (978-0-373-27547-2)
Patience Smith, editor

The Medusa Seduction by Cindy Dees
Harlequin Enterprises, Silhouette Romantic Suspense - (978-0-373-27564-9)
Patience Smith, editor

Treasure by Helen Brenna
Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin Superromance - (0373714033)
Johanna Raisanen, editor

Untouched by Samantha Hunter
Harlequin Enterprises, Blaze Extreme - (978-0373793037)
Birgit Davis Todd, editor

Winner of the First Best Book contest is....

Well, first off, DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY seems to be the clear winner as the choice for Best First Book. :)

As for the reader winner....Congratulations to....


Please email me at with your choice of book from the Best First Book list or if you want a $5.00 gc from Amazon or BN!

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Chats Galore!

Chats! Have we got chats for you!

First off --

Friday night I'm giving away a $10 egiftcard from Amazon to one lucky winner at chat. We'll begin chatting at 9:30pm eastern time in the Romance Reviews Today chat room. Just click the link to get your way there.

On Tuesday, May 13th at 9pm eastern time, I'll be hosting author Kathryn Shay for fun hour of chatting about TAKING THE HEAT. You can read more about this fabulous book by clicking here.
Again, click here to reach the chat room at Romance Reviews Today. Will there be a giveaway? Y ou'll have to come to find out. :)

I also wanted to let you know about a chat on Monday night over at RWA Online, where you'll find Gail Barrett talking about her latest release HEART OF A THIEF. She'll be giving away a signed copy of her.
Chat begins at 9pm eastern time over at and click Chat!

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Lisa Kleypas book Giveaway!

Here's a chance to win BLUE-EYED DEVIL by Lisa Kleypas! Read the review by Romance Reviews Today's very own Terrie Figueroa by clicking here

Enter for a chance to win this contest by posting about some favorite memories about your mother. What a way to honor your mother. One lucky winner will be drawn on Monday night!

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A Perfect Ten: DON''T HEX WITH TEXAS by Shanna Swendson

DON’T HEX WITH TEXAS - Shanna Swendson
A Perfect 10
Enchanted Inc, Book 4
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-345-49293-7
May 2008

Cobb, Texas - Present Day

It’s not always easy going back to your hometown, but for Katie Chandler, it was necessary. The romance that was finally blooming between her and Owen Palmer, a very powerful wizard whom she works with, was nipped in the bud when, during a magical battle, their archenemy, Phelan Idris, was able to escape by threatening Katie’s life. While she may not be battling rogue wizards or fire-breathing dragons these days, Katie has more than enough to handle in her small Texas town. The sleepy little town of Cobb is one of the least magical places in the country, so this is the perfect place to get away from magic for a while. Or so Katie thought.

When Katie’s mom starts talking about the weird things occurring in town, the rest of the family starts to worry that mom may need professional help. Katie, knowing that her mom is immune to magic just like Katie is, starts to wonder if the help they need is magical. After a little investigating, Katie discovers that not only does Cobb have it’s very own wizard, but this wizard is apparently learning his craft through a correspondence course taught by Idris himself. Obviously, this battle will be too big for just a magical immune, but when Owen shows up, Katie’s torn. The attraction between them is just as strong, and her feelings haven’t changed -- unfortunately, neither has the fact that she may be Owen’s biggest weakness.

It’s been four months since Katie left New York, but it doesn’t take her long to get back into fighting form in DON’T HEX WITH TEXAS. She misses Owen, her friends, and even the magical world like crazy, and she can’t tell people the truth about most of her time in New York or why she left, at the risk of having other people think she is crazy. Readers finally get a chance to meet Katie’s family, who have quite a few surprises in store for her. But familiar characters, such as Sam, the gargoyle who heads up the security team at Magic, Spells, and Illusions, Inc.; Merlin, yes that Merlin; and Rod, Owen’s best friend, also play a large part in what is reportedly the last book in the series. This is definitely a series that you want to read in order, both because the battle between Idris and Owen arcs over all four books, and because all of the books are thoroughly enjoyable.

Humor, magic, action and romance, DON’T HEX WITH TEXAS has it all, and I found it very difficult to put down. Which is only one of the reasons why I’m awarding it a Perfect 10. Ms. Swendson has also created a fantastical world and filled it with intriguing characters, and I will be very disappointed if this truly is the end of the series. After all, with Katie’s luck, surely another adventure is just around the corner.

Jennifer Bishop

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RRTErotic - Best Erotic Novels of 2007!!

Congratulations to the winners of the Best Erotic Novels of 2007!

And the winners are:
Best Erotic Contemporary Romance – UNWRAPPED by Jaci Burton
Best Erotic Short Contemporary Romance – COMPLICATED by Zannie Adams
Best Erotic Gay/Lesbian Romance – INDISCRETIONS by Elayne S. Venton
Best Erotic Historical Romance – CAINE’S RECKONING by Sarah McCarty
Best Erotic Paranormal Romance – DON’T TEMPT THE PHOENIX by C.J. England
Best Erotic Romantic Suspense – NAUTI NIGHTS by Lora Leigh
Best Erotic Science Fiction – HIS SAHVRIA by Reese Gabriel
Best Erotic Nibble – BEG ME by Desiree Holt

NAUTI NIGHTS by Lora Leigh

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Best First Book Finalists


2008 RITA for Best First Book Finalists

Dead Girls Are Easy by Terri Garey
HarperCollins Publishers, Avon Books - (978-0-06-113615-3)
Erika Tsang, editor

Graffiti Girl by Kelly Parra
Simon & Schuster, MTV Books/Pocket - (141653461X)
Jennifer Heddle, editor

Prime Time by Hank Phillippi Ryan
Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin NEXT - (9780373881352)
Ann Leslie Tuttle, editor

Prom Dates From Hell by Rosemary Clement-Moore
Random House Publishing, Delacorte Press - (978-0-385-73412-7)
Krista Marino, editor

Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn
Harlequin Enterprises, MIRA - (978-0-7783-2410-2)
Valerie Gray, editor

Snow Angel by Jamie Carie
B&H Publishing Group, B&H Fiction - (978-0-8054-4533-6)
Thomas Walters and David Webb, editors

Thief With No Shadow by Emily Gee
BL Publishing, Solaris - (978 1 84416 469 1)
Mark Newton, editor

Treasure by Helen Brenna
Harlequin Enterprises, Harlequin Superromance - (0373714033)
Johanna Raisanen, editor

RRT blog contest ends Sunday May 11th.

New Contest - You pick a winner...and win!

The Romance Reviews Today blog is going to run a contest that involves you – the reader – picking who they think should/will win a 2008 Rita award for their category, in the yearly contest given by the Romance Writers of America® (RWA).

Here are the rules:

We’ll list weekly a category with the finalist’s names.
You post a comment within that blog post what is your choice. Only once, please.
Every Sunday I’ll pick one of the posters as the winner and…..
The prize is either one of the Rita nominated books within that category, or a $5.00 egift card from Amazon or a $5.00 giftcard from Barnes and Noble (but the B&N ones will take a while since I won’t get those until late in the month).
Note: You must contact me within seven days and US and Canadian winners only on the books and B&N gc. If you live outside the country, you will be sent an Amazon gc.

Sound simple? If you have any questions, please email me at

Keep checking back weekly for your chance to vote and win!

I’ll post the first contest shortly.

May 1 reviews up and Best Books of 2007 announced!

Romance Reviews Today,
Issue 57, Volume 1, May 1, 2008 Announcing the 2007 winners of the RRT Best Book of the Year Award!

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for the fabulous reads!


A GENTLE RAIN - Deborah Smith (Belle Books)

McKETTRICK'S PRIDE - Linda Lael Miller (HQN)

WIRED - Liz Maverick (Shomi)

LORD OF THE FADING LANDS - C. L. Wilson (Leisure)

A PLACE BEYOND COURAGE - Elizabeth Chadwick (Sphere )

IF YOU DESIRE - Kresley Cole (Pocket Books )

RELUCTANT RUNAWAY - Jill Elizabeth Nelson (Multnomah )


ELIZABETH & LEICESTER - Sarah Gristwood (Viking )

MARKED - P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast (St. Martin’s Griffan)

LOVER UNBOUND - J.R. Ward (Signet)

THE IMPORTANCE OF ALMACK'S - Denise Patrick (Samhain )


DIE FOR ME - Karen Rose – (Berkley Sensation )

EXIT STRATEGY - Kelley Armstrong (Bantam )

THE BRACELET - Karen Rose Smith (Harlequin Everlasting )

DARK RIVAL - Brenda Joyce (HQN)


Nibble/Short Story
LORD SANCHO - Marianne LaCroix (The Dark Castle Lords)

You will note that several older pages are in transition – but rather than take the site down for maintenance I am leaving all the pages live and updating them on the web. This way, all the reviews remain available, and the navigation buttons still work, even if they are not yet resized. Additionally I am working on an index of reviews by AUTHOR to help you locate reviews more quickly. However, you can always utilize the search engine on the Reviews page and the Main Index. The site is re-indexed every weekend so add the latest reviews to the search engine database.

Visit our new release page and start your shopping list today! You will note that all books reviewed are now linked on our New Releases page as well as in the current and back issues and on the individual genre pages.

Visit the RRTBlog to see what Patti is up to – and what books she is giving away. If you are not on the RRTChatters loop, you are missing some great conversations – and prizes.


Congratulations to the winners or our April drawing!

Laurie Gommermann & Melissa Jordan!

Don’t forget to enter the May Drawing!




Drawing will be held on May 30, 2008 for the May contest.


In the May 1 issue we have 35 new reviews for your reading pleasure!

THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR STRUTTING - Lisa Cach, Gemma Halliday, Melanie Jackson - Kathy - Paranormal Romance

Contemporary Fiction
THE GUY NEXT DOOR - Carol Culver - A BFF Novel - A Perfect 10 - Kate - Young Adult

Contemporary Romance
CHOCOLATE SECRETS - Zelda Benjamin - Deborah
FIANCE AT HER FINGERTIPS - Kathleen Baccus - Kathy
HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT - Cynthia Eden - Carolyn
NATURAL BORN CHARMER - Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Jane
ONE NIGHT STAND - Cindy Kirk - Robin
STARGAZER - Amanda Harte - A Hidden Falls Romance - Sandra
TAKING THE HEAT - Kathryn Shay - Marilyn
THE MODEL MAN - Nicole McCaffrey - A Last Rose of Summer Romance - Kate

DON'T HEX WITH TEXAS - Shanna Swendson - Enchanted Inc., Book 4 - A Perfect 10 - Jennifer

Fantasy Romance
KUSHIEL'S JUSTICE - Jacqueline Carey - Imriel's Trilogy, Book 2, Kushiel's Legacy, Book 5 - Lori
THE PRINCESS AND THE PROMISE - Elise Dee Berau - A Perfect 10 - Vi

Futuristic Romance
STARCHILD - Katriena Knights - Vi

Historical Fiction
THE RED NECKLACE - Sally Gardner - Jane - Young Adult

Historical Romance
A NOTORIOUS PROPOSITION - Adele Ashworth - A Perfect 10 - Jani

ADA'S HEART - Sandra Wilkins - Diana
DANGER'S KISS - Sarah McKerrigan - Carolyn
DUKE MOST WANTED - Celeste Bradley - The Heiress Brides, Book 3 - Sandra

THREE NIGHTS OF SIN - Ann Mallory - Carolyn

Inspirational Fiction – Romance
BAYOU JUDGMENT - Robin Carroll - Deborah - Romantic Suspense
THE BOUNTY HUNTER'S BRIDE - Victoria Bylin - Deborah - Historical Romance

Paranormal Fiction
ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE - Jeaniene Frost - Night Huntress, Book 2 - A Perfect 10 - Kathy

PERSONAL DEMON - Kelley Armstrong - Women of the Otherworld, Book 8 - Kathy

Paranormal Romance
HUNGERS OF THE HEART - Jenna Black - Guardians of the Night, Book 4 - Jennell
SHADOW MAGIC - Cheyenne McCray - Magic, Book 4- Jennifer

Romantic Suspense/Thriller
CHASING SHADOWS - Erin Richards - Marilyn - w/paranormal elements
COUNT TO TEN - Karen Rose - Jane
DEADLY ATTRACTION - Carolyn Hinchy-Wertman - Historical
TWISTED - Andrea Kane - Amy

Series Romance
HER. MR. RIGHT? - Karen Rose Smith - The Wilder Family Continuity series - Jane - SSE #1897
SCIONS: INSURRECTION - Patrice Michelle - Scions, Book 2 - Jennifer - SN #40

NO ONE LEFT TO TELL - Jordan Dane - Jennifer

FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE - Tamelia Tumlin - Robin

For authors:
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If you want to request a review, or to find out if your book is already on our schedule email: Terrie

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Terrie Figueroa
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A Good Cause

Brenda Novak's 4th Annual Online Auction for Juvenile Diabetes Research has began. Check it out at !