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Rita Thedford winner and a Spotlight review of Parallel Desire!

First off, the winner of the ebook from Rita Thedford is.... flichen1...

Please email Rita at to claim your copy of Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon! Be sure to put in subject header RRT blog winner.

PS, I will draw the Silken Shadows winner tomorrow night

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Here is a spotlight review for your enjoyment:

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Midnight Warriors - Book 4
Signet Eclipse
ISBN-10: 0-451-22244-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-22244-3
December 2007
Paranormal Romance
Texas, Wyoming, Idaho - A Future and a Present

A Future…
Jakob Tierny killed Lieutenant Scott Dillon’s wife, Hope, and their unborn baby, Leisa. In his rage and grief, Scott allows the Antousian side of his nature to surface and kills Jakob by taking over his body, killing the soul that used to reside in it in the process. Now he just has to travel through time and prevent Jakob from killing Hope, if at all possible.

A Present…
Jake (Scott in Jakob’s body) is now stuck in a time where Hope is still alive and happily married to his younger self. Unable to let go of her, Jake is slowly losing his mind, the only thing he can do for Hope now is to find and kill the younger version of the man who killed her in his future, Jakob Tierny.

Refarian Medic Shelby Tyler has been sent by Commander Jared Bennett to retrieve Jake from Texas before he gets into more trouble than he can handle. Shelby helped Scott Dillon in the past and found him to be both charming and filled with tons of sex appeal; his alter-ego, though older and with vastly different looks, proves to be just as devastating to Shelby’s peace of mind and libido.

Jake’s a man in love with a woman he can’t have; Shelby’s a woman who was betrayed by the only man she ever loved. Together the pair could make a formidable team, but first they must decide how to deal with the intense attraction that flares up between them.

PARALLEL DESIRE brings together two of my favorite characters in the Midnight Warriors series. Shelby with her Texas twang, and Jake with his brilliant eyes that have seen too much. Hope is his past; Jake knows he has to let her go, allow her to enjoy her present and future with Scott, but despite the facts, he’s never going to stop loving her. So knowing that, he has trouble understanding the intense passion Shelby sparks in him, the way she seems to be able to insinuate herself into his psyche, if not his very soul. Shelby has felt deep love once before in her life, an ill-fated emotion that led to the deaths of many she cared about, and now comes Jake. He overwhelms Shelby, appeals to all of her senses but, most alarmingly, he speaks to her heart. How can she resist him, and, believing that he’ll always love Hope, what can she do but try? Can these two damaged souls carve out a future together, or will fate deal them one final, destructive, hand?

One of the many things I love about this series is the author’s incredible ability to weave together the lives of so many characters throughout each book and continue their stories right into the next edition. Of course, that makes it difficult to view any of the characters as secondary; having said that, here are the “secondary” characters that seemed to demand acknowledgement: Commander Jared Bennett (exiled king of Refaria and Jake/Scott’s best friend) and his mate, Kelsey, who are finally going to have a family (if all goes well of course); Thea (Jared’s cousin) and her mate, Marcos (Jared’s Madjin, bodyguard); Chris Harper, Hope’s twin brother -- in that other Future, he was once Jake’s brother in spirit. Then there are Patrick Wells (Kelsey’s father), Kryn Zoltners (an Antousian working for the Refarian’s enemy, Raedus) and Nahim Lalihim (an Antousian spy). Each of these people is significant in some way.

This book will make you pant, laugh, and cry tears of both joy and sorrow as you read frantically to the very end. If you haven’t read the other books in the Midnight Warriors series, I highly recommend it. The world in this series is complex and well worth the time you’ll invest in learning all about it. See the author’s website at for a listing of the books in their correct reading order. As all great books do, PARALLEL DESIRE will speak to your heart. Don’t miss it.

Lori Ann


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