Monday, December 24, 2007

Spill...what did you get for Christmas????


Happy Holidays from the staff of Romance Reviews Today!

We wish you the best Christmas ever!

Now that you've unwrapped your presents....

What did you get for Christmas????


Jennifer Y. said...

Merry Christmas!!!

I got lots of books, CDs, a couple of movies, and some comfy house shoes. I have also been told to expect and ebook reader soon.

Pam P said...

GCs for my Borders and my favorite Coffee, Dunkin' Donuts, hot cocoa packets, a very nice top for my jeans, and jewelry and crocheted slippers made by my mother.

Jennifer, cool on the ebook reader, you'll love it.

Fedora said...

My four-year-old wrote and illustrated her own board book for us this year--we love it! :)

Jennifer--very cool gifts, and woohoo on the ebook reader!

Pam, what a fun bunch of GCs! Coffee, donuts, and books... mmmm! (And how neat the your mom crochets!)

Caffey said...

Since we don't do gifts much anymore (finaces) so we did one exchange and had fun. I got PJ's from my daughter and Nora Roberts new book, BLOOD BROTHERS. But we had a great time having everyone home. It was full of laughter here :)

Cool on the ebook reader Jennifer, which one?