A Perfect Ten: VAMPIRE INTERRUPTED by Lynsay Sands

A Perfect 10
An Argeneau Novel, Book 9
ISBN: 978-0-06-122977-0
March 2008
Paranormal Romance
Europe – Present Day

After hundreds of years of existence, and with all her children happily settled, Marguerite Argeneau decides it’s time for something new. Her choice of new is to become a private detective, and her first case is to locate Christian Notte’s mother. It seems like a simple job; however, Christian is a vampire and so is his mother, and he has never seen her nor does he know her name. You’d think he could just ask his father Julius, but Julius isn’t talking.

With little information, Marguerite, along with Tiny, her mortal partner, sets off for Europe in search of Christian’s unknown mother. However, it quickly becomes apparent that someone doesn’t want Marguerite to find the mysterious woman, and when her life is in danger, Julius insists on helping to protect her, though he still refuses to reveal who Christian’s mother is.

Marguerite suffered through one horrible marriage and has no intention of succumbing again; however, there is something about Julius… As the two are forced into close contact, the attraction between them becomes undeniable. Will Marguerite allow herself to trust another immortal with her heart? Will they find Christian’s mother? And who is out to stop Marguerite, who is powerful enough to use mind control on a seven hundred year old vampire? Is it possible that Jean-Claude Argeneau, her supposedly deceased husband, is really still alive and has come after Marguerite?

I have to start off by saying that I have loved every single book in Ms. Sands’s Argeneau vampire series. Seriously, there isn’t a single title I would hesitate to go back and re-read (and trust me, I have). Each novel is filled with delightful characters, fabulous romance, and a plethora of laugh aloud moments. VAMPIRE, INTERRUPTED is no exception. The characters are outstanding, and many are familiar from previous novels. The dialogue is spot on, and the humor is a delight. However, beyond everything that makes these novels so wonderful, there is Marguerite, the mother of the Argeneau clan and a woman I’ve delighted in through the course of the series. And, truthfully, it’s Marguerite who makes VAMPIRE, INTERRUPTED an outstanding novel, and one of the very best I’ve ever read. Beyond the humor, beyond the passion, Marguerite’s story is heartbreaking, and I dare anyone to read it and not weep for her. Betrayal of the cruelest kind is part of her story as well as a loss that can never be regained. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Even with the heartache of the tale, there are still moments of joy and humor, and lest you think this is a tragedy rather than a romance, let me be clear, this is a romance to rival any romance and a story that will entertain and make you laugh and cry.

If you’re looking for something truly outstanding and you’ve enjoyed the previous books in the series, run, don’t walk to grab a copy of VAMPIRE, INTERRUPTED. For a superior novel, and an RRT Perfect 10, don’t miss this book.

Terrie Figueroa


Pam P said…
Okay, Terrie, just waiting for the mailman to get here with it. I've enjoyed them all, so far Single White Vampire has been my favorite.
Terrie said…
Pam -- you're going to love it! I keep thinking they can't get better -- and then they do!

Did you read the Accidental Vampire? I adored that one too.


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