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What Book do you want in February?

Here is another one of those "choose the book and win it" blog posts.

I want you to give me a list of no more than five books you are interested in buying that comes out in February. I will then narrow it down and later in February, have a contest to win one of the books....

Not sure what is coming out in February? Check out Romance Reviews Today's New Releases list for February.

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Chat Friday Night!

Come chat with me this coming Friday night in the Romance Reviews Today chat room! I'll be giving away a book....the winner gets choice of a book out of my prize box. What are they? Well, you'll have to come and find out. :)

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Spotlight Review...Sucker Bet by Erin McCarthy and a contest!

I know we have some Erin McCarthy fans out, how about a copy of SUCKER BET to give away???

Post away, and I'll draw one winner on Monday night.
***One entry per person***

SUCKER BET - Erin McCarthy
A Tale of Vegas Vampires, 4
Berkley Sensation Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-425-21718-4
January 2008
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Present Day Las Vegas, Nevada

Tales of the Vegas Vampires began in HIGH STAKES, which told the tale of Las Vegas casino hotel owner Ethan Carrick and his plan to choose the perfect candidate's wife to help him in his re-election to the office of President of the Vampire Nation. Best laid plans and all that, things didn't turn out as he envisioned, but led, instead, to a happy-ever-after, which is saying something when one is as good as immortal. But this is not Ethan's story; it's his sister Gwenna's. Never mind now how Ethan became a vampire 900 years ago; he was forced to turn his sister shortly after to save her life. Gwenna recently left her 300-year seclusion in York, England to attend Ethan's wedding. Unfortunately, this puts her once again in the vicinity of Roberto Donatelli, her ex-husband, vice-president of the nation. Now Donatelli is not a nice guy, but he does love Gwenna in his own possessive, controlling way, and he wants her back.

After 900 years of letting men manage her life, don't you think it's past time for a woman to get a backbone? Gwenna Carrick does. First, her father in those long ago medieval times, then her over-protective brother, then her manipulative ex-husband, and now her brother again, all have taken care of her...and she's let them. No more.

Gwenna spends a lot of time in her room on the computer where she's joined an e-mail loop made up of would-be vampire slayers in order to keep an eye on them. She has gathered clues that some of the serious members are planning something sinister to take place in Las Vegas. As QueenieG, she arranges to meet Slash87, one of the most vocal, face-to-face. But when she arrives at the agreed upon locale, she finds a dead body instead. This is how Gwenna becomes mixed up with a mortal, Las Vegas Police Detective Nate Thomas. Nate is also protective as one might expect from his profession, but he learns to listen to Gwenna and respect her as a person...and more. She talks him into letting her help investigate this murder and the ones that follow.

SUCKER BET brings back the heroes and heroines of HIGH STAKES and BLED DRY in another highly entertaining episode of the Vegas Vampires. Written in a catchy style with wit and warmth, it's every bit as riveting as the earlier novels. (These also include BIT THE JACKPOT, but Seamus and Cara don't appear here.) Still, SUCKER BET focuses mainly on Gwenna and Nate. The romance is fresh; Gwenna has had only one lover and that ended with her divorce 300 years ago. She's almost a virgin! And, given her sheltered background, this is a coming of age story, if that can be said of someone who has lived nine centuries. Nate is going through a rough patch in his personal life at the time he and Gwenna meet. Undoubtedly, they will both quickly endear themselves to any reader with heart. That's not all, however. There is that whole vampire slayer thing that Gwenna's convinced is mixed up in the murders; there is danger to both Gwenna and Nate, trouble from her ex and others, and topping everything is the inevitable question of how to reconcile the impossible. Where can a relationship between a vampire and a mortal who doesn't believe in such things go?

SUCKER BET has great characters and a cleverly devised plot that work together for a completely satisfying reading experience.

Jane Bowers

Monday, January 28, 2008

A Perfect 10 -- THE SENATOR'S DAUGHTER by Christine Carroll

THE SENATOR'S DAUGHTER - Christine Carroll
A Perfect 10
Medallion Press
ISBN-10: 1-933-83630-X,
ISBN-13: 978-1-933-83630-0
January 2008
Romantic Suspense
San Francisco and Napa Valley, California - Present Day

Society princess Sylvia Chatsworth and Assistant District Attorney Lyle Thomas don’t have much in common. Sylvia, the daughter of the esteemed Senator Lawrence Arthur Chatsworth III, is the product of everything that money can buy, the best heritage, education, and advantage. On the other hand, Lyle is the son of a poor farm worker who barely scraped enough money together to feed his family. Even so, Lyle worked hard and clawed his way up the proverbial ladder of success. These days he drives a fancy car, lives in a swank apartment, and earns more than enough to pay for it all. And he can’t believe his good luck when Sylvia accepts his offer of a date. He’s sure there is much more to Sylvia Chatsworth than the media would have one believe -- they claim she’s just a rich party girl with fluff for brains. Lyle wants to prove otherwise, at least to himself. But when Sylvia keeps him waiting at the bar in Ice, a popular San Francisco nightspot, for over forty-five minutes while she visits the ladies' room, and then snares him in a clinch, kissing -- no, devouring him -- in front of reporter Julio Castillo’s camera, Lyle begins to wonder if those rumors are true. His gut tells him there’s more to Sylvia than appears on the surface, and he decides to get to know the real woman beneath all the hype.

Yes, Sylvia comes from privilege and prosperity, but she isn’t the bubblehead everyone thinks she is. And yes, she did keep Lyle waiting at the bar in Ice, but only because she spent those long minutes shamefully hiding inside a bathroom stall while she listened to tacky Corrine Walker talk about her. And the kiss? Oh, that kiss was just to keep Julio’s camera and his inevitable probing questions out of her face. That kiss was an escape. But it also made her bones melt, and no other man has ever made her feel like that. Sylvia just wants to live her life without reporters popping up at every turn and distorting the facts. And she’d really like to get to know Lyle better, but for now, she just wants to run as far away as she can get. Even her own mother told her she should disappear just minutes ago, while they argued about her embarrassing so-called escapades. Having heard enough, Sylvia climbs into her Jaguar, drives north, away from the city -- and then she simply vanishes.

THE SENATOR’S DAUGHTER is one of the most romantic novels I have read this year! Practically all of San Francisco society thinks Sylvia Chatsworth is a spoiled little rich girl just out for a good time spending her daddy’s money. Of course, it didn’t help when her own parents decided to arrange a marriage for her with Rory Campbell. And when she refused the union, the press acted as if it were her fault the man dumped her and married his true love. Who would even want an arranged marriage anyway? Not Sylvia. She wants to do something with her life, but her parents insist her future is to marry and spend her days playing hostess at parties and charity events. That might be her mother’s world, but it isn’t for her. She wants something she can sink her teeth into, a real job.

Lyle recognizes that Sylvia is more than just a party girl. And when her father hires him to find his missing daughter, Lyle wrestles with his conscience. How can he take money from Senator Chatsworth for something he plans to do on his own anyway? But he's unable to locate Sylvia, so he decides to drive to Napa Valley and investigate another disappearance, that of San Francisco developer, Tony Valetti. Before too long, Lyle begins to unravel damaging facts that tie both Tony and his brother Andre to a murder. And biding his time while he waits for Andre Valetti to return home to his vineyard, Lyle checks into the Lava Springs Bed & Breakfast Inn. When he spots a woman who looks suspiciously like Sylvia working in the kitchen, he wonders, could it be her?

Many secondary characters populate this novel. Sylvia’s parents, Lawrence and Laura Chatsworth; the innkeepers, Mary and Buck Kline; the Valetti brothers, Andre & Tony; and Lyle’s father, James Thomas; and Lyle's best friend, Cliff Ames. With numerous twists and turns, there are lots of sizzling love scenes, dangerous intrigue, and plenty of heart warming, fairy tale romance filling the pages. THE SENATOR’S DAUGHTER is a novel not to be missed! And that said, I am pleased to award it a rare Perfect 10.

Diana Risso

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Sylvia Day book winner is......

First off, the winner of the Sylvia Day HEAT OF THE NIGHT book is........flchen1!
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Contest and La Grande Mort -- HEAT OF THE NIGHT by Sylvia Day!

We're giving away this book to one lucky winner! Post away and I'll pick one lucky winner this coming Sunday night. One entry per household please and you must be at least age 18.

HEAT OF THE NIGHT - Sylvia Day Dream Guardians, Book 2
La Grande Mort
Avon Red
ISBN: 978-0-06-123103-2
January 2008
Erotic Paranormal Romance

Temecula, California - Present Day

When the rebel leader of the Elite Warriors, Connor Bruce, finds a deadly new weapon in the hands of the Elders, he must travel to the mortal realm in order to warn his friend and rebel instigator, Aidan Cross (Pleasures of the Night), of the new threat to Aidan and his girlfriend, Lyssa Bates. It will be a one way trip for Connor, who has always been content living in the Twilight, but one he must undertake if the rebels have any hope of succeeding. Arriving at Lyssa and Aidan's home, in pain and weary, Connor is greeted by a tempting and sassy woman. While waiting for Aidan to return, he and Stacey spend a lot of time together, and the more he finds out about her, the more Connor is determined to have her. Stacey is the only woman he has ever met that both soothes him and turns him inside out. First however, Connor must face a vicious threat and keep them alive.

Lonely and upset, Stacey Daniels is house-sitting for her boss while her son is reconnecting with his irresponsible, absentee father. When an unexpected visitor arrives on the doorstep and pushes his way into the apartment, all of Stacey's warning bells go off. She has always been attracted to the wrong type of man, and the golden bad-boy who has just entered her life is no exception. Bossy, arrogant, and sexy, he is sure to run roughshod over her if she doesn't hold her on to her control. But, holding out on Connor Bruce for the dream of a stable, happy family is not going to work. When Stacey gives into the fantasy Connor offers, she doesn't realize the danger that will follow. She is now in danger of losing her life, her son, and her heart.

HEAT OF THE NIGHT is a richly woven delight. Connor is a man with no emotions or connections, making him a fierce warrior, until he meets Stacey. She makes him want things he has never dreamed of and becomes his sole vulnerability. Single mother Stacey has had a life filled with heartache and hardship. She doesn't trust herself or her emotions when it comes to men. Their intimate encounters are filled with both heat and emotional depth. The suspense, action, and mysteries are intense and imaginative. Excellent pacing, writing, and characterization will have readers glued to the story. This second Dream Guardian book stands well on its own with plenty of background, but reading the first book will add insight. This book takes the series to a new level, earning it the La Grande Mort rating and builds high anticipation for the next tale. HEAT OF THE NIGHT is a very highly recommended book you won't want to miss.


For more terrific reviews, head on over to RRT Erotic

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La Grande Mort ... HIS SAHVRIA by Reese Gabriel

HIS SAHVRIA - Reese Gabriel
La Grande Mort
Ellora’s Cave -
ISBN: 978-1-41991-338-9
November 2007
Erotic Sci-Fi Romance -- Single title
Rating: E-rotic

Erth and Vhrazhia - The future

Tryla Numidia, an Erth Sec agent, has a very dim view of Erth’s newest allies, the Vhrazians. It wasn’t so long ago that the two planets were in the middle of a bloody war, but a new threat, the Harn Menace, brought the opposing sides together to fight their deadly common enemy. Now the Vhrazian Ambassador to Erth has disappeared and it’s Tryla’s job to find him. Just one small complication, she’s to be partnered with a Vhrazian operative. Tryla doesn’t do well with partners, in fact she doesn’t do well with most living beings, so the likelihood of a successful collaboration with a man from a species she hates is highly unlikely.

Agent Vharhin works for VISS (Vhrazhian Imperial Security Service), the emperor’s secret police. Well, that’s what everyone on Erth is supposed to believe, really he is… oops, sorry, that’s classified. Suffice it to say, Vharhin is completely dedicated to finding the missing ambassador. Vhrazians are known for their dedication to going with the flow, keeping their equilibrium, but something about the stubborn Erth female he’s been paired with disturbs Vharhin on a level he’s never felt before. Can he and Tryla become partners, or will any pairing involving the two of them result in nothing but disaster?

It’s a race against time as Tryla and Vharhin try to locate the ambassador before the uneasy alliance between Erth and Vhrazhia falls apart.

HIS SAHVRIA introduce two characters that have every reason to hate one another, and yet somehow, hate is not the emotion that rules their interactions. Sure, Tryla holds a weapon on him, and attempts to murder him more than once or twice, but she never really puts her heart into it. And yes, Vharhin has fantasies about conquering Tryla, tying her up and showing her how a proper woman should behave, but he’d never do it, at least, not unless he is convinced it is what she wants, what she needs. Tryla’s family was killed by the Vhrazians and Vharhin’s family was equally affected by the war with Erth. Those facts alone make it hard for these two to come together, add in the cultural differences, and the dangerous assignment they’re on, and this is one romance that may end before it begins. Each of these characters will undergo a metamorphosis in the pages of HIS SAHVRIA; learning, growing and changing in ways that will challenge everything they’ve ever believed about themselves and others.

A really great story should have a wonderful supporting cast of secondary characters and Reese Gabriel has provided a wealth of them. By far the most interesting is Sonyago, Tryla’s boss. Sonyago is a boigurl android, two faces with two distinct and separate personalities; Sonya and Yago. Both of them are important to Tryla, personally and professionally. Sonyago is the closest thing to family Tryla has. The ambassador’s mate is another character who makes you think. She’s artistic, intelligent, and predisposed to speaking in riddles, leaving her listener wondering what they missed in the conversation. Ananke is a sex worker who has information that could help Tryla and Vharhin get to the bottom of the ambassador’s disappearance. Johnny is one of Tryla’s few friends (though I’m not sure she’d ever admit to having any). He’s an expert in technology and offers a helping hand at just the right time.

Can two of the strongest, most stubborn characters ever created overcome their differences, embrace their passion and succeed in averting an interplanetary war? You’ll have to read HIS SAHVRIA to find out. Let me assure you, it’ll be well worth your time, and the best way I can indicate that is by giving this wonderful story the coveted La Grande Mort.

Lori Ann

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spotlight Review -- THE VAMPIRE'S KISS by Raven Hart

The Savannah Vampire Chronicles, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-345-49856-4
January 2008
Paranormal Romance
Savannah, Georgia, and London, England - Present Day

Savannah's most powerful vampire, William Cuyler Thorne, is in a killing rage. After mourning the death of his mortal wife Diana and their son Will for five-hundred-years, William finds out that they are not only alive, but allied with an enemy from his past. Hugo is a vicious and violent vampire who sired Diana and Will. Though Diana is mated to Hugo, William believes that their mortal love remains strong enough for him to win her back. But when Diana is given the choice of rejoining William in Savannah, not only does she rebuke him, she allows friends and companions of his to be wantonly murdered by Hugo and Will. Further, with the help of William's latest offspring and mistress, Eleanor, they kidnap Renee, the child of his heart. Renee is the young daughter of Melaphia, William's housekeeper and the most powerful voodoo priestess in the new world. Renee possesses the magical blood of her long priestess line which gives a blood drinker much added strength. William will travel to Europe to save her, even if it means giving his life to do so. He leaves his offspring, Jack, in command of Savannah as he goes in search of vengeance.

Jack is well aware that William's departure will cause challenges to be made against him. His good-ol'-boy nature fools many people, but Jack is a formidable fighter with an ingrained sense of honor. What Jack doesn't expect is that he will be dealing immediately with a threat to their 'family' from a group of angry, criminal werewolves, and his not-quite-human ex-girlfriend's request to be taken into the afterlife. When police officer, and werewolf, Seth Walker shows up with an interest in the problem werewolves, Jack is grateful to have some back-up. Somehow, they will cobble together whatever forces they can muster to maintain their control of Savannah and hope that William returns soon with Renee. However, very old and powerful forces are gathering together, and their agenda will threaten more than just the Savannah clan.

THE VAMPIRE'S KISS is a non-stop, action packed thrill ride. Told in two voices, William's is dark and brooding, Jack's is laid back and good-natured, the clash between the old world and the new is very apparent. William must confront deceit, betrayals, and a past he has long fought against. Jack must rise to the occasion amidst the remains of a lost battle and new confrontations. Jack is still deeply in love with his ex-girlfriend Connie, but even as she struggles to accept her non-human attributes and the many otherworldly creatures that she learns exist, she is scaring the socks off him (more than the fact that he literally burns to a crisp when they get romantic). Excellent writing, setting, and character development highlight fierce fighting and deep emotions. While not necessary -- this book stands on its own -- reading the previous books in the series will add insight and background information. Humorous moments lighten the intensity of the story (Jack's coffin is a bright orange replica of Dales Earnhardt's racecar) and add humanity to this paranormal feast. THE VAMPIRE'S KISS is a page-turning stunner you won't want to miss.


Monday, January 21, 2008

La Grande Mort..... THE PERFECT TEN by Janice Maynard

THE PERFECT TEN - Janice Maynard
La Grande Mort
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-22290-9
January 2008
Erotic Romance Anthology

Asheville, North Caroline - Present Day

The three Killaney cousins, Diana, Elizabeth, and Jeannie may be feisty Irishwomen with some magic in their souls, but they are on the look out for men who can complete their lives. One night as they have come up with their newest product, a sensual cream that could possibly be an aphrodisiac, love may be just around the corner…

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Damian Bennetti is known for fixing expensive and sleek cars. He also has a reputation as for being a ladies’ man, although his opinion is very different on that matter. But he does have a bad crush on one of the owners of the store, Lotions and Potions, that specializes in creams and perfumes. Diana Killaney has been on his mind a lot, and he makes a ton of excuses to come to the shop to buy.

Diana also has a crazy crush on Damian but, because of his reputation, she stays far away. Finally Damian asks her out and, before she knows it, they are kissing like there is no tomorrow. Diana assumes it is this new lotion she and her cousins have come up with that may have some magic in it, or so she thinks, because why else would a suave man like Damian want a no nonsense woman like herself?

Damian's and Diana’s first impressions about each other make their relationship harder than it needs to be. Damian grew up in a very poor family in a backwater town, while Diana has some men issues because of her father’s dating lifestyle. But when these two allow their attractions to take over, it is beyond hot! He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not shows that being honest and truthful along with some great sex make for the most excellent read.

Movie Magic

Elizabeth is the oldest of the Killaney cousins. Almost forty, she is starting to feel her age, and it has been over a decade since she has even been intimate with a man. Her last relationship ended in ruin, and the thought of going down that path with another man leaves her shaking in her boots. But she is resigned to the fact that she may be alone for the rest of her life. That is, until she literally falls in the lap of Enrique Cantilano.

Enrique cannot believe how lucky he is to have a woman like Elizabeth fall into his arms. He is scouting out locations for a movie and had no clue that his latest job would also be a pleasurable one. He finds Elizabeth sexy even though she thinks she is quite plain, and he should know what’s attractive as in his line of work he runs into beautiful women all day long. But Enrique is able to seduce her, and as Elizabeth enjoys their lovemaking, how will she be able to work out their age difference and Enrique’s jet setting lifestyle?

I am such a big fan of the younger man/older woman romance and Movie Magic was the perfect story to showcase this. Enrique is such a wonderful man to see how beautiful Elizabeth really is even though she doesn’t see it. And when Elizabeth releases her inhibitions and becomes the “Lizzy” Enrique enjoys and loves, this story rises above all the rest. I also found the sex scene between these two the best out of the three stories, and Enrique is a true hero in every sense of the word.

I Dream of Jeannie

“Nerdy” college professor Nathan Hardison has been dreaming of Jeannie, one of the owners of Lotions and Potions, for over a week now. Ever since he walked into her store, he can’t get the blonde bombshell out of his head. Nathan usually looks at things very analytically, and he can’t understand why he is so far gone over Ms. Killaney.

Jeannie at first thinks Nathan is a shoplifter, but there is something about the way his butt just looks so good in his pants. Jeannie may look like a supermodel but her IQ is off the charts, and she tries to downplay her looks as much as she can. But when Nathan admits his attraction to her, she decides playing the naughty student to this teacher may be just the thing she needs.

Nathan and Jeannie are perfect for each other in almost every way. They have the brains and the looks, and the sex between them is scorching. It was ingenious for both to act out some role playing while in the bedroom. Nathan may think he is a nerd, but Jeannie thinks he is far from it. He wants to hold her close and never let her go, which made me sigh. I Dream of Jeannie is one dream that has come true for the professor and his student in love, Jeannie.

I am not usually a big fan of anthologies but with THE PERFECT TEN, Janice Maynard has written three sexy and overall great stories which deserve the coveted RRT award just as the title states. A Perfect 10 all the way!

Kate Garrabrant

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Perfect 10: HOT by Julia Harper

HOT – Julia Harper
A Perfect 10
Grand Central's Forever
ISBN-13: 978-0-446-61917-2
January 2008
Contemporary Romance
Winosha, Wisconsin – Present Day

When the First Wisconsin Bank of Winosha is robbed by two men, one with a Yoda mask and the other with a SpongeBob SquarePants mask, teller Taylor Hastings sees her chance. During all the excitement and commotion after the police arrive, Taylor casually walks over to the bank president's desk, removes his safe deposit key, opens his box, and removes the contents. No one else notices, and Taylor is now set to exact the revenge she's waited four years to consummate.

John MacKinnon is the FBI agent called in to investigate the bank robbery. One of the other bank tellers recognizes the black hairy neck and back of a former schoolmate named Fish, and his friend Reginald (Nald) is probably his accomplice. Needless to say, these two men live in a world of their own and are prime examples of why close relatives shouldn't marry. But while John is watching the complete tape of the robbery, he notices a woman doing something in the background with the president's safe deposit keys. The president also watches the tape and, inside, his heart is sinking and his mind is working frantically to determine what damage has been done. But for some reason John immediately becomes intrigued with the woman who stares at the surveillance tape with a sort of smirk. Now, just what is going on, and where has Taylor gone?

When John gets Taylor's cell phone number, they begin a relationship built on their innermost needs. John is intrigued by Taylor's attitude and more than drawn to her through their conversations. He knows something is behind her attempts to find some evidence on Calvin, and yet, as an FBI Special Agent, he must continue to look for her and bring her in. Taylor is making up her actions as she goes -- on the run and sleeping in the old truck she gets from her friend Tommy, and eating her favorite thing, pickled herring. Her talks with John open an opportunity to connect with a man after years alone, but first Uncle Rusty and his arrest for embezzlement and subsequent death must be avenged. Taylor is driving around Wisconsin, trying to get evidence on Calvin, and John always seems to be step or two behind her, determined to bring her in, but also determined to examine their strange connection. Their conversations are true to life, and even the two criminals on the run will bring a chuckle as you hear their totally off the wall comments.

Julia Harper has certainly hit all the right buttons for me in writing this entertaining and unforgettable meeting between two people with hard times behind them. John is forty and divorced; three years ago his teenage daughter told him she wanted nothing to do with him and wanted her stepfather to adopt her. Taylor had only her Uncle Rusty in her life for a long time, and his death is at the heart of the revenge she has spent years plotting. She is living a life that doesn't reflect her true self, all to be in a position to avenge her uncle and bring the truth out. Each situation and character is seamlessly sewn together into the story, and we are drawn into their situation as Taylor and John must deal with her theft, and yet he has to uphold the law.

If you love quirky, unusual people, HOT has them all. First and foremost are Fish and Nald, two men who escape, try to get away with the money (exploded ink packs and all) and end up in a totally surprising situation. Taylor's friend Tommy is a character, always willing to share an old vehicle, and John's partner, Dante Torelli, comes complete with a history with John that must be overcome. Calvin Hyman is President of the bank, Mayor of Winosha, and about to become State Representative, if he can only get Taylor out of his business, and keep hidden his...well, you really need to read to find out why.

HOT covers all the must-have ingredients for an unforgettable story: great characters you enjoy, a story that grabs your interest, and the much needed chemistry between the couple that keeps us frantically turning the pages. HOT is a refreshing, funny, tug-your-heartstrings read that deserves a Perfect 10 from me, and I'm very particular! If you like HOT stories, this is just the book you need to look for this month.

Carolyn Crisher

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ask Five with....Bronwyn Jameson!!!!

Give a hearty welcome to Bronwyn Jameson! She writes for Silhouette Desire and is the first author in the Diamonds Down Under mini series premiering this month in bookstores. Be sure to check it out! In the meantime, check out Bronwyn:

What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

Vows & A Vengeful Groom is the first story in a brand new continuity series from Silhouette Desire titled Diamonds Down Under. This six-book series is set in Australia and New Zealand and focuses on a family split asunder thirty years ago over ownership of a fabulous diamond known as the Heart of the Outback. The old feud is reignited when a new generation is forced to deal with secrets and scandals unearthed in the aftermath of a tragic plane crash.

That crash provides the (shaky) foundation of Vows & A Vengeful Groom. The disappearance of her father brings estranged daughter Kimberley Blackstone back to the family home and business and into a new relationship with her ex, Ric Perrini. His ambition blew their brief stormy marriage apart ten years ago, but are his motives any purer this time around? Does he want Kim, the woman, or Kim, the Blackstone heiress who can help secure his position as chairman of Blackstone Diamonds?

What is the hardest part of writing?

The discipline of sitting down and getting the work done day after day. As much as I love writing and as involved as I get in my stories and characters, there are days I would rather be outdoors or reading a book or hitting the shops. Some days I have to prise the words from my brain one by one and on those days this is the hardest job I've ever done.

How do you stay motivated?

Having contracted delivery dates helps, and I have a posse of writing friends who can be relied upon for the swift-kick-of-motivation. But the true motivation has to come from inside, from the place where the stories are born and the characters gain life. The desire to tell their story is the only thing that works in the long term.

Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

Ooh, good question...but tough because there have been so many over the years. When I started writing romance (1995) it was the Australian authors who'd succeeded brilliantly at Mills & Boon. Emma Darcy and Helen Bianchin in particular, through the contests they sponsored at Romance Writers of Australia and the wonderful feedback they gave me. Also Alison Kelly, whose sale (to M&B) story inspired me at the start and whose unique, informal voice really appealed to me. Then there was Fiona Brand, who sold to Silhouette a year or two before me and opened the door there for future down-under authors to follow. On the writing side, the Desires by Caroline Cross, Barbara McCauley, Leanne Banks, Eileen Wilkes, Cindy Gerard -- I'm sure I'm forgetting others, but those are amongst the favourites whose writing and stories influenced and inspired me.

What's coming up next for you?

In April 08 I have Tycoon's One-Night Revenge, which is a spin-off book from my Princes of the Outback mini-series. The final book in that trilogy, The Ruthless Groom, left an unanswered question about Susannah, the runaway fiancée. It's been a long time coming and I hope the many readers who wrote and asked for this story haven't tired of waiting! I'm currently working on a new mini-series about Melbourne sisters and mistaken identity (right sister/wrong brother), which takes them on an interesting journey to England. There's polo and Bond Street shopping and a country house party and weekends in Paris and men who sp;eak in James Bond voices. I'm having a LOT of fun with this!

You can learn more by visiting Bronwyn Jameson's website!

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What is being given away?

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I'll pick the winner sometime after 10pm, so that will give some of you time to get into the chat room if you're interested. :)

Then on Saturday night, join Minx in her chat room at RRT for her monthly Trivia chat! It begins at 9pm eastern time this coming Saturday! Be there or be square!

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RRT Erotic Reviews up!

RRTErotic - Issue 16, Volume 2 – January 15, 2008

In this issue, we have 16 new reviews and 4 new nibbles for your enjoyment. (Quick List of new reviews)

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Ellora's Cave
MERCIFUL ANGEL - LACEY Thorn - CeCe - Contemporary Romance

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A Perfect Ten: The Corporate Raider's Revenge

A Perfect 10
Silhouette Desire #1848
ISBN (13): 978-0-373-76848-6
ISBN (10): 0-373-76848-6
January 2008
Short Series Romance
Maui, Hawaii and Los Angeles, California ~ Present Day

Elena Royal is in Hawaii licking her wounds from nearly marrying a man who was only after her money. Suddenly one day, she spies a sexy, gorgeous man, Ty, who’s soon wooing her into his bed. She doesn’t tell him who she is -- the only child of a hotel magnate -- and Elena knows when her vacation is over she’ll walk away. But, can she?

A hotel magnate himself, Evan Tyler knew not long after spotting Elena who she was…the daughter of his hated rival. What better way to exact revenge than to bed her, then throw the affair into his rival’s face later. However, Evan didn’t bank on ending up caring for Elena. Once back in Los Angeles, two things cause changes in Evan and Elena’s lives: her father dies suddenly, leaving her at the helm, and an unexpected little dividend from their affair suddenly ties the couple together.

Charlene Sands has created two likeable, sympathetic characters in Elena and Evan. Though Elena has the money and the status of being an only child, she is in no way spoiled. Working alongside her father isn’t her dream job, but his unexpected death leaves her reeling, and she’ll do what it takes to keep the company going. She can’t forget, however, the man she had a brief affair with in Hawaii, so when he walks into her office one day, and she learns he is really Evan Tyler, it’s a shocking blow.

Evan only has a tinge of regret in being dishonest with Elena; he just wishes their meeting had been under other circumstances. Evan has been shaped by a tragedy in his youth, and he strives to make money -- lots of it -- as a way to forget what happened. He hasn’t let a woman get close to him, but now he wants Elena and he’ll do anything to get her. However, he will have to break down his own self-imposed barriers, to bare his soul, or he may lose the one woman who’s his best match.

By the end of the first chapter of THE CORPORATE RAIDER’S REVENGE, I’d fallen in love with Elena and Evan. Though he is dishonest at first, even I could sense his heart being won over by sweet Elena. Their lovemaking is sensual, yet sweet, despite its occurring early in the story. As we learn more about Elena and Evan’s backgrounds, watch their interaction in the boardroom and as they fall in love, it only solidifies my first impression: THE CORPORATE RAIDER’S REVENGE deserves RRT’s designation as a Perfect 10. It’s a book I could not put down and wished it’d been longer. I’m glad to hear Ms. Sands is writing stories about Evan’s brothers, and I am putting them on my list of highly anticipated books. I’m sure you’ll feel the same after reading Evan and Elena’s story.

I strongly recommend that you put THE CORPORATE RAIDER’S REVENGE on the top of your book shopping cart. You will care for the characters just as I did and love this engrossing tale.

Patti Fischer

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Scavenger Hunt....

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Ask Five with....TAWNY WEBER!!!

Please welcome our latest guest....


If you like your books steamy, then reach for a Tawny Weber book!

1. What is the title of your latest release and what’s it about?

My latest Harlequin Blaze release is titled DOES SHE DARE? Its a hot, sexy story that goes like this:

When Isabel Santos realizes her love life is as barren as a desert, she creates the ultimate Man Plan…a list of her all time hottest sexual fantasies. Including the one guy who, with just the eight year old memory of his smile, gets her hotter than any she’s actually had sex with –Dante Luciano. Will her plan net her the ultimate fantasy? Or will putting this particular plan into action result in the ultimate heartbreak? She’s willing to find out.

2. What do you consider the hardest part of writing?

Oh wow, great question. My first thought was the weight gain from sitting in this chair so much *g*. But really, for me the hardest part of writing is the market itself. Sometimes great story ideas come to mind, but suit a 'dead' market... like Romantic Comedy. For instance, right now the hot markets are dark paranormal and romantic suspense. Neither of which I write, or that suit my voice. This can be so frustrating, especially when an author is first trying to sell or break into a new market.

3. Which authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

I've been blessed! I've always admired the writing of Nora Roberts, Vicki Lewis Thompson and Jennifer Crusie. They are fabulous writers who've made a big difference for our genre. As for writing friendships, I have an incredible writing group I've belonged to for the last four years - we even just launched a website and blog: Writers At Play ( I'm also lucky to have some fab writing friends nearby I get together with for lunch, writing and plotting. Because writing is such a solitary thing, I feel so lucky to have people who share so much of it with me.

4. Any advice for aspiring writers?

Write what you love. It shows in the writing, it really does. I think when writers embrace the story it shines through in their voice and the excitement just carries the reader along.

5. What’s coming up for you in the near future?

Coming this November I have another Blaze, tentatively titled RISQUE BUSINESS, which is a makeover story with a twist or two :-D In 2009 I'm slotted for 3 more Blazes, April is TIE ME DOWN, May is TIE ME UP and September will kick off a new costume shop mini-series with three other authors.

Learn more about Tawny by visiting her website at

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A Perfect Ten: MARKED BY MOONLIGHT by Sharie Kohler

A Perfect 10
Pocket Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-4227-8
ISBN-10: 1-4165-4227-2
January 2008
Paranormal Romance
Houston, Texas, Present Day

Claire Morgan is not assertive; the 31-year-old schoolteacher is timid, courtesy of an abusive father. Even in the classroom, she ignores the occasional outbursts, focusing instead on students who really need her help. For them, she goes the extra mile. That is why she finds herself in a bad part of town at night, looking for Lenny Alvarez to make sure he takes his SAT exam. She sees Lenny and chases him down an alley, but he disappears and a dog attacks her. A man appears, saving her from the dog. Claire’s life is about to change in ways she never imagined. Could it be true that she is now a lycan, a werewolf? As much as she loves the confident, sexual woman she has become, she is terrified of her new potential for violence.

Gideon March is part of a secret network, NODEAL, determined to eradicate the lycan threat. NODEAL policy is always the same: kill them all, even innocents infected by a bite, like young Lenny. Gideon must track down the woman bitten by Lenny and kill her before she turns. What Gideon discovers about Claire changes his weary obedience to NODEAL policy. He conceives a desperate plan -- to find and kill the Alpha who infected Lenny, breaking the curse on Claire. But can he break the curse before the new moon, when Claire will be compelled to kill and be lost to him forever? What do you do when the world as you know it changes by loving one who should be your enemy?

MARKED BY MOONLIGHT, the first book in The Moon Chasers Series, is very exciting and fast-paced -- the story of a secret war conducted between humans and lycans for centuries. NODEAL is all that stands between humanity and desolation, and only a dedication to duty, precluding love and family, enables the hunters to do their work. Burnt out by endless killing, Gideon falls in love with Claire and needs to save this one innocent. Claire, as a newly turned breeding lycan, is irresistible to male lycans, making her survival that much more complicated.

Claire survived an abusive childhood and is stronger than she realizes; when the stakes are high enough, she fights. Becoming a lycan has only enhanced the warrior qualities in this seemingly mousy woman. Gideon is the vulnerable one -- hardened by killing, he is truly alone. Claire turns his world upside down. Ms Kohler paints a vivid picture of her characters' steamy passions and what motivates their behavior. I came to care about this story and its characters, especially Darius, the lycan who will not feed. I hope he will be in the next story. Ms. Kohler creates a strong beginning to a new series, making it a Perfect 10. She also writes historical romance as Sophie Jordan. KISS OF A DARK MOON comes out in October 2008, and I look forward to reading it.

Lisa Baca

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Issue of RRT Erotic is up!

RRTErotic - Issue 16, Volume 1 – January 7, 2008

In this issue, we have 26 new reviews and 4 new nibbles for your enjoyment. (Quick List of new reviews)

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A Perfect Ten: BLOOD DREAMS by Kay Hooper

A Perfect 10
A Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novel, Book 9
Blood Trilogy, Book 1
Bantam (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0-553-80484-3
January 2008
Romantic Thriller
Venture, Georgia – Present Day

Dani Justice is haunted by nightmares. However, the difference between Dani’s nightmares and those of other people is that her nightmares are often premonitions of future events.

Dani has returned to her hometown of Venture to help her twin sister Paris after Paris’s divorce. At least that is the reason she gives for being in town. In reality, Dani and Paris both work for Haven, a private company created to assist law enforcement when regular investigative tools are not enough. Dani and Paris are both psychic, each with different abilities, and Dani has come to Venture in search of a serial killer. Dani doesn’t want to hunt for this killer, but he and her dreams have come too close to home. Only Dani knows how the hunt will end, but even she doesn’t know who will survive.

Special Agent Noah Bishop and his team have been trying to find a serial killer in Boston. The killer appeared out of nowhere and killed twelve women in a month, the last victim the only daughter of U.S. Senator Abe LeMott. Bishop is sure the killer has left the Boston area but he and his team are under orders from the new director of the FBI to remain on the case. But Bishop has many ties inside law enforcement as well as outside.

While Bishop waits in Boston, he knows that time is of the essence and that only Dani’s dream visions have given them any clues as to what is going to happen next. With the clock ticking and the killer starting a new spree in Venture, Bishop sends Special Agent Hollis Templeton to work with Paris and Dani.

Sheriff Marc Purcell has a history with Dani, and the connection they once had is still tangible even after Dani’s ten-year absence from his life. When a horrific murder is discovered, Marc learns the real reason for Dani’s return to Venture. While Marc wants to help and protect Dani, he will have to get her to lower her shields and trust him first.

As clues are revealed, the game with the killer only gets more complicated. They can’t predict what he’ll do next and he seems to be one step ahead of the entire team every step of the way. In order to stop him, Dani will have to open herself up and learn to trust her abilities; if she doesn’t, none of them may survive the trap laid by a very smart killer.

BLOOD DREAMS, the first book in Kay Hooper’s new trilogy and the ninth novel in the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series, is spectacular. From the opening pages of the novel with Dani’s recurring premonition dream, to the final confrontation with an evil and sadistic killer, the tension never lets up. With its fast pace, high-adrenaline plot, cast of well-developed characters, and fluid dialogue, BLOOD DREAMS fills every expectation a reader could have for a well-written mystery/suspense. As always, the paranormal aspects of the novel enhance the story line, but rather than make the job of the various law enforcement agencies job easier, it sometimes make things just that more complicated. Readers will be treated to appearances of characters in BLOOD DREAMS from many of the previous books, including John Garrett and Hollis Templeton from TOUCHING EVIL.

While connected to the previous novels in the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series, BLOOD DREAMS can be read as a stand-alone novel. However, unlike the previous individual books, even within the separate trilogies, BLOOD DREAMS ends with a shocking cliffhanger unlike any of its predecessors. According to the author’s website, this thread is carried through the next two books in the trilogy, BLOOD SINS and BLOOD TIES. Unfortunately, I’m not sure when the next one is scheduled to be released -- all I can say is it’s not soon enough for me! Don’t miss this highly suspenseful and entertaining novel, an RRT Perfect 10 and a book I highly recommend.

Terrie Figueroa

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Spotlight Review: Explosive by Charlotte Mede

EXPLOSIVE - Charlotte Mede
Kensington Brava
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2365-4
January 2008
Historical Romance
London, England - 1818

Gray Dalton, Marquess of Blackburn, has been a spy for the Duke of Wellington for years. He has worked to free Europe from Napoleon Bonaparte and even saw his own brother die rather than give up his duty to his country. Yes, the marquess is a hardened man, unable to feel any gentle feelings for anyone. An expert cryptographer, he is an excellent operative in breaking codes and is now after a document with important information having to do with the return of Napoleon to power from exile. The Duke has assigned him to break the code supposedly written in Beethoven's symphony, Eroica. It apparently holds the secret to some new destructive explosive device that will overshadow black powder.

Devon Caravelle’s mother was a musician, and her father was a master cryptographer sympathetic to the French Revolution and friends with Beethoven. In fact, her father knew about the code in the Eroica and also held the last piece of the puzzle in breaking the code before he died under mysterious circumstances. Devon is much sought after by two men: the Marquess of Blackburn and Le Comte de Maupassant. Devon is living with Le Comte under duress; he is trying to use her to break the code. If he can only get together the daughter of a famous cryptographer and the Marquess with his experience, breaking the code should be child's play. Then this mysterious weapon can be used to free Napoleon, and Le Comte will surely be given back his estates in France that were taken away during the Revolution. Now all he has to do is get the marquess and Devon together in the same place and use their abilities for his advantage.

When Devon escapes, the marquess and Le Comte both try to find her. The marquess knows that though they need to work together, they don't trust each other, and they constantly go back and forth regarding the intense physical attraction they feel for each other. From London to France, the race is on to uncover the information locked in the music and to see who gets it and what they do with it. Does good or evil prevail, and can the marquess and Devon learn to overcome the past and love and trust each other?

Written in the third person, EXPLOSIVE goes into detail on the Eroica and its possible connection to a mysterious new weapon. While I really liked the plot and the characters, the writing did seem a little overly detailed and the descriptions lengthy.

Le Comte's henchmen are important background characters who sometimes can't decide which side to be on, his or their own. Dreams of the marquess's dead brother explain his hardened heart and seeming inability to connect with anyone else. Devon still loves her dead mother and father and longs for the happy days they had together and wonders about their ties to the French Revolution. The Duke of Wellington is the brains behind the marquess’s actions, and Le Comte is a whole different type of man, using evil machinations he’s learned over his lifetime to bend people to his evil will.

EXPLOSIVE is a historical romance involving the years after the French Revolution and its effect upon England and France. With spying and hidden codes in a musical score, we have all the earmarks of a unique story. The beginnings of modern warfare help lay the foundation for a new century of fighting and destruction. If history is your thing, EXPLOSIVE will ignite your interest.

Carolyn Crisher

The Amazon book winner is...

Cherie J!!!

She gets to pick one book from amazon, value to not exceed $15.....

Email me at with your choice and your mailing address!

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Ask Five with...Lauren Dane!!!!


I'm thrilled to have the fabulous Lauren Dane as the Romance Reviews Today Blog guest. Lauren is an author to watch. If you haven't read her...what's stopping you???

1. Tell us about Wolf Unbound.

Wolf Unbound is the third book in the Cascadia Wolves series and it carries on the story of the werewolf mafia I started in Enforcer. It's Tegan's story. She's a werewolf enforcer who's lost her mate some years before but finds love again in an unexpected place with an unexpected person. The war between the werewolf packs is heating up, things are growing dangerous for everyone.

2. How rocky was the road to publication? Did it take you very long to get published?

I'm really lucky. My first book Triad was my first sale, to Ellora's Cave back in late 2004. It came out in 2005 and I've been writing regularly ever since. Breaking into New York took a lot longer and that road has been a lot rockier! Lots of rejection, a small sale, more rejection and finally my first single title sale nearly a year after that first small sale. All I can say is you have to keep trying and not let all the rejection stop you.

3. Do you have any writing rituals?

I write every day. Every once in a while I take a break but 360 days a year I write. That's the most important ritual. I do create a soundtrack for every book, which is really fun! It helps me keep the feel of the story when I get pulled away to do other things in mid-process.

I'm really anal retentive, LOL. So I have lots of rules in my head for my process, how I edit, when I edit. It involves binders and highlighters and a lot of weird superstition on my part about not letting anyone see it and keeping it close to the vest until I've finished the first draft.

4. What friends or authors have you valued for their friendship?

Megan Hart and Anya Bast are two of my dearest friends. They've supported me, critted my work, offered advice and solace, they've cheered me on and made me laugh. They're both really good people and excellent authors. I think without community this industry would kill you.

I've also met so many great people who have become friends so many authors who've helped me and who came out to congratulate me when something good happened. They've talked about my books, just been really wonderful. I still get sort of giddy when I get an email from Jaci Burton, who I've admired forever and ever.

5. Finally, what is coming out from you in the near future?

Let's see - in March, Standoff, the last book in this Cascadia Wolves story cycle will come out from Samahin. And then What Happens in Vegas, a four author anthology will come out May 1 from Harlequin Spice. In the Fall I've got Taking Care of Business from Black Lace, a jointly written novel with Megan Hart and then in December I've got Undercover from Berkley Heat. A
very busy year!!

Thank you, Lauren! Learn more by visiting her website at

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Perfect 10: ENCHANTING THE LADY by Kathryne Kennedy


ENCHANTING THE LADY - Kathryne Kennedy
A Perfect 10
Relics Of Merlin, Book 1
Love Spell
ISBN-10: 0-505-52750-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-505-52750-9
January 2008
Historical Paranormal Romance
London, England - 1882

Lady Felicity May Seymour is a disappointment to her family. Well, perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration. Her aunt and uncle don't seem in the least surprised that Felicity has such a tiny amount of magical power. But Felicity knows that her shame is about to be revealed to society as a whole. She has stood as Duchess-of-Honor Stonehaven since her parents' tragic deaths, and by rights, today she should become the Duchess in truth. However, Felicity didn't inherit their powers and, with the negligible amount she has, she'll certainly fail her tests and be relegated to the rank of a mere Miss.

Terence Blackwell, baronet and shape-shifter, is just outside Prince Albert's rooms when he smells the taint of relic-magic. Shifting to his lion form, Terence scatters noblemen and noblewomen alike in his search for the one who would dare to threaten the crown prince with the evil magic of a relic. Created by Merlin, the relics hold powerful magic that can't be defeated by hereditary magic. Terence's family has been successful in tracking down six of the thirteen stones (relics) so far, but in the process, his brother lost his life at the hands of one of the users. But then the scent disappears and Prince Albert appears to be safe. However, that all changes when Terence accompanies Prince Albert to the testing of the novices and Lady Felicity Seymour appears. Though he's immediately struck by her incredible beauty and the somewhat bizarre fact that she seems to be overlooked by everyone else, his senses also tell him that she's the source of the relic-magic scent.

Lady Felicity doesn't know it, but she's just caught the attention of an incredibly handsome and dangerous man. One who will do whatever it takes to get close to her and, if necessary, dispose of her.

ENCHANTING THE LADY is a phenomenal read. I found myself captured from the very first page where Felicity struggles to escape a pit of lava in her bedchamber and is found wiggling on the floor by a maid who can't see the illusion. Despite her knowledge that she appears daft, Felicity uses her quick wits to turn the maid's mind to other things, specifically the filthy state of the floor, why it's quite unsuitable for ones occasional wish to "wiggle." Felicity has been overlooked her entire life; servants have been known to trample on her, and she was even sat upon once by a society matron. So she's quite surprised when Sir Terence shows such decided interest in her. The man inspires outrageous urges in Felicity; despite that, she has the nearly irresistible urge to cuddle up to her own personal stuffed animal. For his part, Terence is fighting the urges of his were-self to declare his undying devotion to Felicity. His brother died at the hands of a woman he thought he loved, and Terence is determined to avoid such a fate. He will resist Felicity, no matter what.

Felicity's Aunt Gertrude and Uncle Oliver don't treat her badly, really; it seems as if they sometimes just forget she exists. Her cousin Ralph, on the other hand, delights in trying to scare Felicity with his illusions. Perhaps she should be grateful that he may have the power to at least keep the duchy in the family, but somehow, gratitude isn't exactly the word for what Felicity feels. Katie is Felicity's maid and, in the end, is a supremely dedicated friend as well. Bentley is a were-rat who works both for and alongside Terence. The two have been friends and comrades in the search for the relics for many years now. Manda is a shopkeeper with some magic of her own. Despite her wrinkles and small stature, the old woman holds a surprising fascination for men both young and old. Manda is Terence's friend and offers some very good advice to Felicity. Then there's Daisy, hmm…I probably can't tell you much about her as it would give away too much; suffice it to say, that she is one secondary character you're destined to love. I know I did.

Kathryne Kennedy does a fantastic job of integrating Terence's lion into his behavior, sometimes even astonishing Terence himself when his lion takes charge. Felicity has the true pride of a duchess, and despite the lack of love and attention in her life, she managed to grow into a young woman who would make her parents proud. I can't remember the last time that a couple seemed so perfect for each other.

It isn't often that a book captures my attention so thoroughly; however, ENCHANTING THE LADY with its superb blend of Victorian England, magic, shape-shifters, and characters who positively come to life, definitely did. This is one of those rare and wonderful books that will leave a smile lingering on your face long after you're done reading. Thank goodness this is the beginning of a new series, because I can't wait to visit this magical world again. I find myself compelled to give ENCHANTING THE LADY the highest praise I can think of, a Perfect 10. Brava, Kathryne!

Lori Ann

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year, New Reviews

Romance Reviews Today,
Issue 53, Volume 1, January 1, 2008

The staff at Romance Reviews Today would like to wish all of you Happy and Prosperous New Year!

This year is starting off on the right foot – at least when it comes to great new books. In this issue we have 28 new reviews for your reading pleasure. Six of those books have been awarded RRT’s Perfect 10. With such a stellar beginning, 2008 looks to be a great year for all readers!

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CUTTING LOOSE - Tara Janzen - Special Defense Forces #8 - Jennifer - Action Adventure (Suspense)

Contemporary Fiction
THE GOOD LIAR - Laura Caldwell - Jane - Contemporary Fiction

Contemporary Romance
MORNING LIGHT - Catherine Anderson - Harrigan Family series, Book 2 - Contemporary Romance w/paranormal element
STRONG AND SEXY - Jill Shalvis - Jennifer - Contemporary Romance

THE MAGE'S DAUGHTER - Lynn Kurland - A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms, Book 2 - A Perfect 10 - Kathy - Fantasy

Fantasy Romance
QUEEN OF DRAGONS - Shanna Abe - A Perfect 10 - Robin - Fantasy Romance

Historical Fiction
LADY OF THE ROSES - Sandra Worth - A Perfect 10 - Jani - Historical Fiction
THE SCENT OF ROSA'S OIL - Lina Simoni - Jane - Historical Fiction

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CONFESSIONS AT MIDNIGHT - Jacquie D'Alessandro - Mayhem in Mayfair, Book 2 - Jane - Historical RomanceDEEP MAGIC - Joy Nash - The Druids of Avalon, Book 2 - Jennell - Historical Romance
EXPLOSIVE - Charlotte Mede - Carolyn - Historical Romance
HEART OF FIRE - Kat Martin - Jani - Historical Romance
ONE NIGHT WITH YOU - Sophie Jordan - Lisa - Historical Romance
SHADOW MUSIC - Julie Garwood - Jane - Historical Romance
THE STOLEN PRINCESS - Anne Gracie - Jane - Historical Romance
WILD ANGEL - Sasha Lord - Sandra - Historical Romance

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KITTY AND THE SILVER BULLET - Carrie Vaughn - Kitty Norville, Book 4 - Kathy - Paranormal Suspense

Paranormal Romance
ENCHANTING THE LADY - Kathryne Kennedy - Relics of Merlin, Book 1 - A Perfect 10 - Lori - Paranormal Historical Romance
MARKED BY MOONLIGHT - Sharie Kohler - A Perfect 10 - Lisa - Paranormal Romance
SUCKER BET - Erin McCarthy - A Tale of Vegas Vampires, Book 4 - Jane - Paranormal Romantic Suspense

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HELLO, DOGGY! - Elaine Fox - Patti - Romantic Comedy
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BLOOD DREAMS - Kay Hooper - A Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novel, Book 8 - Blood Trilogy, Book 1 - A Perfect 10 - Terrie - Romantic Thriller
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THE SENATOR'S DAUGHTER - A Perfect 10 - Diana - Romantic Suspense - Author Spot

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MOVING TARGET - Lori A. May - Athena Force - Jennifer - SPR - Series Romance