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Spotlight Review: SECRETS Volume 21

SECRETS Volume 21 - Cynthia Eden, Larissa Ione, Kate St. James, Mia Verano
Red Sage Publishing http://www.redsagepub.com/
ISBN: 1-60310-001-6
ISBN 13: 978-1-60310-001-4
December 2007
Erotic Anthology

Caged Wolf - Cynthia Eden
near Atlanta, Georgia - Present Day

For the second time, Alerac La Mort senses his mate, and this time he is determined that she will not get away. When he opens the door, he’s surprised; first, because he recognizes Officer Madison Langley, and secondly, because she’s aiming a gun at his chest. The next thing he’s aware of, Alerac is chained in a basement, and Madison - his mate - tells him that men will be arriving shortly to take him to a lab. For years, Madison has hated werewolves because they killed her parents, and finally she is doing something with that vengeance. But why does she feel such a pull to a creature she has always considered a monster?

Alerac and Madison are both in for a few surprises in CAGED WOLF. Though this is the third of Ms. Eden’s Wolf stories, the novella focuses on Alerac and Madison, with brief visits from the characters previously introduced. A suspense-filled erotic adventure, the passion between Alerac is strong, but it’s also more than the pull of a mate.

Wet Dreams - Larissa Ione
Off the coast of California - Present Day

Marina Summers is on her boat, indulging in a little self-satisfaction, when gunshots disrupt the night and she realizes that someone has boarded her boat. He claims that he’s a government agent being chased by some bad guys, but it isn’t until Marina sees men with guns boarding a neighboring yacht that she decides to believe the man who introduces himself as Brent Logan. They manage to escape thanks to a squall, but now they’ll have to wait until morning to do anything else. Since Brent looks just like the man she’d been imagining earlier, Marina decides that Brent might as well help her finish what she’d started before he interrupted her.

WET DREAMS is an entertaining blend of humor and danger. An undercover operation gone wrong gets Brent shot and hiding on a boat, yet he can’t help but think the night is going well. A dangerous situation throws Brent and Marina together, and dealing with it involves getting to know each other quickly and well. The attraction between them sizzles and the interaction between them is light-hearted and fun.

Good Vibrations - Kate St. James
Calgary, Alberta - Present Day

Once a month since taking over the management of her aunt’s adult toy store, Lexi O’Brien has looked forward to seeing her favorite customer. The sexy Gage Templeton is in town once a month and always stops by to replenish his supply of condoms. They’ve gotten to know each other thanks to occasional coffee breaks, but with Lexi’s time at the store about to end she decides to indulge herself with Gage while he’s in town.

Gage has bought more condoms and massage oil in the past few months than he’ll probably need in a lifetime, all so he can see Lexi. He’s thrilled when she accepts his dinner offer, if a little surprised by her offer of being dessert. Hoping to move back to Calgary, Gage begins to wonder if he’ll also be able to have the woman of his dreams when he does.

Two friends who are very interested in each other finally come together in GOOD VIBRATIONS. Lexi is about enter her MBA program and has decided she needs to devote herself completely to her schooling - so she’ll let herself get a little wild beforehand with Gage. She wasn’t looking for more than sex, but sometimes you find what you didn’t even know you wanted.

Virgin of the Amazon - Mia Verano
the Amazon Rainforest - Present Day

After walking in on her fiancĂ© and sister, Anna Winter decided to do something completely out of character on her vacation. Which is how she finds herself in the rainforest, with both tour groups having left without her. When a group of men dressed in what she assumes are native costumes arrive, Anna figures the tour group’s rescue party has arrived. Only, the men aren’t dressed in costumes, the really are a natives, and they lead Anna back to the tribe’s camp. The only person she can communicate with is Coop, an Englishmen who the tribe believes is their king. He tells Anna that the shaman had a vision in which a pale-skinned, blond woman is to be his fourth bride, but Anna will be safe because the woman needs to be a virgin.

Except – Anna is a virgin.

In VIRGIN OF THE AMAZON, Anna’s conservative dress and job as head librarian at a university have done a good job of hiding her voluptuous body and sensuality. Stranded in the rainforest and at the mercy of a male-dominated tribe that hasn’t evolved into the twenty-first century yet, Anna comes to understand that it’s not just her body that’s been hidden, as Coop teaches her to blend in with the submissive women of the tribe. But what will happen when Anna learns that Coop has been stretching the truth, just a bit?

Four sizzling authors give us four steamy stories in SECRETS VOLUME 21. Whether you like the paranormal, stories of friends becoming lovers or seeing your heroines take a little walk on the wild side, this anthology has a little something for everyone. Pick up your copy of SECRETS VOLUME 21 today.

Jennifer Bishop


Jennifer Y. said...

This sounds like a great read!

Cynthia Eden said...

Thanks so much for posting the review , Jennifer. I'm glad you enjoyed the stories!

Happy Holidays!

Larissa Ione said...

What a wonderful review, Jennifer! Thank you so much. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the volume!

Caffey said...

I love these Anthologies! And neat two every six months now! Great review ladies!