Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Site Update

In case you didn't catch Terrie's letter:

A note to our readers.

When you visit Romance Reviews Today you will notice the new look, what you may also notice is that most of the content (previous reviews, interviews, spotlights) are missing.
If you weren’t aware of it, Romance Reviews Today was suspended when the host sever I have been with for seven years decided that RRTErotic violated their terms of service. Rather than just taking RRTErotic down they took down both of the sites without giving me an opportunity to take any corrective measures they might require, or even to ensure the integrity and viability of the sites.

When Romance Reviews Today was moved to a new server along with RRTErotic they neglected to tell me that they were the same server as my previous server with a different name. So, after uploading RRT, I uploaded RRTE. After accepting the transfer of the domain RRTErotic they decided the domain name alone violated their terms of service, and once again without warning – took both sites down. Because of the way both sites were terminated and my attempts to move them from one place to another RRT became unstable requiring a rebuild from the ground up. I have the foundation in place, as well as the December 1st reviews. It will take time to upload the rest of the 2007 and prior reviews, but I’m determined to get them all back up as quickly as possible.

I have found a new host and after a lengthy telephone conversation with them will be setting up RRTErotic on a different server. There will no longer be links on RRT to the RRTErotic site, at least until June when the current hosting expires and I move every thing to one location again. In the meantime, I’ll include the url to the RRTErotic site in my thrice monthly update emails once RRTErotic is back up and running.

Thanks for your support and patience.
Terrie Figueroa
Romance Reviews Today


Liz said...

Love the new site. Glad to see y'all bouncing back!

Fedora said...

Oh, Terrie--I'm so sorry to hear that you're having to deal with this! Thank you again for your terrific sites, and for all your hard work! You are SO appreciated!

Lis said...

Oh my gosh! What a headache!! Hope you can get everything back as quickly and easily as possible