Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ask Five with...Phyllis Campbell!!

Meet Phyllis Campbell, author of Danger in Her Arms, available now from The Wild Rose Press. The cover is gorgeous!

1. Tell us about your latest release.

Danger In Her Arms is my latest release.
I'm anxious to hear how readers feel about this story since it's my first romantic suspense. So far, I've received two great reviews. Long And Short Reviews, and one from Love Romances and More, which gave me 5-Hearts!! Here is the blurb:

Taylor Marshal and her daughter need protecting, yet the bodyguard assigned is the one man she fears the most.

Three years earlier, Taylor gave her heart and body to stranger. After a whirlwind affair of unbridled passion, her hopes were crushed when she finds out her lover, Cory Ross, is a hit man. When she witnesses him take another man’s life then watches her new found love fall from a cliff after being shot, her heart shatters. The only thing left to soothe Taylor’s broken soul is the little life growing inside her. The last thing she expects to find is Cory Ross alive – and back in her life as her own personal bodyguard.

Cory thought his luck had changed after his near death experience in the Bahamas. But when he looks into the eyes of the woman who he suspected had something to do with his accident, he realizes his new assignment to protect Taylor and her young daughter will be pure hell. But to fall in love all over again with Taylor Marshall will be sheer torture.

2.How long had you been writing before you sold your first story?

About six years, I believe. When I first started writing, I did it for fun and never in my wildest dreams thought I would be published. After about four years of writing like this, I finally decided to become serious. I met a woman who studied women's fiction and she was my mentor. Then I joined the Internet world and found crit groups. I've never looked back, and I enjoy working toward a better future!

3. So far, what has been the biggest thrill for you as an author?

Hearing other people say how much they've enjoyed my stories. It thrills me to no end to get a great review, but when I hear readers actually say they've read my book and love it... Yes, that makes writing worth every second of my time.

4. Which friends or authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

Too many to count. Although, if it wasn't for Kathleen E Woodiwiss's A Rose In Winter I would not have loved historical romance. After reading all of hers, I moved to another author, Judith McNaught. Then LaVryle Spencer. Then Johanna Lindsey. Yes, these are the authors I admired even before I started writing.

5. Finally, what is coming up next for you?

This is the first time since I sold my first story four years ago, that I don't have anything contracted for the months ahead. Currently, one of my books is with my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, for consideration, and if that gets taken, then I'll get a release date. But right now, I don't know how it's going... However, it is my goal this year to get my foot in the door with a big publisher. So I'm putting all my focus on that and won't give up until I get a contract. As we speak, three agents are looking over my American Historical, Spanish Eyes, and a big company is reading the full story of my historical, My Heart Belongs To You. I really feel this is going to be my year!

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Susan Macatee said...

Great interview, Phyllis!

You're cover's beautiful and the story sounds exciting!

Best of luck with all your projects.

Unknown said...

Phyllis, love the cover! Great interview. Another book to go in my TBR pile!

Anonymous said...

Phyllis Marie,
I belive this is going to be THE year for both of us. Good luck on Spanish Eyes getting picked up.

Laurel Bradley
A Wish in Time
Creme Brulee Upset

Caffey said...

Hi Phyllis, loved reading this interview.