Do you want to be.... HOT AND BOTHERED?

Or rather, do you want to win HOT AND BOTHERED by Dianne Castell? I happen to have a copy I picked up from Amazon here in my hot little hands. (Don't worry, I'll be getting another copy).

Anyway, I'm going to give away to ONE lucky winner a copy of this book. It is an April book, so it is just reaching book shelves. You can read more about what's inside by going to Dianne Castell's website.

My question for you is: What (or where) is your favorite setting that you enjoy in romance stories?

Post away and one per household. I'll pick the winner the evening of April 2nd!


Anonymous said…
cool. gl all.

any where exotic, i always like the setting in hawaii.

the big as new york and LA still very sexy

kim h
Laurie G said…
My favorite setting:a beach/island.
beautiful,relaxing, intimate/secluded, lots to do.

My favorite place(s): I like to travel via the books I read. I love books set in Greece since I would love to vacation there!! Penny Jordan, Susan Stephens, Jane Porter, etc... I also like to visit New Orleans. It has a decadent/anything goes "attitude"-Metsy Hingle, Joanne Ross & Marie Ferralla have set stories there.
Andrea said…
Regency/Victorian London is my favorite setting.

RO said…
I know it may sound boring, but I love settings that are in New York. It's something about the lights, things going on all the time, the festivities, etc.
Sarita said…
I love southern settings. I love it in Texas especially when they show a little southern hospitality! (wink wink)

CrystalGB said…
I like tropical settings and foreign settings.
Cherie J said…
I love exotic settings, ones based in other worlds, also love ones based in New Orleans and the bayous of Louisiana.
tara said…
I love small town settings (everybody knowing everybodies business) or southern settings in any of those states are fun!!

Jennifer Y. said…
That's a tough question because I like all types of settings.

If it is a historical, then the old west or Scotland.

If it is a contemp, than I think I'd rather read stories set in small towns (for reasons Tara mentioned) or in places I'll probably never visit (other countries...especially the Australia Outback or just Australia).
Unknown said…
Im definitely a small town or rural type person so that seems to be the settings i prefer ..
Fedora said…
I tend to really enjoy ones that aren't too much like my real life or what I've experienced. For some reason, I like the old West, the South, and the Louisiana/Cajun area, and I also love Europe... Maybe it's just the accents? ;)

BTW, please don't enter me--already have it, and it's fabulous! Someone's in for a treat!!
Unknown said…
New Orleans, Hawaii, and Australia
acdaisy95 said…
Any foreign countries like France, Italy, and Florida, California, Texas, Louisiana, Hawaii.
Anonymous said…
Southern US, European, Asian... these are my current favorites.
tetewa said…
My favorite setting for romances are anyplace that is exotic and warm that has settings on or around beaches and water!
Pamk said…
the beach is a favorite setting if I can't go there a nice bubble bath or my recliner will work.
Anonymous said…
I like books set in Ireland. But I don't really have a favorite. I read a lot of books and they are all set in different places.
Nicole Price
nicki72182 at yahoo dot com
Anonymous said…
I always pick up a book that has a western United States setting because I can relate to it. The beautiful areas, the many mystic legends such as the Indians, the ghost towns, and he code of the west. Who doesn't love a cowboy/
lrhubble said…
I love Scotland and the old west.

Great cover for Hot and Bothered. Sounds like a great book.

Larena (

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