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A Perfect Ten: The Corporate Raider's Revenge

A Perfect 10
Silhouette Desire #1848
ISBN (13): 978-0-373-76848-6
ISBN (10): 0-373-76848-6
January 2008
Short Series Romance
Maui, Hawaii and Los Angeles, California ~ Present Day

Elena Royal is in Hawaii licking her wounds from nearly marrying a man who was only after her money. Suddenly one day, she spies a sexy, gorgeous man, Ty, who’s soon wooing her into his bed. She doesn’t tell him who she is -- the only child of a hotel magnate -- and Elena knows when her vacation is over she’ll walk away. But, can she?

A hotel magnate himself, Evan Tyler knew not long after spotting Elena who she was…the daughter of his hated rival. What better way to exact revenge than to bed her, then throw the affair into his rival’s face later. However, Evan didn’t bank on ending up caring for Elena. Once back in Los Angeles, two things cause changes in Evan and Elena’s lives: her father dies suddenly, leaving her at the helm, and an unexpected little dividend from their affair suddenly ties the couple together.

Charlene Sands has created two likeable, sympathetic characters in Elena and Evan. Though Elena has the money and the status of being an only child, she is in no way spoiled. Working alongside her father isn’t her dream job, but his unexpected death leaves her reeling, and she’ll do what it takes to keep the company going. She can’t forget, however, the man she had a brief affair with in Hawaii, so when he walks into her office one day, and she learns he is really Evan Tyler, it’s a shocking blow.

Evan only has a tinge of regret in being dishonest with Elena; he just wishes their meeting had been under other circumstances. Evan has been shaped by a tragedy in his youth, and he strives to make money -- lots of it -- as a way to forget what happened. He hasn’t let a woman get close to him, but now he wants Elena and he’ll do anything to get her. However, he will have to break down his own self-imposed barriers, to bare his soul, or he may lose the one woman who’s his best match.

By the end of the first chapter of THE CORPORATE RAIDER’S REVENGE, I’d fallen in love with Elena and Evan. Though he is dishonest at first, even I could sense his heart being won over by sweet Elena. Their lovemaking is sensual, yet sweet, despite its occurring early in the story. As we learn more about Elena and Evan’s backgrounds, watch their interaction in the boardroom and as they fall in love, it only solidifies my first impression: THE CORPORATE RAIDER’S REVENGE deserves RRT’s designation as a Perfect 10. It’s a book I could not put down and wished it’d been longer. I’m glad to hear Ms. Sands is writing stories about Evan’s brothers, and I am putting them on my list of highly anticipated books. I’m sure you’ll feel the same after reading Evan and Elena’s story.

I strongly recommend that you put THE CORPORATE RAIDER’S REVENGE on the top of your book shopping cart. You will care for the characters just as I did and love this engrossing tale.

Patti Fischer

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