The winner of....and a new giveaway!

The winner of A TOWN CALLED CHRISTMAS is...ChristyJan!

Please email me at with your full name and mailing address!

We have another book to give away and the winner will be drawn Wednesday night!


Cover and blurb can be found at Lora Leigh's website.

What does Santa say about you this year--have you been naughty or good?

Post away and I will pick the winner Wednesday night!


Jennifer Y. said…
Congrats ChristyJan!

OOOH OOOH...this one is on my wishlist!!!

Hmmm...I have been a very good girl this year...aren't I always? ;o)
tetewa said…
Looks good and I'm looking forward toreading more about DAWG!
Jane said…
I think I've been good this year. This book definitely sounds naughty.
Anonymous said…
No contest for me as I've read this one and all I can say is the winner will be a very lucky person!
Kammie said…
I've been good and need a Nauti Night with Dawg.
greenwolf said…
I've been very good but I'm naughty too.
Unknown said…
wow this book sounds hot.. now Patti.. you know ive been if naughi is more
Anonymous said…
wtg christy jan.

on my wish list too. love lori leigh books.

i have been good this year. all teh hard work i been dong thing year

kim h
CrystalGB said…
Congrats ChristyJan.
I have good this year. :)
Fedora said…
Congrats, ChristyJan!

Hm... I guess I've mostly been good, but would love to get Naughti! ;)

Oh, please pick me! :)
Oh, Patti...I SO can't wait to read this one. Read the excerpt on her website last night...OMG, I can't wait to read it. LOl, and I have been SO good this year...
Cherie J said…
I have been a good girl this year so I deserve some Naught Nights. Just ask my hubby. :-)
Unknown said…
Congrats ChristyJan! I've been dying to read Nauti Nights since I read Nauti Boy in ebook.
ChristyJan said…
I read Nauti Nights a few weeks ago. Oh My Gosh! Dawg is delicous.
Since my husband benefited from this book, I'd have to say I've been naughty ~ but I was really good at it.
Ooo we are going to have one lucky very happy reader. Please count me in for this giveaway. I been wanting to read a Lora Leigh book for so long :)

I been good this year and I been very nice HeeHee.

Happy Holidays All!

Sue A. said…
Everything by Lora Leigh is great! Love her writing!

I've been good, but I admit I could have been more so. A girl's got to have some fun.
Stacy S said…
Congrats Christyjan! I'm hoping to get LL's book today. I haven't been to the book store in forever!
Lil said…
Santa will have difficulties deciding. It has been a mixed year.
Jennifer L. said…
I have been the personification of NICE this year! But for that delightfully dirty Dawg, I'd be naughty!

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