Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ask Five with ....RITA THEDFORD...and a ebook giveaway!

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Today we have Rita Thedford, a new to me author that I know I'm going to love reading. The title of her latest book caught my eye. I'm sure it will yours!

PS...check down below about a giveaway!

Sit back and meet Rita:

1. What is the title of your latest release and what's it about?

My latest release is Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon with The Wild Rose Press. It's the first installment for their Wayback Texas Series with the Yellow Rose line of contemporary westerns. Blue Bug tells the story of sexy, sassy Gina Ballew who is just a tad intimidating to the fellas in this small Texas town. Yeah, she's been burned before, has sworn off men completely. That is until she meets Nash Logan. Nash, a bull rider and all around cowboy, is only in town for the weekly rodeo. Nope, he doesn't do one night stands but when luscious Gina saunters up to him at The Blue Bug Saloon, he knows he's a goner.

2. How do you come up with ideas for your stories?

Umm...good question. Really, they just kind of pop into my brain and whirl around for awhile. Sometimes I'll hear a line from a song or read something in a magazine or newspaper and, that could be a good story. If the idea doesn't go away, keeps lingering there in my head, I'll go with it. And my, oh, my, I'm such a pantser. Sometimes I'll just take than little germ of an idea, sit at the computer and see what happens. Oddly enough, sometimes I'm really surprised. That's what makes the whole process interesting and who wants to do it if it's not FUN???

3. What is the hardest part of writing?

Man, that's easy. Lonelliness. Writing is a very lonely deal and almost always, it's just me and the story. Yeah, I'm surrounded by people who love me bunches and I have a great support group of family and friends but they aren't a part of what I do in my office every day and I certainly don't want to bore them with my writing struggles. It's hard for most people to understand what it's like. Technically speaking, the hardest part of writing is dealing with the very MIDDLE of a book. When you first jump into the writing of a story, excitement is running high, dialogue is snappy, sexy, and sweet. Then that dratted middle looms and I'm left thinking...sigh...what now??? For me, beginnings and endings are the easy part. That dang middle though is tough.

4. What authors have influenced you over the years, whether for their writing or for their friendship?

I've always been draw to the writing styles of Julie Garwood and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Their characters are so loveable and sweet and you find yourself cheering for them. And their HUMOR is fabulous. Speaking of humor, I can't forget the falling down funny Sandra Hill. Oh my gosh!!! There are just so many writers I've loved over the years. I have to say though, my personal friendships with other writers have meant the world to me. Remember that loneliness factor??? The friends I've made through my writing career help with that pesky problem a great deal. They understand the sollitary nature of writing and are quick to help, praise or give me a virtual kick in the rear if need be. I count among my closest writing friends, authors Alisha Paige, Tessa Rae, Judith Rochelle and Cindy Spencer Pape. They are the coolest chicks I know and I can't imagine getting through a single day without talking with at least one of them.

5. What's coming out for you in the near future?

Ummm...glad you asked that! My next book is called One Dependable Man, a contemporary western I wrote for the Yellow Rose line of The Wild Rose Press. Like most of my books, this story is funny, sweet, and very hot. It releases in e-book on Jan. 4 and in print on July 4 of 2008.

To learn more, check out Rita's website at

You can purchase her ebook here.

Rita has generously donated to one lucky winner a copy of her ebook Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon. Post away and ask Rita a question. For everyone who asks a question, you are entered. I will announce the winner Sunday night!


Jennifer Y. said...

First I want to say that this new book sounds great and has been on my wishlist since I first learned about it.

I loved the interview and you have some of the same favorite authors that I do.

I enjoyed reading about the hardest part of writing, but what is your favorite part of writing?

Jane said...

I see that you've got several genres under your belt. Do you think a paranormal is in your future?

Jodi said...

I love the title of this book.

Are you a full-time author, or do you have another job?

Laurie G said...

I also enjoy, SEP, Garwood and Hill! I'm not familiar with your closer friend's writings.

Your book sounds funny, and different. I woud love the chance to enjoy it. THANKS!

Who did you submit your manuscript to first? How long did it take to be accepted?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer:
Hope you get a chance to pick up Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon. It's a fun, sweet, and very sexy story.

I think the BEST part of writing is that AHA moment when the direction is sooo clear in my head and I'm able to visualize the whole thing. Then...words just POUR and that feeling of being on a roll is just incredible!!! Oh...I WOULD say the end because there's such a sense of completion, fulfillment but then, I'm sad, too, because I HATE to say goodbye to my characters.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane!
Yeah, I write regencies (very hot ones) and steamy contemporaries but I love, love, love paranormal. J.R. Ward is my current fave. Those BROTHERS just ROCK THE HOUSE.

I'd love to write a paranormal someday but FEAR is holding me back, I think. It's always tough breaking into a new genre. I DO have an idea germinating about a race of shape-shifters (panthers) who must travel to earth to find their mates who are hidden among humans. I just need to dig deep, I think, and find the courage to plow forward with this.

Rita Thedford said...

Hey Jodi!
Gosh, I'm sooo fortunate to be able to stay at home and write full time. I have a son in college and a teenage daughter, who is busy with HER stuff so it's nice to be able to settle in every day and do what I love!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie:
Well, I was very lucky with Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon and sent it directly to my editor at The Wild Rose Press. I have another book One Dependable Man coming out through their Yellow Rose Line on Jan. 4 so my editor knows me and my writing very well.

When I learned TWRP Yellow Rose Line was looking to start the Wayback Texas series, I just KNEW I wanted to be a part of it. The authors are building this tiny town from scratch and the idea was very appealing. I went to work on this immediately. Hot Night at the BLue Bug Saloon just FLOWED in every way. Sent it in on a Thursday evening and I had a contract in my hot little hands by Saturday morning. Very fast.

The friends I mentioned are writers with The Wild Rose Press. All very talented. You MUST check out their titles. Aside from that, they are fantastic, supportive women. I love them dearly and couldn't get through a day without them. Remember that lonliness factor? They are just THERE for me.

lainey bancroft said...

Yeehaw, Rita!!! I think you've got the hottest cover on the entire Wild Rose site right now!

Yum yum!

Love the answers to your questions, all so true and soooo like I would have answered.

Fedora said...

Wow--Rita, I'm very glad to learn of your writing, and will definitely be looking for it! (*must got to Wild Rose site...*)

How long have you known you've wanted to write? Is this the fulfillment of a lifelong dream? ;)

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon is a great short romance, and Rita, you're a wonderful author and friend!

(PS-thanks for the plug! I'll leave the cash in the usual spot, right?)

Rita Thedford said...

Hey, Lainey!
YeeHawwww is RIGHT! The cover is smokin' hot and I love, love, love it. The mega-talented Tamra Westberry did this cover and the basic design will be used for all the stories in the Wayback Texas series with The Wild Rose Press. ALL the covers at TWRP are simply gorgeous. And speaking of Wayback, the second installment is Judith Rochelle's Shadow of the Hawk. This smokin' story comes out on Dec. 19th. I've read it and it's a powerful, wonderful story. Felt so priviledged to get an advance peek. BTW...Judith is a good a person as she is a writer. A simply wonderful, funny, smart and sassy lady. I adore her and Soooo very talented. I'm in awe.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Definitely. You MUST check out The WIld Rose Press.
Fabulous group of talent running around.

I think I've always wanted to write and like lots of other writers, was an avid reader as a kid. Couldn't get ENOUGH. I've been writing for 15 years and started during the days when ebooks were just a glimmer in someone's eye!! lol. I loved regencies and researched the genre non-stop. You should SEE my library. I love to write HOT. Very hot. The problem in those days was NY pubs wanted the standard "wrist kissing" type regency and I just didn't do those.

I also didn't handle rejection well. It was devastating to me to the point I simply shoved everything into a closet to collect dust. Very sad. I dabbled in contemporaries, too, but seldom subbed a thing. Finally, I got tough, grew some b@!#@ and sent in a regency. I sold Tempted to WingsePress and was off and running. I've found a new home with The Wild Rose Press and I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. Simply wonderful and so supportive.

you can check out all my releases on my web site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy (waving wildly) leave the cash in the regular spot. BTW...Cindy writes great stuff. You can check out her work at The Wild Rose Press and at Ellora's Cave.

More cash please, Cindy!!!

Fedora said...

Thanks, Rita! How terrific that you're doing what you love best, for a very appreciative audience! I'll definitely be checking out your site, and Cindy's stuff! Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope you DO. Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon is a hot, sweet, and QUICK read. Drop by my site and leave a comment too. Would love to hear from you!

Tara West said...

Okay, trying this post again!

Hi, Rita, darling bff! Yes, your books are hot, hot, hot. I am one of the lucky authors who gets a sneak peek at Rita's work. Her regencies are hotter than the norm - which is why I love them!

And I love the heroes in her contemporary westerns. YUMMY!

Tamra the cover artist
Tessa Rae the ero/romance writer
Tara West the YA paranormal writer

...and anyone else I missed.

Rita Thedford said...

Hi Tamra, Tara, and Tessa!!! My multi-pubbed friend with the split personality. You make my head spin with all the good stuff you're doing. You can check out her ultra hot title Santa Knows I'm Naughty AND her YA Sophie's Secret at The WIld Rose Press.

Have I said thanks lately for the amazing cover you did for Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon???? I'm not kidding, folks, she does the BEST work.

Ah, to be so talented!! Yeah...snort...only in my DREAMS. I'm so glad you popped in to say HI!

Jennifer Y. said...

Thanks Rita for answering my question!

And I love The Wild Rose Press books!

I have another question (forgive me if it has been asked), what advice would you give aspiring authors? (And no, I am not one...I am content as a reader).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking that question, Jennifer! Guess my best tip is to hang in there..don't give up. I worked at this for 15 yrs. and yeah, it would've been the easy road to just QUIT, but I didn't. I mentioned earlier that I wrote very hot regencies...hotter than the norm of the day but I kept at it. Now, they are well received. There's a market for them.

And REJECTION. All writers go through it but you MUST keep in mind that it's just ONE OPINION. Try not to let it get you down and love, love, love what you're writing despite the negative stuff that might come your way.

I honestly believe that things come around. Kind of like fashions. Gossip will say...the historical is DEAD or contemporaries are DEAD. They aren't. Never happen. Continue to write what you love. If there isn't a market for it now, believe me, it'll come back around.

Judith Rochelle said...

Hot Night at the Blue Bug is the best book The Wild Rose Press could have chosen to introduce the Wayback, Texas series. It's a can't miss read.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, Thanks Judith. You say the SWEETEST things, darlin'. She read this for me before it came out and did an awesome review for Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon. THEN...I got to return the favor and give her Wayback story Shadow of the Hawk a review. was a good one. This book is moving, fast paced and well...simply wonderful. Pops onto the cyber shelves at The Wild Rose Press on Dec. 19 so be sure to pick it up. My bff writes a heckuva story.

acdaisy95 said...

Cute book title. How did you come up with the title?

Tam G. said...

I love the cover & title! This book sounds like it will be a winner!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, ladies for the comments on the cover and the title Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon. Coming up with the title was easy on this one. I normally HATE coming up with titles. They don't come readily to me but this one DID for some reason. It started out as Big Night at the Blue Bug Saloon but it just didn't roll off the tongue right. You know? Too many B's, I guess. It was a working title until I wrote about Nash (the hero) and I'm, he's HOT. Hence the word HOT in the title. It just kind of evolved.

As to the cover, I worked closely with Tamra Westberry. Knew right off, I wanted a great male body on the cover and we came up with the smokin' ABS pic. WHEW. Tamra worked her magic and came up with the rest. The top and bottom template will be used for the entire series and she did an amazing job bringing it all together.