Monday, March 31, 2008

Spotlight Review: BARE DEVOTION by Lacey Thorn

Bare Love, Book 4
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 978-1-4199-1405-8
February 2008
Erotic Contemporary Romance - Short Story
Rated: E-rotic

Legacy - Present Day

With a serial arsonist/murderer on the loose in the town of Legacy, fire marshal Blake Summers is determined to find any clue that will lead him to the person terrorizing the city. When a black clad figure approaches the latest crime scene, Blake calls the detectives working the case and then tackles the “suspect”. Only after he tackles the suspect does he realize that it’s a woman.

Ally Samms is determined to find the man calling himself The Messenger, the person responsible for killing her mother and her mother’s lover. In the past, Ally’s visions and ability to connect to either the victim or the killer have led her to work with the police, but this time she’s on her own. She’s aware that the Legacy police and fire marshal aren’t likely to believe her story, but the arrival of her long-lost cousin Tommy – now known as Ben Marcum – saves her from interrogation, and introduces her to the Daniels family. While she enjoys meeting them, Ally is relieved when Blake insists on taking her home. But will she be able to convince him to allow her to help with the investigation before The Messenger takes another victim?

While Ally, Blake and the others try to find the murderer, Catherine Daniels struggles with a decision that is tearing her apart. After her husband of thirty-four years died, Catherine devoted herself to her children, but she’s recently met someone. Roman Davis understands why she hides their relationship from her children, but he’s tired of their love being a secret.

Lacey Thorn weaves quite a few story threads into a captivating tale in BARE DEVOTION. After his divorce, Blake didn’t think he’d ever trust a woman again, but he falls for Ally immediately. Between her gift and the fact that she was raised by a lesbian couple, Ally is accustomed to being the freak or outcast, and while she falls pretty quickly for Blake, she doesn’t believe anything will come of it. After a very steamy night with Blake, she learns that he sometimes likes to share women with his friend Shep. This isn’t something Ally’s ever thought of doing before, but she can’t help but wonder what it would be like.

Ally hadn’t been looking for her cousin, and she’s thrilled to find Tommy/Ben at first, but when he tells his family about her past she’s hurt and can’t help remembering that when Tommy ran away from home, he left her behind also, in spite of their closeness. Seeing him with his wife, Katie’s family, Ally is glad that he’s found happiness, and a bit envious. Those who have been reading the Bare Love series will enjoy the chance to catch up with not only Katie and Ben, but also Moira and Gil Daniels, Griff – soon to be the only single brother, with Doug, Cass and Damon about to tie the knot – and several other members of the “extended” family. The romance between Catherine and Roman started in an earlier book, but the time has come for Catherine to decide if her love for Roman is strong enough to risk her children’s disapproval. There are a few hints at books to come, and I for one look forward to visiting with the Daniels clan again and seeing more of them find the perfect match. A sexy short story and a thoroughly enjoyable one, BARE DEVOTION is a sure-fire hit, whether you’ve read the previous stories or not.

Jennifer Bishop

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