Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Romance Reviews Today wants to hear from you!

Yes, that is right! Terrie would like some feedback on the Romance Reviews Today and RRT Erotic review sites.

Do you see something you dislike? Like? Want something done differently?

Check out and and then come back and post your comments.

To sweeten the deal...if you post a constructive comment (meaning other than "It looks good") I'll put your name in a pot and draw one person out of the pot to win a $10 egiftcard from either Amazon or B&N.

And remember, Terrie wants your opinions, whether she takes them or not. A webmistress sometimes never knows what others think about a site if no one says anything.

Also, anyone can comment and enter for the drawing...even RRT staff members, except for Terrie and I.

To keep it fair, I'll draw the winner from a random number picker. I fired Mo a while back, who helped me pick numbers for a bit. :)

The contest ends a week from today -- March 26th at 8pm eastern time.


Anonymous said...

I really like that both sites are easy to navigate. That is a must for me. :)


ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

For the RRTErotic site I would say where it says It's all inside..... I would put that on top more because when I clicked on it I see there is more stuff inside to check out. I didn't know that until now. So if it's on top it may be easier to get to. Also I would love to see more interviews on both sites. I enjoy reading interviews with authors.


Jennifer Y. said...

I really like both sites and think y'all have done a great job on them.

My one itty bitty issue is the music that is one some of the pages on the RRT EROTIC site and the Perfect 10 scared me the first time I visited the site...LOL. And it gets a bit annoying after a while...but I can always mute it so that is not a biggie.

And another thing I noticed is that when you click on some of the links on the RRT site it opens them in a new window (which can be blocked by some pop-up blockers). Is there a way to prevent that...maybe have it open in the same window?

Other than those small things, I think the sites are great! Keep up the good work.

Jane said...

Both sites are easy to navigate. The layouts are engaging and attractive. I'm very satisfied with the RRT site because of the abundance of info. The RRT Erotic site is a little bare and I would like to see more graphics.

limecello said...

I'm afraid I'm going to be the odd one out here. I like the RRT site's neatness - and the links and easy navigation - same with the RRT Erotic site.
However, I'm not so big on the graphics. They don't seem to fit in with the site, and makes it look less "professional" in my opinion. Also the bars/banners at the bottom... I don't knoe where to put them, maybe on a links page - and I don't know if there's some sort of agreement to keep them on the main page, but I'm not the biggest fan. Also, there generally is one or two banner(s) that aren't working on the site, which takes me back to the days and pages of geocities pain.
On the erotic site - I'm not in love with having music auto play either. It's not something you expect, and for those with slower connections, there's a possibility it'll crash their browser.
Most of what I'm saying is "cosmetic," really - and I haven't done webpages in forever so I don't know how difficult it would be. Otherwise, I like how clear cut everything is.

Maureen said...

I love your reviews but I wish you would keep more of them up as current and when I look at the reviews they go alphabetically by title. I don't remember titles but know authors so if they went by author names it would be easier to look up reviews for me.

Pam P said...

I often check out reviews for more info on a book I'm debating buying, so I'd love to be able to search by author and title instead of having to browse around, especially by author.

I also like checking your Perfect 10's and as a reader, would rather see that as a click up top rather than author services (move that to the side bar clicks at the bottom).

Pam P said...

Same thing at the erotic site, author services to the side bar, perhaps put interviews up top - that's more of interest to readers checking out the site.

Also, maybe have a links page (on sidebar) for all those advertising banners or spread them out around pages. When you click the Main Index, most of it is those banners, not what I would expect to find. I was going to say show instead the genres index but you get that if clicking 2008 reviews. I don't know - perhap by author or title if you consider doing that (more work for you, lol); the Quick List, maybe by month. The advertising banners just seem to be the main focus of that page, even overtaking the Quick List graphic.

Anonymous said...

both sites are good, but i would like more bold headers for the reviews so others can see to find the sites. more authors info would be good and more author interviews.
i like the contest also and perfect 10

kim h

Fedora said...

Hi, Patti and Terrie--I sent an e-mail with specific feedback. Overall the sites look good--I like the different color schemes, which reflect the content pretty well :)

There are a few things I'd suggest--moving the ad banners lower on the page, if that's a possibility (the moving ones are especially distracting).

And I'd consider making the Nav bars more parallel between the two sites--that way you'd navigate the same way no matter which site you're on.

I'll send more specific feedback later if you'd like...

Jennifer Y. said...

Just wanted to say that the changes you are making look great. The only thing I noticed was that the Perfect 10 page was blurry.

Patti said...

Test message only....

J said...

Both sites are pretty easy to navigate though I would love to see a chat schedule page. On the RRT site, the menu links at the side become blurry when you go into new releases or when reading a review.

Terrie said...


Those blurry links are because the buttons are being changed over -- and those pages Ive not yet edited are those that appear blurry on the buttons. :) Hopefully all will be "clear" pun intended :) by the weekend.


acdaisy95 said...

At RomRevToday website, I like the navigation. The colors are not overwhelming and easy on the eyes. The only thing I think I may change are the banners. I think they are too big and take over a lot of space. Perhaps, it can be placed on a separate webpage.
For, it is the same issue. The colors are nice too.

Patti said...

The thing with the banners is that those help support the cost of maintaining the website and most authors would tell you they'd like their banner where it can be seen. :)

Terrie is listening to you all, so even though the contest is over, go ahead and offer any suggestions.