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La Grande Mort ... HIS SAHVRIA by Reese Gabriel

HIS SAHVRIA - Reese Gabriel
La Grande Mort
Ellora’s Cave -
ISBN: 978-1-41991-338-9
November 2007
Erotic Sci-Fi Romance -- Single title
Rating: E-rotic

Erth and Vhrazhia - The future

Tryla Numidia, an Erth Sec agent, has a very dim view of Erth’s newest allies, the Vhrazians. It wasn’t so long ago that the two planets were in the middle of a bloody war, but a new threat, the Harn Menace, brought the opposing sides together to fight their deadly common enemy. Now the Vhrazian Ambassador to Erth has disappeared and it’s Tryla’s job to find him. Just one small complication, she’s to be partnered with a Vhrazian operative. Tryla doesn’t do well with partners, in fact she doesn’t do well with most living beings, so the likelihood of a successful collaboration with a man from a species she hates is highly unlikely.

Agent Vharhin works for VISS (Vhrazhian Imperial Security Service), the emperor’s secret police. Well, that’s what everyone on Erth is supposed to believe, really he is… oops, sorry, that’s classified. Suffice it to say, Vharhin is completely dedicated to finding the missing ambassador. Vhrazians are known for their dedication to going with the flow, keeping their equilibrium, but something about the stubborn Erth female he’s been paired with disturbs Vharhin on a level he’s never felt before. Can he and Tryla become partners, or will any pairing involving the two of them result in nothing but disaster?

It’s a race against time as Tryla and Vharhin try to locate the ambassador before the uneasy alliance between Erth and Vhrazhia falls apart.

HIS SAHVRIA introduce two characters that have every reason to hate one another, and yet somehow, hate is not the emotion that rules their interactions. Sure, Tryla holds a weapon on him, and attempts to murder him more than once or twice, but she never really puts her heart into it. And yes, Vharhin has fantasies about conquering Tryla, tying her up and showing her how a proper woman should behave, but he’d never do it, at least, not unless he is convinced it is what she wants, what she needs. Tryla’s family was killed by the Vhrazians and Vharhin’s family was equally affected by the war with Erth. Those facts alone make it hard for these two to come together, add in the cultural differences, and the dangerous assignment they’re on, and this is one romance that may end before it begins. Each of these characters will undergo a metamorphosis in the pages of HIS SAHVRIA; learning, growing and changing in ways that will challenge everything they’ve ever believed about themselves and others.

A really great story should have a wonderful supporting cast of secondary characters and Reese Gabriel has provided a wealth of them. By far the most interesting is Sonyago, Tryla’s boss. Sonyago is a boigurl android, two faces with two distinct and separate personalities; Sonya and Yago. Both of them are important to Tryla, personally and professionally. Sonyago is the closest thing to family Tryla has. The ambassador’s mate is another character who makes you think. She’s artistic, intelligent, and predisposed to speaking in riddles, leaving her listener wondering what they missed in the conversation. Ananke is a sex worker who has information that could help Tryla and Vharhin get to the bottom of the ambassador’s disappearance. Johnny is one of Tryla’s few friends (though I’m not sure she’d ever admit to having any). He’s an expert in technology and offers a helping hand at just the right time.

Can two of the strongest, most stubborn characters ever created overcome their differences, embrace their passion and succeed in averting an interplanetary war? You’ll have to read HIS SAHVRIA to find out. Let me assure you, it’ll be well worth your time, and the best way I can indicate that is by giving this wonderful story the coveted La Grande Mort.

Lori Ann

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